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The Best Skateboard Wheels for Asphalt

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

best skateboard wheels for asphalt

Just like skateboard decks, skateboard wheels are essential in maximizing your skateboarding experience. Our early ancestors would mold clay and rocks to make wheels to help transport things from place to place.

As man has evolved, we learned how to mold and harness steel, making wheels is much easier. Now, skateboarders can do tricks, roll over, make sharp turns without the feeling of sliding and rough road vibrations.

If you happen to read this article and you’re a skateboarder, I suggest you read all the way to the end. You will learn about the benefits, set-up steps, the different products, and many more about the best skateboard wheels for asphalt.


Top 1

 FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels

– 83A polyurethane

– Ride on various surfaces

– 30-day return policy

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Top 2

Spitfire Skateboard Wheels

– Best priced

– Narrow Wheels

– Urethane wheels

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Top 3

Ricta Clouds Wheels

– Best for sidewalks

– 78a durometer wheels

– Urethane material 

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Best Skateboard Wheel for Asphalt Reviews

1. FREEDARE 60mm Skateboard Wheels

Again, Freedare being featured on this list because they give out quality products. The material of the wheels with bearing is 83A polyurethane, the size of the wheel is 60mm (diameter) X 45mm (width), while the bearing is 22mm X 8mm.

This length you can use in a standard board. Still, it’s much more suited with a longboard, because a longboard is shaped like a surfboard when you put the truck it’s sticking out. Hence, the wheels have to be a little wider for better balance, unlike standard skateboards with a 30mm width.

You can use these skateboard wheels for powerslides. I usually see longboard riders do this when they want to change directions. But, if you’re using this on any boards you can definitely ride on asphalt, concrete, smooth pavement, sidewalk, and ramps.

The 83A polyurethane ensures the wheel is durable and stable. It also makes sure the board is grippy and the wheels slide fast and smooth on any surface. I also love that there is a hint of color blue on the wheel and they lit just a little bit when I rode them in the dark.

When purchasing online, you should always check the material as advertised and try it for a few days on a smooth surface. If the product is not good by any chance, they offer a 30-day return policy on all wheels.

The only downside I have with this skateboard wheel is they don’t come with Hex Nuts to keep the wheels intact; luckily, I still have my old Hex Nuts from my previous wheels.
  • 83A polyurethane
  • Suited with a longboard
  • Ride on various surfaces
  • 30-day return policy
  • Hex Nuts not included
If you want your ride to be smooth while gliding to small rocks and pebbles, then I would just purchase this unit right away.

2. Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels

Spitfire is one of the classics when it comes to skateboard wheels for the street. All wheels are made of urethane, but what is unique about Spitfire is it has three categories: the Classics, the Formula Force, and the Chargers.

Classics are the OG and the most bought kind from their company, the Formula Force has unmatched abrasion resistance, finally the Chargers are so soft you can dig your nail in it and you’ll be able to sink it in the wheel.

Now, this kind of Spitfire falls in the category “Classics”. Every avid skateboarder, whether beginner or professional knows about the Classics. This one has a 99 durometer but you can find Classic Wheels up to 101 durometers.

Because it has different kinds of durometer, it has two shapes: the Classic Big Heads, OG Conical Shape, and many more. This one falls in the Classic Big heads, it’s the best priced wheel for skate parks, street skating, and competition skating.

This wheel is great for skateboarders who want to maximize speed and control. This 52mm wheel has 15.5mm of riding surface, making it the narrowest wheel the brand has. The sizes range from 50mm to 63mm. Professional riders recommend this because it falls in the middle at 53mm, perfect for technical street skating and skateboarding.

Now, like anything else, nothing is perfect. Spitfire is no exception. There are some scenarios where after many sessions of skating, chunks from the wheel fall off. A lot of factors go into why this happens, but if you use the right wheel to the right surface you can delay or even prevent this from happening.
  • Urethane wheels
  • Recommended by pro riders
  • Narrow Wheels
  • Best priced
  • Chunks may fall off over time
You can’t go wrong in choosing Spitfire! It has really helped me maximize my riding experience. The big wheels are wide and softer than other skateboard wheels on this list, so it allows me to cruise through rough pavement with confidence!

3. Ricta Clouds 92a Wheels

Founded in 2000, Ricta provided the skateboard market with high-quality and top performing skateboard wheels for 20 plus years now. Because of the impeccable quality, it can keep up with the punishment of riding it daily.

The 78a durometer crystal clear wheels, can withstand any terrain and the rough surface you ride your board with. Due to the lesser diameter than any skateboard wheel on this list, skate filmers tend to choose Ricta Wheels because of the ride’s smoothness. That is why these wheels are considered the best skateboard wheels for sidewalks, while being small enough to fit on any deck without risers.

The patented urethane material on the wheels provides maximum grip on any surface. The nylon core makes sure the wheels stay in shape and integrity. All wheels that have a size of 55mm in diameter, need high to mid trucks, not with these wheels. But if you prefer lower trucks, there is nothing wrong with using this as long as you have decent size riser pads.

The wheels maximize the grip on outdoor ramps that get slippery and dusty. Riding over small rocks and cracks on pavements is such a delight. You may experience some slowdown on ledges, but that happens with every skateboard wheel, so you don’t have to worry about that too much.

The functionality of these wheels is also a good feature especially if you like to ride in rougher terrain. However, you have to consider that a 78a wheel like this, it won’t slide like harder wheels.

  • Offers maximize the grip on outdoor ramps
  • 78a durometer wheels
  • Best for sidewalks
  • Urethane material for maximizing grip on the surface
  • Slowdown on ledges
  • Won’t slide like harder wheels
One of the best skateboard wheels when it comes to function, these wheels are perfect for transport, cruising, filming, or riding on any tough surfaces. I highly recommend this.

4. FREEDARE 54mm Skateboard Wheels

Derived from the words “free” and “dare”, it means you have the freedom and courage to face challenges in life. Not only do they offer skateboard wheels or other skateboard accessories, but they also offer to brand for skateboard companies. They hire experienced graphic artists to give out the best quality that’s up to par with leading skateboard brands in the market.

Because of the premium wheels, doing tricks is very safe. Plus, a lot of professional skateboarders swear by this brand because of the lightweight material. Sizes of this wheel (54mm in diameter by 36mm in width) and bearings (22mm by 8mm) are made with 90A polyurethane material.

This material is made to be durable, stable, slides fast and smooth, perfect for rough terrain, ramps, sidewalk, and best for skateboarding on asphalt. The edge is also very grippy where it’s safe to ride downhill.

If you’re looking for semi-hard wheels, these skateboard wheels are hard enough for you to ride in grass, but soft enough that you can ride this one pavement without your feet getting numb. The package also comes with some spare bearings to maximize your skateboard experience.

The price is a little on the expensive side, but if you’re meticulous with your board and you want only good quality wheels, then choosing FreeDare is a great option for you.
  • Premium Quality made of 90A polyurethane material
  • Lightweight material
  • Comes with spare bearings
  • Great for asphalt
  • Expensive
Despite being expensive, this skateboard wheel is a good investment if you want quality wheels. Many professionals recommend this because the rides on asphalt terrain are smooth and fast. I definitely recommend this one if you have the money.

5. Shark Wheel 2-01-008-01-03 California Roll

The next unit you should look at is the one from Shark Wheel. The wheels created by this brand are not like any of your regular shaped round wheels. The shape has its advantages and could be a good revelation to skateboarders.

Rather than a regular shaped wheel, it is a combination of a cube and sphere taking on the shape as the board goes in motion. Kind of like the first wheel that humanity has done. Wheel size: 60 mm, 78A Shark Wheel California Roll. Like any skateboard wheel on this list, these wheels were made to grip and slide on the terrain.

Because of the sine wave design, you may take some time to get used to it. It’s an adjustment from the round shaped wheel that skateboarders are used to. It also provides three lips per wheel for superior lateral grip. When sliding, the wheels smoothly break away and recover faster compared to a round shaped wheel. Moreover, it allows for less friction when touching the ground just like any other skateboard wheels for rough roads.

The alternating groove patterns channel liquid, gravel, and sand out of the way from the surface that’s in contact with the wheel, allowing firm contact with the ground.
  • Superior lateral grip
  • Smoothly breaks away and recovers fast
  • Less friction
  • Unique wave pattern design
  • It takes getting used to, because of the shape
Overall, consider all advantages of this unit, you should give these wheels a try. Moreover, if you like going out of the norm and trying something different, this skateboard wheel is perfect for you.

6. FREEDARE 52mm Skateboard Wheels

Mentioned 3 times now, the Freedare are known for producing quality skateboard wheels at a reasonable price. It’s known for its quality, built, stability and traction.

These particular sets are great for casual skateboarding, skateparks and ramps. These are also great skateboard wheels for wood ramps. Since it’s made of 52mm 95A polyurethane material, it’s light and soft compared to other skateboard wheels on this list. Thus, you can use them on hard surfaces like pavement, and concrete.

The size of the wheel is 52mm (diameter) by 30mm (width) just in the middle for amatuer skaters or professional skaters to use. The bearing is 22mm * 8mm, engraved on wheels, so every ride feels secure and tight.

This wheel is also smooth, so there’s less friction on the ground making it easier to slide. When you ride, the wheel contact to the ground has a threaded surface, and thus it’s great for all sorts of tricks. Talking about packing, this product comes with great packing, making it a good choice for gifts.

Bearings are a little questionable for my taste, because they grind too much after some time, so check on them from time to time.
  • Great on wood ramps
  • Light and soft
  • Less friction on the ground
  • Ride feels secure and tight
  • Bearings are a little questionable
I would say I’m happy with these wheels’ features given the price. Offering us such good and smooth slides, you should give these wheels a try!

7. Ricta Clouds Skateboard Wheel

Last but not least, this is another skateboard wheel for you. When my old wheels wore down overtime, I stumbled upon the Ricta Clouds on the internet and decided to give them a try. And it is so worthy.

The Ricta Clouds are made of 78A soft urethane, 78D core for fast skateboarding on smooth surfaces. They are super bouncy when you do tricks, making it safe to land and the board recovers quickly from all the stress you put through it.

The smooth surface has a shiny coating that’s made for grip and traction on any terrain, so you can maximize your skateboarding experience. Perfect for beginners who want to learn at a slow pace and for professionals as well, if they plan to use their board for casual riding.

The wheels made a lot of noise and it was difficult on rough terrains. However, I still love riding with these wheels. They’re soft and a little grippy, so you can still go fast while maintaining stability. Regarding the color, it tends to get yellow overtime. So if you don’t like that, just purchase a different color from the same brand.
  • Board recovers quickly from stress
  • Beginner friendly
  • Bouncy on rough terrain
  • 78A urethane, 78D core soft material
  • Wheels make a lot of noise
  • Tends to get yellow overtime
The Ricta wheels are a good choice for you. If you are trying out the wheels for a few days, I’m sure that you are going to blow away because of its performances.

8. Santa Cruz Skateboard Wheels

The next skateboard wheel I want you to take a look at is the one from Santa Cruz. This brand is now one of the best skate wheels for asphalt in the market.

This particular skateboard wheel that Santa Cruz has unique designs, because its lime green color is actually a throwback to the 1980s. And they’re pretty fast on smooth tracks.

These wheels are a bit smaller compared to other wheels here on this list. But, these wheels are commonly used to skateboarding for rough terrain, skate parks, and casual riding. Usually, beginners would only use the 55 mm or below diameter. Still, professional skaters swear by this product that beginners can use it, due to its design and functionality.

I tried this on a skateboarding track the other day, and they feel weird – in a good way. They feel like soft wheels but skate like park wheels. When I was riding on hard concrete they felt smooth and the sound of the wheel is so relaxing as you transition from the wall to the railings. I was definitely fast, but you don’t feel it as you use these wheels, you still have control over it.

The only comment I have is, some of my skater friends ordered the same item but got a different one because the color was not lime green. So, if you don’t mind the color difference, all is good with this one.
  • Great for skateboarding on rough terrain
  • Recommended by professionals
  • Fast on smooth pavement
  • Unique design
  • Some wheels don’t have a lime green color
I’m not surprised that this item is on this list because it’s great for cruising and getting from one place to another. I even tried on rough terrain and they still go through like nothing.

9. Spitfire 2001000154 Skateboard Wheel

Spitfire is mentioned on this list because it is considered as one of the best skateboard wheels. With its 99 durometer, expect your board to rebound faster, making it fast on all terrain.

With its patented flat spot resistance, they boast one of the grippiest despite being soft skateboard wheels. In 2013, Spitfire launched a new formula for the classic line. It was a game changer in the skateboarding industry. The new formula offers more control and speed wherever you decide to ride while having a reliable anti-slick slide.

Furthermore, thanks to this new formula, these skateboard wheels also offer great durability. I have used these wheels for a long time and it still delivers good results. However, this one feels a little slow and sticky compared to other skateboard wheels on this list. Plus, this item is a mid-level wheel price wise, so you can’t expect too much from it.

Despite saying that, these wheels have a pretty good grip feature and come with a fair price. I flat spotted this one on a fairly new skatepark in our town and I had no trouble sliding and stopping quickly.
  • Rebound faster
  • Flatspot resistance
  • More control and speed
  • Affordable
  • Slow and sticky
These skateboard wheels are coming at a reasonable price with some good features compared to other products on the market, so it should deserve a spot on your buying list. Specifically, if you want slow and smooth rides, then this product is perfect for you.

10. LOSENKA Skateboard Wheels

The white wolf color and design are inspired by the North American Grey Wolf howling through the mountains’ moon. Losenka, makes one of the best skateboard wheels for beginners. One of the unique and patented features of this skateboard wheel is it’s cold infusion processing, so the wheels are secure and wear-resistant.

These wheels are purely plastic, but they still have a rubber material incorporated on the wheel. Wheel size is: 52mm diameter x 30mm width; Durometer count: HR-95A PU wheels. The set of 4 wheels has bearings and spacers made from high-performance ABEC-9 Steel, so it perfectly fits any standard board and ideal for beginners who are just starting.

The bearings are tight at first (through regular use, it will loosen up). And it doesn’t roll fast, allowing the board to move at a slower pace if you’re still learning. I even tried this on square and U-shaped pools, asphalt roads, and the streets; and I had to say that these wheels are working very well despite being cheaper than most wheels on this list.

I was an avid skateboarder all through my teen years to use this in rough terrain. However, if you’re still a beginner, I suggest you try it on a smooth pavement first until you get better at riding.
  • Cold infusion processing
  • ABEC-9 Steel spacers and bearings
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Does not roll fast
  • Should try on a smooth pavement first if you’re a beginner
Despite being a beginner friendly skatewheel, I definitely recommend this skate wheel if you’re experienced. Especially, if you’re on a budget, but still want a good quality skateboarding wheel for your board.

What to Look for When Buying Skateboard Wheels for Asphalt


Every wheel on the market has the same material of polyurethane. But, before making an order online, each wheel is made uniquely and it’s essential to know what’s the best wheels you can use for asphalt. Here’s a rough guide:


The most important thing when looking for a wheel is a diameter. Every wheel is measured at millimeters, the standard range is 50mm for beginners up to 75mm for professionals. Take note, that the bigger the size of the wheel the faster the revolution, while a smaller one is a little slower.

Here is a range comparison, to help you choose the right one:

  • 50mm – 53mm: The smallest range of wheels perfect for beginners.
  • 50mm – 59mm: Medium and average sized, can be used by beginners and intermediate riders
  • 60mm – 75mm: Made for professional riders

So, before buying one take into consideration your skill level first.


A durometer is the measurement of the hardness of the wheel. Same with the diameter, the bigger the size, the harder the wheel will be. The best durometer by professionals is the 99a. They use a 100-point scale to measure it. Some manufacturers measure by using a B Scale, so the measurements are 20 points lower.

To make everything clear for you, here’s a durometer scale comparison:

  • 78a – 87a: Soft wheels for rough terrain. Perfect for longboard riders.
  • 88a – 95a: Harder and faster when used, but has less grip
  • 96a – 99a: Good grip and speed while riding, despite it being hard.
  • 101a – Up: The hardest ones and fastest with the least grip among these durometers.
  • 83b – 84b: High speed and super hard wheels with very minimal grip.

If you love skateboarding, I suggest the softer ones.

Contact Patch

Another feature of a skateboard wheel that you have to take into consideration is the contact patch. It is the area where the wheel makes contact with the terrain.

If you’re a longboard rider, you have to choose a larger one. On the other hand, if you have a skateboard, a smaller one is better suited for you. If the wheel is small, it has a smaller surface area to distribute your body weight, so balance is a little bit hard to achieve.

While a bigger surface means a much easier way to balance.

Best Shape to Use?

To maximize your skateboarding experience, shape is another important factor. With lots of different brand in the market, there are only two shapes to consider:

  • Sharp-lip Shape: If you love casual skateboarding this shape is perfect for you. They offer more grip strength.
  • Round-lip Shape: For skateboarders who love to do surf tricks and powerslides, this shape is the best purchase for them.

What’s the best wheel for a particular skate style?

Another thing to consider is riding style when choosing the best wheel. Here’s a summary about that:

  • Street skating: A 101A durometer, with a 56mm diameter is hard enough to ride on the streets.
  • Vert/Transition skating: A 59mm by 45mm diameter, with a 78a durometer is perfect for this kind of style.
  • Transport/Casual skating: With a 99 durometer and a 53mm diameter the Spitfire brand has one of the best wheels for this kind of skating style.
  • Beginner: A smaller diameter from a range of 50mm to 53mm is the right choice for newbie skaters.

Can You Ride a Skateboard on Asphalt

Of course you can ride a skateboard on asphalt. You just have to take into consideration how rough the terrain is. If the asphalt is rough, big soft wheels will do the job for you. Remember, to not skate while it’s raining because the wet surface will affect the grip of the wheel to the pavement.


Now you know what brand offers the best skateboard wheels for asphalt and the factors to consider when buying one. It’s time to try and purchase one for yourself.

If you’re a beginner or a professional, every component of a board is essential from the griptape, hardware, the board, and the wheels. It’s just a matter of experiencing things for yourself.

I made it easy for the journey to choose one because of this article guide. So reread it if you must have. Remember never to forget your helmet!

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