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The Best Electric Skateboard Controllers

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

best electric skateboard controller

A fantastic electric skateboard consists of quality components, a perfect transmission ratio, and has enough speed and power. For someone enthusiastic about this extreme sports equipment, you want nothing but the best. You always aim to pick the most cost-efficient and effective items for your longboards.

The same is true when choosing remote keys for these boards. You want the one that will make your skateboard perform at its best. To achieve this, I recommend using the best electric skateboard controller.

This device will not only give you access to your longboard’s features but will make every ride of yours top-notch. Prepare to experience the best skateboard rides of your life as I help you pick the perfect remote controller for you.


Top 1

Vikye Mini Remote Controller

– Compact and handy design

– Easy and safe handling

– Made with professional-grade materials

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Top 2

VANPRO Electric Skateboard Remote Control

– 4GHz bandwidth

– Connects quickly and reliably

– Works with an RV generator

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Top 3

WonVon Electric Skateboard ESC Kit

– Has a reasonable price

– Data-specific LED indicators

– Compatible with several hub motors

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Best Electric Skateboard Controller Reviews 

1. Vikye Mini Remote Controller

Most remote controllers come in handy designs. But not all brands come with a lanyard like the Vikye Mini Remote Controller. This product features a knob-like style that’s compact and is fit for your hands. On one end is a lanyard which makes it safe and easy for you to bring.

Not only does this remote look sleek and handy, but it’s also of high-quality materials. It has a professional level of manufacturing that makes it a practical and durable controller. I think part of this remote’s steady performance and reliability is also attributable to its material composition.

I have tried many remote control brands before, but the linking speed of this product is fantastic. Some of my ESCs won’t even connect on my first attempt. When I used Vikye, linking did not even take a minute. It’s fast, and signals remain stable because of a 2.4GHz multi-point frequency hopping technology.

This brand is close to being a universal electric skateboard remote. It works with 90% of 4-wheeled electric skateboards. With this controller, you get high chances of successful connections to your skateboards.

For first-time users, I would advise seeking professional help during the installation process of this device. This brand doesn’t come with instructions, so gather the required information to achieve the results you want.
  • Compact and handy design
  • Comes with a lanyard for an easy and safe handling
  • Made with professional-grade materials
  • Links in as fast as less than a minute
  • Compatible with almost all electric skateboards
  • Requires professional assistance as the product has no instructions
I am happy about the performance and reliability of this device. Not only does it link fast, but it connects to many skateboard kits as well.

2. VANPRO Electric Skateboard Mini Wireless Remote Control

Love your daily rides with the VANPRO Electric Skateboard Mini Wireless Remote Control. This high-speed controller comes with a 2.4GHz bandwidth enough to support your skateboard’s functions. It connects quickly, and it’s a reliable device for frequent use as well.

The build of this device looks better than my old remotes. It’s got a finger-hole provision to keep my hand anchored to it. Plus, its leather-like finish makes it easier for me to take a firm grip on it. It’s not only easy to hold, but I think it’s a stylish controller also.

The LED indicators present on the remote make it convenient for me to know the status of my batteries. That means I would know when to charge and when to unplug my chargers.

One more advantage of this product is its ability to receive signals even from an 80-meter distance. That means you can conduct tests on your skateboard’s reflexes and other functionalities without having to ride it.

Recently, I have tried to use this product with other machines. I researched how to link this remote to an RV generator, and things worked successfully. Never have I imagined coming up to this, but no issues arose.

On the downside, I find the throttle a bit sensitive. I need to keep my thumb off the first time I used it. But eventually, I have managed to get my pulse on it and control it with ease.
  • 4GHz bandwidth to support skateboard’s functions
  • Connects quickly and reliably
  • Finger-hole and leather-like finish for a secured grip on the remote
  • LED lights to indicate battery and charging status
  • Receptive of signals from as far as 80 meters
  • Works with an RV generator
  • The throttle can be a bit sensitive
This controller may not be as fancy as other remotes, but I’m glad about not experiencing connection issues with it. I’d love to buy one more of this item and use it for another project.

3. WonVon DIY Electric Skateboard ESC Kit

The protection you have for your receiver’s components should equal that of your skateboard’s motors. The WonVon DIY Electric Skateboard ESC Kit comes with a wire housing designed to prevent short circuits from metals falling off. Plus, a heating panel creates an additional level of safety for the control board’s covers.

What’s unique about this product is its multiple-protection features. You get alarms once your kit is under-voltage and whenever there’s a power failure. That way, you can resort to the best possible solution to these problems. And you get protected from any casualty these issues might cause you.

I never had a hard time searching for compatible motors for this remote because it works with almost all known skateboard motor models. It’s fit for hub motors 5055, 5065, 6354, 6364, 6374, and 6384. I think it will yield great results with other engines as well.

This product has a reasonable price, too. It’s not the cheapest DIY electric skateboard remote I had, but I believe it’s worth my money. It’s easy to use as a plug-and-play device, and it connects quickly.

Like most remotes, this brand comes with light indicators. But I think these LEDs are more specific. They tell you four different speed levels, your charging status, as well as your signals. So, you’re likely to get all access and pertinent data in your trail using this remote.

I don’t think this remote can sustain working with two motors. I tried using this controller on a dual-motor skateboard, but like one of the reviews I have seen, the motors struggled to function well. I believe it works best with one motor only.
  • Comes with housing designed to protect the control board and its parts
  • Features multiple-protection alarm system
  • Compatible with several hub motors
  • Has a reasonable price
  • Data-specific LED indicators
  • Not for dual-motor skateboards
Setting up this skateboard controller was an easy task for me. I never felt clueless about the condition of my skateboards because of this remote.

4. Vanpro Electric Skateboard Hunter Remote Control

Featuring a unique handle design, the Vanpro Electric Skateboard Hunter Remote Control comes with control buttons facing upward. This style makes it easier for you to get access to all your controls. That way, you don’t have to flip the devices sideways to adjust your speed or use the power button.

The remote of this controller comes with a 2.4GHz receiver. It supports open source VESCs and RC car brushless ESCs. As long as you use this with 2.4G ESCs, you can expect steady performance. I have also used this product for climbing RC model car 1:35, and it worked well.

One more thing I love about this brand’s receiver is its enclosed components. Some receivers have enclosure cases, but they’re not as sturdy as Vanpro’s. Others even come as bare control panels with no durable casing at all. With this brand, I get to protect my wirings and the entire control board.

This product also comes with adjustment knobs that help you get the right speed mix for your skateboard. One button is for fine-tuning the steering ratio, and the other is for tuning the speed. I find these switches essential to make my trails safer and more comfortable.

Take note that you cannot use this product for a field-oriented control kit and PWM motor controllers. I don’t see this much of a disadvantage, but you better be careful before buying this to be sure it’ll work with your skateboards.
  • Unique design with buttons surfaced upwards
  • Comes with a 2.4GHz receiver that works with ESC devices
  • Has control board enclosure for safety
  • Features steering ratio and speed fine-tuning options
  • Does not work with FOCs and PWM controllers
I love the wrench-like accelerator design of this product. The transmission is stable, and it has a durable control panel casing as well.

5. PUAI Hand-held Wireless Remote Controller

The PUAI Hand-held Wireless Remote Controller is one of the easiest to pair remotes you’ll want to have. I used this clicker for a skateboard whose keys were lost, and I never had a hard time pairing them.

This product also comes with clearly visible function buttons that are easy to locate. So, it’s user-friendly and an ideal choice for users who have no experience riding electric skateboards.

I love this remote because it has long-lasting battery life. If you charge this device for around two hours, you get to use it for a maximum of eight hours. That’s enough time for you to go sailing anywhere you want. Plus, it comes with a charging cable, so you won’t have to find one at the stores.

Aside from its easy-to-identify control buttons, this product is convenient to bring. With a weight of 55g, you wouldn’t mind keeping the device in your hand during your entire ride. It also has an ergonomic design that makes it handier.

I have once encountered a defect issue in this item. But the manufacturer responded immediately and offered to replace the defective item I received. Thus, you can buy this product with certainty.

However, this device isn’t waterproof. It’s got a reliable performance, except when I dropped it on water. It took me some time to dry and charge it before it went back to normal.
  • Easy-to-pair remote control
  • User-friendly product with clearly visible remote buttons
  • Long battery life
  • Comes with a charging cable
  • Lightweight and handy
  • Responsive and helpful manufacturer
  • Not a waterproof device
Overall, I love the convenience and reliability this brand gives me. I get to finish my rides before I run out of battery, and the design fits my hands very well.

6. HGLTECH Flipsky VX2 Remote Controller Pro

Featuring a wireless colored screen, the HGLTECH Flipsky VX2 Remote Controller Pro lets you know several things about your trail. This product comes with a 0.95OLED display that shows real-time data reading about your speed mode, speed, mileage, and other pertinent information.

I like the material composition of this remote because it gives me a comfortable grip on it. It has a combination of ABS plastic and rubber spray paint cured under high temperature. Not only does it feel satisfying to use, but it also keeps your hands dry with an anti-hand sweat formula.

The current version of this remote now allows you to set the variables of your skateboard. You can also set the steering, speed modes, and cruise control of your skateboard wirelessly through this remote. That way, you can take control of the skateboard’s complete functionality.

This device, though being digital, is easy to configure. In case you’re missing out on the process, the product comes with a manual to guide you. You don’t have to buy the receiver and cables separately since they are already present in the package. All you need is to keep an eye on the instructions and identify the parts correctly.

I hope this brand sells replacement receivers. The only chance I could get a new receiver is through buying a new remote kit. Nevertheless, the device shows a great wireless connection.
  • Features a 0.95OLED colored screen showing pertinent data about your ride
  • Comes with ABS plastic and rubberized handles for a comfortable and sweat-free grip
  • Lets you set variables and other technical aspects of your skateboard
  • Easy to set up with the help of a manual
  • Comes with a receiver and cables
  • Does not offer individual replacement receivers
I think Flipsky is one of the most advanced remote controllers I have. It has a good build, and it’s not hard to calibrate.

7. LEKU Skateboard Remote

Made with high-quality electronic components, the LEKU Skateboard Remote makes sure you get a fantastic performance every ride.

This skateboard remote controller features an innovative chip that keeps your skateboard and its parts stable. These, along with the remote’s single-drive design, make it possible for any owner to achieve quality trails.

I find this brand reliable and safe as well. This remote comes with protection against voltage fluctuations, overheating, and current inconsistencies. It supports speed control features, allowing you to manipulate and adjust your speed in real-time.

These signals may not be prominent in devices like this, but I’m happy this brand offers an EMP control module in this remote. Electromagnetic Pulses can be dangerous and can cause damage to not only the user but even those near an EMP-damaged device.

The mainboard’s structure, though without a casing, looks solid. It’s way different from my old remote receiver kits, whose control boards were a bit flimsy. I think this solid panel is vital in the length of service life of this product.

On top of these, I never had a hard time configuring things because this controller brand is easy to use. It has easy-to-identify LEDs at the handle, and the remote feels comfortable to hold as well.

However, I had issues with the battery. I used a fully-charged pair of 3S and 5S batteries in this kit. But all I get is a 1/4 battery bar display. So, I bought a similar one from a different seller, and things started to look good.
  • Top-notch performance brought by high-quality chip and electric components
  • Single-drive design for perfect trails
  • Has different types of protection and speed control features
  • Features EMP control to protect against an EMP attack
  • Sturdy mainboard panel
  • Easy to use and accessible
  • Batteries show level after being charged completely
Despite that, I am satisfied by the performance of this product. It has quality parts, and it offers a wide array of protection.

8. Junluck Electric Skateboard Wireless Remote Control

Suitable for most electric skateboards, the Junluck Electric Skateboard Wireless Remote Control ensures you will be able to maximize your skateboard’s features. This remote control kit works with a wide array of electric skateboards. So, you can have it as a primary controller or a replacement one.

The structure of this controller brand is one of the best. It’s got high-quality materials and professional construction. You won’t find many remote controls this durable. And in my case, I’d say this is also a practical one since it’s easy to control. Its ergonomic design comes with a power supply indicator that’s clear to view.

While there could be instances you’d lose grip of your remote controls, it is necessary to keep it clinging to your hand. Thus, Junluck offers a lanyard anchored to its bottom to keep the controller safe in your wrist. That way, you get to reduce the chances of your device falling off and eventually incurring damage.

I like the customer service of this brand. I once encountered an issue with one of my purchases, and they responded appropriately. Plus, they offer a 30-day window for item exchanges and a year of quality guarantee. So, you can buy with confidence and receive quick feedback if you have issues with the items.

On the other hand, I received a defective unit on my first purchase. The remote did not sync with my skateboard, and no amount of charge was present. I asked the supplier for a replacement, and they sent one immediately.
  • Compatible with a wide array of skateboards
  • Quality and durable structure
  • Practical device with an ergonomic design
  • Comes with a lanyard for safer handling
  • Responsive customer service with return and exchange privilege
  • Might fail to synchronize with your skateboard
All in all, I love the compatibility of this remote controller. Its design and structure make it an essential device for most skateboard users.

9. Fafeicy Electric Skateboard Controller

The Fafeicy Electric Skateboard Controller is one of the most modern controllers I have. It’s among a few remotes which display pertinent data about your travel through a screen. This device takes on a 2.4G radio technology for fast signal transmission. Plus, it has a powerful anti-interference capacity to keep your signals stable.

I find this remote easy to use because of its build. The device comes with a hand-grip design that conforms to the shape of your fingers when holding the remote control. An anti-slip strap is available to keep the device secured in your wrist. It also uses an ABS surface spray treatment that makes it an anti-slip controller device.

This remote features a constant speed mode that keeps your hands relaxed during travel. That means you can free your hands from constantly pressing the speed buttons and prevent experiencing long-press fatigues. You also get rid of inconstant speed by keeping your hands off the remote’s buttons.

I love the long battery cycle of this remote. You can use it for a maximum of 12 hours, which is long enough for a day-long ride. It automatically shuts down after 10 minutes without operation to conserve batteries. And in case your device runs low on battery, it vibrates as a form of reminder.

For now, I don’t have any issues with this product. It’s a good one and a steady remote controller.
  • Modern design with a 2.4G radio technology for fast signal transmission
  • Anti-interference capacity for stable signal transmission
  • Solid build with anti-slip features
  • Has a constant speed mode that frees your hand from long-press fatigue
  • Long battery cycle with low-battery notification
  • Nothing for now
Overall, this device is the best remote controller I have. It’s comfortable and safe to hold, stable, and long-lasting. I would want to have this in my future skateboards.

What to Look for When Buying Electric Skateboard Controllers


So you are now a step away from enjoying your electric skateboard. But before buying your remote control, check the following factors you need to consider to establish a strong connection between your longboard and controller.

Transmission speed

Ensure that your remote’s receiving end is receptive enough to catch up with your controller’s commands. Also, the signals have to be stable for you to remain in total control of your skateboard.


You have to protect your remote control kit the way you guard your skateboard’s motors. Look for control panels enclosed in sturdy cases and remotes with enough capacity to contain tension and accidental fall-offs.


Besides the buttons and throttle, your device also needs to have features indicative of your skateboard’s conditions. These should display your battery and power status and speed levels as well. Other brands also come with an electric skateboard remote app for a more detailed ride with your smartphone.


The best remote controls come with handy designs and textures. Pick the one you feel comfortable holding, especially when in transit. A lanyard will also be of great help once the remote falls off your hand.

You might as well have pricing and brand preferences, but be sure they work with your skateboards.

When you are looking for electric skateboard controllers, maybe you also will be interested in the list of electric skateboard kits. Also, if you want to already own an electric skateboard for commuting, please have a look at this article.

How Do You Control an Electric Skateboard


The only best way you can control an electric skateboard is through a hand-held remote throttle. This device comes as a controller and receiver kit that takes a pairing process after installation. A controller for electric skateboard primarily linked to your skateboard’s motors makes it possible for you to adjust your speed and power.

How Do I Pair my Electric Skateboard Remote

The process of pairing your skateboards to your remotes is simple. Follow the steps below.

  1. Turn on your skateboard
  2. Switch on the remote
  3. Press the pairing button on the remote
  4. Wait until a signal showing a successful pairing appears
  5. Check if the connection works by moving the throttles with the skateboard’s wheels facing upward.

Other remote control brands might have different procedures. So, consider checking the manuals or seeking professional help when you feel uncertain.

How Much is a Remote Control Skateboard

The price range of an electric remote control skateboard today runs around $650 to $1,300.

If you make your own electric skateboard with remote, you will have to spend an average of $100 for a quality one. There are also ready-for-sale skateboard models priced at around $400 to $2,000, depending on the brand.

For the best electric skateboard controllers, the prices revolve around $40 to $100 depending on their features and other aspects.


The best rides come with the best equipment. Every detail of your electric skateboard should work perfectly with each other. No matter the speed and the power you need, it’s always important to give yourself access to calibrating these aspects.

With the best electric skateboard controller, not only will you make your longboards work, but you also get the chance to do it with style. Remember the tips I have shared with you to get the best value for your investment.

Drop your inquiries in the comments section, and we’re glad to respond to them. Have a safe ride!

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