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The Best Skate Shoes for Wide Feet (That Get More Comfortable)

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

best skate shoes for wide feet

Sizes are figures that ensure we get the most appropriate footwear for our intended occasion. Like skateboarding, the sneakers’ size should fit us well to make our rides comfortable and safe.

However, the size of the shoe becomes less relevant once the rider has broad feet. Don’t worry if you’re one of these people. Let me introduce the best skate shoes for wide feet. But before we get into the widest skate shoes available, consider the following factors.

  • Shape – Choosing the sneaker’s shape is a common mistake among buyers, not only skateboarders. Not everyone recognizes the curves of the sneakers until they get to wear them. And with that, it’s best to understand shoe shapes and where they fit best.
  • For skateboarders, the best shape to use will be straight. These shoes come with a straight cut below the bridge of the foot, thus making the rider feel comfortable when moving.
  • Shoe Width – Great shoe brands now align with a standard measurement for the foot width. Let’s start with the D scale. D, or regular shoes, go around 3″-5″ in width, measuring from the ball of the foot up to the pinky toe.
  • Shoes at an E scale are 0.2″ higher than the previous range. 2E extra wide skate shoes go around 3.4″-5.4″, with 3E following half a size broader. There are also 4E skate shoes in the market considered ultra-wide by most skaters.
  • Laces – Lacing will be vital when picking sneakers for wide feet because shoelaces decide the tightness of the sneakers from your foot’s bridge. Some skate shoes can be plain slip-on, while others may come with laces. Both types work well, but if you need more room for adjustments, a pair of laced shoes will do the job.

More factors make up a perfect skate shoe for a wide foot, and we’ll complete them in the buying guide section of this article. But for now, let’s get into detail by going over each of these good skate shoe options.


Top 1

WHITIN Men’s Cross-Trainer

– Anatomical sneaker shape

– Zero-drop design 

– Rubber sole for added safety and balance

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Top 2

DC Men’s Casual Skate Shoes

– Makes breaking in on them easy

– Uses high-quality leather

– Padded tongue and collar

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Top 3

Etnies Men’s Kingpin

– Lighter and more cost-efficient

– Provides optimum flexibility

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9 Most Favorite Skate Shoes for Wide Feet Reviews

1. WHITIN Men’s Cross-Trainer

If there’ll be sneakers that imitate the feeling of wearing plain socks, it’ll be the WHITIN Men’s Cross-Trainer Shoes.

These sneakers come in a natural foot form, providing my feet with an ergonomic fit. I love these sneakers because they’re easy to break in. Plus, I get a more confident posture with them.

What makes these sneakers more naturally fit is their heel angle. The pair features a zero-drop design on the sole, giving my feet an entirely flat stepping surface. This feature enhances ankle support and increases my sensitivity to the board. Therefore, I can move better and have a better stance when skating.

One more aspect I love about the sole of these wide fit skate shoes is their material composition. These shoes use quality rubber as soles that offer various benefits. First, they’re slip-resistant, gripping well on the gritty surface of the deck for safety. And second is they’re flexible to avoid any stiffness.

Besides its technical features, I love how this brand came up with quality sneakers with no animal death. The brand uses vegan-friendly sources that make their Hshoe cruelty-free. And as someone passionate about animals, I think this aspect is a salient advantage of the shoes among other brands.

On the downside, these shoes are not as ventilated as I expected. My feet get a bit wet, especially when riding long. Nonetheless, it’s comfortable to break in on them.
  • Anatomical sneaker shape that provides a natural fit and better posture
  • Zero-drop design for enhanced ankle support and board sensitivity
  • Rubber sole for added safety and balance on the skateboard
  • Uses cruelty-free and vegan-friendly materials
  • Not as ventilated as expected
I love these sneakers because they feel like quality socks with high-end rubber soles. They fit me well, and they work perfectly for skateboarding.

2. DC Men’s Court Graffik Casual Skate Shoes

Known for its classic padded design, the DC Men’s Court Graffik Casual Skate Shoes always give my feet a perfect and snug fit.

These shoes come with paddings on the collar, surrounding each foot with plushy sides. Plus, on the bridge is a padded tongue, completing a 360° comfort on my feet.

What makes these sneakers perfect for people with wide feet is the sole’s shape. I never had a hard time breaking in on them because of their almost straight form. And as a skateboarder with wide feet, this aspect is most beneficial because it doesn’t hurt. So, I get to ride for a long-hour without having swollen feet at the end of the day.

These sneakers are not only comfortable in terms of the fit but of their small details, too. On the arch of these wide fitting skate shoes are three holes. I first thought they were only part of the design until I compared these sneakers to those without vents. These holes help me keep my feet dry and fresh for extended skating periods.

DC’s shoe exteriors are high-quality. It solely uses leather as the main surface of the sneakers, which is known for its durability and capacity to withstand agile user movements. Plus, it gives the shoes a clean finish.

The box protecting this footwear arrived with several damages. The good thing was the sneakers were safe, and they appeared the same as the advertisements showed.
  • Padded tongue and collar for optimum 360° comfort
  • A straight shape that makes breaking in on them easy
  • Three vent holes that keep the rider’s foot dry
  • Uses high-quality leather that looks classy and is durable
  • Arrived with damages on the box
These shoes are as comfortable as they look. They’re also durable, and I love how it allows skateboarders to ride with them painlessly.

3. Etnies Men’s Kingpin Skateboarding Shoe

The Etnies Men’s Kingpin Skateboarding Shoe is one of my pairs closest to premium shoes because of its perfect riding comfort.

It comes with thick paddings from around the collar to the tongue, giving my feet a hugging sensation. I love these components because they make me feel protected, and the foams adjust well to the shape of my feet.

These sneakers do well in terms of durability. Etnies wide shoes come with an egg crate midsole, keeping the footwear light but sturdy. These components are also efficient substitutes to midsole foams, which helped me save more. Not only is it a durable pair of sneakers but also an affordable one.

On the bottom part of these shoes are layers of quality outsoles. Each shoe comes with a 300NBS rubber sole that offers optimum flexibility. What I love about these layers is they don’t get brittle. Plus, they show superior grip on the board, allowing me to move freely and confidently.

I also love the cut of these sneakers. They come with the classic low-top design, making my ankles free to move. I like this shape because it also helps keep my feet dry. And despite looking thick overall because of the paddings, I am happy my feet do not feel congested.

I’m sure I ordered my size. But like most people on Reddit, I received a smaller pair with my size indicated. So, I would advise buying the next higher size for these sneakers.
  • Padded collar and tongue that adjust well to the feet’ shape
  • Durable egg crate midsoles that are lighter and more cost-efficient
  • 300NBS outer sole that provides optimum flexibility without getting brittle
  • A low-top cut that lets the ankles move freely
  • The sizing is a bit smaller than standard ones
All in all, these shoes have the right balance of durability, flexibility, and comfort for people with wide feet. I love their shape and the Etnies logo.

4. Etnies Jameson 2 Eco Skate Shoe

Like the Etnies Jameson 2 Eco Skate Shoe, most skate shoe brands today are getting into organic production.

From the sole that uses recycled rubber up to the shoelaces with recycled plastic, these sneakers ensure that users pay for sustainable resources. So, not only do we get a pair of decent skating shoes, but we also tend to care for our environment.

These sneakers are more like a combination of slip-on and laced shoes. The front half of each shoe is a bare flat surface, while the upper half houses the laces. And while there are only four pairs of eyelets that run on the bridge of each foot, I’m amazed by how these details create huge tightness adjustments.

Etnies has a layer of Foam Lite 1 on the footbed that gives everyone in the skating community a snug feeling on the feet. Not only that, but these shoes also have paddings on the collar. Real enough, these parts yield a hugging fit from below the ankles down to the arches.

For a rider with wide feet, the build of these sneakers is one of the best. I like it because first, it has a straight shape and it doesn’t get congested on any side. Second, it’s got a low-top cut, freeing my ankles from tightness. And with these, I feel safer to move and do quite a few tricks confidently.

These sneakers need some protection above the toes. The fabric in front does not hold up too long against grip tapes.
  • Uses environment-friendly materials from the sole to the laces
  • Four pairs of eyelets that can make significant adjustments
  • Foam Lite 1 insole and padded collars for optimum ankle and arch comfort
  • Works best for wide feet with low-top cut and straight shape
  • Needs better fabric protection against grip tapes
These wide skateboard shoes fit everyone. I appreciate how the brand used environment-friendly materials while keeping the sneakers in good quality.

5. Adidas Men’s Daily 3.0 Skate Shoe

Synthetics make decent footwear exteriors, as shown in the Adidas Men’s Daily 3.0 Skate Shoe. These sneakers use 100% synthetic textile that offers various benefits.

Due to such a construction, my sneakers are more resistant to water and straining. Second, they don’t wrinkle. And last is they are surprisingly soft and comfortable.

Inside these shoes are layers of Ortholite sock liners. These components not only serve as a boundary between the feet and the midsoles but are also vital in keeping the rider’s feet dry.

I love these inserts because they match the shape of my feet well. And with that, I get better footing when riding the skateboard.

Besides skateboarding, I think these sneakers are also ideal as everyday footwear. They come with sufficient paddings that add comfort. Plus, they have laces long enough to go over the bridge of my foot. So, I get to walk these sneakers all day and adjust to the tightness I want.

With these shoes, I can control my board better. Each sneaker comes with a vulcanized shoe structure, giving me a better skateboard feel. Undoubtedly, the soles complement my movements, and doing a few tricks seem easy because of these parts.

On the downside, I received a pair with some cuts on the sole. Good thing they weren’t huge and not affecting my rides.
  • 100% soft synthetic textile for water, straining, and wrinkle resistance
  • Ortholite sock liners for dry feet and better footing
  • Sufficient paddings and laces making them good skate shoes for daily use
  • Vulcanized shoes for better control and feel of the skateboard
  • Arrived with some cuts on the sole
Overll, these Adidas wide skate shoes are great companions for comfort and support. These sneakers do the job well. Their parts complement each other, and I like using them daily.

6. DC Men’s Net Casual Skate Shoe

Featuring a 100% leather exterior, the DC Men’s Net Casual Skate Shoe gives any rider a regal and classic feel of a skating sneaker.

Leather sneakers are easy to clean. They also don’t trap water, and they are reasonably durable. All these benefits are evident in these sneakers, and I think they all make them a perfect pair for frequent use.

Each shoe has complete paddings from the collars up to the mesh tongue. But what I love more about these parts is they’re not heavy or bulky at all. Instead, they make the sneakers feel lighter because of their snug fit on my feet.

One more factor that makes these sneakers fit for rugged use is their stitching. As seen from the sides of the sole, DC applied heavy-duty stitching to keep the bottom of the shoes intact. What’s better is these stitches do not affect the overall look of the sneakers. And with that, I feel more confident skateboarding with them.

These wide skateboarding shoes may not be the cheapest pair in the market, but they have premium quality. They have a good shape, and it’s a different experience level riding them. So, I think these sneakers are worth their price.

If there’s one thing missing from this footwear, it’ll be a pair of quality insoles. Adding these on the footbed will upgrade the sneakers’ level of comfort.
  • 100% leather exterior that’s easy to clean, water-resistant, and durable
  • Lightweight sneakers that provide a snug fit
  • Heavy-duty stitching that keeps the bottom of the sneakers intact
  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • Requires better insoles
I love the overall look of these sneakers. Besides that, they fit me well, and I think it’s one of the best shoes I have.

7. DC Men’s Stag Skate Shoe

High technical design and overall puffy look make the DC Men’s Stag Skate Shoe a cut above most sneaker brands.

With their famous padded design, these shoes embody the comfort DC has for its riders. But what makes these a unique pair of skating sneakers is their stag design. It makes the footwear look dynamic, and it resembles my dream sneakers as a young teen rider.

Besides people with wide feet, users with high arches can benefit from this great shoe. It comes with an ample cushion on the stepping surface, giving the rider’s feet a complete and perfect feel of the shoes. These inserts are thick, and I think they can also offer enough impact absorption.

Furthermore, cupsoles are known for their protection against injuries and heel bruises. Therefore, it is good to have such a pair for playing sports.

One more thing I love about these parts is their stitching. Aligned to the toe box of this shoe is a row of quality stitches, adding durability to the sneakers.

Ultimately, these mens wide skate shoes are perfect for people who struggle with narrow footwear. The end of the foot’s bridge starts with six pairs of shoelace eyelets. These components cover the entire bridge of my foot. And with these, I can have all the room to adjust the tightness of these sneakers.

However, I found the tongues moving to the side now and then. It’d be better had these parts remained in position for the best fit.
  • Well-padded stag shoes that offer superior comfort and dynamic finish
  • Thick shoe inserts that benefit people with high arches
  • Uses a cupsole for heel support and injury protection
  • Quality stitches around the toes adding durability to the shoes
  • Six pairs of eyelets for achieving optimum tightness adjustment
  • The tongues need to be more stable at the center
Using these sneakers feels more like walking in my favorite park. They have ideal comfort, and since they are made for riders with wider feet, they adjust well.

8. Osiris Men’s Protocol Skate Shoe

Paddings make the shoes look buff. Surprisingly, the Osiris Men’s Protocol Skate Shoe remains light despite coming padded completely on the tongues and collars. Not everyone wants heavy footwear, so I take these features as a huge advantage. With these, users won’t have to deal with heavy sneakers when skating.

The next feature I admire about these shoes is their shape. Osiris has a shoe shaft as low as most comfortable sneaker brands. This cut allows better ankle movement because no pads or shoe seams block my ankles’ flexibility. Therefore, I can also do quite a few tricks and add variety to my skating style.

Like some quality brands, these shoes also use 100% synthetic materials. But what I love about these components is they’re durable in various aspects.

First, the exteriors are wrinkle and water-resistant. The second is they’re more comfortable than authentic leather. And third is they have high-abrasion resistance. These features all come with Osiris’ iconic exterior styling.

Price-wise, these sneakers are a good grab. While this brand may not be as famous as a few skate shoes on the market, I am glad to have them. These sneakers work like sneakers in the premium class. And most of all, they have the design and composition quality skating shoe brands have. So, I believe I spent well on these.

When ordering online, it’s best to assure the seller of the correct size. I received a slightly smaller pair, so I used a shoe stretcher to break in the pair.
  • Fully-padded but lightweight shoe ideal for people with smaller buffed legs
  • Low shoe shaft frees the ankles to move and allows more trick execution
  • Uses 100% durable synthetic materials paired with an iconic brand styling
  • Comes at a reasonable price and is a good grab for riders
  • Arrived in a smaller size
Despite that, these sneakers are ideal for those who have wider feet. They are sturdy, and their build fits my skating style. They’re truly worth every penny.

9. DC Men’s Pure Casual Skate Shoe

The first thing I love about the DC Men’s Pure Casual Skate Shoe is its outer finish. These mens wide width skate shoes feature a combination of high-quality suede and leather, perfectly matched to make a classic skate shoe style. These parts are also durable, and I like how these components complement each other.

Optimum comfort is what ignites riders to get these shoes. Aside from padded tongues and collars, this footwear has vent holes. Not everyone recognizes this aspect, but having them feels more like a relief. They help keep the air circulating inside. Thus, I barely get swampy feet when riding.

This wide shoe has a great outer sole. DC uses a cupsole which is vital for my stance as a skateboarder. These parts offer enough support for my feet and ankles. Plus, they also belong to a sturdy class of outsoles. So, not only do I get ample foot support, but also a long-lasting pair of sneakers.

Skateboard shoes are not only a form of sporting apparel but are also an added protection to the rider. Notably, these skating shoes have a synthetic rubber toecap in front, covering my toe box. This component helps reduce impact when bumping the shoe’s tip on hard surfaces, and I like it because it doesn’t wear quickly.

I wish this cupsole skate shoe came with cushioned panels inside for added comfort. Nonetheless, these insoles are readily available in various stores.
  • Durable suede and leather combination for a classic and stylish look
  • Comes with ventilation holes that keep the feet dry
  • Durable cupsoles that add support to the feet and ankles
  • Has an extra layer of rubber toe cap surrounding the toes outside for added protection
  • Less comfortable without insoles
Despite the minor setback, I am happy about these skate shoes with wide toe box. They fit me well, and their parts are of good quality.

What to Look for When Buying Skate Shoes for Wide Feet


As skateboarders, we always want to wear the right shoes before going for a ride. But with wide feet being an added challenge for many, it’s necessary to pick shoes that are best suited to this condition. Here’s how we can have it.


The overall look of your skateboarding shoes and their potential durability are most dependent on their exteriors. Let’s divide this aspect into each part.

  • Material

Choosing the right skin for your sneakers shall not only depend on the color. You need to ensure that it’s a sturdy upper, comfortable, and suited to your activity.

So, for skateboarding, let’s start with canvas shoes like Vans for wide feet. Sneakers that use canvas have a simple design and moderate durability. Most skateboarders love these shoe types because they are lightweight by looks and feels. And I think that is one of the most significant aspects that make canvas relevant.

Another material we can use is synthetic textile. Shoes of this composition have heightened technology application. That means these sneakers can be more water and wrinkle-resistant, strain-proof, and more durable. And while these sneakers may not be eco-friendly, their durability will take the user a long time before replacing them.

If you want a long-lasting pair of skating shoes, you might as well check on natural leather. Leather sneakers are great shoes in terms of durability because of their water resistance and capacity to cope with any activity.

What’s even better is that they don’t wrinkle quickly. But instead, they adjust to the shape of your foot over time. They’re also easy to clean, so maintenance will never be an issue.

  • Shape

By looking at the shoe’s sole, we’ll know its shape. And as people with wide feet, narrow shoes will already seem like a red flag for us. That said, we can’t have a shoe shaped with a narrow area in the middle.

The top-rated shoe shape we can use is the straight one. While it may not be conforming to the entire mold of your foot, it’ll still be the best pair because it provides sufficient space to house the feet.

  • Laces

If there’ll be a part of your shoe that will let you make tightness adjustments, it’ll be the shoelaces. This aspect is most beneficial for people with thick or overly narrow feet.

The top-tier shoelace material to use for skateboarding is cotton. Cotton laces are durable, soft, and are easy to clean. And for skating purposes, these shoelaces hold firmly, which is necessary to maintain the fit of the sneakers.

Another aspect we need to know about these components is their shape. Shoelaces come round or flat. Round laces may untie faster and put too much pressure on the foot’s bridge because of its small surface area. On the other hand, flat shoelaces have broader surfaces and work best for high-movement activities, like skateboarding.

  • Shoe Width

Of course, it’s not enough to use a pair of wide shoes but not broad enough to stick your feet inside. The best way to address this aspect is by measuring the width of your feet on the widest part of them. From there, you can check here where your foot’s width belongs:

  1. D (Normal Fit) – 3″ to 5″
  2. E (Wide Fit) – 3.2″ to 5.2″
  3. EE (Extra Wide) – 3.4″ to 5.4″

Note that women’s wide width skate shoes may come in a slightly different scale. So might as well check under this specification.


This part is present from the inside to the outside of the shoes. Choosing soles are vital if you have wider feet and do not hope to see your feet swell after skating. Let’s try to distinguish each one.

  • Insole

The inner sole serves as the bed of your foot inside the sneakers. Generally, it comes with an ergonomic design made to complement the shape of your foot.

Once the inner pads don’t meet the arches inside, you’re more likely to have trouble with painful feet at the end of the day. My pick for this component would be DC’s OrthoLite foams or STI Evolution foam insole. These inserts offer sufficient arch support and have enough impact protection.

  • Middle sole

My only requirement for midsoles is to reduce force from the ground when my foot lands after doing a few tricks. And for that to be possible, these components must run from the back to the front of my foot. That way, more areas of the shoes will neutralize impact, thus reducing the risk of pain or injuries on my feet.

  • Outsole

Inarguably, the outer soles of the shoes deal with the most impact and physical friction with the skateboard and the ground. That said, your outsoles should only be as durable as your entire sneakers.

Specifically, look for shoes made with gum soles commonly found in BMX shoes for wide feet. These rubber sole components yield the best grip on the skateboard, keeping the rider from sliding or falling off it. Gum soles are also flexible and wear-resistant, which means they are perfect partners for activities like skateboarding.


Being comfortable with your shoes is equal to being safe on your skateboard. Here are a few things that will help you achieve comfort in your sneakers.

  • Paddings

If insoles are responsible for your footbed, paddings take charge of the rest of your foot’s areas. So, if you want to surround your feet with softness and comfort, consider buying a pair of fully padded shoes. These sneakers come with firm foams on the collars and the tongue, wrapping each foot with plushy surfaces.

Take note that not all skateboarders want to have fully padded footwear. Some love it on the collar alone, while others don’t want paddings at all. With that, try to assess what makes you feel best.

  • Ventilation

Besides the freedom to move, your feet also want to breathe, especially when riding under humid conditions. One way to address this aspect is by checking for ventilation holes on the footwear.

These vents usually sit on the arch of the shoes as three holes. Not everyone notices them, but these ventilation holes help keep my feet dry despite riding all day.

What Sneaker Brand Is Good for Wide Feet


My favorite sneaker brands for wide feet are DC and Vans. These skating shoes come with the famous simple straight-cut design allowing for some more space on the arch of my foot.

I also love the mouths of these sneakers because I never have a hard time sticking my feet inside them. It feels like they’re ideal skate shoes for bunions.

If I have one more besides the ones I reviewed, it’ll be the Nike SB wide feet shoes. They look a bit fancier than the previous brands. But what I love about this brand is its overall build set to fit people with wide feet issues.

Where Can I Buy a Good Pair of Skate Shoes for Wide Feet

Like skateboards, the market for skating shoes now grows as riders want to use footwear intended for the sport. As to where to avail of these pieces of equipment, you can try checking on your local skate store.

But if you want more variety and options, you can head to the shoe store with your feet width being a top consideration. From there, you can find different styles like Nike wide skate shoes, Vans slip-on, DC shoes, and a lot more.

While buying online can be a cost-saving option, it entails risks. Like some buyers, they are susceptible to receiving a damaged pair or the wrong sizes of sneakers.


One way to be a confident skateboarder is by equipping yourself with the appropriate footwear. It needs not to be the most expensive for as long as you get to achieve your skateboarding goals, you’re using the right skate shoes.

Now, with the best skate shoes for wide feet, not only will you get to have decent footwear, but you will also get to ensure quality rides. Always keep the tips I have shared to guide you to the right skate shoe.

Say goodbye to wide feet issues. Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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