Bustin Boards is proud to accept the worldwide distribution rights for the Brooklyn Workshop Shoe Co., starting June 2014.  The new distribution partnership will coincide with the launch of the new, redesigned mid-top shoe later this spring.
Hanging Brooklyn Workshop Shoes.
“It’s only fitting that the guys who really know how to skate a shoe to death, will be the ones giving life to the distribution of the brand” says Alon Karpman, President of Brooklyn Workshop.  “Their appreciation and confidence in what we developed has been great and we are ready to deliver.”

“Alon and the Brooklyn Workshop company have proven that it is possible to build a higher quality, longer lasting skate shoe than what is available in the market today,” says Ryan Daughtridge, President of Bustin Boards.  “The tipping point for me was hearing first-hand from our riders that these shoes lasted twice as long, on average, as any other skate shoes they’ve owned.  We are beyond stoked to be a part of this movement and to support this awesome brand that has focused on improving the rider experience since day one.”
Brooklyn Workshop Skate shoes made to last longer and perform better.
The new mid-top design was created by Alon, also the company’s founder and chief designer, in collaboration with Michael Ditullo, the famed shoe designer with credits from brands such as Nike, Converse and Jordan.  In a collaborative effort, Brooklyn Workshop and Bustin Boards came together to define the color ways of the new mid-top design and prepare the launch strategy for later this spring.  The new mid-tops will be offered in four unique color ways, all sharing the same long-lasting special sauce that put the shoes on the map.

The new shoes will be available in late June and be sold through Bustin’s network of retail and distribution partners as well as at www.BrooklynWorkshop.com.  To reserve your pair early and contribute to the cause of building a better skate shoe, make a pledge the Brooklyn Workshop Kick Starter campaign and help drive some of their initial marketing projects at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/785830551/elby-a-long-lasting-vulcanized-shoe-from-brooklyn
Brooklyn Workshop Skate shoes will come in 4 different colorways.
All stores interested in carrying the Brooklyn Workshop shoes should contact the Bustin Boards Sales Team by calling 1-855-NYC-PUSH or emailing ‘sales@bustinboards.com’.