Things are moving forward

Hello All, It’s been quite a bit of time since I posted something on this site. I am still very much posting things on Facebook, Instagram etc. but the truth is that I have been remiss in doing a lot with this site. It’s not that I don’t wish to. It’s just that as a […]

June issue on its way

I know I’ve been a little remiss in blogging lately. I am not doing much with the website and I sincerely apologize. I do spend  some  time hanging out on Facebook and Instagram. The bottom line is this we focus most of our efforts on the mag. Today was a pretty interesting day. I’m not […]

Working the other network

Hello there. If you’re reading this, welcome to our website. We hang out on facebook, twitter and instagram – just like you. But in truth, the most important network we work with is the amazing network of people who make up this world of longboarding. The companies that make these great products deserve your time […]

My Damn Big Toe

I am sitting here in a clinic awaiting a blood test. I can’t skate and my big toe feels like a knitting needle has been jabbing at it for some time. I kept putting things off and dealing with the rumbling of the pain…now I HAVE to get this sorted. I sense that my body […]

New Pins Coming Soon

As many of you know we created longboarding for peace three years ago. It has now expanded to over 30 countries. Recently we were able to do a collaboration with the good folks at Satori movement. They are some of the most sincere people I’ve ever met and we are so very stoked with this […]

Almost at Press…with the APRIL Issue

Just wanted to let everyone know we are almost there with VOL 13 no 5. I think many of you will be quite interested to see what we have cooking for Spring. As I type these words however, it seems like Toronto is not exactly done with winter. Yes, it’s true…there is SNOW in the […]

No Kidding…we are almost there

I write this on April 1st. On a number of occasions I have put up some April Fools jokes. My favorite was when I said Larry Flynt bought concrete wave. Since many of our readers are dealing with the last vestiges of winter, I feel mother nature has played enough jokes on us for quite […]

8th Annual Swap Meet 2015 – Toronto

Each scene has its own unique character. Here in Toronto, we are slowly emerging from what has been a fairly cold winter. Nothing like they have out east, mind you! And we’re certainly not spoiled as our west coast cousins who seem to have skipped winter entirely.  (Unfortunately, this has meant very little snow for […]

Cataylsts 2008 to 2015?

There is no doubt in my mind that the emergence of longboarding has been a major catalyst for change within skateboarding. In 2008, the skate industry finally woke up to a reality that many insiders already knew – longboards were a BIG deal. When Billabong bought Sector 9 in July of that year, it was quite the […]

Catalysts 2001/2002 to 2008

This next catalyst is something I am especially proud to be writing about. The reason is simple – in a small way, I had something to do with it. Of course, that’s the best thing about spreading ideas. Once you formulate something in your mind and you begin to express it, the idea can manifest […]