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The Best Longboards for Tricks Will Make You Pro Skateboarder

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

best longboard for tricks

Whether you are a beginning rider or an experienced boarder, we all desire the best longboard to learn more advanced abilities like freestyle tricks. A vast variety of board sizes, forms, weights, materials, and so on are available for longboards. Thus, choosing the best longboard for tricks is quite the task.

A longboard is preferred by many individuals due to its length, which increases the turning radius and makes the board more stable at a high speed. You should look for factors like the following when searching for a longboard:

  • The deck’s vertical clearance: This has a significant impact on how steady the board is, how easy it is to bring to a stop by using the foot brake, and how effortless it is to push on smooth terrain. In general, the closer the board is to the ground, the easier it is to do short carves.
  • Longboard trucks: Trucks with reverse kingpins suit most skating styles. Traditional kingpin trucks, on the other hand, work best for downhill riding and performing tricks.
  • Wheels: When it comes to your longboard, wheels have a massive effect on how it performs since they help to create traction, which influences how fast and how well the board turns. Several distinct elements govern wheel performance. Softer wheels withstand impact well, and for high traction, larger wheels are terrific.

Are you looking for a longboard that will make your skating experience more interesting? Our trick longboards guide will give you an idea on choosing the best, answer some common inquiries, and help you find the new longboard you have always craved. Meanwhile, here is the list of our top longboard choices:


Top 1

Slendor Drop Longboard

– ABEC 9 bearings

– Shock-absorbing ring 

– Nice-looking

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Top 2

Magneto Bamboo Longboard

– Double kicktails 

– Durable, smooth 78A wheels

– Flexible and durable

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Top 3

Atom All Terrain Longboard

– Suits different terrains

– Made of maple

– ABEC 9 certified bearings

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Best Longboard for Tricks Reviews

1. Slendor Drop Through Longboard

It is simple to recognize Slendor’s high quality simply by holding it in our hand. The solidity of the longboard is impossible to overlook, and the exceptional quality of the woodwork is unmistakable. This plank is quite solid, and users will have no fear of it crumbling under their weight.

Additionally, the trucks can support the load, and I appreciate how effortless and simple it is to ride the skateboard. I should mention that I adore the graphics on the backside of this panel. Buyers’ expectations will be surpassed with regard to quality and value, especially when considering the cost of the board.

I would certainly advise riders to get this complete cruiser board as it is reasonably priced and built solidly. The Slendor longboard is strong and reliable for building novices’ confidence. Lying low to the ground, yet not scraping the obstacles, it is equipped with a drop through style.

Built with stability in mind, this option is created by combining the camber concave design with the PU impact-absorbing ring. Additionally, the hardwood maple structure is resistant to shock, yet does not provide difficulty for riders while racing.

I love the PU wheels, which help handle rough terrain better. I like this feature since it makes the drop through board excellent for most riders of any age, as it helps provide something to ride on and can take a beating.

Also, the ABEC 9 certified bearings ensure users get a silky-smooth ride. As for negatives, the trucks needed to be tightened to prevent me from slipping off when moving.
  • Excellent woodwork quality with maple
  • Nice-looking and easy to use, especially for novices
  • Cost-effective option for longboard enthusiasts
  • Camber concave design is combined with a drop-through style
  • Shock-absorbing ring and PU wheels
  • ABEC 9 bearings
  • Trucks need tightening for better control
It hits all the requirements and will give users an enjoyable riding experience. The Slendor drop through longboard gets two thumbs up from me.

2. Magneto Bamboo Longboard

A first-class board made of a bamboo wooden deck, built particularly for dancing and various tricks, this Magneto is 46 inches long and 9 inches wide. The bamboo wood has three layers, giving the board deck a great degree of leeway while also strengthening and increasing the deck’s longevity.

This longboard has two kicktails for maneuvers like freestyle tricks and shoves, and it has a slight curve that gives the board a dynamic feel when skating. It is an excellent dancing and cruising platform because of its slight concave.

The board has top mounted aluminum trucks. With the hanger measuring at seven inches, a kingpin angled at fifty degrees, and higher rebounding bushings, the trucks are made to increase steadiness.

The wheels, with a durability of 78A, indicate that the panel is built with dancing in mind. A comfortable ride may be obtained on most surfaces with these smooth tires. This board is very impressive. When the skateboard trucks are adjusted, it cuts as a delight with smooth rides.

It has exactly the proper amount of flexibility while remaining a quite stable board. It can accommodate my brother’s weight of over 200 pounds without issue, and when he leans far in a turn, the board provides the perfect amount of input. He also has no problem with his above-average-sized feet at size 13.

With that said, Magneto has a minor issue. Carrying the board is a little more difficult than carrying a regular skateboard because it is somewhat larger and lengthier.
  • For dancing, cruising, and other tricks
  • Flexible, stable, and durable
  • Double kicktails for better stunt performances
  • Durable, smooth 78A wheels
  • Accommodates users of over 200 pounds and with larger feet
  • The longboard is considerably heavier and longer than most units
I have seen many beautiful longboards throughout the years, but in my opinion, the Magneto is one of the best longboard choices any rider can make.

3. Atom All Terrain Longboard

The Atom All-Terrain is the ultimate longboard for rough terrains, claimed by most riders to be stable. The sensitive flexing of the longboard deck allows for a smooth ride over cracks.

For a longboard to perform different tricks well in different terrains, the wheels are quite important. Because of this, Atom decided to give it its finest parts with the high-quality urethane MBS wheels measuring 100 millimeters. They designed and built tires with an ultra-high rebound. Thus, riders will get the ideal blend of excellent on-road performance and great off-road grip.

I have a better sense of control and security over this board with the off-road grip tape, too. Stability is extremely crucial to the best longboards for tricks, which is why the deck is made with a low gravity center.

Another reason this All-Terrain Longboard is so robust is that it is built of hardwood maple. Atom uses ABEC 9 bearings to preserve the quality of its boards. A rubberized shield provides additional cover and safeguard for these bearings.

It appears to be a good deck to me. As you might expect, the length of the board makes it significantly slower than one with racing wheels. And to manage momentum on the slopes, I had to loosen the trucks.
  • Suits different terrains
  • Sensitive flexing to allow for a wobble free ride
  • MBS wheels have high rebound and measure at 100 millimeters
  • More stability is ensured with off-road grip tape and a low gravity center
  • Made of maple
  • ABEC 9 certified bearings with a rubberized shield
  • Slower than boards with racing wheels
  • The trucks may need adjusting
Everyone who desires to catch a ride with the best longboard for tricks and also use it as a commuting vehicle will love this product.

4. Volador 46” Maple Dancing Longboard

This longboard incorporates the greatest longboard engineering technology from Volador. This board guarantees any user a smooth and enjoyable ride. The physical performance, flexibility, and shock absorption are superb in this construction. For many longboard users, this pure maple deck is more than adequate.

The Volador’s trick longboard deck length is 46-inches, and the wheelbase is 37-inches; this is a roomy board because of that. Also, the board is 10 inches wide, providing enough space for size 12 male shoes.

Because of all this, one may simply perform any kind of long board tricks or turns and take pleasure in the board’s amazing agility. This board has customizable components, namely, the aluminum 7-inch reversed kingpins. These may be adjusted to meet a freestyle riding style and personal demands.

The wheels are measured 78A on the durometer, fit for handling obstacles. These wheels have Polyurethane material with high-quality ABEC 9 bearings. These bearings make the board glide smoothly.

Unfortunately, I am not the biggest fan of its grip tape design, since it’s a little weak. I changed this component after purchase, though I understand how frugal users might not want to spend extra on this.
  • Flexible and shock-absorbing, gives smooth and enjoyable rides
  • Large deck length at 46 inches and wider than average width at 10 inches
  • Aluminum reversed kingpin trucks are customizable for comfortable riding
  • PU 78A wheels can handle multiple obstacles
  • Precision bearings are rated ABEC 9
  • Weak grip tape
The Volador Maple longboard is something I would recommend as a gift or as a dancing tricks longboard to do some of the best longboard tricks. It is great for beginners, as well.

5. Phoeros 41” Longboard

My niece fell in love at first sight with the visuals of this Phoeros longboard. It will be a fantastic present to bring a smile to the faces of friends and family members. At its price range, we assumed it was a board of inferior quality. However, that is not the case for Phoeros.

It is made of 8 layers of top-quality Canadian Maple that has been built to provide durability. Anti-slip grip tape is applied to the longboard deck to give youngsters a secure place to begin longboarding.

This is not your average deck, as the board features a 41-inch-long and a 9.5-inch-wide deck. The 550-pound weight capability allows virtually everyone to use this item. That said, the board is rather heavy.

Also, the 70 x 51 mm PU wheels of the Phoeros Longboard are really tough. To provide a secure and comfortable ride, the wheels are fit together using high speed bearings. For users to appear nice when freestyle riding around town, the wheels are vivid and energetic.

Aluminum trucks are combined with a high-rebound PU system, giving safety to users. This trucking company focuses on providing a very pleasant ride while making it easy for longboard users to turn.

Additionally, the longboard features a few fantastic-looking patterns, which increase its allure. However, on a couple of my friends’ boards, the paint job seems to chip quite fast under heavy use.
  • Attractive designs at an affordable price
  • Made of 8-ply Canadian Maple wood with anti-slip grip tape
  • Amazing maximum load of 550 pounds
  • Tough polyurethane wheels with high-speed, nice-looking bearings
  • High-rebound PU system with aluminum trucks
  • Easy to turn
  • A little heavy
  • Paint design wears faster than other trick longboard decks
In short, the Phoeros is a fun platform appreciated by kids and adults alike. It will surely offer an extremely pleasant ride and is a contender for the best longboard and cruiser board out there.

6. Landyachtz Stratus Watercolor Longboard

The Stratus 46 is a dancing-focused board. At a length of 45.5 inches and a width of 9.25 inches, this skateboard provides room for all the rapid feet movement. Designed with medium flexibility and a lot of energy output, it also gives you confidence while landing the best freestyle longboard tricks.

The latest generation of trucks on this longboard was completely redesigned; therefore, the wheel form has been changed somewhat to better fit them. The Stratus rolls on Fatty Hawgs wheels with a diameter of 63mm to keep the entire light-duty vehicle rolling smoothly without causing wheel bite.

Because it is on the lighter end of the scale, the Landyachtz Stratus has a soft feel and is very simple to move around. It is also conducive to flips because of this. There are a lot of skaters who execute brutal stunts and utilize the skateboard for complex foot movements.

Stratus is particularly well-suited for dancing and carving because of its lightweight construction and topmount trucks. I’ve had this board for a month, and it has handled my body weight of 200 pounds with no problem.

On the downside, the Stratus is not the best choice for riding on hills. But as someone who only skates in the city, I’m not too bothered.
  • Plenty of room for feet movement at 45.5 by 9.25 inches
  • Substantial energy output and flexibility
  • Fatty Hawgs wheels provide smooth rolling
  • Soft and easy to move
  • Relatively light longboard with topmount trucks
  • Suited for heavy riders
  • Not the best for hills
The Landyachtz Stratus’ remarkable level of lightness has established it as one of the most agile dancers in the world of skating. It is well known for its cool design and impressive flexibility.

7. Phoeros 41” Carving Longboard

For those who want glowing skateboard wheels, this model from Phoeros is worth checking out. The board boasts a stunning deck design, which has heat-transferred printing. An additional layer of weatherproof emery paper is used on the surface of the deck to improve our protection.

Thick painted trucks are used in this version of Phoeros longboard. For a more comfortable and safer ride, the trucks feature a higher rebound.

One would crave to skate every day because of the design of this board. In addition, the wheels of this vehicle allow users to cruise with ease. Better stability and safety are provided by the 8-ply hardwood maple from Canada. Both feet are secured when taking it on smooth rides around the neighborhood.

The board is well-balanced and suitable for those just starting. For everyone who has a child who is crazy about skating, this is the skateboard to get. Even for children, the durable deck surface is non-slip.

However, I was a bit unhappy with some cracking on this Phoeros board I received. Fortunately, these fractures were only incidental and did not harm the skateboard. If this does happen, calling customer service should not be too difficult.
  • Amazing illuminating wheels and sturdy, non-slip deck
  • 8-ply Canadian maple deck design with heat transfer prints
  • Weatherproof paper is applied on the surface
  • Thick painted trucks with high rebound
  • Made for cruising
  • Well-balanced board makes it easy to use, even for kids
  • Possible cracking may appear during shipping
Although my experience may be an isolated case, this product is still an amazing purchase for its value. One can surely enjoy a great time with this good longboard.

8. Arbor 41” Catalyst Flagship Longboard

When I saw the Arbor Catalyst, I was immediately drawn to its splendor. The Arbor heritage is reflected in this board, which was crafted from premium hardwood. It is built to serve as an all-in-one option. It has a fantastic configuration that allows boarders to do some freeriding, or get their heart pumping while going down slopes.

Catalyst’s success lies in its ability to serve various needs. The board’s concave curvature is adequate to bring the board’s center of gravity closer to the ground. Because of how nicely the board is built, it is a breeze to power slide. Thanks to the grippy 78A wheels, ABEC 7 bearings, and smooth-turning trucks, the board is simple to do freestyle tricks on.

The operator is going to need little effort to push the longboard as it is close to the road. This well-designed board is made for everyone from beginners to experts.

The Catalyst can help grow your experiences in longboarding. This is due to the design being simple enough for new or intermediate riders to utilize, yet sophisticated enough to keep board growth proportional to your exceptional skills.

When I tried out this longboard, it was absolutely fantastic. One thing, though, I had to tighten the wheels and trucks to get it into the optimal performance that I was looking for in a longboard. Be sure to prepare your tools to set the configuration that you are comfortable with.
  • Premium wood deck that suits numerous styles
  • Concave curvature brings the board closer to the ground
  • Grippy 78A wheels, ABEC 7 bearings, and smooth-turning trucks
  • Excellent for beginners, intermediate, and expert users
  • Might have to tighten wheels and truck
I would definitely recommend this as a beginning longboard for tricks to those who want to do longboard stunts, since it is not too big or too small.

9. Innoweigh Drop Down Longboard

The Innoweigh is a good choice for everyone of any age. It is enjoyable to utilize the board. In the instances that I have been able to go for a ride with the board, it has been a joy to operate. The board has a good-sized platform, has decent stability, and excellent efficiency.

The 8-ply genuine maple in the Innoweigh provides for a durable and strong deck. This board is the most robust I have found, and I appreciate how it does not crack as easily as some longboards do. Even when it interacts with bumps and other impediments, the board is sturdy, and is thus less likely to shatter.

While it is undoubtedly an excellent piece of equipment, its greatest feature is its substantial weight limit of 330 pounds. It is just a great maximum load that will not shatter or bow with huge users. The current performance of Innoweigh is extraordinary, and many longboarders can’t get enough of it.

The low-rise platform allows novice riders to be confident when at a high speed, and it is also ideal for all-around riding. Also, the 3’’ ground clearance means it is quite improbable that the plank will get scraped by the edges or pebbles.

Innoweigh incorporates a 7″ alloy truck with PU-pad, and when these two characteristics are used together, it gives the rider more control. In addition, the wheels are broad, providing a steady ride, even in the bumpiest of terrains.

The only disappointing component was the bearings, so I replaced them. These didn’t spin as well as I liked.
  • Suits any age, novices, and high-speed riding
  • Nice size board with great stability, even on bumpy surfaces
  • 8-ply maple for durability
  • 330-lb weight limit
  • 3’’ ground clearance is enough to avoid contact with obstacles
  • 7’’ alloy truck, PU pad, and broad wheels
  • The bearings could be better
The board is an impressive performer when it comes to riding. By riding on it, one gets a swift and comfortable ride while the wheels reduce the shocks.

10. WHOME Pro Dancing 42” Longboard

This Whome board blends the qualities of dancing and freeriding while also giving people the fun of pulling off various longboard tricks. This is a fantastic piece of equipment to help skaters learn dance steps or to simply have pleasure with their companions.

For further control, the deck is covered in slip-resistant grip tape to assist the feet in maintaining traction. Alpine maple, which can ensure the toughness and longevity of the board, is used to construct this longboard.

Additionally, the 42 by 9 inches design of the skateboard lets me perform various longboarding tricks without difficulty. The wheelbase has been extended to 31 1/2 inches to give additional security and weight capacity. This is a perfect dance board for persons of all sizes, able to hold up to 330 pounds.

The tensile strength is outstanding because of the aluminum alloy truck. Smooth, uninterrupted riding with 80A PU wheels is possible. Precision bearings rated with ABEC 9 keep the longboard rolling smoothly and fast. The WHOME longboard is a good one, particularly with the characteristics we pointed out above.

My only concern about this longboard is the lack of a prominent kicktail. Since this article is focused on the top-rated longboard for tricks, it may be a bit difficult to pull off the stunts without a significant curvature on the tail of the deck. However, it is still a great choice as a first longboard for anybody.
  • For dancing, freeriding, and performing tricks
  • Slip-resistant grip tape is applied to maintain foot grip
  • Deck is made from alpine maple to ensure durability
  • 31 ½ inches wheelbase and a maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds
  • Aluminum alloy trucks are accompanied by 80A polyurethane wheels
  • Precision ABEC 9 bearings
  • Lack of a prominent kicktail for skatepark tricks
It’s hard to find a better longboard than this one. Its components are worth every penny I spent on it.

What to Look for When Buying Longboard for Tricks


Longboarding may be a scary proposition for those who are just getting started. You may feel intimidated when you first begin. Even as a novice, should you even attempt to try longboarding? Definitely!

People are often attracted by the many stunts and tricks that people can do with their boards. To choose your first longboard, you should take a look at the things to consider when getting a board for tricks.

  • Wheels

Longboards with soft wheels have excellent shock resistance, and those with big wheels are suited for cool longboarding tricks because they have excellent stability and grip. Traction wheels such as these are excellent for doing feats on difficult surfaces and pulling off daring exploits. It is also important to remember that longboards have sufficient length and stability guidelines to accommodate balance acrobatics and tricks.

  • The deck’s vertical clearance

This factor influences the stability of the board, how easy it is to stop by using a foot brake, and whether one can push the longboard easily on smooth terrains. Overall, boards which are closer to the ground make short carves less difficult.

  • Longboard trucks

Since you’re looking for longboards to do tricks on, I suggest finding those with traditional kingpin trucks. These are good for freestyling and downhill riding. If you don’t like these, reverse kingpins are also good, as they fit most riding styles and are particularly good for dancing and nose tricks.

In addition, skaters who want to perform tricks like jumps should look into precision trucks and forged trucks. They are preferable to cast trucks for this purpose.

  • Size

Riders into tricks such as tiger claws and shuvits should go for medium longboards (around thirty-four to thirty-eight inches).

For dancing, decks with a larger size are recommended. This is to provide enough room for a cross step.

What Size Longboard Should I Get for Tricks


For a typical board, a deck between 30 to 45 inches is perfect. If you’re just getting started with longboarding, you will find it much more difficult to learn if you go smaller than the average. If the board is too small for your body composition, it may break and will give just a fraction of the flexibility that you are looking for.

It is also easier to do shorter, faster turns on narrower boards, and carve at incredible velocities on lengthier boards. If you do not know what size to purchase, you should opt for one around 38 to 42 inches.

What is the Easiest Longboard Trick

The easiest longboard trick is speed control and pausing.

It is advisable to be well-versed in foot braking and managing your pace so you will not be involved in any accidents. The only resources you have are the board and your feet. When you are riding a longboard, it is referred to as a surfing board on the ground since only you are able to control how fast and how hard you slow down.

To temporarily slow your longboard down, apply pressure with one of your feet on the ground while the board is going. Before you begin preparing exhibits on the board, it is recommended that you have already mastered how to control the board. You can definitely pull it off with the right longboard for tricks.

To help you move more fluidly when riding, you may move your board up and down, shifting its pace to dance along with you while you’re cruising down the track. The balance of your deck should shift as you advance. With this motion, it should keep you from going too fast and eventually losing control.

A novice requires practice for at least a few hours to learn this technique. Riders must become proficient at controlling the board and maneuvering it in order to successfully disperse the braking on all four wheels to regulate the board’s pace. With this, you have already performed one of the easiest freestyle longboard tricks.

Can You Kick-Flip on a Longboard

Kickflip is a common skating technique among longboard users, and nearly everyone can do it. To perform kickflips, make sure your back leg is dangling off the end of the board, with the heel of your front leg pressed against the opposite side and the sole gripping the board’s edge.

Gently crouch down and then leap, either keeping your weight spread equally between both legs or moving more of your weight to your hind leg.

Jump and turn your body at a right angle to land and stand back in your original position. As your front foot rotates and rotates the board, you can capture the board. Your leap should be in the same direction as the longboard spin.

Can You Perform Grinding Tricks on a Longboard

Grinding is a common trick among teenagers, but longboards are not a good choice for this technique. The size and shape of these boards make grinding very difficult and hazardous.


In addition to road and skatepark tricks, you may do techniques that range from freestyle longboard tricks to flatland skills on a bigger or smaller longboard. However, several types of longboards perform better for certain types of tricks. Yes is the answer to the common question, “can you do tricks on a longboard?”

Regardless of whether you are a novice or a skilled rider, we all desire the best longboard for tricks to acquire outstanding skateboarding talents. I hope our review will help you choose your next deck to do insane longboard tricks on!

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