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Are Skateboards From Walmart Good? Get Facts Here!

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

are skateboards from walmart good

All top skateboards have a significant market presence. No brand becomes famous without a location to display their products. With thousands of skateboard stores today, we get better chances of obtaining quality decks.

One of the stores that sell skateboards is Walmart. Are skateboards from Walmart good? Unfortunately, they are not the best place to buy gear from, although many brands sell skateboards at Walmart.

This article will answer why Walmart skateboards are not good. We’ll also learn what to avoid when buying skateboards.

Why Walmart Skateboards Are Not Good

Are Walmart skateboards good? Perhaps, it’s slightly harsh to judge a selling platform by what other buyers have experienced. But for the longest time, comparisons of Walmart skateboards VS real skateboard brands favor the latter. Here’s why.

1. Walmart boards are shaky


No one wants unstable cruiser skateboards. Not only are they uncomfortable, but they’re also risky. And that is one drawback of Walmart skateboards.

These boards come with wobbly wheels. What’s worse is they don’t have precision bearings. And with this setup, the balance is low, causing skaters to fall off the board or acquire injuries.

2. Flimsy trucks


What could be worse than shaky wheels? Flimsy trucks. Imagine skating around the city on a sunny day. And then one of your wheel holders bends and breaks. You must call it the end of the day, right?

Walmart skateboard trucks aren’t like the durable aluminum hardware we see from quality products like Tony Hawk skateboards. Often, they’re made of some cheap metal. Hence, we can’t expect they would withstand even mild skating for too long.

3. Unreliable deck


One of the significant considerations when choosing skateboards is their weight capacity. And such an aspect rests on the deck, along with other factors in durability.

Can Walmart skateboards accommodate heavy riders? No. As many Walmart skateboards reviews say, Walmart boards have flimsy decks.

These decks not only come cheap but also have unreliable layers of plywood. Walmart boards are prone to chipping, warping, and cracking. And if these things happen, we could no longer ride these boards.

4. Not the best shape


Most of us know that the shape of a skateboard for tricks has a slight dip at the center before the tail and nose angle up. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with Walmart skateboards.

As some buyers claim, skateboards from this store often appear flat with inclined ends. And such a shape makes it more challenging for users to do tricks and stunts.

5. No room for modification

Perhaps, you’re thinking of swapping Walmart skateboard parts with other brands of better quality for some reason. But can we do it? No. Why?

Save for a Tech Deck longboard Walmart sells, the store displays their skateboards assembled and not as a kit with cheap skateboard wheels and trucks. There is no need to construct anything.

While this setup serves some convenience, it limits buyers from improving skateboard configurations. Of course, the idea doesn’t apply to experienced skaters knowledgeable enough about assembling boards.

How Much is a Skateboard at Walmart?

Is a Walmart skateboard worth a gamble? Here are some Walmart skateboards prices.

  1. Kryptonics skateboard – $18.85
  2. Minecraft 31″ Popsicle Complete Skateboard – $19.96
  3. Madd Gear Double Kicktail Beginner Complete Skateboard – $21.38
  4. Darkstar Pro Complete Skateboard – $33.95

What Makes a Good Skateboard


It’s easy to say that a good skateboard is the opposite of the issues Walmart boards have. But that’s not all. Take note of the following.

  1. Deck – The deck is the skateboard’s soul. Have it damaged, and you’re probably buying a new one. The best skateboard decks use maple as their primary material. They can withstand any usage, are responsive, and last longer than cheap plastic skateboards.
  2. Trucks – Earlier, we mentioned the possibility of trucks wearing out because of substandard construction. Now, what’s the best material for skate trucks? Aluminum. Some brands also invest in titanium. But whatever you choose, ensure it’s a quality material and fits your board well.
  3. Wheels – More often, Walmart skateboards use plastic on their wheels. Uncanny, right? We know that the best material for wheels is polyurethane. Add these rollers with quality bearings, and you’ll keep skating for a long time.
  4. Bearings – What bearings should we use? We have two options: steel or ceramic. Try not to use wheel cores made from materials other than these two. They might be costly, but they work as intended.
  5. Grip tape – Grip tape is a precaution against skateboard falls. We should not only rely on protective gear. A quality grit sheet on the stepping surface that holds our feet will make injuries less likely.

There could be more factors relevant to the decision-making process. Some might include the prices, customer support, or accessories. But whatever consideration you meet, ensure you assess it carefully.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should you buy skateboards from?

We have discussed the critical things to check on a skateboard when selecting one. Now, where do we get skateboards? Like other items, markets for skateboards today are either online or physical.

Here are some online stores that could provide the best gear.

  1. CCS
  2. Zumiez
  3. Tactics
  4. Warehouse Skateboards

If you are a classic skater wanting to check the items physically, find a local skate shop. Not only will it help you assess the board or its parts, but it will also enable physical shops to generate sales and patronage.

Is it okay to buy a cheap skateboard?

Buying cheap skateboards will do more bad than good. Why? Here are some of the reasons.

  1. Cheap longboards don’t assist in the learning process. They don’t perform well. And for beginners, they give negative impressions of the sport.
  2. We are compromising durability. Cheap boards break sooner than other decent skateboards, rendering them almost useless.
  3. These boards are not for learning tricks. They are harder to balance on and will hinder your progress.

A common denominator of these drawbacks is the safety hazard they impose. So, it is wiser to save enough for a reasonably priced skateboard. It might cost us more, but the board will be worth the price.


Skateboarding continues to grow in popularity because of marketing strategies. However, just because one store sells skateboards doesn’t mean those items are reliable.

Talking about Walmart skateboards, are skateboards from Walmart good? They are not. Perhaps, they would run a few miles. But skating the same distance on a quality board can yield significantly better results.

So, it’s not always how big the store is, but it’s more about knowing what makes good skateboards. From there, the stores won’t matter if you know what to search for in a quality board.

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