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The Best Motors for Electric Skateboard

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

best electric skateboard motor

Achieving the dream skateboard is not far from possible. All we need is the right pieces that will satisfy our desired output. It should be comprehensive and suitable for our type of usage.

Some of the most vital aspects that make up a fantastic electric skateboard include its speed, torque, range, and motor volume. These factors set the gap among several skateboards, making one better than the other. Many people tend to neglect these details and compromise the performance of their skateboards.

With the best motor for electric skateboard, not only will our longboards run, but we can also get to ride it with style. These electric longboard motors come in different features that are likely to complement any skateboard build.

Top 1

IWONDER Electric Skateboard Motor

– Belt-driven motor fit for hill climbing

– Comes with a 30-day return period

– Perfect for Boosted skateboard brands

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Top 2


– Easy to install

– Can drive by as fast as 70Kv

– Powerful motors at 550W each

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Top 3

Flipsky Brushless Motor

– Features temperature sensors

– Long and heat-resistant cable

– Smooth and efficient operation

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Best Motor for Electric Skateboard Reviews 

1. IWONDER Brushless Belt Electric Skateboard Motor

Perfect for hill climbing and better acceleration, the IWONDER Brushless Belt Electric Skateboard Motor will surely make a ride smoother than ever. This product is a belt-driven motor designed for superior strength. Thus, whether going uphill or racking up some speed, we can always rely on this motor brand.

This product is a perfect replacement and works best with Boosted board brands. It’s a snug fit to my Mini X and runs the same as other Boosted motors. I had an issue with the connectors pins because they are of different sizes. But all I had to do was rotate them a bit until they locked in.

The Kv rating of this electric motor for skateboard is perfect for my desired speed and power. It’s rated at 210Kv, like most belt motors out there. It’s not too powerful nor too slow. Anything between a 180 and 270 Kv rating is ideal, but this one suits my taste.

With this product, we should never encounter problems that might hinder our skateboards from functioning well. This brand offers a 30-day window for returns in case we see quality issues. So, we can buy this motor with confidence and assurance.

I don’t think there’s an issue that needs much attention about this product. Everything works well, and I love the output of this motor.
  • Belt-driven motor fit for hill climbing and better acceleration
  • Perfect for Boosted skateboard brands
  • 210Kv rating for balanced speed, power, and torque
  • Comes with a 30-day return period for quality issues
  • None for now
Each aspect of this motor has got the right balance with the others. I get smooth and comfortable rides without having to worry about inclined trails. Plus, this engine supports the kind of acceleration I want.

2. PROMOTOR Hub Motors

The first thing I like about the PROMOTOR Hub Motors is its brushless outrunner motors. This type of 6364 engine has more power than a brushed drill one. With its torque and high efficiency, I can go by as fast as 70Kv. I think this is a perfectly balanced speed for a hub motor skateboard.

Unlike its belt-driven counterpart, the wheels of this brand are the motors themselves. I no longer have to set up pulleys or adjust belt tensions. All I need is to mount the entire motor body to the deck of my skateboard. It’s easy to install on our own.

On top of its speed, I find this product powerful as well. It has 550W in each motor, which is more than enough to carry someone as heavy as 200lbs. I think the 90mm wheels that come with it help sustain this motor’s power. Despite being powerful, these engines do not overheat quickly, making them formidable skateboard parts.

I like this motor brand because it promotes energy efficiency. I don’t have to charge batteries frequently. Its smooth start also contributes to the conservation of my batteries. So, not only do I get powerful and speedy trails, but I also experience an efficient one.

I received a brushless motor for skateboard with pro-type connectors and not its banana-type versions. They are not the same as what’s in the photos. But, I fixed those connections instead, and my skateboard’s doing fine.
  • Brushless motor that’s more powerful than a brushed drill one
  • Can drive by as fast as 70Kv
  • Easy to install
  • Powerful motors at 550W each
  • Energy-efficient and starts smoothly
  • Misleading product photos
Overall, I find this product convenient. It’s quick to install and doesn’t need professional attention. Plus, it’s fit for a standard hub motor.

3. Flipsky Upgrade 6354 Brushless Motor

The Flipsky Upgrade 6354 Brushless Motor comes with battle hardened epoxy to mount its double side arc-shaped magnets and balance glue to keep my skateboard’s performance steady. These substances not only hold my components intact but keep my skateboard balanced as well.

At the core of this motor is a Hall sensor responsible for speed and positioning proximity. The sensor also features temperature precision for my skateboard. That means my skateboard remains on track, and I will know once the motor overheats and needs attention.

Other than its temperature sensors, this brand features a heat-resistant cable as well. This 12AWG silicone wire is more exquisite in its details with braided sleeves and a long 400mm body. The wire looks durable and can withstand heavy use. This feature complements well with the temperature controls of the motor.

I can see the hall plate fixed in the stator firmly and does not seem to fall off easily. This product has got a sturdy structure, and I think this is an integral factor in the operating efficiency of the motors. Thus, the operation of my skateboards went smooth because of this motor.

I think it would be better had the NTC temperature sensor been wired to GND, not VCC. With it, I needed to rewire connections to use it with a VESC.
  • Comes with arc-shaped magnets mounted by battle harden epoxy and balance glue
  • Hall sensor for speed and position proximity
  • Features temperature sensors
  • Long and heat-resistant cable
  • Smooth and efficient operation, thanks to the sturdy motor structure
  • Not wired to GND, requiring modification for VESC
I love the details of this skateboard motor. It’s got a great build, and the materials add precision to my skateboard’s performance. Overall, this is a sturdy and reliable motor for me.

4. Eapmic C6374 Brushless Belt Sensored Motor

Featuring a maximum wattage of 2900W, the Eapmic C6374 Brushless Belt Sensored Motor is one of the few skateboard motors you’ll find less likely to overheat. I like this motor brand because other than being less prone to overheating, it’s a powerful one as well. Plus, it can sustain any ride I have.

Never have I tried using this best motor for electric skateboard back then. But when I first tried it, the installation was like a walk in the park. This motor comes with two rows of concentric mounting holes, which allowed me to install the engine quickly. I needed no professional assistance when I assembled my electric skateboard.

I think this is one of the most efficient longboard motors I ever had. It has a 170Kv rating, which has enough balance of torque, power, and speed. It doesn’t overload the motor, nor does it cause the battery to drain quickly.

I like the customer service team of this manufacturer. When I first had an issue with this item, they responded immediately and gave me the best solution. Thus, I am not only paying for the item, but I also spend on the assurance I get once problems with their products occur.

On the downside, I find these motors noisy once I reach the 17mph speed. Plus, I had to change the sensor ends to fit the connector pins. Nevertheless, the process did not consume much time, so it’s still a good product.
  • Powerful motor with a maximum wattage of 2900W
  • Does not overheat easily
  • Easy to install
  • Energy and power-efficient
  • Responsive manufacturer
  • Makes noise at a speed of 17mph or higher
  • Requires changing the sensor ends to fit the pins
This one may not be the fastest skateboard motor I have, but I love its efficiency. It works as intended, and it’s got the right mix of power, speed, and torque.

5. Alomejor Brushless Motor 6354

Coming with a reliable operating system, the Alomejor Brushless Motor 6354 will ensure an efficient performance and keep the skateboard safe from overheating. This brushless motor has an enhanced heat dissipation function, which keeps the longboard at optimum temperature, and increases long service life for it.

Of all the motors I had, this is one excellent brand designed to convert energy to a maximum. It also promotes an efficient performance throughout. That means all my batteries’ output gets utilized the best way possible.

I like the material composition of this product. Aside from its red, classy finish, it’s also easy to install. This product comes with high-quality metal as well. It’s not only pleasing to your eyes, but it allows your device to go for muddy roads, too.

On top of having a high torque, this motor keeps its energy consumption low. Also, it does produce some noise, but those are barely noticeable. So, not only that it’s efficient, but it’s also a quiet one.

I think there were problems with the wire positioning. After around three weeks of using my skateboard, it just stopped working, only to find out the wires messed up inside. Plus, one of the motors I ordered arrived with dents.
  • Comes with a reliable operating system
  • Heat-dissipation feature that prevents overheating and increases service life
  • Maximum conversion of energy
  • High-quality metal that lets us take on muddy areas
  • Efficient energy consumption and low noise
  • Wire positioning issues
  • Item arrived with dents
All in all, I love the design and composition of this product. This brand focuses more on performance and energy efficiency, also.

6. HGLTECH BLDC Belt Brushless Sensored Motory

The HGLTECH BLDC Belt Brushless Sensored Motor has high operating efficiency. Its impressive 7Nm torque makes acceleration smooth yet powerful.

This product does not only work with electric skateboards. I once had to replace a scooter motor then using this device. I followed the wiring procedures as well as the load requirements, and I think I did well. This motor works beyond skateboards alone.

I like this motor brand because it’s got a sturdy body. Its 12AWG high-strand silicone wire and 4mm gold bullet connectors are durable. Also, I think these components help establish a secured connection between the rest of the skateboard’s parts.

Other than strong body composition, this product has a steady system, too. It holds a maximum wattage of 3250W and an amperage rating of 85A. These figures contribute to the power capacity of this motor.

On top of these, I find this item easy to carry because it’s lightweight. It’s also compatible with sensor and sensorless modes.

For now, I don’t see any drawback with this product. Everything is of good quality, and my skateboard works as intended.
  • Has high operating efficiency
  • 7Nm torque that keeps acceleration smooth and powerful at the same time
  • Works with other motor vehicles
  • Sturdy wirings and connections
  • Steady system with high wattage and amperage capacity
  • Lightweight, so it’s easy to bring
  • Supports sensor and sensorless modes
  • Nothing for now
Overall, I think this is a flexible motor. It works in a variety of setups, and it’s compatible not only with skateboards.

7. Flipsky Electric Skateboard 6374 Motor

Coming with a decent design, the Flipsky Electric Skateboard 6374 Motor will not only keep us running but will also keep our skateboard look clean. This product features a good finishing on the outside that makes the motors dustproof. It also comes with a sturdy shaft and a laminated steel starter for extra durability.

This motor has a reliable and robust system. It has an 8Nm torque and speed, making the acceleration smooth. What makes it even powerful is its maximum output wattage of 3250W and a maximum current of 85A. I like this brand because it makes smooth yet strong transitions.

Other than electric skateboards, this product also works with electric bikes, surfboards, and the like. I tried to replace the motor for my mountainboard using this brand. Now it’s been months since I used this motor, and things are working well.

Each motor handles 70A peak current and an average of 20A-30A with a load. These figures, along with this product’s 190Kv rating, are perfect for my desired speed. This motor brand has got amazing torque as well. My skateboard performs well because it has the right balance of these aspects.

However, one of my purchases had some issues. One is damaged upon shipping. Nevertheless, this brand is of good value.
  • Features a decent design that’s dustproof
  • Comes with a sturdy shaft and laminated steel for durability
  • Strong and reliable motor system for smooth transitions
  • Works with electric bikes, mountainboards, and the like
  • Quality performance because of perfect torque, Kv rating, and current
  • Damage issues on the delivery
I love the clean and minimalist design this skateboard motor has. It works well with my boards, and I get a smooth ride with this every time.

8. ZXMOTO Sensorless Dual Hub Motor

One of the advantages of the ZXMOTO Sensorless Dual Hub Motor is its sensorless motors. This type of motor performs well at high speed. They are also lightweight, less complicated, and are less prone to failure.

Since this product is a belt-driven motor, you can expect that it’s a reliable one as well. Unlike hub engines, this type has superior torque. Despite being heavier than hub engines, I still love this kind of motor because they’re well-built.

I find this motor brand powerful, too. It has 1500W in each motor, enough to send myskateboards to uphill areas, for example. This brand also comes with wear-resistant and smooth-running PU wheels to support the skateboard motors even at high speed.

Other than being water-resistant, this motor brand does not overheat. It has a 270Kv rating sufficient to contain high speed and power created by my skateboard. I think this brand is ideal for wet rides.

Never will I be hesitant to buy a new motor of this brand because it’s worth my investment. It’s not the cheapest motor I had, but I know I spent wisely on this product.

However, I find the motors a bit loud. I didn’t expect it to be this noisy for an engine that runs at a maximum speed of 12mph. Despite that, I love the power it gives.
  • Sensorless motor that’s lightweight, less complicated, and less prone to failure
  • Well-built belt-driven motors
  • Powerful motors with wear-resistant and smooth-running PU wheels
  • Does not overheat
  • Good price for a skateboard motor
  • Motor is a bit loud
This skateboard motor is solid as a rock. They are powerful, though with less speed. But I like its reliability wherever I go.

9. Vanpro Brushless Outrunner Motor

Featuring a well-built structure, the Vanpro Brushless Outrunner Motor comes with a silicon steel sheet that offers a wide array of benefits. This material raises the electrical resistivity of iron and reduces current losses. That means we get to utilize a high percentage of electrical current from our sources.

I love this motor because it matches several remote controller types. It works with VESCs, RC Car brushless ESCs, electric skateboard ESC dual motor, and other ESC remotes. Thus, I won’t have a hard time matching a remote that will make these motors work.

This product has an exceptionally high rotational speed. It also has a 400Kv rating, making it a powerful motor compared to most skateboard engines around. And while this product contains high speed and power, I think this makes it fit for racing or challenging trails.

I find the wires of this motor durable enough to contain motion and even some pulling. These cables come in braid finish and are of high-quality connector boots. The cords also have different colors for easy identification of connections.

This product is a good deal for me, except that my first purchase arrived with some scratches on the body. I think the manufacturer should improve the quality of its delivery. Nonetheless, everything else works fine.
  • Features silicon steel sheet that helps utilize electrical current well
  • Works with VESCs and other ESC skateboard remotes
  • High rotational speed and power fit for challenging rides
  • Durable braided cables with colored boots for easy identification
  • Arrived with scratches on the motor’s body
Overall, this motor is one of the most powerful devices I had. It has a solid and efficient structure. Plus, it works no matter the kind of ride I have.

10. Aeloa BLDC Metal Brushed Scooter Motor

The Aeloa BLDC Metal Brushed Scooter Motor would give us a smooth approach to achieving our dream electric skateboard. This product comes with a Hall element that gives me a steady start, high efficiency, and high torque.

I also find this motor brand a reliable one. It has an excellent heat dissipation capacity enough to contain rising temperatures with my engines. This aspect adds quality to my motor and improves its performance as well.

I was never particular about the design of skateboard motors until I found this one. When I started using this item, my skateboard’s battery went longer than when I was using an old engine. That means this brand is not only performance-efficient but can also convert energy to a maximum.

One of the things that keeps me balanced every ride is this motor’s shaft. It’s steady, durable, and has a long service life. I have been using this motor for months now, and nothing around the motor pole seemed to loosen.

I like this product also because it’s waterproof and dustproof. So, whether for urban or country rides, I am sure my motors won’t catch these substances and get damaged from them in the long run.

However, the sensors of these motors don’t seem to work at all. I am not sure if everyone experienced this, but I think this area needs improvement.
  • Features a Hall element for a smooth start, high efficiency, and high torque
  • Excellent heat dissipation capacity for reliable performance
  • Motor design promotes maximum energy conversion
  • Durable and steady shaft that keeps the skateboard in good form
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • Item has faulty sensors
Despite that, I love being able to calibrate my skateboard because of these features. It’s also a durable motor for electric longboard and consumes energy the best way possible.

11. BENCHWHEEL 48 Teeth Drive Pulley Motor

The BENCHWHEEL 48 Teeth Drive Pulley Motor is among a few motors that work perfectly with a Lift Board. I used to have a skateboard of this brand but had the wheels torn out after a couple of months. I have then decided to change the entire trucks using this motor set. It worked well, so I think this is a perfect fit for the Lift Board.

The belt of this skateboard motor is a sturdy one. It withstands frequent usage without loosening. The belt’s tension is adjustable during the installation process. Plus, it’s also a perfect fit for my longboards other than my Lift Board.

I think this motor is a standardized one. It comes with the usual 608 bearings like most motors with ball bearings have. It fits high-rotational speed patterns and high dynamic loads, and they also have high strength and wear resistance.

I like this electric skateboard motor kit as a whole because I never had installation issues with this one. It came with complete parts, and they are all easy to use. Plus, some parts arrived already assembled, so all I had to do is to mount them firmly.

I wish I received the correct belt size from the seller. It was one of the factors why I finished a bit late in installing the motors.
  • Perfect replacement for a Lift Board skateboard motor
  • Comes with a sturdy and adjustable belt
  • Belt fits other skateboards aside from Lift Board
  • Meets standard 608 ball bearings style
  • Sturdy and wear-resistant ball bearings
  • Installation is a breeze with complete and assembled parts
  • Wrong belt size arrived
I find this motor kit simple to install and use. It works with all my longboards at home. And I think it meets the basic requirements of a durable skateboard motor.

12. Demeras Drive Scooter Hub Skateboard

Demeras Drive Scooter Hub Aluminum Iron Skateboard Wheel Engine is a brushless motor for electric skateboard. Motors like this have high power, efficiency, and torque level. Thus, we can always expect quality and steady performance with this product under the skateboard’s deck.

This product features premium components made with aluminum and iron. These materials are known to have a high fracture and wear resistance. The wheels that come with it are polyurethane materials that have good elasticity and shock absorption.

As long as the skateboard’s length measures 910mm or less, users can have this motor brand. The engine’s power is at 350W, making it ideal for longboards of this size.

I like the design of this electric skateboard hub motor. It’s got two-end closed bearing support, which keeps water and dust out of the motor system. Thus, we can ensure our skateboard has a long service life and additional durability because of these covers.

If you have concerns like I did before, you can reach out to their responsive and friendly customer service. Not all brands have this after-sale support. So, I think this aspect should be in the advantages of this motor brand.

By far, I have not encountered any issues with this longboard motor. Everything works fine, and the structure looks secured and reliable. I feel comfortable about this product.
  • Brushless motor that is efficient and has high torque and power
  • Made with premium aluminum and iron components
  • Wheels are of shock-resistant PU materials
  • Fits any skateboard with a length of less than 910mm
  • Comes with two-end closed bearing support for water and dust resistance
  • Friendly and responsive customer service
  • None so far
All in all, I think every skateboarder should consider this hub motor kit. It has quality materials and is performing well within parameters.

What to Look for When Buying Motors for Electric Skateboards


Motors are the hearts of your electric skateboards. Most users fail to consider this part being an integral one to achieving the longboard of their dreams. Choosing your skateboard’s driver can be overwhelming but should make you land on the best electric skateboard motor. Below are the considerations you should check before buying one and attaching it to your decks.

  • Belt-driven VS Hub Motors

These are the two types of electric skateboard motors. Each has advantages and downsides as well. Choosing between the two of these will depend on your usage and other factors also.

  • Performance

Not all users prefer speed over anything. Some want their skateboards to overcome all terrain locations. Others want to be in between good speed, impressive torque, and ideal power. In the end, it’s the best combination that will work for you.

  • Material Quality

Make sure that your motors do not break down after a few scratches. Sturdy engines come with materials of high resistance and are barely vulnerable to dust and water.

  • Noise

This aspect is one of the underrated skateboard motor issues which can indirectly impact the rider. If you’re into chill rides, stop choosing a noisy motor.

  • Installation

Not all skateboard users are professionals. If you want to finish a DIY electric skateboard on your own, pick the kit that will not require you to seek professional help.

  • Price

Whatever it is that you have in mind, it is necessary to stay within your budget. The amount you are willing to invest should be equal to or more than the price of the item you want. This strategy will also help you filter your choices better.

  • Brands

Most skateboard motors are like universal ones. But there will always be decks, trucks, and engines which will work best with named brands. So, don’t miss out on checking compatibility.

There could still be more factors you need to consider when choosing a longboard motor. But on top of these, you have to prioritize the outcome you want because that will tell you that you have the best electric skateboard by then.


Your skateboard’s health is not solely dependent on its cleanliness. The life of your longboards depends on how detailed you are in terms of their parts, maintenance, and running capacity.

The best motor for electric skateboard is one by which you could give more attention not only to your skateboard’s form but to its performance as well. Through this, you can achieve the kind of skateboard adventure you always wanted.

Prepare to enjoy the best rides of your youth. Should you have more questions, drop them in the comments section, and we’re glad to respond to them.

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