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Alien vs Predator Skateboard – A Quick Review in 2023

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

alien vs predator skateboard

In an array of skateboard choices, there is always at least one model we find most interesting. It could be because of its style, brand, or overall performance. But in all these considerations, what’s vital is that we achieve our ultimate goals.

Let’s take the Alien vs Predator skateboard for example. What makes this skateboard popular? How do skaters use it? In this article, we’ll learn more about this skateboard and whether it’s worth it.

What is Alien vs Predator Skateboard


This skateboard is not the Aliens versus Predator 2 game you play.

Instead, Alien VS Predator is one of Skate Mental’s all-time best-selling skateboards. More particularly, it’s the AVP Night that’s popular for its graphics, which were created by Donny Miller.

This Alien VS Predator Skate Mental features music icon Michael Jackson’s smiling face on the deck with a friendly alien behind him.

Comparing it to some of the skateboards sold today, I think it’s a bit unorthodox for a skateboard design. Nonetheless, it broke out of the skating market around 2008 for such a reason.

Is Alien Vs Predator Good?

Like many other designs, this board has a 7-ply maple construction. Knowing maple wood, we see this skateboard has sufficient durability, pop, and flexibility. Thus, Alien vs Predator is popular not only for its appearance. The performance also matters.

What about the deck width? This aspect is the most significant factor when choosing a skateboard’s size. Alien VS Predator Night by Skate Mental has an 8.25″ body. This number indicates that the skateboard works well for technical skateboarding.

There are also other AVP Night size variations. One is the 8.4″ skateboard deck with a 14.25″ wheelbase. The same product also offers three grip-taping options (Jessup, Mob Grip, and Clear).

How Much Does an Alien vs Predator Skateboard Cost?

AVPs have a slightly broad price range, depending on the selling platform and their offers. Today, some boards cost around $64.99 to $130. It’s a huge gap, but consider checking the inclusions to see if the item is worth its price.

Where to Buy Alien Vs Predator?


As mentioned, Alien VS Predator is still on the market today, including various online-selling platforms. Here are a few stores where you can get this skateboard. Some may offer trucks and set-up kits, and others might come with a deck only.

  • Native Skate Store
  • Note Shop
  • Overload
  • eBay
  • Route One

Is this model on Amazon? I searched the platform, and it did not seem to have the board.


Like the film Alien VS Predator 3, skate decks are famous for many reasons. If we look at the Alien vs Predator skateboard, some may choose it for the graphics alone, while others value its medium concave and durable wood material.

No matter which brand or deck you choose, focus on your skating goals and the gear’s technical features. They will help you land on a suitable board.

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