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Are Penny Boards Good? (Purpose, Pros & Cons and More)

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

are penny boards good

We know that skateboards come in various builds to suit preferred skating styles and levels. And among these skateboard classifications is the penny board.

However, given their strange appearance, it’s not strange that people might question their worth. So, are penny boards good?

To answer your question—penny boards are pretty decent, especially when cruising or riding in a crowded area. However, they do have some drawbacks, such as being unsuitable for tricks and large-sized people.

Keep reading to learn whether penny boards suit you.

What Are Penny Boards?


Penny boards are lightweight skateboards, usually 22″ long and 6” wide, made with molded plastic, making them more mobile and portable. Like the more familiar wood skateboards, this style also uses durable trucks made of steel, aluminum, or a combination.

As for the wheel size, the most common option is 59 mm. And like the deck, these skate wheels’ cores are made of plastic. In terms of hardness, the wheels are rated 83A, meaning they’re soft and have a good grip on rough terrains.

One noteworthy characteristic of penny skateboards is their resemblance to the 1960s and 1970s skateboards in their narrow and classic shapes. However, the difference is that penny boards feature waffle-patterned stepping surfaces for skaters’ stability instead of grip tapes.

Purpose of a Penny Board

A penny longboard is designed to be a cruising board, featuring large and soft wheels to roll better on rough terrains and dodge small obstacles. In addition, its compact size provides excellent maneuverability, making it an excellent choice for commuting through crowded areas and for transportation.

What’s more, these boards are suitable for beginners and professionals alike. However, their smaller sizes mean the skater’s feet need to be closer together, which means less stability, especially for people with large statures.

Pros and Cons of Penny Boards


1. Pros of a penny board

  • Portability – A penny board is the most portable among all skateboard types due to its small size and lightweight design. Hence, it’s easy to fit inside a bag or carry by hand.
  • Cruising – The best thing about penny boards is that they have responsive trucks to maneuver in crowded areas and around obstacles. As such, they can be used for urban environments where you may need to navigate through crowded sidewalks or busy streets.
  • Suitable for beginners – Although penny boards are slightly less stable than the standard skateboards, they make up for this shortcoming with their excellent responsiveness and smooth riding experience.
  • Durable – As these boards are usually made from high-quality plastic and don’t have to endure heavy impact from tricks, they can last for a very long time.

2. Cons of a penny board

  • Slightly expensive – Their special build quality and premium trucks means that penny boards are pretty expensive—costing roughly $100-$120 apiece. To put things into perspective, a standard skateboard typically costs $30-$90.
  • Less stability – A penny board size is rather small, so skaters must place their feet closer together, making it harder to crouch for stability. The small size also means that people with feet larger than size 9 will be unable to ride the board.
  • Limited in tricks – Overall, a penny board isn’t designed for performing tricks, especially those that involve grinding or flipping the board. Anything that requires making the board leave the ground is off the table as well.

When riding a penny board, you’ll only be able to do basic tricks, such as power slides, riding switches, or manuals.

Penny Board Vs Skateboard


Penny boards and skateboards have significant resemblances. But we shouldn’t miss the following differences.

  • Size – On average, penny boards are 22 inches long and 6 inches wide. Nickel boards, one of the most common penny board alternatives, share the same length but boast a more extensive width – 7.5 inches.

In contrast, skateboards are bigger. They span about 7.5″ in width and 31″ to 32″ in length.

  • Wheels – Because penny boards are primarily for cruising, they have large and soft wheels for a smoother ride experience on the streets. As mentioned above, these wheels are typically 59 mm in diameter and rated 83A on the Durometer A Scale.

Skateboard wheels, on the other hand, have a wide size range – varying from 48 mm to 60 mm. On the Durometer A scale, they range from 73A to 101A.

  • Riding experience – Both penny boards and skateboards yield quality rides. But as to which is better depends on our preferences. Penny boards are compact, light, and maneuverable. Hence they’re less straining to ride and carry around.

Meanwhile, skateboards have more spacious decks, offering more stability. Plus, they’re better for performing technical tricks.

How to Choose the Right Penny Board


Penny boards might look small, but we can never neglect the following details that would make our money worth it.

  • Weight rating – Just because penny boards are light doesn’t mean they can’t hold reasonable weight. For the record, the firmest penny board can support 220-pound skaters.

However, how heavy a board can handle will still depend on its quality, so be sure to check its load capacity.

  • Material – Yes, penny board decks originate from plastic. But how do we know they’re durable? You should always see whether the penny board has enough flex to prevent being broken mid-ride.
  • Bearings choice – Steel, titanium, and ceramic are the three common materials for penny boards’ bearings. Among these, the first one is the best choice as it’s the most durable, although it’s also more expensive.

You should also choose bearings with a rating of ABEC 7 or 9, giving us the perfect speed and precision.

  • Penny skateboards reviews – by checking out reviews from previous customers, you’ll get an idea of how well the boards perform and hold up.

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Alternative Perspective

Let’s highlight some benefits of a penny board from different perspectives.

  1. Convenience – A penny board’s shape and structure make it the lightest to ride and bring. Its size and plastic body makes it easy to slide in bags or drive them in tight spaces when commuting. Hence, penny boards are helpful and convenient transportation partners.
  2. Health – To ride a penny board means exercising at least a part of your body. Skating longer minutes means working your muscles, body coordination, and cardio health more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are penny boards good for beginners?

The short answer is yes, as penny boards are responsive, aside from being pretty smooth to ride. That said, there are a few factors you should take into consideration:

  1. Due to their large wheels, penny boards can reach a fast speed, which can be This is why beginners should only ride these only, even surface only.
  2. These boards offer less stability, so beginners may find it slightly more challenging to keep balance at first.

Can you do tricks on a penny board?

While penny boards give us the impression that they can execute tricks, limitations arise. The most penny board tricks possible are the fundamentals. These include pushing, power slides, layback carves, manuals, and other technical routines you can do without the board taking off the ground.

Other than that, penny boards aren’t suitable for intermediate or advanced tricks due to their narrow decks, single-kick design, and lack of grip take.

How much does a penny board cost?

Whether a penny board is cheap or so expensive depends on its quality, build, or durability. But here are the prices of a few penny boards today.

  1. Kqpoinw Skateboards Penny Board for Kids – $39.99
  2. Cal 7 Complete Mini Cruiser Plastic Skateboard – $42.99
  3. Penny Classics Cruiser Skateboard $99.00
  4. Penny Australia 22-inch Rise Penny Board – $109.00


For decades, skateboards have gone from transportation modes to recreation equipment or a combination of both. And such is why their continuous development led to the birth of more skateboard styles, like penny boards.

So, are penny boards good? Indeed, this board style is ideal for commuting, cruising, and doing a few basic stunts. There could be limitations, but these penny boards serve their purpose well.

Remember what makes a good penny board. By then, you will learn to appreciate it better.

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