Media Kit

Life is a search for fulfillment.  When you experience something that deeply resonates with you, it is the spark that ignites passion.  And once you’ve discovered something you’re passionate about, you want to spread the stoke.  Concrete Wave is the engine that enables people to search, spark and stoke their passion for longboarding.

USA 14,000 It’s linked on our iPad edition – no extra charge
OVERSEAS   1,000 It’s up on facebook – no extra charge
CANADA   1,500 Your ad gets on to multiple platforms!
Mailed to US Skate Shops   2,000 On our iPhone/Android app – no extra charge
Subscribers / Industry   2,000  It’s at our website –no extra charge
iPad Subscribers   4,000
Total 24,000
Total number of readers (pass-a-long, web, iPad) 100,000+

All issues are put up on as a linked ad – no extra charge.

AD RATES – please email us directly for rates –
Rates start at $695

Vol 12 No 3 October 1 October 10 November 15, 2013
Vol 12 No 4 December 10 December 17 January 5, 2014
BUYER’S GUIDE February 1 February 10 March 15, 2014
Vol 12 No 5 March 1 March 25 April 15, 2014
Vol 13 No 1 May 1 May 10 June 15, 2014
Vol 13 No 2 July 1 August 10 September 15, 2014


Full Page 9 x 10.875 9.25” x 11.125”
1/2 page hor. 8.25 x 4.75” No bleeds
1/2 page vert. 4” x 9.5” No bleeds
1/4 page 4” width x 4.75” No bleeds
1/8 page 2.25” x 4” No bleeds


Digital files should be prepared with the following specifications to ensure proper results:

• Include all placed images, even those embedded;

• Include all fonts – printer and screen; Trapping set to a .144 point spread or choke;

• Color mode of CMYK, convert spot colors to process;

• Raster images must be at least 300 dpi at 100% [1200 dpi for bitmapped images].

Over 1,273 people responded to our survey. Here are some key points:

Over the past decade, our audience has gotten younger. 55% of our readership is now under 20 years of age.
Respondents were overwhelmingly male, but we see a growing contingent of female longboarders out there.
3. Almost 60% of respondents have been skateboarding for less than 5 years.
4. Concrete Wave has some extraordinary pass-a-long rates. We reach over 70,000 skateboarders – not including iPad and web views.
5. Our readers spend a huge amount of time reading the magazine. Almost 20% spend over 2 hours with it!
6. 35% of our readership spend more than $400 a year on hardgoods.
6% of readers are spending $1,000 or more on hardgoods. These 4,200 people (approximately) translate into well over $6 million in hardgoods purchases alone!
8. Almost 90% of our readership shop on-line. 7% are planning to
9. Word of mouth is the biggest factor when it comes to how readers make purchasing decisions. This means friends recommendations and forum discussions are crucial factors along with demoing equipment. Advertising in Concrete Wave ranked well and our iPhone/Android app is also having an impact.
10. Our readership seems pretty much evenly split on the importance of graphics when it comes to influencing their purchasing decision.
11. 50% of readers are engaged in longboard clubs or events and almost 30% are planning to get more involved.