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8.25 Skateboard Dimensions – All You Need to Know

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

8.25 skateboard dimensions

When picking skateboards, we usually have this checklist of what to do and not do. And since it’s a long process, some details can be overwhelming. Like choosing the best deck sizes, we will not know how suitable these figures are unless we ask experts or try the skateboard.

If you’re one of the people who also find this aspect slightly confusing, it’s time to understand what these numbers do. With that, let’s start with 8.25 skateboard dimensions.

The Best 8.25 Skateboard Build


You might have asked once how big is a 8.25 skateboard. For discussion and better illustration, we’ll incorporate this size with its best setup, technical skating. So, let’s go over the following:

1. Deck shape

The best deck form to use for challenging skateboard rides is the medium concave. This shape makes the board easy to flick and catch.

And skateboarders using this deck also claim this one to have a perfectly flat and steep build.

2. Trucks

For the truck height, pick the medium-level ones. These trucks have a stature of around 50mm to 52mm. And for the axle width, 203mm to 215mm will be the best range.

3. Wheels

Wheel sizes for technical skating should go around 52mm to 54mm. Also, they should be tough enough with 99a to 104a durometer hardness level.

Most professional skateboarders prefer this setup because they’re fast and ideal for parks.

4. Deck length

How long is a 8.25 skateboard? While this aspect may not be as significant as the width, it’ll still be ideal knowing its best measure to match this deck width perfectly.

Specifically, 8.25 skateboards work well with 32″ or roughly 81 for skateboard sizes in cm. Skateboards this long usually come with a 14.38″ wheelbase, enough to help the rider balance better.

What Is the Best Body Build for 8.25 Skateboards?


Not only do we need to complete the dimensions of an 8.25 skateboard. We also have to identify the rider who will fit in this deck width setup. Here’s how:

1. Height

One more good reason about skateboards coming in different sizes is everyone gets to enjoy them. Particularly, if you stand around 5’6, you’re most likely to have the best experience with 8.25 skateboards.

2. Foot size

Here’s the fastest way to know if you fit an 8.25 deck. Place your feet on the skateboard in a riding position. Your toe box and shoe heel should be a few centimeters beyond the deck’s seams.

If your heel or toes overlap the sides of the skateboard, you’ll probably need a wider one.

Frequently Asked Questions


To give you better affirmation about your concerns, try going over these inquiries.

Is 8.25 a good skateboard size?

Yes! As mentioned, 8.25 skateboards are best with technical skating. And if you are into this style, you have better chances of quality rides with this size.

However, if you find your feet shorter than this width, you can also have a deck as narrow as 7.75″. Skate decks within the 7.75 to 8.25 size range work relatively the same. By then, your preference will help you pick the best.

Should I get an 8.25 or 8.5 deck?

An 8.25 skateboard doesn’t differ that much compared to the size 8.5 skateboard decks have. But experts and the skateboarding culture will tell you to pick the 8.5 board if you have a foot size of 9.5 or higher.

8.5 skateboards also have a slight advantage when cruising because they’re wider. That means they can offer sufficient balance and stability to the rider.

Both these figures have advantages. It’s for you to consider your riding style and body dimensions.


Skateboards do not come in sizes for no reason. Whether it’s a fraction of an inch or higher, skateboard dimensions yield noticeable differences. That means we have to be careful to check on these aspects before letting our preferences take over.

Now that you know about the best configuration of 8.25 skateboard dimensions, you’re a step closer to calibrating board sizes. We’re looking forward to you completing all these size ranges.

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