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The Best Skateboard Bearings for Cruising

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

best skateboard bearings for cruising

Every skateboard part must be put together to make cruising fast. These include bearings, the small circular pieces that are used to attach the wheels to the axle. They typically come in standard measurements to fit wheels from different brands. Although they have the same purpose, some are better in speed and style.

Bearings are generally made of either steel or ceramic. The latter is harder and deform less. Some incorporate titanium to bring down the overall weight and improve longevity.

This review covers the 12 best skateboard bearings for cruising to make it easier for you to find your perfect match.

bones swiss ceramics bearings

Top 1

Bones Reds Skateboard Bearings

– Sustains speed on all road surfaces

– More economical than other models

– Removable shield for easier cleaning

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Top 2

 Yellow Jacket Longboard Bearings

– Precise and versatile

– Comes in a variety of colors

– Protects against dirt and rocks

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Top 3

Heady Shake Skateboard Bearings

– Smooth gliding and turning

– Suitable for many skating needs

– Easy installation and maintenance

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Best Skateboard Bearing for Cruising Reviews

1. Bones Reds Skateboard Bearings

If there’s a mad rush for affordable yet performance-loaded bearings, then the Bones Reds Bearings will be the first to fly off the shelves. These bearings are comparable to the company’s much-pricier offerings, one of the best-selling and popular brands in the US. Boasting a combination of quality and performance, these promise lightning-fast speeds for all types of skateboarders.

I was recently on the lookout for a new pack of bearings for my second-hand board, and I was ecstatic that I found these gems. With them, my old ride performs like a brand new board. They roll incredibly fast, even on uneven surfaces. I was so satisfied that I bought another set I am reserving for my old cruisers.

Another thing that engrossed me about these bearings is a removable shield that makes cleaning a breeze. Because of the non-contact rubber cover, the bearings produce less friction, so every ride is smooth and quiet. These perfectly suit me as I easily get annoyed by the noise on my boards when they are equipped with low-quality bearings.

If there is one thing that I am not too happy about, it is the packaging. The box seems flimsy, and I am afraid that it will damage the bearings if they are not handled properly during shipping. Other than this, this is a deal that you cannot resist, given the price and functionality. The free sticker is also a bonus.
  • An extremely popular brand in the skateboard community
  • More economical than other models
  • Sustains speed on all road surfaces
  • Removable shield for easier cleaning
  • Low friction for a smooth and quiet ride
  • Packs include a free logo sticker for added style
  • Flimsy packaging may damage the bearing

Even for a few dollars, these bearings deliver notable results. All types of skateboarders can get enough speed boost from this all-rounder.

2. Yellow Jacket Longboard Bearings

Getting your new bearings for cruising shouldn’t be something too trivial. So when I decided to get new ones, it did not take me too long to go for the best longboard bearings for cruising from Yellow Jacket.

Packed in a set of eight with washers and spacers included, these high-precision bearings are extremely versatile. I believe they’re suitable for standard skateboards, longboards, inline skates, and electric skateboards.

I would say that these bearings are as good as advertised. I love that these are pre-lubricated. In my first ride with these, I felt the speed and smooth-rolling in my 22-inch cruiser. Even at high speeds, I hardly noticed the noise they produced, which is good because my old ones tend to be louder.

The technology and design of the bearings are top-notch. I like how the engraved colored seals, which come in various colors, offer protection against dirt and rocks. In addition, this feature allows the bearings to maintain precision and lengthen longevity. I specifically picked the black mamba, which gave my ride that oomph.

Seasoned skateboarders might find that the only drawback about these bearings is that they do best with only a number of wheels. The good thing is that the company offers a hassle-free, money-back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with their performance.

Even if they are priced higher than other performance bearings, a full refund is guaranteed, so there is nothing to lose if you try these out.
  • Pre-lubricated to ensure smooth, quiet rolling
  • Precise and versatile
  • Washers and spacers included
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Protects against dirt and rocks
  • Money-back guarantee offered
  • Not suitable with some wheels
  • Priced higher than other performance bearings
If you are looking for the best bearings for cruising, these are worth checking out. Considering the build, these high-speed bearings did not disappoint.

3. Heady Shake Skateboard Bearings

Stronger and lighter cruiser board bearings will surely satisfy your need for speed. You do not need to look elsewhere than the pro skateboard bearings from Heady Shake. Coming in pre-lubricated, these eight-pack bearings with four spacers are ultra-smooth and ultra-fast. If you are looking for an upgrade, this set of premium bearings is your best bet.

The versatility of these bearings in terms of their usage is unmatched. Aside from inline and roller skates, these also work well for longboards and kick scooters. Because of their superior craftsmanship, these bearings can withstand the abuse of everyday skateboarding. Made from premium-grade titanium, these bearings are dependable and durable.

I can feel how smooth the gliding and turning are even on tight corners. Unlike my previous bearings, I do not feel the drag when using these on my board. These are super quiet, too. They do not produce any noise that can distract you from your riding.

For those like me who do not like to get dirty, these bearings are a match made in heaven. The removable rubber shield causes less friction, making them easy to install and clean. Although the bearings are priced slightly higher, these are definitely worth the money.
  • Strong, light, fast, and pre-lubricated
  • Suitable for many skating needs
  • Made from premium-grade titanium, making it dependable and durable
  • Smooth gliding and turning
  • No annoying noise produced when riding
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Slightly priced higher than other brands
Every skateboard needs to be a well-oiled machine, and your board can be one if you upgrade to these bearings. I have been using this set for almost a month now, and they still give the same results—smooth and fast cruising. I highly recommend these if you have an extra budget for replacements.

4. Zealous Steel Bearings

Whether you are into downhill riding or just steady cruising, Zealous bearings are considered the go-to for all types of skateboarding. Sold in sets of eight, these bearings combined durability, speed, and affordability—features that I factored in when I purchased these. I was immediately sold when I checked the product details. These are a great buy!

Just like other moving parts, skateboard bearings need to be lubricated to perform as they should. I am glad that the company uses arch oil nanoceramic grease to lube these bearings. This formulation helps prevent corrosion, deformation, and abrasiveness in the bearings, ensuring smoother rolling during cruising. Besides, the compound helps eliminate asperities, creating an almost frictionless surface.

I have been a skateboarder for ten years, and a fan of these bearings since they came on the market. They last longer, run effortlessly and offer a more stable ride. Using these is convenient, thanks to the built-in spacers and speed washers. These are maintenance-free!

Unlike other bearings, which come in a wide selection of colored seals, these only use a green rubber seal, which might not appeal to everyone. But for those who are not fully concerned about aesthetics, these bearings serve their purpose well. They keep the bearings away from dirt and debris from everyday use. Do not let the simplicity of these fool you.
  • For all types of skateboarding
  • Lubed with arch oil nanoceramic grease
  • Durable, fast, reliable, and stable
  • Maintenance-free; sealed cover against dirt and debris
  • Easy on the pocket
  • Built-in spacers and washers
  • Available only in one colored seal
For a more satisfying skateboarding experience, it is necessary to buy from a reliable brand. Getting steel bearings from this company is a no-brainer. Their product is the perfect choice for budget-conscious yet serious skateboarders.

5. Oldboy Premium Ceramic Bearings

Considered worthwhile upgrades for all skateboarders, ceramic bearings boast superb quality and durability. This is what you get when you change your old ones to premium ceramic bearings from Oldboy. Packaged in a pyramid box of eight, these bearings are made of polished glass balls that are pre-lubricated to prevent drag and wear and tear from everyday cruising.

With money hard to come by these days, I highly considered versatility and value for money when I bought this set of bearings. Not only are they perfect for cruiser boards, but they are also compatible with scooters and rollerblades, as well as inline, quad, and hockey skates. I am confident that these will outlive lower-priced bearings from other brands.

Now that I have switched from street skateboarding to cruising, it was nice to have my board outfitted with bearings that allow more gliding than pushing. I felt more speed and acceleration on my cruiser compared with my old ones. These are super quiet as I do not hear any distracting sound when I am free spinning. They rotate well and stay in position.

The only thing I don’t like about these bearings is the lack of rear shields, which would provide some protection against dirt. Still, I don’t consider this flaw a deal-breaker, as cleaning the bearings is straightforward.
  • Lube-protected to prevent drag and wear and tear
  • Suitable for all types of skates
  • Rotate well to ensure a steady, smooth, and fast ride
  • No distracting sound when spinning
  • Stay in position well
  • Cleaning is straightforward
  • No rear shields
For skateboarders who want fast speeds and smooth rides, these bearings are for you. Do yourself a favor and get an upgrade. It’s worth it!

6. Bones Big Balls Skateboard Bearings

One of the newest additions to the Bones family is good news for skateboarders looking for precision bearings. This set has eight bearings with 17 percent larger balls, similar to the mighty Bones Swiss bearings — Super Swiss 6 variety. As a result, these roll at a faster speed compared to bearings with smaller balls.

Performance-wise, these are ridiculously amazing. Compared to my old ones, these bearings spin ten seconds longer, allowing me to cover more distances while exerting less effort. Thanks to its generous lubrication, I always feel like cruising on ice when I am out riding the streets of my neighborhood.

While it is inevitable to get your bearings dirty, these are more resistant to dust. For someone like me who hates cleaning my entire board regularly, these are a perfect match. The larger balls keep rolling even on mucky roads. I think I will not need to replace my bearings for a while. Even if I need to, I will still go for this one because they are effortless to clean.

As a long-time skateboarder, I am wary about the compatibility of these bearings on electric skateboards. Some electric boards’ weight produces extreme heat that might be too much for skate-rated bearings such as these to handle, which can pose safety risks in the long run. I recommend using speed-rated bearings for electronic skateboards instead.
  • Precision and longer spins
  • Larger balls make for speedy and smooth rides
  • Well-lubricated to maintain smoothness
  • Dust-resistant and effortless to clean
  • Not recommended for electronic skateboards
The excellent properties of these Bones bearings mean they are a solid pick for those wanting to go long and far on their boards. The larger balls used in these models provide a fresh breath of air for curious riders.

7. Bronson Speed Skateboard Bearings

Good looks meet high speeds in these skateboard bearings from Bronson Speed. While traditional models come with a rubber shield for protection, this company challenged the convention. It came up with shield-free bearings that translate into longer rolling and audible sounds of speed. This is what every skateboarder from all levels wants: a new kind of fast!

The use of tungsten coating in these bearings fascinates me. I purchased these as a replacement for the old ones on my two-year-old longboard. I immediately felt the difference in how smoothly they spin on my very first ride. The audible speed technology, which enhances the sound of speed, added character to my board every time I cruised.

Another thing about these bearings that amazes me is their deep groove raceways design. Because the balls sit and roll deeper, it minimizes axial and angular side damage and breakage.

Expect these bearings to last longer, making them a great upgrade option. I also appreciate that these bearings are hand-inspected twice before rollout, which means their quality is high.

While this shieldless model has its advantages, it is not flawless. Because there are no rubber covers, these easily get dirty and dusty. The presence of debris accumulated over time will affect how these bearings roll if you don’t clean them.
  • Innovative shield-less design
  • Hand-inspected twice before rollout
  • Coated with tungsten for a smoother ride
  • Deep groove design to minimize damage
  • No breaking-in necessary
  • An attractive design
  • Prone to accumulate dust and dirt
These bearings are no doubt premium ones, fusing technology and design to elevate the performance of all levels of skateboarders. Delivering boatloads of speed, these will surely make every skateboarder ride fast.

8. KVENI Ceramic Skateboard Bearings

From the material used to the scope of application, these KVENI bearings are top-rated. Constructed from chrome steel and ceramic ball, these translate into low-friction rides.

Besides, these bearings use unique blue color rubber seals that make them waterproof while giving enough protection against dirt, dust, and rocks.

I am happy with my purchase because these bearings are dependable and versatile. They rolled smoothly and did not freeze up. Aside from cruisers, these are compatible with longboards, kick scooters, trikes, rollers, and inline skates. My neighbor even uses these bearings for his fidget spinners.

I did not want to spend a fortune on a new set of bearings. That is why I was elated that I found this product. Because it is affordable, I could also buy a new set of wheels for my long-awaited upgrade. Judging by their build, I would say that these will stick with me for a long time, making them a good buy for their price.

The only gripe that I have about these bearings is that it might take a while to get that desired speed. These will be enough for beginners, but for intermediate skateboarders, the long period of breaking in might be something to frown at.

The good thing is that if you are unhappy with your purchase, the company offers a money-back guarantee.
  • Combine chrome steel and ceramic to minimize friction
  • Sealed with blue rubber for protection
  • Compatible with many skating products and even fidget spinners
  • Highly affordable with a money-back guarantee
  • Will last a long time
  • Breaking in takes a while
An impressive package that gives you versatility, affordability, and performance, these bearings should be on top of your list when you replace your worn-out bearings.

9. Bones Ceramic Skateboard Bearings

More often than not, the best bearings for cruising and all your skating needs are churned out by Bones, one of the big guns in the industry. If you want to experience the speed produced by elite bearings, then this Bones Swiss Ceramics Bearings set is the intelligent pick.

For the bearings of my longboard, I do not mind paying extra for a next-level set that delivers unmatched quality and speed. Upon installation, I felt the difference in no time. They roll super smooth. I can go fast and far with these bearings!

Because the company has been around for about three decades, its quality is beyond my expectations. The use of Cerbec formulation made these bearings even tougher than their competitors.

I still fly in these even after everyday use for the past three months. I do not have to worry about slowing down because they are lubricated with Speed Cream for a professional-level riding experience.

There is no downside to these bearings aside from their price tag. If you are a beginner and would like to upgrade, I recommend trying out the less-expensive ones first. But if you can roll the dice for some competition-level bearings, then go for these!
  • Light, smooth, and ultra-fast roll; gives a premium feel
  • Made by one of the biggest, established companies in the industry
  • Lubed with speed cream for sustained speed
  • Added Cerbec for improved longevity
  • Too pricey for beginners
Most of the time, you do not reap the benefits of high-performance bearings when you settle for the bargain bracket. If budget is not an issue, this is a brilliant choice for speedy and comfortable rides.

10. Mini-Logo Skateboard Bearings

Some bearings can be expensive. Even though a high-quality set is a sound investment, you do not always need to break the bank on bearings, especially when you have just started skateboarding. With a fraction of the price of higher-priced models, the Mini-Logo skateboard bearings still provide a smooth and fast ride. They are engineered to withstand every impact of everyday usage.

Coming pre-lubricated with Speed Cream, these bearings feature removable rubber shields on opposite sides, which give the product its long spins. As a result, installation is a breeze, and cleaning is easy. These are some of the most underestimated bearings out there. I do not see and feel any difference in terms of performance compared with their expensive counterparts.

It has been three months since I installed these bearings, and they are still rolling pretty smoothly and safely. These practically do not need any breaking-in. You just need to pop them on, and you are good to go. These bearings are extremely quiet, too.

Installation guides and spacers were not included in the pack, though, which could be a turn-off for newbies. A quick search online for a DIY guide will help you figure out how to install these. But for the price of the bearings, I really cannot complain.
  • Very affordable, comparable to other expensive bearings regarding performance
  • Lubricated with speed cream
  • Can withstand everyday use
  • Rolls smoothly, quickly, and quietly
  • No breaking-in needed
  • Easy to install, maintain, and clean
  • Do not come with spacers
  • No installation guide included
Even with only a few dollars attached to its price tag, these best skateboard bearings for cruising do the job right. These humble bearings serve up speed without you having to splurge.

11. MrSharkFit Skateboard Bearings

The key to maintaining a perfectly running skateboard is to make sure that you use a perfect set of bearings. They need to be smooth and polished. Thankfully, these are all present in my new MrSharkFit precision bearings, arguably one of the best bearings for carver skateboard.

With the size of 8mm inner diameter, 22mm outer diameter, and 7mm width, these bearings are perfect for the 8mm axle of my cruiser. Given that they are rated ABEC 11, these are superior in terms of performance. I had an extremely fast ride in my first outing with these bearings, which is not surprising because of their premium-grade balls and retainers.

Vibrations have a great impact on your balance, so this is the most important thing to consider when buying new bearings. I am thrilled that I got these because they are super smooth and quiet, thanks to their superb lubrication. It was not hard for me to catch up with the veterans’ speed, and I am sure that these bearings surely help!

I do not have any complaints about these bearings, but one customer noted that they were slightly sticky at first use. I will recommend these to my fellow skaters, since they are both affordable and durable.
  • High-precision bearings for cruising
  • Rated ABEC 11
  • Premium-grade balls and retainers offer superior performance
  • Lubricated for smooth, quiet, and frictionless rides
  • Affordable but durable
  • One customer found them sticky in the beginning
Searching for a set of bearings that will make you fly? Then these are definitely for you. I will recommend these to beginners and professionals because they are worth buying.

12. JDYYICZ Longboard Bearings

Even when you are pinching pennies to replace your battered bearings, you do not need to settle for anything less than high quality. The longboard bearings from JDYYICZ may be the perfect fit for you. These are highly versatile and are also considered some of the best bearings for electric skateboards.

The speed they had is amazing. I have previously owned a more expensive model, but I can tell you that there is hardly a difference. I was so happy with these that I replaced the old ones in my rollerblades with these bearings.

I am a sucker for durable skateboard parts. I was surprised that even after more than four months of use, the bearings are still pretty much intact, save for some dust from dirty roads. These are well constructed. Plus, they do not produce any noise, so my rides are free from distracting skateboard sounds.

The only not-so-good thing about these bearings is the packaging. I was afraid that the packaging used was not enough to ensure the condition of products during shipping and delivery. I was thankful that I received mine in good condition. Other than this, everything about these bearings is great.
  • Very affordable, speedy, and versatile
  • Does not disappoint when compared to more expensive models
  • Has a solid build
  • No noise while riding
  • Packaging needs added reinforcement to ensure safe delivery
No matter what type of skateboard you are using, these bearings shine bright. For just a fraction of the price, these are everyday workhorses that deliver the performance that you need on every ride.

What to Look for When Buying Skateboard Bearings for Cruising


You can always look up reviews online using keywords like “bearings for cruising reddit” to pick the perfect one.

There is no denying the joy of cruising long distances; that is why it is imperative to outfit your board with bearings that integrate quality, performance, design, and durability.

The materials used in skateboard bearings are one of the primary things to consider when buying. Bearings are normally engineered from either steel or ceramic, with the former considered as the industry standard.

Steel bearings are the preferred choice because of their value, especially if you are replacing your bearings for the first time.

Ceramic bearings are gaining traction in the community because they are smooth, thus producing little friction for smoother rolling. Because they are more resistant to dust and rust, ceramic bearings are designed to require no maintenance. They are a value for money in the long run because they require little or less maintenance.

For those with an extra budget, titanium bearings are a great option. They perform smoothly the way steel bearings do, and are lightweight and highly rust-resistant for longer-lasting performance.

For the uninitiated, choosing the right size of skateboard bearings is a daunting task. Fortunately, they come in a standard size. The majority of skateboards, including cruisers, inline skates, and rollers, use the universal dimensions of bearings at 8mm for the core, 7mm for the thickness, and 22mm for the diameter. These dimensions are typically labeled with “608” in the packaging.

The key is to purchase a set that suits your needs and style and allows you to enjoy your rides to the fullest.

How to Set Up and Use


Installing new bearings is not as tricky as it seems. The first step in setting up your new set of bearings is to loosen the bolt using your tools such as a spanner or a wrench. Next is lift and lean the truck so we can easily push down and lift off the wheel.

After placing the new bearings on the trucks, put the wheel on top and press the bearing down into place. The next step is to place the spacer inside the wheel. You must do the same with the other bearing and repeat the process for the remaining wheels. To make sure that new bearings are securely installed, tighten wheel washers and nuts. Then, you are good to go!

What Are ABEC Ratings?

If you are wondering what the ABEC rating printed on the packaging of skateboard bearings means, it is a guide for consumers to help them in selecting the most suitable type for their needs.

ABEC rating has five grades: 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9. A higher number means a more accurate dimensional and running precision.

The least expensive bearings produced from low-quality steel are typically labeled ABEC 1. ABEC 3 and ABEC 5 skateboard bearings are also affordable but fare much better than the previous classification. Because of the quality of materials and craftsmanship, ABEC 7 bearings run smooth and fast. Recommended for downhill riding, ABEC 9 bearings are ultra-fast, making them pricier.

How to Clean Your Bearings?

Outside elements such as water and dirt cause your bearings’ surface to rust, which is the main culprit behind the loud and annoying noise when spinning.

The first step is to remove the wheels by taking the axle nuts off them using a wrench. Then, remove the bearings and the rubber shields. Make sure not to lose them, so be extra careful.

The next step is to soak the bearings in a cleaning solution or solvent for a few minutes. Five to fifteen minutes will do.

You can also use an old toothbrush to get rid of the gunk. In cleaning the rubber shields, use only soapy water to avoid blistering and unnecessary damage to them.

After letting the bearings dry for several minutes, start lubricating them. First, put one or two drops of your favorite lubricant onto a bearing and make sure that they are applied evenly. Do this step again for the seven bearings. The last step is to replace the cover shields and reinstall the bearings.


Bearings from well-known brands are typically well-made and can handle the daily beatings of riding and cruising. It is a small price to pay rather than compromising the safety of your rides by settling for less.

Whether you are buying steel or ceramic bearings, see to it that what you are taking home is of superior quality. Just remember that skateboard bearings must be kept clean and well-oiled to sustain their long-term performance.

If you are bent on getting new bearings for your cruiser board, make sure to go deep into product reviews online, including searching for the best skateboard bearings for cruising, before you make a decision.

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