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The Best Electric Skateboard Kits

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

best electric skateboard kit

So, it’s summer once again, and you’re planning to spend much of your time with your friends. You might think of going for a dip on the beach, camping, or doing extreme sports. Anything outside your school routine that’s possible.

One of your friends invited you to hit the road using the skateboard you kept under your bed. And you thought of upgrading your old Build Kit boards to make your trip more fun and thrilling but don’t know how to. In this case, I suggest using the best electric skateboard kit.

This set of tools will help you build the electric skateboard you’ve always wanted. Read the rest of this article and decide which suits you best.


Top 1

Vanpro DIY Electric Skateboard

– Easy to maintain

– Light noise 

– Accurate transmission

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Top 2

PROMOTOR Hub Motors Drive Kit

– Does not overheat quickly

– Smooth and silent wheels

– Supports 6S to 10S batteries

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Top 3

Vanpro Electric Skateboard Kit

– Comes with a 5M HTD belt

– Works with brushless engines

– Has complete tools and parts

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Best Electric Skateboard Kit Reviews

1. Vanpro DIY Electric Skateboard

For someone who loves longboarding and mountainboarding combined, the Vanpro DIY Electric Skateboard could be your perfect buddy. This skateboard conversion kit works well with my MBS All-Terrain wheels. I enjoy the power this conversion kit has, especially when I go for inclined trails.

I like the transmission of this skateboard kit. It’s accurate and smooth. This thing is beneficial to me because I need to keep my body balanced while riding. With a steady speed and power transition, I think I’ll be safe from slipping off or falling out of balance.

The noise of this kit’s engines doesn’t bother me at all. It doesn’t make loud or annoying sounds, which can be a concern while riding the longboard. Also, this DIY kit has a high shock absorption capacity. This feature lessens the high impact brought about by the ground.

On top of these, I find this DIY kit easy to maintain. This electric skateboard toolbox does not need lubrication at all. All I need is to follow the instructions in the package to keep the skateboard parts in good form. That way, I get to save money from the maintenance cost of this item.

I wish this board brand included wheels in its package. I would have not spent time searching for them at the store. Plus, I believe it would be better if the product had wheels in it, so I know what’s the best fit.
  • Works with all-terrain wheels for mountain boarding and longboarding
  • Smooth and accurate transmission
  • Light noise and steady speed
  • High shock absorption capacity
  • Easy to maintain
  • Does not come with wheels
Vanpro gives me a smooth ride throughout. I love being able to regulate the speed without startling, even on-board. It’s also not costly, which makes it one of the best skateboard conversion kits I have.

2. PROMOTOR Hub Motors Drive Kit

The first thing I like about the PROMOTOR Hub Motors Drive Kit is its wheels. It comes with Polyurethane materials, which are known for their durability and long service life. Polyurethane, in general, also has enough weight-bearing capacity and is smooth, silent, and shock-resistant.

This PROMOTOR product features a brushless outrunner engine. This 6364 engine is more powerful than a brushed drill one. It also has high torque and efficiency, allowing it to obtain a speed as fast as 70kV. This engine starts smoothly and doesn’t quickly overheat. So, you can use it comfortably.

I love this skateboard conversion kit because it provides a fantastic amount of speed and power for my longboard. This brand has 550W power in each engine and an input voltage of 24V to 42V. Note that the higher the voltage input, the higher the speed you get. So, you have choices as to how much speed you can manage with your skateboard.

One more benefit I get from this skateboard kit is its battery compatibility. This brand supports 6S to 10S batteries. These, including the commonly used lithium ion battery, are ideal battery setup options for a skateboard conversion kit because of their capacity to improve the board’s speed. I think having more than one battery option is a definite plus for me.

On the downside, the kit I received had a brushless motor with pro-type connectors. There is nothing wrong with that, but it’s not what’s shown in the photo. I expected to receive banana connectors.
  • Smooth and silent polyurethane wheels for durability and long service life
  • Brushless outrunner motor for a fast, smooth, and efficient ride
  • Does not overheat quickly
  • 550W motor power and an input voltage of 24V to 42V for optimum speed
  • Supports 6S to 10S batteries
  • Misleading product photo
Overall, I think I got the speed I want from this skate build. The engines are sturdy and fit for long routes. I believe my board and the parts of this kit complement each other well.

3. Vanpro Electric Skateboard Kit

Perfect for high torque rides, the Vanpro Electric Skateboard Kit comes with a 5M HTD belt. Having higher torque allows for greater power at lower RPM. With this type of belt, you can still maximize power despite the low speed brought about by low revolutions.

I like this skateboard conversion kit because it works with Orangatang Kegel Longboard Wheels. Using this kit, I can go downhill or cruise without worrying if their combination with Vanpro will yield great results.

Unlike other electric skateboard kits, this brand is near complete; the only missing component is the wheels. It has synchronous wheel teeth, wrenches, a belt, screws, bolts, and a stainless steel ring. That way, I no longer have to search for parts or tools to complete my electric skateboard. Plus, I think this is a cost-efficient package as well.

This brand works well with brushless motors. This type of motor improves the skateboard’s performance with reduced friction and heating. Also, it can generate more power than a brushed engine. I think the energy of these motors is in balance with the rest of the parts of this skateboard conversion kit.

As mentioned, this electric skateboard kit does not come with rollers in it. It’s not present in most reviews, but I believe it would have been better had the manufacturer included wheels with their items.
  • Comes with a 5M HTD belt for maximizing power at low speed
  • Works well with Orangatang Kegel Longboard Wheels
  • Has complete tools and parts except for the wheels
  • Works with brushless engines for reduced friction and better performance
  • Does not come with any wheels
My skateboard remains at top-notch performance because of this best electric skateboard kit. It gives me a steady ride, and I think the entire package is a user-friendly one.

4. IWONDER Cloud Wheel Electric Skateboard Wheels

Enjoy high strength and low noise with your electric skateboards using the IWONDER Cloud Wheel Electric Skateboard Wheels and Pulley Conversion Kit. This product features injection-molded pulleys that do not only promote durability but are quieter than their aluminum counterparts.

One unique feature I have noticed in this DIY electric skateboard is its patented Damping Foam Core Technology. This innovation allows the Cloud Wheel to filter out many vibrations, better than a regular wheel.

Visibly, this conversion kit features a better wheel core. Compared to the original ABEC wheel cores, this one has thicker spokes. These cores come with composite high-strength materials, which improve impact resistance. That means you will feel more stable and comfortable on-board despite uneven roads.

Using this kit in one of my boards yielded the best results for me. I used this one for my Exway board, and things turned out well. I have experienced a rise in its speed, and I think the Cloud Wheel and Exway make a good tandem.

However, I had an issue with the belts. I think they were too long. Plus, they rub against the covers. I needed some adjustments to prevent contact between the covers and the belts.
  • Injection-molded pulleys for strength, durability, and a quieter ride
  • Patented Damping Foam Core Technology that reduces vibrations on the skateboard
  • Improved wheel cores for better impact resistance and stability
  • Works best with Exway boards
  • Belts are too long and rub against the covers
All in all, I love the wheel kits of this brand. They are advanced compared to other wheel brands. I get to experience more comfortable and faster rides using this conversion kit. I am planning to use this on my old skateboard.

5. L-faster Electronic Longboard Hub Motor Kit

The L-faster Electronic Longboard Hub Motor Kit makes one of the lightest longboards I have. This skateboard conversion kit comes with a hub engine. This type of engine, other than being less expensive and noisy, also has a free-roll feature. That means you can leave your skateboard running downhill without consuming battery.

I barely see this thing mentioned in most reviews, but this product has a regenerative braking feature. Regenerative braking works like an energy-recovery machine. It slows down a moving vehicle and converts its kinetic energy into a form available for immediate use or storage.

This package does not come with a battery. So, I needed to have one. But out of my curiosity, I tried using a hoverboard battery for this conversion kit. Things worked well, and the batteries did not overload nor did it cause a shortage on my electric skateboard.

Unlike other conversion kits, this brand includes the remote control in its package. This product comes with a Dual Motor Drive Remote Control device that’s easy to operate, rechargeable, and handy. That way, I can take total control of my skateboard and focus on my trail more.

Although this kit contains many components, it has no battery, charging cable, and circuit board cover. I wish these items were present in the conversion kit, so I would no longer have to buy them separately.
  • Hub engine for a quieter ride and free-roll feature
  • Regenerative braking for energy recovery
  • Works with a hoverboard battery
  • Comes with a dual drive system remote control device
  • No battery, charging cable, and cover for the circuit board
Like my old electric skateboards, this one gives me quality skateboarding rides. It’s convenient to use, and I think it’s an energy-saving skateboard as well.

6. Focket Electric Skateboard ESC Kit

Take control of your skateboards using the Focket Electric Skateboard ESC Kit. This DIY product features a multi-functional handy remote that allows you to control actions by your skateboard. Here you can switch directions, change gears, accelerate, and bring your skateboard to a brake.

I am not that good with electronics, but this one gives me an easy time installing. It has an organized circuit board and a modifiable speed motor controller designed for convenient rides on my electric skateboard. The wires are easy to manage as well. So, I never had a hard time customizing this device.

This board brand has excellent materials. It comes with a high-quality chip and electronic components that are 100% brand new. I think these aspects make this DIY product not only stable but also a reliable one. The wires are not flimsy, nor is the cover of the remote. Each part is durable and has resistance to wear.

I believe this brand is a safe one too. It comes with protection against voltage fluctuations, overcurrent, and overheating. Also, it supports speed regulation, which helps me adjust my pace when I go beyond the ideal speed limits. That way, I can be sure I’m riding within boundaries.

On the downside, this DIY product is not for a dual hub engine skateboard. Nevertheless, it’s reliable in all other aspects, and it’s got quality materials.
  • Comes with a remote to give you total control of your skateboard
  • Easy to install
  • Simple wire management
  • Features high-quality components
  • Safe against electronic irregularities
  • Not for a dual hub engine skateboard
Overall, I have benefited from this DIY product’s accessibility. The remote control makes my every ride not only convenient but safe as well. It’s not hard to maintain, and each part of this kit is of good quality.

7. FFMT Electronic Longboard Hub Motor Kit

Optimize your skateboard’s power using the FFMT Electronic Longboard Hub Motor Kit. This conversion kit features a powerful 1500W motor that lets the rider use it even in hill climb areas. Note that this brand is a dual hub engine. So, it provides double the torque of one engine and reduces the stress on each engine.

This longboard motor kit comes with 5050 sensorless motors. These are fit for high-speed skating because they are lighter in weight. They are also less prone to failure. And other than being powerful, they do not quickly overheat. That means I can enjoy skate racing, whether on a hill climb or downhill, without worrying about my engines overheating.

One more thing I love about this product’s engines is that they are brushless. Besides having high torque, it is highly efficient. I can go as fast as 270KV because this brand also supports high speed other than having powerful engines.

I like the design of this skateboard conversion kit. It’s got a matte black finish that makes it look clean and classy. Also, the rollers come in elastic Polyurethane materials, which are known for shock resistance and long service life. Thus, this electric skateboard kit is not only pleasing to the eyes but is also a durable one.

I have never seen anything that causes me trouble. By far, this product is a good one, and it’s a reliable electric longboard kit for sale.
  • 1500W dual hub engine for more power and torque
  • Come with sensorless engines for a speedy ride
  • Engines do not overheat easily
  • Brushless engines that support a speed of up to 270KV
  • Classic matte black finish
  • Durable and sturdy wheels
  • Nothing for now
I love the texture of this product. It gives me a premium Revel kit board feeling, like I own a high-caliber skateboard. It’s the best skateboard conversion kit for me, with low overheating, quality materials, and speedy rides.

8. ZXMOTO Electric Longboard Drive Kit

If you need a skateboard kit with a speed that reaches 270KV, try the ZXMOTO Electric Longboard Drive Kit. This DIY kit features sensorless motors designed for high-speed skating. The engines are powerful, and they do not quickly overheat.

The rollers come in a compact design at 83MM. I think this wheel size is pretty good for a 1500W-powered skateboard. They are wear-resistant and smooth-running. These elastic Polyurethane wheels are of high durability as well, making them fit for fast traction.

Other than their water resistance, the engines of this skateboard kit use a belt drive. Belt-driven engines have superior torque compared to hub engines. They use advanced technology and are comfortable like a Mellow electric skate. However, they are heavier than hub engines, but I love them because I know they are well-made machines.

Budget-wise, I think I spent wisely on this product. This DIY product is not the cheapest electric skateboard conversion kit, but for me, the price is worth it. Not only is this DIY product saturated with speed features, but it’s also got great details.

However, this package might not be as rider-friendly as other brands. Unlike other DIY skateboard conversion kits, this one does not have an instruction with it. So, I think it would be better for a first-time skater to seek advice from other users to see any difference and achieve the best results.
  • Can go as fast as 270KV
  • Sensorless motors for high-speed skating that doesn’t overheat
  • Smooth-riding elastic Polyurethane rollers with a compact design
  • Has good resistance to water
  • Uses belt drives for nice torque and comfort
  • Does not come with installation instructions
  • Not a cheap electric skateboard kit
Never have I imagined riding a skateboard at top speed until I bought this skateboard conversion kit. It has quality components, and they are all speed-centered. Plus, I like the overall build of my electric skateboard because of this DIY electric skateboard kit.

9. PROMOTOR Dual Electronic Motor Drive Kit

Increase your longboard’s power with the PROMOTOR Dual Electronic Motor Drive Kit. This dual hub electric skateboard motor kit has a 1500W power that makes it solid no matter the trail I take. Hub motors also reduce the need for heavy transmission and are lighter than belt-driven engines.

Other than its clean black finish, this skateboard kit has a professional-grade design. The entire motor is dust-proof and waterproof, thanks to its two-end bearing support. These aspects make this heavy-duty motor mount kit durable and reliable.

This DIY skateboard kit has got decent board trucks. They look sturdy and are easy to mount. At first, I thought I was doing the wrong thing, but when I started to loosen the tension on the belts, the rest followed smoothly. This brand is one of the quickest-to-install conversion kits.

The engines of this skateboard kit are brushless. They’re known to have a long service life and are more practical to use. I think this motor kit responds well to changes in power and speed. So, it’s more convenient to use.

I also love the wheels of this brand. Not only are they of highly elastic PU materials, but they are also easy to swap. Just be sure to observe the correct procedures to keep them in good shape.

By far, I have not encountered any drawbacks with this skateboard conversion kit. The parts and the build process are just proper for average users like me.
  • Comes with 1500W-powered motors with lighter weight and transmission
  • Dust-proof and waterproof design
  • Quality and easy-to-install trucks
  • Brushless engines for longevity and convenience
  • Easy-to-swap PU wheels
  • None so far
Setting up my electric skateboard using the best electric skateboard conversion kit was convenient. The motors are powerful and are sturdy enough for my board. I would love to have another one of this brand.

10. BENCHWHEEL Drive Pulley Motor Pulley Kit

The BENCHWHEEL 48 Teeth Drive Pulley Motor Pulley Kit comes with 608 bearings following a standardized electric skateboard attachment. This open-style ball bearing fits high-rotational speed patterns and high dynamic loads. These bearings also have high strength and wear resistance.

I think this DIY skateboard kit works with other board brands as well. I used to have this skateboard by Lift Board but had the wheels torn out after a couple of months. I have then decided to replace the rollers with a new set of this brand. Its wheel kits were a perfect fit, and the entire skateboard is working well.

Installation is a breeze for this electric skateboard kit. Not only does it look simple, but the wheel kits are all ready for use. They arrived assembled, so all I had to do was to mount each part firmly. The wheels are of quality Polyurethane materials as well.

I like the belt of this electric skateboard kit because it’s adjustable. I get to adjust its tension, especially during installation. Plus, it can withstand frequent use without loosening. For me, it’s safe, and it’s a perfect fit not only for my Lift Board but with other identical longboards I have.

On the downside, I received the wrong belt size from the supplier. I wish it were the right one, so I didn’t have to call them and seek a replacement. My installation went a bit late because of that.
  • 608 bearings designed for standard longboards and have wear resistance
  • Bearings fit high-rotational speeds and dynamic loads
  • Works well with Lift Board and other brands
  • Wheel kits arrived assembled and of quality material
  • Adjustable and sturdy belt
  • Wrong part delivered
Despite that, I am happy about being able to construct my electric skateboard on my own. The parts were easy to deal with, and they are a snug fit to my Build Kit boards.

11. Demeras Hub Motor Kit

Like heavy-duty skateboard conversion kits, the Demeras Motor Kit features professional-grade components. It comes with two-end closed bearing support, making the whole design waterproof and dust-proof. These characteristics make this product a reliable and steady one as well. I think it has a long service life too.

Compatibility is never an issue for this brand as it works with all electric skateboards at less than 910MM in length. I think I never had problems searching for skateboards of this length. That means this double drive system scooter hub is a perfect fit for several skateboards regardless of their brands.

The material composition of this skateboard conversion kit is of high quality. It has aluminum and iron elements, which are wear-resistant and tough. The wheels are also a plus for this brand since they have good elasticity and can cross difficult roads. They have ample shock absorption capacity as well.

I barely reach out to the customer service of some manufacturers because some of them do not respond. But this one is an exemption. Their team has solutions to all my problems with their skateboard kits. With that, I feel guaranteed that I can resolve future issues with the help of their friendly customer service.

However, I find the power of this electric skateboard DIY kit a bit low at 350W. It’s not that big of an issue for me, but I know there are more powerful skateboard engines out there. Nevertheless, it’s balanced with its components.
  • Resistant to water and dust
  • Compatible with a number of electric longboards
  • Has durable iron and aluminum composition
  • Top-grade wheels
  • Responsive customer service
  • Low power output
I am happy I get to have this DIY electric skateboard kit. It may not be as powerful as some of my boards, but the parts of this brand are like that of an Unlimited electric skateboard kit.

12. Puaida Powered Dual Hub Motor Kit

Race like a pro using the Puaida Powered Dual Hub Motor Kit. One of the best things about this kit is its dual engines. Its engines are strong enough to climb a hill that’s 25% steep. And on solid flat grounds, this kit can make you travel at a speed of 26mph. So, not only can you go on a hill climb, but you can also go fast.

The PU wheels have a great build. They have enough load-bearing capacity, noise reduction, and shock absorption. Polyurethane rollers also offer superior impact resistance and elastic memory. And the cores of each set of wheels are a snug fit to each one.

I did not expect to recreate my skateboard quickly, but the build process was smooth. I did not have to spend a lot of time and even money finding the parts or plotting them. The dual motor electric skateboard kit also comes with a specified size for each part, so it was easy making space provisions for each component.

I don’t review based on the delivery time of the items. But this one is an exemption. I received my parcel earlier than I expected. Plus, the package arrived complete and undamaged. I think the manufacturer maintains quality not only with their skateboard kits but with their shipment as well.

This kit may not be the best I had by far. But I rarely see longboard kits as good as a Maxfind electric skateboard kit. For now, I can’t see any drawback with this product.
  • Dual hub engines that let you climb up a 25% sloping hill
  • Can make you travel at a speed of 26mph
  • Great build for the wheels
  • Hassle-free to install
  • Faster shipping than expected
  • None for now
By far, this is one of the most reliable skateboard conversion kits I have. I love its strength and speed. Also, I never had a hard time completing my electric skateboard because of this board brand.

What to Look for When Buying Electric Skateboard Kits


Before you get excited about remodeling your old skateboards, take note of the following considerations to acquire the right tools.

  • Performance

Speed and power will give your electric skateboard a competitive edge among other skateboard conversion kits. Choose the best combination that will balance these two factors together with other aspects like wheel size and torque.

  • Material Quality

You want every ride to be free of casualties you can avoid by having top-grade equipment. Thus, make sure that the materials used in each component of your skateboard conversion kit have resistance to wear, impact, and have ample protection against water and dust.

  • Installation

Some electric skateboard kits require professional attention to function at an optimum level. There are some which you need to use all by yourself. So, before getting your skateboard conversion kits, be sure to assess your capacity to build your electric longboards.

  • Price

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to build your dream electric skateboard. You may opt for a cheap electric skateboard conversion kit, but what you need are money-efficient tools and budget boards that will yield the results you expect.

How to Make Your Own Electric Skateboard


If you want to create your authentic electric longboard, consider the following steps on how to make an electric skateboard.

  1. Carefully plan your expected outcome, the procedures you’ll follow, and the materials you need.
  2. After collecting the parts and tools you need, organize them so that you don’t get disoriented about the sequence of your procedures.
  3. If your kit comes with manuals, keep the manuals open beside you.
  4. Begin attaching the pulleys and drive train components.
  5. Put the engines on.
  6. Connect electrical wirings that link the engines, ESCs, and batteries.
  7. Install the enclosure to protect your circuits against water and other elements.
  8. Create cases for your batteries to enclose them as well.
  9. Finish the housing for permanence and make sure that it holds firmly.

Should you need technical assistance, talk to a professional to guide you.

How Do You Apply a DIY Electric Skateboard Kit

Before spending money on a DIY skateboard kit, you have to remember that not all board brands come with the same components in their packages. See the step by step instructions below on how to use a DIY electric longboard kit properly.

  1. Prepare all the materials in the package
  2. Check if you need additional tools or if the package is missing a component
  3. Secure wheel size as well as the size of the deck and trucks, and begin to mount them
  4. Next is attaching the bearings and the rollers
  5. Mount the engine, the engine pulleys, and drive train
  6. Get the enclosures on
  7. Put on friction pads if they are present in the kit

Note that these steps are the ones generally applied in a wide array of electric skateboards. Hence, it’s way better to check the directives of the supplier for a more accurate installation.

What If the Battery Runs Out

You know it’s not your day when your electric skateboard’s battery runs out. But as skateboards continue to evolve, batteries have their respective innovations as well.

Some batteries allow the skateboard to work as a standard one when it runs out of battery. Some will leave you with no choice but get a ride home or charge your batteries.

Take note that the time for charging is not the same for all skateboard batteries. Thus, the safest thing to do is secure ample battery life before going for a ride.

Where Can I Buy

Extreme sports are mainstream today. If you think you are ready to get your motorized skateboard kit, you can drop by the skateboard store near you and select your ideal set. You may not frequently see these stores in Google search. But because of the current demand for these skateboard kits, you can be in control when searching and building your dream electric skateboard.


Your skateboards could be your buddy the entire summer. Not only does it give you fun, but it also brings out a creative mind inside you. Improving these middle school longboards will always be an exciting idea. And with the best electric skateboard kit, you’ll be sure to build your dream skateboards.

Prepare to take off with speed and power. Love the road more and explore new places with your electric skateboards.

If you have inquiries about these items, feel free to share them in the comments section.

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