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10 Easy Skateboard Tricks for Beginners (with Tutorial Video)

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10 easy skateboard tricks for beginners

The best skateboard rides can be executed because of appropriate foundations. And as some skateboarders skip the stage of establishing skateboarding fundamentals, their progress becomes less effective. As a beginner, this is one aspect you should not miss.

Hence, let me share 10 easy skateboard tricks for beginners to serve as your benchmark in your skating journey. These basic skateboard tricks will also test your patience and motivation to improve in the best way.

10 Easy Beginners Skateboard Tricks Need to Learn


1. Fakie Frontside

Unlike the usual sliding on a skateboard to turn your body to the other side, this trick lets you turn to your back by popping the skateboard. Using your right as your front foot, the Fakie Frontside will make you pivot to your back as you complete a 180° rotation.

Start this trick by obtaining enough momentum. Then pop the front part of your skateboard. As soon as you feel the tail moving up, rotate your body along the skateboard tail to the back using your back foot. Your body should be facing the other side of the road after completing the rotation.

2. Nollie Shove It

Like the first one, the Nollie Shove It trick also makes a 180° turn, but without you having to follow your skateboard. To achieve this, you need to master balancing on a skateboard and shifting your weight.

With your body facing one side of the road, use your back foot to snap the skateboard’s tail. Your back foot’s motion should be downwards and behind. This step will make the skateboard turn 180° in front of you. Be sure to scoop the skateboard with your front and back foot after completing its rotation.

You can also check this video for your reference.

3. Chinese Nollie

A Chinese Nollie is most helpful when keeping momentum on roads in bad condition. It also applies where concrete road segments are uneven. At this point, prepare to do more work with your skateboard’s nose.

Timing and estimation play a significant role in perfecting this trick. As soon as you get closer to the lines of the road segments, pop your skateboard’s nose using your front foot. This action pulls the tail higher, making you extend your legs forward along with the skateboard. Learn a bit back once the wheels of the skateboard touch the ground.

4. 180 No Comply

The 180 No Comply is one skateboarding trick for beginners you can use just when you need to swap your front foot with the other. Before doing this, be sure to have enough space for your front foot on the ground.

With a steady speed on the road, snap your skateboard’s tail using your back foot. Simultaneously, step your front foot on the ground as your back foot rotates the skateboard to around 180°. As soon as your skateboard completes the rotation, put your front now back foot up the deck.

5. Rail Stand

This trick is unique because it doesn’t require you to glide on your skateboard while doing it. The Rail Stand is more of a balancing and weight distribution practice for beginning skateboarders like you.

Let the skateboard stand on its length. Stand in front of the grip tapes, which means you should be facing the wheels’ direction. With two wheels up and two on the ground, step on the ones facing up. Bend your knees, jump, and push the skateboard’s wheels forward with your feet. Be sure to land on the stepping surface and regain your balance.

Consider checking this video if you want to add some more style to this trick.

6. Nose Pickup

Picking up your skateboard without having to bend downwards is such a classy move for all skateboarders. To master this trick, you will have to work more on your timing.

If you plan to pick the skateboard up through its tail, you should also observe proper foot positioning. Align your front foot’s arch to the front bolts of the skateboard. Snap your skateboard’s nose using your front foot while stepping on the ground with your back foot.

As soon as the popping of the nose sends the tail up, catch it with your left hand if you use your left as your front foot.

There are a few more nose pickup styles you can enjoy. Check this out.

7. Fakie Casper Flop

First, you will need a sturdy skateboard deck to do the Fakie Casper Flop. You don’t usually apply this when gliding down the road, but doing this helps you manage your skateboard better.

This trick only has two easy steps you can practice separately. The first is by flipping your skateboard towards you. That means you will have to stop your momentum and flip the board at its length with your back foot down and front foot stepping on the opposing side.

With your wheels facing up, flip the board back up on its width using your back foot on the ground. Assist with your front foot in keeping the nose steady.

8. Hippie Jump

The Hippie Jump is one of the easiest skateboard tricks you can perform. You don’t often encounter mini bridges that only a skateboard’s height could fit. But you will have to perform this more in skateboarding parks.

All you need to do is glide with the skateboard’s momentum. Bend your knees in preparation, and be sure you’re going to leap enough over the obstacle. As soon as your body approaches the tunnel, jump on the skateboard, following its trajectory. Make sure you don’t lean backward upon taking off. Land on the skateboard on the other side of the obstacle.

9. Biebelheimer

The Biebelheimer is one trick you can use as you start riding your skateboard. You can practice this while walking or simply standing up to master the perfect angle for releasing the skateboard.

Hold your skateboard’s nose on your side using one hand and with the grip tapes facing you. Note that you will have to release the skateboard with the wheels up.

Release the skateboard to the ground. What will make this turn 180° is a slight angle on the skateboard when you release it. The skateboard tail’s round shape will then do wonders as it flips the skateboard over. Jump onto the stepping surface as soon as the wheels make contact with the ground.

10. Boneless

Boneless is another popping trick you can use to go over road cracks and minimal blockages. This trick entails saving enough strength on your front foot and sending your back foot as high as you can to make it more thrilling.

Suppose you are gliding on your skateboard. Release your front foot off the skateboard and step it on the ground. Catch your skateboard through the middle part of its length as you jump using the front foot you placed down.

When catching your skateboard, your back foot also goes with it. The movements of your feet and the catching of your skateboard should happen simultaneously. Land with your feet on the skateboard’s deck and resume riding.

Important Factors to Consider When Performing Skateboard Tricks


Learning how to skateboard is not as easy as calibrating your phone. It entails hard work and patience as you master easy skateboard tricks one by one. So, before heading to the park and trying your very first tricks, consider the factors below.

  • Safety – protection comes in many ways. One of which is by wearing a set of safety gear. Another safety tip is also learning the theories on falling off a skateboard to know what to do if it happens to you.
  • Consistency – the best way to learn is by continually practicing. Thus, as soon as you perfect a new trick, make sure to practice and incorporate it with the ones you’re about to learn.
  • Eagerness – always bring that grit with you. That way, you’ll learn faster and make every step easier for yourself.


There is no such thing as hard for a determined skateboarder. You need not be the best on every occasion as long as you’re learning. These 10 easy skateboard tricks for beginners are only a few things you will know as you unleash the gritty skateboarder in you.

Thus, always embody these three things when practicing skate tricks for beginners:

  • Enthusiasm
  • Patience
  • Safety

Should you want to learn more, feel free to drop your questions in the comments section.

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