Here is the full length video from this years Concrete Wave Evolutions DVD. Check out Micku bombing hills in Jersey, King Solomon city surfing through NYC and the gang having fun skating the Central Park loop.

About Bustin YouTube: Bustin Boards is a family made up of hundreds of longboarders in NYC and thousands more around the world. We wanted our YouTube page to be real, meaning our videos are made by the skaters for the skaters. Not all of our videos feature our official team riders nor are they always shot and edited by professional videographers. Instead, we invite our friends and customers to send us their videos to show the real side of the streets and the creative ideas of regular people. We even invite people to our NYC longboard store to use one of our HD cameras and in-shop editing computers. As a result our videos show a range of skating style and levels, but always represent the unique perspective of the longboarder. Our only requirement is that its fun to watch and we try super hard to abide by that. If you make a sick video and think it would be a good fit on our YouTube page and/or website, send it through and join the family. One Love Bustin Longboarding Family.