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The Best Longboards Under 100

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

best longboard under 100

For under $100, we can get a top-quality skateboard from any one of several different manufacturers. Of course, like any other product, the better the quality, the more expensive it will be. Longboards for beginners are generally cheap and less expensive, ranging from about $80 to $120.

Conquer hills, cruise through city streets, and carve through the waves with ease when we ride the best longboard under 100 dollars that is durable, safe, and stylish. People may think I spent a ton of cash on my longboard when I didn’t have to shell out much money in reality.


Top 1

 Volador Cruising Longboard

– Made of eight layers of wood 

– Supports nearly 220 pounds

– 70mm 78A Polyurethane wheels

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Top 2

Slendor 42” Deck Longboard

– Big 70-millimeter wheels

– High-quality alloy trucks and metal bolts

– Has an expansive deck measuring 9 inches 

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Top 3

FISH 41” Longboard Cruiser

– Has an OS780 grip tape

– ABEC 9 rated bearings

– Made of durable Canadian maple

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Best Longboard Under 100 Reviews

1. Volador 42” Cruising Longboard

This drop-through deck provides ultra-flex and impact absorption. It is made of 8-ply maple & epoxy solution to create organic hard rock maple. This produces maple products that are better for the ecosystem and encourage more excitement.

In addition, the kingpin trucks made of aluminum can be adjusted to a range of 45 to 50 degrees, which makes them perfect for tight maneuvering. Designed for long-term performance, the78 A polyurethane wheels operate with ABEC 9 precise bearings for worry-free and pleasant riding.

It is designed by internationally recognized designers. And some of the designs resemble old, while others have innovative aesthetics.

Additionally, this board has enough flex to keep my 220-pound brother on it. However, it is scarcely apparent after being used a few times. This ride is terrific because of the soft suspension and massive wheels. This tool does not skimp on fractures, pebbles, and gravel and picks those complex elements off without reservation.

Besides, the board is lighter than I had ever expected, considering its size. Even if this had straps attached, we wouldn’t recommend putting it in a bag since this item cannot hold up on its own. The lightness of this board allows it to be easily carried one-handed.

As soon as I started to exert pressure, the deck pitched severely, making it necessary to make the trucks more secure to protect myself from sliding off. So, as it turns well, I need to tighten the trucks frequently to stay on well.
  • Made of eight layers of wood & epoxy solution to create organic hard rock maple.
  • Aluminum reverse kingpin trucks can be adjusted to perform better maneuvers
  • 70mm 78A Polyurethane wheels operate with ABEC 9 precise bearings
  • Supports nearly 220 pounds, stable on fractures, pebbles, and gravel, …
  • Lightweight board for its long size
  • Trucks require tightening after some time
This has an extremely great value for those who want to start with a budget of hundred dollars. I know I did not regret buying this as one of the complete longboards under 100 dollars!

2. Slendor 42” Drop-through Deck Longboard

The longboard from Slendor is an excellent alternative for people who desire a broader carving circle but still want the drop-through features. These drop-through longboards are amazing all-around boards due to their low deck height for easy pushing.

Let’s face it, sliding down hills sucks. The faster we go, the harder we fall. With a board like this, I can hit speeds of 20 miles per hour if I want and still come out with all my bones intact. This is a magnificent drop-through longboard for downhill riding, but it is also pretty easy to push, making it an ideal choice for long-distance riding or simply having fun around the neighborhood.

Another thing is that this particular board has a deck of 9 inches for blasting around the corners and 70mm Polyurethane wheels for a luxury, super-smooth ride. Everything is manufactured using metal bolts, ABEC 11 steel bearings, and polyurethane wheels.

Additionally, the colors complement the aesthetic of the longboard. We have various unqique patterns to choose from with skulls, flowers, and even outer space designs.

One thing I did not appreciate as much is that the longboard has a high degree of tilting, so beginners should watch out from falling if they don’t know how to control a longboard yet. Tightening or replacing the trucks can help ease the level of tilting.
  • Has an expansive deck measuring 9 inches for easy pushing
  • Big 70-millimeter wheels are made of high rebound polyurethane
  • Manufactured with high-quality alloy trucks and metal bolts, and ABEC 11 bearings
  • Complementary color scheme to match the overall design
  • High level of tilting for beginners
Whether I was weaving between or around other obstacles, this little carver is certain to assist. I certainly felt the breeze while using this inexpensive board.

3. FISH 41” Down-hill Longboard Cruiser

This FISH longboard is built for speed. The board’s unusual design provides extra balance and more pushing force while carving without the risk of wheel bite. I find it so comfortable and versatile to use.

This board is excellent for beginners who are starting to learn to balance and for professionals who want a lightweight and cool ride through the road. It only took me about 5 minutes to get the hang of using this longboard. I gave this as a gift to my nephew, who was a rookie in the scene. He got comfortable in no time!

I like this because, with its 7-inch Destructo aluminum trucks, the trucks are fluid and responsive. Furthermore, its bearings are ABEC 9 rated for less forcing and a more robust roll.

It has an abrasive OS780 grip tape that enhances overall balance and stability during the ride. In addition, it is crafted from maple from Canada, ensuring a solid and long-lasting skateboarding time.

However, for those who plan to take this to the extreme, it has a significantly more prominent case of wheel biting. Therefore, I suggest keeping this as a casual board. It’s not a big deal considering its inexpensive pricing.
  • Great gift for any skateboarders of any age or level
  • Fluid and responsive 7 inches of Destructo aluminum trucks
  • ABEC 9 rated bearings for a more powerful roll
  • Has an OS780 grip tape to improve total stability
  • Made of durable Canadian maple
  • Significant wheel biting
This board is perfect for beginners, especially. I’m pretty happy with the way it rides, and I like the style. So, I highly suggest it for someone wanting to buy their first longboard and who is a starting rider.

4. Retrospec Rift Drop Through Longboard

The Retrospec longboard comes with a sophisticated design that will definitely appeal to stylish skateboarders.

The original throwback surf-style longboard with which commuters, cruisers, carvers, and downhill riders can get around town. Rift delivers the required speed and stability to descend challenging hills, as well as the ability to turn instantly.

Skateboarders should skate with 80AB grip tape, a completely coated deck, and sturdy 70x51mm 78 polyurethane wheels. Having drop-through trucks, the board is 41″ long and 9.5″ wide.

I can take charge of my ride with the 180 millimeters of kingpin trucks. The ABEC 7 precision bearings are perfect for all my adventurous endeavors, ready to handle whatever I throw at it.

Plus, I don’t think the deck will ever break since it is built solid and of outstanding quality. The deck is radially concave, with foot positioning that is quite pleasant. There is no inclination in the deck, which is nice for novices. It seems like the design is seamlessly integrated into the wood, making it visually stunning.

However, the plastic did go under the trucks when I got it, so I had to take the trucks off to get it out. This isn’t too bad, though, especially since I had a toolset for boards. It’s a good opportunity to learn about the hardware of the board, too. I just had to make sure not to lose the nuts and washers.
  • Surf-style and sophisticated longboard design goes seamlessly
  • 41 inches by 9.5 inches of the deck is coated with 80AB grip tape
  • Kingpin trucks measure 180 millimeters
  • Standardized ABEC 7 bearings
  • No inclination on the deck, great for beginners
  • Plastic goes under the trucks, requires tools to remove
The disadvantage of this product is simple nitpicking. I had a lot of fun when using this longboard, and it did not break my wallet buying the thing!

5. Hawkeye 41” 8-Ply Free Ride Longboard

I’m genuinely fond of this board. I’ve found several other grip tapes to be of bad quality. It’s better than I had hoped and for the cost, it’s incredible. A tiny skate tool is included as well, which was a welcome experience.

This 41 by 9-inch maple board consisting of eight layers is excellent for both novice and professional skaters practicing cool shortcuts. This high-density wood delivers a firm grip for skating and supports users weighing up to 330 pounds.

The board was in perfect condition, with no signs of damage or scratches. There was no trouble, just the bolts that were beneath the plastic that had to be removed.

Plus, I can ride it down a hill, over a curb, on the street, or on the skatepark. It’s perfect for beginners and intermediate alike. One thing that makes this board special is the concave within the shape which not only maximizes my feet’s leverage but holds its own through the roughest of rides.

With these 70mm wide HR82A shock-resistant Polyurethane wheels, which are smoothly profiled with clean ABEC 7 steel bearings, a problem-free adventure is guaranteed. The board is constructed using durable, dependable, and solid alloy trucks and steel axles, keeping them safe for novice and experienced skaters.

One thing, though, the wheels began to tarnish, and the design peeled off quite early on. This appears to show extensive wear. The good thing is that its functionality is as good as it is on the first day of use.
  • Firm grip tape installed on the board
  • Deck measures 41 by 9 inches for spacious feet placement
  • Longboard can withstand up to 330 pounds of weight
  • 70mm wide HR82A shock-resistant Polyurethane wheels
  • ABEC 7 steel bearings
  • Wheel and design degradation happens sooner than expected
I would instead focus on functionality over design. I could also lend this to other family members, considering it can carry more weight than different longboards for sale under 100 dollars. It’s a huge thumbs up for me!

6. WiiSHAM Longboards 42” Pro Longboard

The WiiSHAM Longboards is a new modernized design of the original classic longboard. Solid construction from hard rock maple, top quality materials, and components, and built with skateboarders in mind.

The board is entirely symmetrical and ensures that the front truck is mounted lower to compensate for this. This allows me to carry my board easily in my arms with ease.

If I know someone who is just on the edge of starting out longboarding, then this board is the right one for them. Forty-two inches is the best size longboard skateboard for beginners because it will give them some time to acclimate to skateboarding.

Also, the deck has a drop-through shape, making it easier for first-timers to balance and push along on. The size of the board also means that kids, teens, and adults can enjoy skateboarding with their friends outside or inside.

Along with that, the deck is 42 x 9.5 inches, in which there are nine stacks of Canadian maple—supported by an aluminum alloy stent. Wheels with 83A hardness are measured at 70 by 52 millimeters. Bearings are rated with ABEC 9 with anti-resistant lubricant.

I purchased this skateboard around a few months ago, and the board is starting to show indications of significant wear. This tire is used only for cruising to and from work. Despite all that, this board isn’t horrible for the price, but I’ll probably have to get a new one soon.
  • Constructed from 9 plies of Canadian maple
  • Large and symmetrical deck measuring at 42 by 9 & ½ inches
  • Large wheels with a measurement of 70 by 52 millimeters and hardness of 83A
  • ABEC 9 certified wheels with anti-friction lubrication
  • Great size for people of all ages
  • Board shows wear & tear with more time and frequency passing by
I believe that this board is the perfect drop through longboards under 100 dollars for any casual user because it is cheaper than others but still has great quality and durability.

7. Minority Maple Drop Trough Longboard 40”

This is an excellent starter cruiser board with an attractive look and is equipped with excellent bearings. Furthermore, the 40-inch longboard is constructed using drop-through construction.

Its low center of gravity makes it ideal for any brisk expedition. Also, stability was aided with an 8-ply maple deck, a 37-inch wheelbase, and a spacious 10-inch-wide deck.

Pushing is effortless due to the boat’s low profile. I used to feel that longboards under $100 were not easy to manage due to their enormous size and wheelbase. Riding this longboard takes less technical ability than riding a short skateboard or a standard skateboard, making it an excellent choice for first-time riders. It boasts a deep depression and mellow radial tip that turns effortlessly in tight areas.

Since this is an entry-level board, it is not recommended for riders weighing more than 200 pounds, as the deck may deform and the product’s total lifespan may be severely reduced.

In general, this appears to be a decent drop board in terms of value for money. Additionally, it is readily installed for individuals who do not like to get too hands-on with their boards. It is quite affordable since it is made offshore.
  • Low center of gravity makes it great for expeditions
  • The 8-ply maple deck has a 10-inch width
  • Ample wheelbase measuring at 37 inches
  • Inexpensive due to overseas production
  • Curved design meant for better turning and carving
  • Readily assembled upon purchase
  • Not recommended for users over 200 pounds.
All in all, I adore this striking and affordable skateboard that allows me to have a good time with my children. For anyone who wants to buy a gift for their teenage child, this one is an ideal pick.

8. PINESKY 41” 8-Layer Natural Maple Longboard

There is important information about these 41 x 9.5-inch 8-ply natural maple longboard skateboards from PINESKY.

First, the packaging claims to have ABEC 11 high-speed chrome steel bearings, as well as an 8-inch aluminum truck. It also comes with 70x51mm High-elastic Polyurethane (HEPU) wheels with 80A hardness.

Furthermore, I’ve enjoyed learning how to ride this longboard. The board offers a sturdy ride every time, and I never thought that I would tumble when I go over cracks. The board is robust, and the wheels ride easily. In addition, the pattern and colors look fantastic.

Asides from those features, there is also an installed Polyurethane shock-absorbing ring. With the adequate shock absorption, I noticed the additional comfort that it brings to my skating experience. Also, it has comfortable riding and zooming, smooth turning. It has an excellent design and fine workmanship.

Additionally, this longboard has low-to-ground wheels that are easy to master for beginners, making it great for commuting long-distance riding, downhill, hacking, and other freestyle methods. A fantastic present is this longboard that is good for me, friends, and family interested in riding a skateboard.

However, I do have to point out that the rating of ABEC 11 does not exist officially, so there is no telling what the actual rating of the bearings is.
  • Use of natural maple wood for the deck of 41 by 9.5 inches
  • Truck is made of 8 inches of aluminum
  • High-elastic polyurethane wheels are rated with 80A hardness
  • Added comfort thanks to the shock-absorbing ring
  • Excellent riding and turning for beginners
  • Questionable rating scheme with the unofficial ABEC 11
Despite some accuracy issues in information, this board is still impressive for what I can do with it. It always works like a charm!

9. M Merkapa 41” Drop Through Longboard Cruiser

The M Merkapa brings a sense of playfulness and ease to longboarding. Lightweight and made from high-quality maple hardwood, the board is easy to carry – making it the perfect board for traveling to my friends.

The drop-through design makes pushing or commuting a breeze, while the brushed aluminum trucks allow me to carve on any surface and achieve the perfect turn.

Nothing beats touring the streets with my buddies. With this Merkapa board, I could get more friends to join the longboarding community since it was beautifully designed and perfectly functional!

Why is this perfect for my friends? This skateboard comes fully assembled and is ready to hit the streets right out of the box. This artisan longboard is constructed of 8-ply natural hard rock maple and designed with a vintage aesthetic. It is intended to provide riders with a broader, more secure stance while cruising, carving, or descending.

Even if my buddies were just starting out, the 70-millimeter polyurethane wheels designed for cruising, hills, and rough terrain would provide stability and more even weight distribution on the deck.

At the same time, the aluminum drop-through trucks equipped with precision ABEC 9 stainless steel bearings enable easy maneuverability and turning. This skateboard measures 41 by 9 inches. It is ideal for riding the streets, parks, or any terrain.

When I got mine and another friend’s board, I noticed that the wheels did not turn well out of the box. However, a simple solution of fixing and adjusting did the trick, so it’s not a major problem.
  • Lightweight board is created with quality materials
  • Deck is made from 8 layers of natural hard rock maple
  • Classic and timeless design cues
  • Aluminum drop-through trucks are paired with ABEC 9 bearings
  • 70-millimeter polyurethane wheels for cruising, hills, and rough terrain
  • Wheels may need initial adjusting when first getting the board
As proof with my friends, this is a beautiful board, to begin with. The deck is quite sturdy and looks terrific.

10. OUDEW 8-Ply Canadian Drop Through Longboard

My nephew has started to take a liking to boards and wants a longboard. Therefore, I chose to purchase a skateboard as part of his graduation gift. Longboard completes under 100 dollars are suitable for beginners; however, after performing a study, it is the optimal starting board.

At first glance, my nephew fell for this one’s gorgeous and vivid design, as I get him the Deep sea pattern. Other than that one, the brand offers five more unique patterns that appeal to skateboarders of different ages and genders.

Just like their name indicates, longboards measure more in length and give greater security when cruising. Because of this, longboards are created for adventurous rides and are built to manage to turn easily at fast velocities. This board’s size is computed at 41 by 9 & 1/2 inches.

Speaking of its deck, it comprises dense maple consisting of eight layers. It delivers a stable experience for starting riders. The fine-grained material surface gave a superior grip and prevented me from slipping when skating. It comes ready to use when it arrived on my doorstep!

I believe the bearings can be improved since the board does not ride as smoothly as expected. It’s also rather hefty in comparison to some other longboards for beginners, which makes learning stunts much more difficult.
  • Available in six unique and vivid patterns
  • Smooth turning and cruising capabilities
  • Sturdy 41 by 9.5-inch deck made of 8-ply Canadian maple
  • Grip tape is secured through the fine-grained material surface
  • Board is pre-assembled and ready to use upon order
  • Board has considerable weight compared to other options
Overall, this longboard is adequate for the purposes I am using, but I will undoubtedly upgrade if I decide to pursue longboarding more seriously.

11. AODI 46-inch Canadian Wood Concave Longboard

These boards from AODI are designed for any rough terrain, including asphalt, asphalt, concrete, short grass, dirt, and unstable conditions. They are suitable for adults, as well as girls and boys . One of the biggest at 46 inches, the huge deck area enables a more even distribution of load.

They’re ideal for strolling along the neighborhood without sacrificing speed. They are a joy to use and are simple to push. It features a profile of some level of concave to provide excellent control over the ride. An anti-slipping surface is installed to protect users from doing incredible tricks.

I don’t see this every day! It has 4 LED-illuminated wheels. It will definitely turn some heads during the night. Without any use of external sources, rotational power is used to generate electricity.

I anticipated the wheels would have some problems because of the lighting, but they ran remarkably pleasantly. Our bearings are ABEC 7 rated that are discreet and solid against heavy tearing.

After using it, I was the most extraordinary person around! Although when I lent this to my niece, she said it was heavy for her to carry around. I may be OK with the board, but do consider that this is not the lightest one available. Still, it was worth having all the time.
  • Suitable for all ages, genders, and normal terrain conditions
  • One of the biggest-sized decks available at 46 inches
  • Concave design meant to give extra control over the adventure
  • Wheels are engaged with 4 LEDs to show presence in dark light
  • ABEC 7 rated bearings for a smooth riding
  • Not ultra-lightweight, especially for light people
Overall, this cool-looking skateboard is a perfect present for teenagers as they take up skateboarding as their new hobby.

12. Gonex 42” Drop Through Longboard

A 9-ply hard maple is compressed into a concave board with extraordinary physical properties such as extreme flexibility, impact absorption, and unmatched durability. Furthermore, such constructions give exceptional stability and control. And we can find all those excellent functions in this longboard from Gonex.

The longboard can accommodate riders weighing up to 330 pounds, making it an excellent choice for many riders.

Even better, the grip tape is made of high-quality abrasive fabric, and this abrasive cloth is water-resistant and slide-proof. Longboarding is an exciting and entertaining way to keep fit! With a nice longboard, I burned a lot of calories while having a wonderful time with my friends.

The dependable trucks of 7-inch aluminum alloy trucks cleared an endurance test. The ABEC 7 super-fast metal bearings ensure a secure and forceful grip when skating. I adore the trucks and wheels that come with the Gonex, particularly the wider 70-millimeter PU wheels that grip the road nicely and slide effortlessly over any pebbles.

When I first got mine, I noticed that the paint on the board scratches off easier than on other boards. For any user who plans to abuse this longboard, it won’t be long until it would obviously look like it has been used for quite some time.
  • Compressed nine layers of hard maple to ensure durability
  • Accommodates users up to 330 pounds
  • Grip tape is waterproof and anti-slip
  • 7-inch trucks are made of aluminum paired with ABEC 7 bearings
  • Polyurethane wheels are wide at 70 millimeters
  • Paint scratches off sooner than expected
Even though the paint scratches easily, the skateboard’s performance is intact, despite frequent abuse, and I can attest to that.

13. INNOWEIGH 41” Longboard Freestyle Drop Down

The Innoweigh is an all-purpose longboard that is suitable for riders of any age. I’ve just tried the board a few times, but I’m already satisfied with its efficiency.

Due to the eight plies of natural maple used in Innoweigh, the deck is long enough and robust. It’s as tough as they come, and I adore how it doesn’t crack as other hardwood boards do.

Additionally, the board withstands damage admirably and is less prone to shatter or crumble when colliding with curbs and other obstructions. Its most significant advantage, though, is its substantial 330-pound weight capacity. That is an enormous load that will sustain the larger people without flexing too much.

The handling of the Innoweigh is remarkable and will appeal to even the most seasoned longboarders. The low center of gravity is critical for beginning confidence and is ideal for riding at any pace.

Despite this, the plate design does not impair the board’s clearance. With a substantial 3-inch ground clearance, it’s unlikely that the board would scrape against bumps or curbs.

Innoweigh is made up of a 7-inch-long alloy truck and a Polyurethane pad. Additionally, it features large wheels that ensure a solid ride in even the most adverse situations. In general, the board has an incredible riding performance. Not only will you enjoy a swift and smooth ride, but the wheels will also help level the hard surfaces, absorb stress, and reduce damage.

However, this may be a small complaint, but I wish they could have used a different and easy-to-read font for their brand name on the grip tape.
  • Eight plies of organic maple in its deck
  • Offers ow center of gravity for easy riding
  • Large load capacity of 330 pounds
  • Secure protection with 3 inches of ground clearance
  • Consists of 7-inch alloy trucks, PU pad, and large set of wheels
  • Design choices are questionable, especially the font
Even if its design is not the best, everything else is absolutely a must-buy! I truly appreciate the incredible feats of engineering when I see them, and Innoweigh succeeds gracefully.

14. DINBIN 41” Drop Through Complete Longboard

The longboard from the DINBIN design is 41 inches in length, and it is made up of functional areas such as downhill and freestyle. This longboard is an excellent alternative for first-time board users.

My body is safe and secured since the form of the deck has been successfully tested to prevent wheel bite from any angle, which means that I was assured at any radical turns and exceptionally mobile with the board.

Not to mention, the longboard is steady and straightforward to use, which allows for extended rides that are effortless. I can easily adjust the trucks and kingpin to tighten or relax, depending on my style of cruising. Tighter trucks are better for fast rides, whereas looser trucks are better for controlling turns. The maple deck ensures a safe passage for those weighing less than 220 pounds.

On asphalt, the big Polyurethane wheels provide excellent ride quality. The board excels in smoothing over bumps, stones, and sticks seen on regular boards. The longboard materials used are completely non-toxic and will not affect people or the ecosystem.

Unfortunately, this board similarly uses an ABEC 11 rating that is not considered official by the Annular Bearing Engineering Committee or ABEC since ABEC 9 is the highest rating that bearings could achieve.
  • 41 inches of maple used for deck
  • Flexible to use for people up to 220 pounds
  • Board protected from wheel bite at any angle
  • Adjustable trucks for speed and control preference
  • Polyurethane wheels used for multiple environments
  • Using unofficial ABEC 11 ratings for bearings
I believe DINBIN’s drop-through board is great for cruising with a set of longboard trucks and a pair of large-diameter wheels. Pick up the board and push!

What to Look for When Buying Longboard Under 100 Dollars


The best longboards brands are simple to find online, but finding ones under $100 can be difficult. That’s why we have put together this complete guide to find the perfect longboards under $100. Read on for essential information that everyone needs to know.

When I buy a longboard, the first question that pops into my mind is how do I get the best longboards under 100 bucks for me? It is not an easy task as several parameters are involved, and I will need to keep them in check to get a good longboard.

Before starting to shop for the longboard, I need to distinguish what your requirements are. There are certain things that I should always keep in mind before buying one.

For instance, beginners love boards that offer great stability and easy turning to safely practice skating everyday. Meanwhile, professionals might look for more in quality bearings and trucks.

Before looking at the different longboards available, you must first decide whether you want to buy an electric one or a non-electric one. This will help you narrow down your search and make it easy for you to compare different available options in the market.

Thanks to the great selection of components and innovations unique to longboards, they can be ridden in a multitude of styles. This means that the longboards you choose should reflect the style that you want to ride.

For example, street skating emphasizes the power of the feet, whereas dancing tends to require more effortless footwork. The maneuverability of a street board might be unnecessary for those who wish to take their longboard backcountry off-road.

The design and construction of the board can be a critical factor too, if we want to show our unique self through skateboarding.

Without further ado, let me introduce you to the best bang for buck longboards you can get for less than a Benjamin!

Are Cheap Longboards Worth It


Cheap longboards under 100 dollars are typically the one you purchase for all of your cruising around needs. These boards are also known to be more popular among budget-conscious people and beginners. Cheap longboards make for a great option to save money on a primary board and try it out before making a significant investment.

Where Can I Get Cheap Good Quality Longboards

Many online shops can offer excellent and cheap longboards under 100 dollars. The most frugal approach to obtain longboards is to browse reddit, Amazon, local Craigslist, or eBay classified ads. Simply ensure that it is in good shape since the board will determine if the longboard is inexpensive or expensive.

It makes little difference what brand it is. However, I would recommend purchasing from longboard brands of inexpensive products. They do not yet have a reputation for producing high-quality boards and compete on price with more established brands. There are even some cheap longboards under 50 bucks!


Before purchasing a new longboard, bear in mind a few factors. How many hours do I get on my longboard each day? How often do I get my longboard replaced? Would I prefer a lightweight longboard that is long or a heavier one? What kind of wood decking do I want?

Our perspective on what should be considered when purchasing a new longboard for $100 is in this post. If you want to learn more about longboards, go no further than our comprehensive guide with the whole list of the best longboard under 100 bucks here. So please make yourself comfortable and be well!

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