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Best Fingerboard (From Beginners to Professionals) in 2023

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

best fingerboard

Choosing a fingerboard is far from picking toys off a department store shelf. If there’s one thing to compare a fingerboard’s selection process with, it has to be a skateboard.

Why? Fingerboards have almost the same body and usage as a skateboard. Now, you might think they are much more complicated than typical toys.

But don’t worry. Let me introduce you to the best fingerboard choices. Here, we will not only discover the best features of longboards, but we’ll also take you to various product options, so you can select one with the best value.

The Best Fingerboards: Classified


Buying a fingerboard doesn’t always get you a complete deck without any add-ons. Sometimes, we can go home with a ramp, a tool, a fingerboard accessory, or other product inclusions.

So, let’s go over the products worthy of your budget.

1. Aestheticism Reconfigurable Ramp Set & 6-Piece Fingerboards


Included in this product is a skatepark-inspired set of ramps. What’s good about this setup is that the obstacles are diverse. So, finger skaters can ride their boards however they want.

Of course, this product has not only one but six pieces of finger skateboards. However, if there’s one drawback, it’s the sharp edges on the gear which need smoothening.

2. HOMETALL Removable Wheels Fingerboards, 12-Piece


If there is one wild dream one has to realize, it would be instantly owning 12 pieces of fingerboards after a single purchase. And such a thing is possible with HOMETALL.

This product’s package includes 12 fingerboards uniquely designed and of decent quality. What you’ll like more about it is it also has a tool to help users alter the fingerboards’ setups and build a better board.

One thing though – the decks are not as wide as Tech Decks.

3. TECH DECK Plastic Ramp Set & Pro Model Fingerboard


Of course, how can we forget about Tech Deck?

Compared to the previous items, this Tech Deck package only has a half-pipe ramp. Also, it only has a single fingerboard inside. Nonetheless, it’s a functional obstacle and finger skateboard combination for kids learning fingerboards.

Tech Deck doesn’t neglect aesthetics in their designs either. In the package is a set of stickers to help you customize your board better.

4. P-REP 5 Ply Wooden Deck Fingerboard


I think this product is for people who want a raw board for practice and leisure. It’s a perfect starter option with a quality structure for any player level.

The P-REP comes as a 5-ply fingerboard set needing assembly. What I like about this aspect is it trains fingerboard users to make their boards and identify their parts well. It may require a bit more work, but the benefits are worth it.

5. HEHALI Plastic Deck Fingerboards, 18-Piece


HEHALI has the most fingerboards on our list. This product package is for people slowly building their fingerboard empires at home.

Six of these fingerboards have a matte finish, and the rest come with a standard profile. Additionally, all 18 boards are unique in design. So, this package could be a perfect playing pack for a group of friends.

Best Fingerboards Based on Skill Level


Like skateboards, we also consider the player’s level when picking fingerboards. This way, no resources go to waste, and the user learns as efficiently as possible. Let’s see a few options from top fingerboards companies suited for starters and advanced players.

Beginner Fingerboards

Tech Deck

Tech Decks are one of the top-selling fingerboards today. What makes them in demand is their board feel having a resemblance to real skateboards.

However, it’s best to upgrade to a new board after learning much from this fingerboard brand because most of its parts come from plastic. So, it may not be the most durable option for practicing longer.

P-Rep Fingerprint 30mm Graphic Complete Wooden

Let’s get to P-Rep, a wooden fingerboard. Unlike the previous product, this one has a more durable body.

Besides that, it also has less concavity, making it a perfect choice for tricks. What’s better is it has CNC-lathed wheels for added durability.

The only thing not everyone will love about this board is its price. It’s not one of those cheap fingerboards, but it’s worth riding.

Professional Fingerboards

Teak Tuning fingerboard

Coming with a 32mm by 97mm body, the Teak Tuning pro fingerboards are one of the go-to boards of many professionals.

This finger skateboard has a solid wood maple body designed to withstand competitive riding and tricks execution. In terms of aspects unrelated to performance, this board also has colorful parts and a glossy finish for aesthetic appeal.

On top of that, this brand is not one of those cheap complete fingerboards, but it’s still affordable.

Soldier Bar 10.0 Professional Fingerboard

Solid Bar fingerboards could be at a less friendly price range, but here are a few things that speak to their quality.

If you carefully check the fingerboard’s body, what welcomes you is a 5-ply maple deck with a pro-level concavity that yields an exceptional experience for all its users.

Second, Soldier Bar has quality wheels packed with professional bearings. Ultimately, it comes with all the tools, parts, and everything you need to set up. Assembly is necessary, but it will be fun and fulfilling.

Frequently Asked Questions


What makes a fingerboard popular?

If skateboarders become famous for their tricks and contribution to the sport, fingerboards also have their fame story. Here are a few things that made these miniature boards known.

  • The desire to learn skateboarding – Many skateboarders today started playing fingerboards. And that sparked their interest in mastering their bigger counterparts.
  • Brand partnerships – One of the things that popularized fingerboards back then was their inclusion with Mcdonald’s Happy Meals. Today, it’s possible the same scheme will happen again.
  • Competitions – The first fingerboard competition in the world that happened in 2008 never fizzled out. Nowadays, fingerboards are no longer alien, and public interest in them has risen consistently.

What is the right fingerboard size?

Today, 32mm fingerboards are the best options. And there are two reasons why.

First, people used 29mm decks for fingerboard climbing on ramps and mini pipes. But that was only until 32mm came into existence and felt better for performing stunts or casual fingerboard skating.

And second, several professionals on Reddit already claimed that 32mm fingerboards were accommodating to beginners and people trying to improve their skills.

With these facts, it’s not a question that many fingerboard players choose this size. But if you have broader fingers, you might as well consider 34mm boards.

For more on the right fingerboard size for you, don’t forget to learn this article!

What is a good beginner fingerboard?

There is always at least one attribute we like the most when going over hundreds of fingerboards. Let’s see what makes good fingerboards for beginners.

  • Quality deck – Like skateboards, the best fingerboard decks also need a quality body in maple wood. An example is the P-Rep Complete Fingerboard, which is packed with durable wood and a perfect concave shape for better rides and tricks.
  • Sturdy trucks – Fingerboards should also have durable and responsive trucks such as the ones in the preceding example. Those trucks turn well and yield smooth rides every time.
  • Strong wheels – P-Rep also has quality wheels in their Fingerprint model. The rollers of this fingerboard perform better and last longer.

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Whether a fingerboard is ideal depends on how well we understand each part and use its setup to our advantage. After all, it’s not only the price that tells us how well the fingerboard can perform.

More factors are still relevant in the selection process. Nonetheless, we already gave you some of the best fingerboard options based on different package preferences and finger skateboarding experience levels.

All you need now is to identify the best configuration. And by then, you’re ready to buy your new fingerboards, accessories, and obstacles.

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