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The Best Longboards for Pumping

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

best longboard for pumping

Longboard pumping is addictive once you learn how to do it. So, what is longboard pumping? It’s a way of getting speed on your board without stepping out of it. First, you have to shift your weight by swaying your body back and forth. As you sway your body, you will gain momentum, which allows you to gain speed without your feet touching the ground.

It may sound challenging, but with lots of practice, you’ll get the knack of doing it in no time! Especially when you ride using the best longboard for pumping that suits your needs. Long-distance longboard pumping allows you to pump and ride for miles at high speed. Longboarding is also beneficial —it helps you work out, gain balance control and improve your flexibility and health.

Top 1

Magneto Longboards

– 80A 70mm x 51mm wheels

– Reverse kingpin design 

– Have flared wheels 

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Top 2

Minority Longboard

– 78A Pu wheels and ABEC-9 bearings

– Cool and beautiful graphics

– Ideal length at 40 inches

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Top 3

Atom Longboard

– High-quality grip tape

– A drop-down design 

– Multi-purpose 41-inch board

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Best Longboard for Pumping Reviews

1. Magneto Longboards Bamboo Longboard

Finally, the last longboard on this list, the Magneto Longboards bamboo longboard, also sports a drop-down design. It’s ideally long at 38 inches and features a deep concave design. The board is made of 100% premium Canadian maple wood, which is sturdy and durable.

The radial concave design ensures a non-slip feature. In addition, it also enables a more responsive ride. Turning, swaying, or even centering your gravity is a breeze because of this distinct feature. It also makes the board versatile, allowing it to be used for any purpose.

Moreover, the Magneto Longboards feature wheel flares that prevent wheel bite. It also ensures proper grip of the wheels to the surface. In addition, it optimizes the stiffness of the board, allowing more support, especially during a ride.

One distinct feature is the added kicktail. This pumping pintail longboard allows extra maneuverability and helps create easier turns. I used this kicktail and had fun maneuvering this board with it. Any bump, deep cracks, and obstacles became easier to avoid.

The bottom part sports high-angle trucks casted with aluminum. It has a reverse kingpin design that makes this longboard more versatile. It’s also very responsive and is great at making sharp turns.

Lastly, the wheels, I love the grip of the wheels. I can feel it whenever I use this longboard. The 80A 70mm x 51mm wheels come with stainless steel bearings. The overall quality of this longboard is superb.

I can see about this longboard after using it for a while because the bearings can wear.
  • Has a unique radial concave design for a non-slip feature
  • Have flared wheels to prevent wheel bite
  • Added kicktail to have fun maneuverability
  • Reverse kingpin design makes it versatile
  • Has grippy 80A 70mm x 51mm wheels
  • Bearings may wear over time
To sum it up, the Magneto Longboards is an excellent beginner longboard that comes at an affordable price. It delivers maneuverability, grips, thus flawless rides.

2. Minority Downhill Maple Longboard Skateboard

The Minority Downhill is a refreshing option that features a sturdy 100% imported maple wood for its board. Its length is ideal for any use at 40 inches. Such a construction enables a smooth high-speed, and long-distance ride.

Furthermore, this features a beautiful look with vivid patterns and calligraphy. Besides being gorgeous, the board deck is rock-hard, thanks to its 8-plywood construction.

In addition, the board features 7-inch aluminum reverse kingpin trucks, making it highly versatile. It has excellent maneuverability, as I had no troubles riding this board during a stroll.

The longboard’s overall construction delivers a smooth and flawless ride. It’ll make you feel that every road is free from roughness. It has durable 70x51mm 78A PU wheels paired with its ABEC-9 precision bearings. Both features offer exceptional grip during turns and balancing.

Another feature that I like about this longboard is its grips. They’re brilliantly textured and keep you secretly in place. The grips are ideally rough, which makes the skateboard easy to handle. Even making long turns is a breeze.

Still, I received the package with minor cracks on the board, which I supposed it’s a shipping issue. Luckily, the brand resolved the problem quickly and sent me a new one.
  • Made of 8-ply imported maple wood
  • Ideal length at 40 inches
  • Has cool and beautiful graphics
  • Comes in reverse kingpin trucks for versatile uses
  • Has durable 78A Pu wheels and ABEC-9 bearings
  • The grip tape makes it easy to hand rough terrains
  • Might have shipping issue that causes board defect
In conclusion, the Minority Downhill longboard is a premium quality skateboard that delivers great performance. We can get an excellent grip and handle with its design.

3. Atom Drop Deck Longboard

What I love most about this longboard is its wheels, which are of superior quality. In detail, the wheels are Wide-Lip, in a 70 x 51mm diameter, from super high rebound (SHR) urethane.

This longboard is specifically constructed for downhill rides. But don’t let this stop you from using it for longboard pumping. As I try pumping with this one, it delivers a smooth and controlled ride. In addition, Atom features a drop-down board design that ensures stability throughout your strolls.

In detail, turns and high speeds are delivered smoothly because of its ABEC 9 bearings. The reverse kingpin trucks offer excellent stability.

The grips are securely glued onto the board to add safety helps me gain more control during my strolls. I had no trouble keeping my center of gravity with this feature. Even though I swayed a lot and did long turns, the grips securely kept me in place.

Additionally, the board is made of a full laminated maple deck. The design comes in a sleek minimalistic, and modern black design. Aside from its stylish art, the material is durable. Moreover, the length of the board is 41 inches, which is a versatile size for any purpose.

The downside is that this longboard makes squeaking noises at first, especially when making turns. But after a few uses, it’ll adjust and go away.
  • Has wide-lip SHR urethane wheels
  • ABEC 9 bearings deliver stable high speeds
  • High-quality grip tape
  • A drop-down design for downhill rides and longboard pumping
  • Full laminated maple deck with sleek and stylish art
  • Multi-purpose 41-inch board
  • Makes squeaking noises at the beginning
The Atom Longboard is a premium quality skateboard that will last a long time. Its high-end features are for downhill riding, longboard pumping, long-distance rides, commuting, and many more.

4. Black Longboards Longboard Skateboard

This 38-inch longboard is made of top-quality 9-ply Canadian maple core and aluminum hardware. Just by looking at the board’s design, you can already tell it’s created with exceptional craftsmanship.

The brand claims its longboards are made of exotic wood and customized by local artists. In addition, Black Longboards also come in different intricate styles such as Dagger, Trident, Samurai, and Phoenix.

The board has a drop-down board design, which allows more maneuverability. It also makes the board more flexible and resistant to wheel bite. With this longboard, creating small turns is a piece of cake. Thus, it creates another smooth ride that I enjoyed.

In addition, the boards are designed with 7-inch black aluminum trucks. It features great rebounds and rapid responsiveness in making turns. This feature makes this board easy to handle.

Also, grip tapes are laser-cut and glued on the deck to keep in place during their rides. Thus, it is an ideal piece for beginners.

Another thing I like about the Black Longboards is its big 70mm Hooligan wheels. The wheels are ideally big enough for longboard pumping use. Plus, the grip it delivers is splendid. So, expect a smooth ride with this one.

Moreover, one thing I noticed is that the bearings come with spacers, adding more durability. It also allows a fast ride, which is great for commuters and enthusiasts.

Still, I would prefer the piece is a tad larger. Other than that, it is a fantastic board for practicing new tricks every day.
  • Made of top-quality Canadian maple core
  • Comes in different colors: Dagger, Trident, Samurai, and Phoenix
  • Offers great rebounds and fast responsiveness
  • Has big 70mm Hooligan wheels
  • Bearings come with spacers
  • Grip tapes are laser-cut and glued for stability
  • A bit smaller than expected
Black Longboards offer durable and flexible longboards that deliver smooth rides. With this longboard, no one can stop you from riding —even through rough terrain.

5. Quest Skateboards California Native Spirit Skateboard

I adore this Quest skateboard as its durable construction is made of maple and aluminum materials. Besides, it is a longboard with a drop-down deck, enabling me to find my balance while riding.

The engraving pattern is outstanding with a geometric or tribal type of design. Additionally, it comes in a reverse kingpin position and makes this skateboard versatile to use for any purpose.

Quest Skateboard also comes with a drawstring bag, which is convenient for stowing it anywhere. Since it is lightweight and affordable, this board is a great beginner longboard.

Another great thing about this board is it’s highly customizable. The board itself is durable, so we can feel free to replace some parts to customize the longboard according to our preference. Afterward, it’ll definitely turn into our dream board.

However, the few rides weren’t to my liking at first, so I had to adjust the trucks a bit before I achieved the smoothness I wanted. Although it’s not as smooth as the other expensive brands out there, it’s still smooth enough to ride on for a couple of miles.
  • Made of durable maple wood and aluminum hardware
  • Has an intricate engraving design
  • A lightweight starter board for beginners
  • Delivers great flexibility and smooth rides
  • Highly customizable to be designed according to your liking
  • Compact, easy to stow and affordable
  • The bearings can easily wear off
Overall, the Quest skateboard is one of the cheapest skateboards out there and still does its purpose well. You’ll just have a bit of customization to make it last, and you’re good to go.

6. Loaded Boards Icarus Bamboo Longboard 

The first thing I noticed with this longboard is that its design is exceptional. Its high-end construction is because of its high quality wood material. In addition, buyers can choose between the Orangatang Durian with orange-colored 70mm/ 83a wheels and the Orangatang Kegel with violet 80mm/80a wheels.

I like this longboard because of the smooth ride it delivers. In detail, the board rebounds back, which is ideal for that slight resistance I’m looking for in longboard pumping.

Furthermore, it provides enough flex, is stable enough to use on rough concrete — the shock absorption of this board is outstanding. Going through rough terrain will be a breeze using this longboard, even at higher speeds.

The design of the bigger wheels made my riding experience smooth. Even the trucks delivered a smooth and controlled response. In addition, its grips are also terrific, as the board is covered with grip tapes to prevent you from slipping. It helps you stay in place when you’re swaying and trying to center your gravity.

I had fun unwrapping and riding this longboard overall. But despite its great characteristics, it also has its downside. In truth, the material on the bottom is made of cork, which is not durable even though it’s what enables its users to experience a smoother ride.
  • Comes in two beautiful designs: the Orangatang Durian and Orangatang Kegel
  • Smooth rides with the shock absorption feature
  • Flexible deck for longboard pumping
  • Designed with many grips to provide stability and support
  • Offers a smooth ride with big wheels and quality trucks
  • The cork bottom is not as durable as expected
To sum it up, this longboard is a great product that provides outstanding performance. It’s great to use for experiencing longboard pumpers, and its quality is worth the price.

7. Loaded Boards Dervish Sama Bamboo Longboard

The wood material of the Dervish Sama is indeed durable, as it is of high quality. Notably, the board’s design is also optimized with its stellar style.

I notice that the deck is filled with grip tapes. Such a feature conveniently helps me stay in place, especially when I run over rough concrete and sway to center my balance.

The softness of the wheels is perfect. The wheels also give extra grip, which makes the overall handling of this longboard a piece of cake. Its size is ideal, especially for long-distance longboard pumping.

Additionally, I had no complaints about the ride I experienced with this pumping longboard setup because it’s delivered smoothly — like surfing on concrete. This longboard surprisingly glides smoothly over bumps and rough roads, making it easy to ride through any irregular terrain flat.

Handling it is easy. For a beginner who’s really dedicated to riding longboards in the long term, they should consider this as an option.

Another thing I like about this longboard is its bearings; they’re pretty fast and made of decent quality. Thus, it takes a long while before we need to replace them.

However, I didn’t like the bushings, they felt good initially, but they began to squeak after several uses. This can be fixed, but I just didn’t expect it to happen during one of my rides.
  • Durable wood construction and stellar design
  • Contains enough grips to secure riders in place
  • Soft wheels and ideal size for longboard pumping
  • Glides smoothly over bumps and rough roads
  • Easy handling, ideal for beginners
  • Quality bearings for a fast ride and long-lasting use
  • Might require bushing replacement after a while
To sum it up, the Dervish is a smooth longboard which is a great option, especially for a commuting board due to its shock absorption and flexibility.

8. PHOEROS Longboard Skateboards

The 41-inch by 9.5-inch dimension of this longboard enables more stability. In addition, its durable 8-layered Canadian maple deck material can support up to 330 pounds of weight. The overall quality of its deck ensures that this longboard will last with you a long time.

Aside from its deck, Phoeros also features its waterproof emery sandpaper. The grips provide more safety and stability during rides. I used this pumping skateboard, and the grips keep my feet in place and enable easy maneuvering.

Its ABEC-11 bearings are created for smoother turns and safer ride overall. I didn’t feel the rough concrete I passed through when I took a little stroll in the streets.

The wheels have excellent levels of rebound because of their 70mm x 51mm Pu wheels. The softness of the wheels is ideal for enabling an easy grip, especially during the act of creating small turns during longboard pumping. Moreover, the wheels have lights which makes your longboard stand out from the rest.

Additionally, this longboard is available in four different contemporary designs: color diamond, green diamond, PP, and power grid.

However, I was a little disappointed about some cracks on this Phoeros skateboard when I received it. It was not a big deal and did not negatively affect the skateboard, but these cracks might happen due to the shipment progress.
  • Made of quality Canadian maple wood to support weight go up to 330 pounds
  • Comes in reliable grips on the deck
  • Safe and durable ABEC-11 bearing
  • 70mm x 51mm Pu wheels for rebound
  • Available in modern designs: color diamond, green diamond, PP, and power grid
  • Possible cracks on the product upon shipment
For any fan of modern geometric designs, then this board is a viable option. As for performance, we can enjoy flawless and stable rides with the Phoeros longboards.

9. Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Longboard

Anyone up for a modern design with a cool hue should check out this Sector 9 next longboard. Aside from its cool graphic, it also features its 36-inch deck, spacious enough to do downhill skating and longboard pumping.

As for its other parts, it sports Gullwing Sidewinder trucks. This material makes turning and wrapping around corners a piece of cake. Moreover, it has Vector 9 Abec 5 Bearings and 69MM 80A 9-Balls wheels. This overall contributes to the skateboard’s superb performance.

The response of the turns is surprisingly fast. It’s also easy to stroll around on roads with big turns, making you feel like surfing on solid concrete.

For longboard pumping, I can say that it’s doable. It also delivers well for this purpose. The grips are solid, and it helps me make small turns and sway easily. I can also keep my gravity efficiently using this longboard. Additionally, the sidewinders enable me to stroll around the block with no problem.

As for flexibility, it’s promising. Going over bumps is a breeze. It’s fun cruising using this longboard with the great amount of flex it delivers. No doubt its quality is unparalleled.

The only thing I didn’t like about this board is that it chips after constant and multiple uses. Hence, much TLC is needed to maintain this board’s great aesthetic design. But despite that, the board itself is sturdy and can support heavyweights.
  • Has Gullwing Sidewinder trucks
  • Has a cool modern-designed graphic
  • Comes with Vector 9 Abec 5 Bearings
  • 69mm 80A 9-Balls enable better grip
  • Fast turnsn and responsivness
  • Solid grips for better control on the board
  • Desirable flexibility for cruising
  • The paint on the board chips over time
Overall, the Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Longboard is easy to use and an excellent value for money. Each of its features contributes to delivering its smooth performance.

10. Loaded Boards Bamboo Longboard

Next is one of the best longboard for pumping from Loaded Boards. Just looking at this longboard makes you think of “top-quality.” The board is made of durable wood and features an elegant, sleek graphic.

Like the brand’s other variants, this board is also versatile. So, we can use it for longboard pumping, freestyle, carving, and commuting. The drop-down design makes this longboard more stable and easy to maneuver.

I had no problems controlling this skateboard. It’s easy to push and find my center of gravity, especially when I’m up for an extended cruise. Plus, this longboard’s flexibility is no joke. The bamboo material made it very flexible, durable, and easy to control.

The board is made from fiberglass and bamboo. Both these materials enable this skateboard to be lightweight. But despite that, you can ensure that it’s sturdy and can support almost any weight. Additionally, Loaded Boards designed this longboard with a distinct snowboard-like build.

In addition, this longboard sports a Paris 180-mm truck which is matte black paired with premium Orangatang 70mm wheels. Both provide an ideal balance and fast-turning responses —which is ideal for longboard pumping!

Coming along with the perfect features above is the pretty high price, which may confuse buyers. However, this bamboo longboard is promised to satisfy owners, despite its worth.
  • Bamboo material adds flexibility
  • Made of durable and lightweight bamboo and fiberglass
  • Comes with quality Orangatang 70mm wheels
  • Has a Paris 180mm matte black trucks
  • Stable and easy to control
  • Available at a high price
Loaded Longboards never fail to give high-quality products. It’s easy to control, comes in a sleek and elegant design, and is a perfect companion for beginners.

What to Look for When Buying a Longboard for Pumping


Before you start longboard pumping, you need to choose the best pumping longboard setup to gain results according to your liking. To achieve this, you need to take note of the following:

Deck: A higher deck means that riding your board is hard to push or brake, while a lower deck means a more stable ride. Aside from the height, the length of the board must also be considered.

A shorter length means a more unstable board, challenging your control and resulting in loss of balance during longboarding. In addition, the board you’re using must be suitable for pumping.

There are many longboards out there, but each is built for a particular purpose. Nevertheless, choose a board that lets you meet your objectives to ride your longboard well.

Deck flex: Deck flexibility is vital as it helps absorb the feel of going through rough terrain. For pumping, it’s ideal for getting a board designed to ride close to the ground. This enables you to balance easily and push smoothly when adjusting your center of gravity.

Deck style: Deck style has two types: the top mount deck and the drop-through deck. The top mount decks are when the trucks are attached to the bottom of the deck. This type gives more grip when speeding and is often used by professionals. On the other hand, drop-through decks sit lower to the ground, enabling a more stable center of gravity, resulting in better stability.

Trucks: You need to pick the right truck to enable more chances of pumping. Here we have three things to look at.

First, the kingpin position: Most boards have reverse kingpins, and these types are better for pumping because it offers better stability. However, reverse kingpins are also versatile for use, so if you’re not in the mood for pumping, just simply riding it for fun is also doable.

Second, the correct size for the hangers: To get the right size for the hanger, just match it with the board’s width.

Lastly, the nut adjustment: Tighter trucks offer stability, but this setup makes it harder to make turns. In addition, beginners usually start using tight adjustments but will gradually loosen it as they get used to longboarding.

For pumping, it’s ideal to have the nuts not too tight, and it should have a bit of resistance in both directions.

Bushings: Getting the correct bushings depends on what you need to accomplish for your board. A cone-shaped one gives easier turning but is unstable at high speed. While a cone-and-barrel shape is unstable, it provides easier turns.

Bearings: The material used in creating the bearing has its pros and cons. For instance, standard wheels that come with your longboard are maintained by cleaning and adding some lube. On the other hand, a frictionless ceramic wheel needs less maintenance but is more expensive.

Wheels: These come in direct contact with the ground. Hence, it’s a factor that you need to take note of. Wheels should offer grip, and this can be achieved by choosing softer wheels. But not too soft, as these will slow you down. Taller wheels also cover more ground and enable you to gain more speed.

Can You Pump a Longboard


Yes. As long as your longboard is set up for pumping. Shorter boards are better, but it’s unstable. So go for a long distance pumping longboard that works for you.

How to Push Better on a Longboard

To push better on a longboard, you need lots of practice. Make sure to move your center of gravity on your front foot. Then rotate to the side at a 30-45 degree angle. Then push the ground and avoid the back wheels.

Afterward, you put your foot back on deck and reposition your stance to what’s comfortable for you. You can start with small pushes and as you get more comfortable, you can practice with a larger push-off.


In conclusion, providing a longboard with a suitable setup is essential to deliver desirable results. Choosing a longboard that works for you may be challenging because of the plethora of available products in the market.

Ưhen you search for a longboard for pumping you will probably also be interested in a longboard under 100 or a longboard that can double drop. 

Regardless of what board you choose, I hope this article about the best longboard for pumping helps you decide.

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