After years of competitive skateboarding, cycling and skiing, Marcus is engaging in a new competition. This time he isn’t battling the road, other boarders, or the clock, but rather he’s battling cancer. Marcus was diagnosed in July with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. He sought out alternative medicine in addition to western doctors to get the best care possible. Marcus began chemotherapy September 27.  Unfortunately like most families these days, the Rietema Becker household is faced with the challenge of affording the best medical care possible. As a close friend/ past roommate/ sister to Kim and Marcus, I feel strongly that it takes not just courage and strength to beat cancer these days, but also the right doctors and resources.

This is a fundraiser for Marcus Rietema, he is a friend and helped start the downhill skateboard movement through IGSA. The Signal Hill Speed Run was the world’s first downhill skateboard race. Racers competed for a prize that wouldn’t even cover their medical expenses.

The Signal Hill Speed Run was the birth of downhill skateboarding! From 1975 to 1978, it was an annual event, and was started by Jim O’Mahoney upon request by the show The Guinness Book of World Records, hosted by noted Brit David Frost. This event was covered by SkateBoarder, National Skateboard Review, Sports Illustrated, Sunset Magazine and many more!

Based on the 2008 Los Angeles Times’ article “Board Out of Their Minds” by Mike Horelick, The Signal Hill Speed Run focuses on the annual skateboard race, but also explores many other aspects of 1970s extreme sports like hang gliding, big wave surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding.

Lots of Santa Cruz locals in the movie. John Hutson, Mike Goldman, Richard Novak, Tim Piumarta, Barney, Flea…NHS history, Independent Trucks…

Directed By Mike Horelick and Jon Carnoy

You can help support Marcus Rietman’s battle by following the link below to donate