Catalysts 2001/2002 to 2008

This next catalyst is something I am especially proud to be writing about. The reason is simple – in a small way, I had something to do with it. Of course, that’s the best thing about spreading ideas. Once you formulate something in your mind and you begin to express it, the idea can manifest […]

Catalysts 1987/88 – 1995

The year is 1988 and skateboarding is truly massive. Transworld and Thrasher dominate the media scene. Vert skating is at its apex but just around the corner is street skating. Street had a momentum that proved to be unstoppable. It was raw, it was right outside your front door and was very different than the […]

A New Start…

After 20+ years on the web, I am finally getting around to being master of my own domain. This means I am posting my own thoughts and stories without bugging anyone else!  It’s just me and my keyboard. I owe a lot to my brother who, in 1995, created for me the Skategeezer Homepage. Thanks to […]