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The Best Skateboard Socks

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

best skateboard socks

Pro and newbie riders alike protect their feet with socks designed to withstand the demands of skateboarding. The best skate socks provide the support feet need as riders cruise, carve, and perform tricks. While it’s tempting to wear a good old pair of socks, they tend to sag and crumple, resulting in pain and blisters.

The best skateboard socks are also fitted with heel and toe reinforcements that set them apart from ordinary pairs that give users little to no protection.

Check out how riders elevate their style and stay comfortable with the 12 best socks for skating featured here.


Top 1

Sock It To Me Men’s Crew Socks

– Skin-friendly

– Stay visible even when stretched

– Fits men’s shoe sizes from 7 to 13

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Top 2

Stance Icon Crew Socks

– Includes 3 pairs of socks

– Provides moderate cushioning 

– Maintains quality after washes

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Top 3

Urban-Peacock Men’s Socks

– Great discounts on bundle purchases

– Suitable for US shoes size 6 to 12.5

– Comes in a variety of designs

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Best Skateboard Socks Reviews

1. Sock It To Me Men’s Crew Socks

I love these awesome food-themed crew socks. Their 14 designs will surely leave users craving for more! Each pair is incredibly soft, comfortable, and doesn’t constrict the ankles or legs. Made of high-quality spandex, cotton, and polyester, users can expect nothing less than unequaled flexibility, dryness, and comfort.

I love how the designs are woven into the socks, not just printed on, so the graphics stay visibly awesome even after being stretched. Furthermore, these socks don’t flake off in the laundry and retain their shape and snug fit even after multiple washes. As an added perk, these pairs are skin-friendly since they’re made of chemical-free threads!

These socks were such a big hit to my friends that they can’t stop complimenting them! I can’t help but want these socks in every design, being a foodie myself. On top of these game-changing benefits, I’m on the heftier side, so I appreciate that they’re true to size and fit men’s shoe sizes that range from 7 through 13.

The only negative thing I’ve seen is a case of wrong delivery. One customer’s package got sent to his neighbor. Otherwise, you’d be hard-pressed to find other brands that offer the same variety and quality. These pairs are good enough to eat!
  • 14 designs; soft, comfortable, and doesn’t constrict legs and ankles
  • Made of high-quality materials for flexibility and dryness
  • Woven designs that stay visible even when stretched
  • Retains shape and snug fit even after multiple washes
  • Skin-friendly, made of chemical-free threads
  • True to size, fits men’s shoe sizes from 7 to 13
  • A case of wrong delivery
With both comfort and style in check, customers won’t regret getting these awesome socks!

2. Stance Icon Crew Socks

Stance is undoubtedly one of the best manufacturers of socks. This set includes 3 pairs of socks, and you can choose from all black, all white, or multiple colors. Each pair is moderately thick, ribbed, and comes with smooth toe enclosures that won’t snag.

I love how each pair is engineered to provide arch, heel, and toe support. Both speed junkies and beginners agree that stance skateboarding socks offer more than just comfort and breathability; they are designed to withstand the perils of the sport. These socks don’t wear out as fast as regular ones do and maintain their elasticity.

This classic pair of medium-low socks fit me well and provide moderate cushioning for impact resistance and added comfort. These stance skate socks are a far cry from other brands I’ve tried that tend to strangle my ankles and lower legs while I’m on my deck. What’s more, these socks maintain their shape and softness even after several washes.

My only gripe is that they cost a little more than what I would usually spend for socks. Nevertheless, these are worth every penny because of their premium quality, performance, and durability. They’re unarguably some of the items skateboarders don’t pay attention to but need.
  • Includes 3 pairs of socks in all black, all white, or multiple colors
  • Moderately thick, ribbed, and comes with smooth toe enclosures
  • Engineered to provide arch, heel, and toe support
  • These socks don’t wear out quickly and maintain their elasticity
  • Provides moderate cushioning for impact resistance and added comfort
  • Maintains quality after washes
  • On the pricier side
A combination of comfort and premium quality makes these high-performing skateboard socks stand out from the rest.

3. Urban-Peacock Men’s Socks

I have a knack for anything that embodies skate culture, so I just had to get my hands on these socks with skateboards on them! These breathable socks are guaranteed to keep our feet cool and dry, especially during hot and humid days. Materials such as high-quality spandex, polyester, and cotton are combined to give users unparalleled comfort.

I’m always on the lookout for socks that are designed for action and endurance that fit my huge feet. I’m relieved these skate socks are suitable for US shoe sizes 6 to 12.5! They’re versatile enough to be worn on and off my board and under most weather conditions, giving me bang for my buck.

With so many designs, themes, patterns, and colors to choose from, users are bound to bag a pair they won’t be able to resist. The seller also offers great discounts on bundle purchases! Overall, these socks are fantastic all-rounders that offer optimum protection.

While most users vouch for the quality and performance of these socks, some customers found them a bit thin. However, this kind of feedback is rare. I am happy with the thickness of this product and don’t see myself settling for anything less!
  • Breathable and guaranteed to keep feet cool and dry
  • Made of high-quality spandex, cotton, and polyester for comfort
  • Suitable for US shoes size 6 to 12.5
  • Versatile and can be worn under most weather conditions
  • Comes in a variety of designs, themes, patterns, and colors
  • Great discounts on bundle purchases
  • Some customers found the socks a bit thin
It comes as no surprise that these socks are highly rated. I’m a repeat customer for a good reason!

4. Dream Slim Novelty Crew Socks

These socks are inarguably some of the best for skating because they’re made of premium quality cotton for superior comfort. What’s more, they’re efficient at wicking moisture and are moderately thick. The cuffs are also lined with durable elastic bands that don’t constrict the calves.

I chanced upon these tie-dyed socks and was amazed at how vibrant the colors are. Each pair is one of a kind with unique design characteristics because they’re meticulously hand-dyed. With 6 funky color combos to choose from, these skateboard socks are hard to resist!

All in all, I’m extremely satisfied with the quality, performance, and aesthetic of these socks for skateboarding. It’s surprising how they look brand new even after several washes, so I can attest these socks are fade-resistant. Most importantly, they don’t shrink, shrivel or lose their elasticity as generic socks do.

Some users reported receiving 3 instead of 5 pairs as advertised. Although this is a cause for concern, it’s an order fulfillment issue that can be easily resolved by contacting customer support. Other than this drawback, these skateboarding socks are a solid choice for users who want nothing less than style, comfort, and protection rolled into one.
  • Made of premium quality cotton for superior comfort
  • Efficient at wicking moisture and moderately thick
  • Lined with durable elastic bands that don’t constrict the calves
  • One of a kind, unique design characteristics due to hand dyeing technology
  • Still looks brand new after several washes and fade-resistant
  • Doesn’t shrink or shrivel as generic socks do
  • Some users reported receiving 3 instead of 5 pairs as advertised
These aesthetically pleasing girl skateboards socks are such a great find; they warrant a closer look!

5. Azweiler Cotton Skateboard Socks

These skateboard socks bring me comfort beyond compare. With 4 colors to choose from, these socks never fail to brighten my day. Each pack includes 5 pairs of socks that are cut right above the ankle for good circulation. Made with a combination of nylon, cotton, spandex, and polyester, these are designed to last and maintain their shape.

Owning a pair of comfortable, high-performing kicks and socks specially designed for boarding is a necessity for every skater. I love how these socks complement my shoes well with toe and heel reinforcements. My feet take quite a beating when I carve, jump, and do ollies, so I appreciate how these socks offer moderate protection against impact.

Aside from being highly versatile, these pairs offer superior comfort and breathability. The blend of materials used to knit these socks effectively prevents moisture build-up, keeping our feet clean and dry on humid days. They’re just as great in keeping me warm during cooler months.

Riders with thicker ankles and calves should give these socks a solid pass because they fit quite snugly. Otherwise, I vouch for the quality and comfort these skateboarding socks have to offer. Definitely a welcome upgrade to other socks I’ve tried that fell short of my expectations.
  • Comes in 4 captivating colors
  • Each set includes 5 pairs of socks cut above the ankle for good circulation
  • Made with a combination of materials for durability and shape retention
  • Equipped with heel and toe reinforcements
  • Offers moderate protection against impact
  • Highly versatile, comfortable, and breathable
  • Not suitable for users with thicker calves and ankles
I’m glad I stumbled upon these awesome socks; they’re a game-changing accessory I can’t do without!

6. Volcom Men’s Socks

Volcom is a widely recognized sporting brand that specializes in cutting-edge athletic wear. These skateboarding socks are built to withstand the demands of everyday use while staying tight and snug. Made with cotton, nylon, rubber, and elastane, these socks offer unmatched comfort and breathability.

I love how these mens skate socks are stone embroidered, ensuring unrivaled craftsmanship. With 4 patterns to choose from, style comes a close second to comfort. These attention-grabbing prints never fail to stand out as I inch my way into the skate park!

Seasoned riders and beginners trying their hand at skating for the first time all need a reliable pair of socks that will stay put. These socks are ribbed at the opening and come with articulated heels for enhanced traction and grip. Having to stop to pull my socks up now and then can be annoying, so I’m relieved as that’s one less thing I have to worry about now!

While this product does give great value for money, they come in one standard size that may not fit users with big, wide feet as well as those with thicker ankles. Nonetheless, these are extra comfy and suit most people. I honestly don’t see myself considering any other brand!
  • Made by Volcom, a popular sporting brand
  • Stays snug and tight
  • Made with cotton, nylon, rubber, and elastane for comfort and breathability
  • Stone embroidered with four patterns to choose from
  • Ribbed openings and articulated heels for added grip and traction
  • Comes in one size only
Overall, I give these socks a big thumbs up for performing exceptionally. I haven’t found any other pair that fits me and keeps my feet dry this well!

7. Nike SB Dry Crew Skateboarding Socks

Nike has always been at the forefront of sporting gear innovation, so they deserve no less than one of the top spots on this list. These mens skate socks are made of Dri-Fit fabric that is engineered to conform to the feet and efficiently lift sweat from the skin, leaving it dry and clean. These high-performance socks are also lightweight, allowing free and flexible movement.

As a skateboarding enthusiast, ordinary socks weren’t cutting it for me, so I snagged this 3-pair bundle. I was amazed at how secure and supported my feet immediately felt upon use. Thanks to its dynamic arch support, I fearlessly pulled off some stunts without a hitch!

What’s even more impressive is that these socks are equipped with feather-like cushioning that absorbs impact whenever I do jumps and ollies, thereby keeping my heels and toes protected. These socks also come with seamless toes that allow a full range of movement.

My only gripe is that these socks tend to roll down when I bend and carve, so I needed to adjust and pull them up a couple of times. Otherwise, they’re a far cry from other socks I’ve tried that offer little to no protection. They’ve been tested extensively by pros and beginners alike, so I know they’re fool-proof.
  • Nike branded socks
  • Dri-Fit fabric conforms to feet and lifts sweat from the skin
  • Lightweight, allows free and flexible movement
  • Dynamic arch provides security and support
  • Featherlike cushioning helps absorb impact
  • Seamless toes for a full range of movement
  • Tends to roll down
With all these game-changing features, these are a cut above the rest and some of the best skateboarding socks available out there.

8. Dickies Dri-tech Men’s Crew Socks

Dickies is another popular sporting brand that’s hard to miss. These crew socks are created with Dri-Tech, a moisture-wicking fabric that’s designed to provide comfort and breathability when we need it. These skate socks are also equipped with vents for air circulation and sweat elimination, so our feet remain cool and dry throughout the day.

Being an active skateboarder, I can rest easy knowing these socks offer arch compression. This specific feature keeps me stable as I barrel downhill or pull off tricks. Furthermore, the reinforcement cushions on the heels and toes provide additional support and assist in resisting impact. On top of all these benefits, they hold up well!

Whether the user is a beginner trying to learn how to ride or a pro who has mastered the art of hardcore tricks, these socks are non-negotiable for comfort and protection. They also offer great value for money as they come in a bundle of 6. No wonder many riders swear by this brand.

These socks do feel a tad tight on my shins, and I experienced moderate digging as I cruised my way through the skate park. However, stretching the bands before putting them on really helps. I still see myself repurchasing a bundle or two before the pairs I own wear out.
  • Made with sturdy Dri-Tech fabric
  • Equipped with vents for air circulation and sweat elimination
  • Arch compression provides stability and support
  • Heel and toe reinforcements for cushioning and impact resistance
  • 6-pack bundle offers value for money
  • A tad tight on the shins
I’m glad to have found a middle ground with these skateboard socks; they are priced well and pack a lot of awesome features.

9. TTD Flame Printed Skateboard Socks

Enjoy grinding and pulling off tricks in style with scarlet flame printed skateboard socks! These medium-length socks are made of cotton for comfort and are remarkably stretchable. What’s more, they are great at wicking off moisture, ensuring feet will remain dry all day!

With 4 different colors and scarlet flame designs in one pack, I think it’s awesome that I have a pair to match every skateboarding outfit I own. These skate socks look totally rad and can easily give riders a bang for their buck. Designed with boarding fanatics in mind, these socks also match my skateboarding sneakers well!

These socks hit the middle of the calf and keep both ankles secure without being too restrictive. What’s even more important is that these skateboarding socks don’t slip and slide off while I’m on the move. They pack just about every feature a rider needs to stay comfortably dry!

A user reported that these socks shrink if not washed in cold water and dried on low heat. Otherwise, these seem to be of the same quality as branded ones that also require special care when being washed. All of the pairs I own still hold up well and retain their shape and size, so I still highly recommend bagging them.
  • Scarlet flame printed design in 4 different colors per pack
  • Medium-length, made of cotton for supreme comfort, remarkably stretchable
  • Great at wicking off moisture so feet remain dry
  • Looks great yet inexpensive
  • Does not slip and slide while on the move
  • Shrinks if not washed in cold water and dried on low heat
I’d say this product is an all-around winner considering its quality and excellent price point!

10. Teehee Crew Socks

When plain socks aren’t cutting it, I make a bold statement in these fun and colorful crew socks from Teehee. Each set contains uniquely designed pairs, allowing users to freely express their moods. Predominantly made of cotton, these women’s skateboard socks are extra comfy! What’s more, they also fit men, making these products more versatile than others.

I work as a nursery school teacher, and the kids love seeing me in these socks! The whimsical designs, colors, and captivating patterns never fail to brighten their day. It’s also worth mentioning that while these socks are made of high-quality materials, they’re really easy on the pocket and give other brands a run for their money.

These socks are cut above the ankles and up to mid-calves for a casual and easy feel. Aside from being extremely wearable, these pairs also hold up well and stay in place as I move. I find myself reaching for these socks more often than other pairs I own because they’re great statement pieces!

One thing I noticed about these socks is their tendency to absorb stains. If you often have dirty shoes and hate doing laundry, this is something to take into consideration. But overall, these socks perform satisfactorily well.
  • Includes uniquely designed pairs per set
  • Predominantly made of cotton for extra comfort
  • For both men and women
  • Made of high-quality materials yet affordable
  • Cut above the ankles and up to mid-calves for a casual and easy feel
  • Extremely wearable; holds up well and stays in place
  • Tends to absorb stains
With all these benefits taken into account, this product is an all-around winner for me. It’s one accessory I can’t do without!

11. Thrasher Skate and Destroy Socks

I enjoy wearing these skateboard socks from Thrasher. Made with CoolMax technology, these pairs take breathability to greater heights so users can stay dry, cool, and mighty comfortable. Built with high-quality cotton, nylon, and lycra, these socks are engineered to last and withstand a beating.

Being an avid boarding fan, I love how these skate socks provide my arches reliable support. The ribbed finish is an added perk that works to help keep these socks in place as I actively stride, glide, and grind. The basic contrasting color pattern in black and white is another awesome feature that allows me to mix and match my outfits effortlessly.

I’m more than glad to be able to obtain the high-quality standard I’ve always been on the lookout for as these socks are not only supportive but durable as well. Well-constructed, this 2-pair bundle is worth the hype and a closer look! These socks are suitable for men’s sizes 9-12, so users with big feet don’t have to worry about strained and painful toes.

My only apprehension is that these socks are not one-size-fits-all as advertised. Users with small feet may struggle with wrong heel placements and bunch-ups. Since I’m well within the higher size range, I’m completely satisfied with how these socks fit and support my feet, calves, and ankles.
  • Made with Cool-Max Technology for breathability, dryness, and comfort
  • Built with high-quality materials for longevity and durability
  • Provides reliable arch support; ribbed finish keeps the socks in place
  • Contrasting color pattern
  • A 2-pair bundle
  • Suitable for men’s sizes 9-12 and big feet
  • These socks are not one-size-fits-all as advertised
All things said, these socks are undeniably hard to resist!

12. TTD Hip Hop Skateboard Socks Unisex

I just can’t seem to get enough of these athletic socks from TTD. Made of 100% pure cotton, these are extra plush and give the right amount of cushioning for impact resistance. With sweat absorption at its best, my feet remain comfortably cool and dry as I bomb my way around the halfpipe. The unique hip-hop-influenced design is also a plus for users looking to upgrade their style.

I like how these skateboarding socks don’t constrict my ankles and calves without losing their elasticity and grip. This means I never have to stop midway to pull them up and re-adjust. When paired with the right pair of kicks, their high-quality construction gives users ample protection and stability.

These padded skateboard socks strike the perfect balance between softness and safety at a price that’s tough to beat. Each pack contains 3 pairs in various colors and designs, so users can easily mix and match them with different outfits.

The only minor setback I see is that these socks don’t come up over my calves completely. However, this does not affect the stellar performance and awesome value these skateboard socks have to offer. With quality and affordability in check, this is one unexpectedly awesome find!
  • Made of 100% cotton, extra plush, and cushioned for impact resistance
  • Effectively absorbs sweat so our feet are comfortably cool and dry
  • Hip-hop-influenced design
  • Non-constricting yet maintains elasticity and grip
  • Provides protection and stability
  • Affordable, each pack contains 3 pairs in various colors and designs
  • These socks don’t come up over the calves completely
I’ve been burned by skate socks that fell short of my expectations, so I’m glad these socks outperformed my branded ones!

What to Look for When Buying Skateboard Socks


With the variety of skateboarding socks out there, picking the right pair is critical to performance, safety, comfort, and stability. Choosing the right pair of socks for skating primarily depends on your preference, requirements, and budget. Socks may typically be more about function than fashion, but the latter does come a close second.

The fabric should effectively lift and wick moisture or sweat away from the skin towards the outer surface for dryness. Materials that aid in breathability also resist excessive perspiration and prevent unwanted odors. Steer clear from socks that soak up moisture to avoid the unpleasant sensation of damp feet.

Materials such as cotton, nylon, polyester, spandex, and elastane are the ones to look out for before making a purchase. These fabrics are usually combined to build robust and highly protective skateboard socks. Choosing the right length is equally important, with crew or knee-high socks being the top two choices among skateboarders.

Socks are primarily used to keep feet comfy while wearing shoes. However, sporting the wrong material can be detrimental to safety and protection. The sock should efficiently cushion the soles from impact that could result in serious injuries. Choosing socks with heel, toe, arch, and ankle reinforcements should be a priority for skaters who ultimately need optimum support.

Oversized socks tend to bunch up and rub against the skin, causing blisters, chafing, and abrasions. A perfectly sized pair is snug-fitting to eliminate the need to constantly pull them up and readjust. Wanting them too tight is never a good idea as this can be strenuous to toes and cause a great deal of discomfort while cruising and performing tricks.

Users who have a strong affinity for skateboarding may opt for socks from iconic skate brands. These socks tend to cost more, but they do pack a punch compared to regular ones.

What Kind of Socks Do Skateboarders Wear


Skateboarders typically wear crew socks or knee-high socks, but unlike ordinary pairs, skateboarding socks are built for safety and comfort. Reinforcements on the heels and moisture-wicking fabric are some features found in the best socks for skating.

Why Do Skaters Wear High Socks

Skaters wear high socks to protect their shins and calves from cuts and bruising. Knee-high socks also act as an insulation layer to keep the legs warm during cooler months.

If you’ve found a pair of skate socks that work for you, you might also be interested in other accessories like a skateboard glove, travel bag, or electric skateboard backpack. Explore them for a complete collection of accessories for your favorite sport.


Although it seems practical to go for inexpensive socks, they often end up costing more in the long run as they deteriorate quickly.

Users should opt for high-quality skateboarding socks with features that promote comfort and protection. Looking through reviews online while scrutinizing product information is always a good place to start when looking for the best skateboard socks.

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