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The Best Skateboard Wheels for Wood Ramps

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

best skateboard wheels for wood ramps

Since the birth of skateboarding, skateboard wheels have grown greatly. Unlike clay, which is more challenging and unpredictable to ride, the best skateboard wheels that were first manufactured were made of steel. Now, without slipping and experiencing rough road vibrations, skaters can carve turns and rollover.

When picking the next set of skateboard wheels, there are several aspects to remember. Even a slight variation in the size or stiffness of the wheel will affect how the board feels and rides. Apart from basing it on the type of skateboarding you want to do, the right skateboard wheels largely come down to personal preference.

For slicker skating efficiency, we will introduce you to a few of the best skateboard wheels for wood ramps. Continue reading to find the most fitting skateboard wheels.

Top 1

Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels

– Nice grip

– Smooth ride

– Reliable performance

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Top 2

FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels

– Durable

– Good quality

– Smooth ride

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Top 3

Spitfire Formula Four Wheels

– Quiet

– Smooth

– Great value

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Best Skateboard Wheels for Wood Ramps Reviews

1. Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels

Standard wheel sizes are followed by the Spitfire Bighead and the wheels are sold in sets of four. With these Classics, you won’t ride anything low. These wheels are made with high-quality materials that do not break easily. Plus, these wheels are recommended by many because of how well these wheels perform in indoor skating parks, and as well as outdoor skating parks.

It has a 57 mm and 99 durometer blend, which keeps you from slipping in any area of sizes of breaks. Moreover, with a scale of 608, and has 2.24 ounces these wheels will fit all courses, plus, it is lightweight. These wheels will keep you going for a while without getting level spots.

It’s no surprise that a lot of skaters were promoting these wheels. They are smooth and reliable, providing a nice grip as well. It’s my first time buying haggles of 48 millimeters but I do not regret it at all. Although these wheels are not the best on rough surfaces for considerable distance travel or cycling, you can decently enjoy park skating and wood ramp skating.

These wheels are intended for good skating, so you are guaranteed that you will not encounter any difficulties while handling them. Furthermore, they have an ideal level of hardness regardless of whether you are using them on the streets, at the parks, or for wood ramps.

In terms of design, they are intricately made with loads of details. Thus, they exhibit a cool look that a lot of riders love.

The only downside of this wheel is that the longer you use it, the greater the tendency to incur flat spots. Otherwise, this skateboard wheel is great and reliable, especially For beginners who want smooth sailing.
  • Offers smooth ride
  • Reliable performance
  • Nice grip
  • Perfect for both outdoors and indoors
  • Recommended for beginners
  • Flat spots over time
Overall, these wheels allow you to turn with confidence over breaks and rocks. For all skating aptitude levels, these are amazing. Thanks to their smooth ride, this Spitfire Bighead is also recommended for newbies. They are smoother than the originals, working flawlessly with an ideal hold, particularly when doing walls, sideways skating, or wood ramp skating.

2. FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels

The FREEDARE skateboard wheels with an 82A Durometer tally estimate 8-millimeter diameter by 45-millimeter width. These are wheels of polyurethane that come as a cluster of four. With steel bearings and spacers, the ABEC rating of these is 7. Thus, you can expect wonderful execution and speed.

For road and wood ramp skating, these wheels offer smooth rolling, even on holes and bumps. They’re great for sailing and carrying out early road stunts. Also, they are ideal for penny skateboards. I love these wheels because they make a lovely gift to your child, nephew, sibling, or any skate-lover.

For improved speed and durability, the steel bearing is pre-greased. In light of the fact that they are overly wide and excessively tall for stunts and more modest boards, the wheels are suitable for skating. These smooth-riding wheels are user-friendly as well. You can definitely do tricks you can think of using these wheels.

These wheels are compatible with any surface, such as wood ramps, asphalt flooring, cement, etc. These wheels can grant you the best cruising experience anywhere, which is one of the things I love the most about them. Hassle-free wheels such as these make skaters’ life more fun and exciting.

On my first attempt, the bearings that came with these wheels did not work well. The bearing falls apart and so do the wheels. However, you can still consider using alternative bearings to replace those that are faulty.
  • Good quality
  • Smooth ride
  • Durable
  • Works on holes and bumps
  • Not great bearings
In conclusion, the wheels work outstandingly and will give you the perfect skating experience. For beginners and practitioners, these wheels are ideal. You should certainly consider purchasing this.

3. Spitfire Formula Four Wheels

If you ride city roads, you’ll need a hard wheel to adjust to all the anxieties and strains that will latch onto them when they land. That is where the Spitfire Formula Four 99 Conical Full Wheels come in. These were designed to transcend any walkway or road with a durometer of 99A and let you skate unreservedly.

The wheel’s high durometer makes them fast and gives you the whole grip along with footing to safely get from A to B and back again. They ride hard, they ride well, and they’re not going to let the road stop you from skating. Use some sort of bearings, and in road skating heaven, you’ve got a match made.

They are from a well-known company, so they are followed by the assurance of a hermetically sealed manufacturer that guarantees you against any and all defects. Spitfire will trade them or discount you in the event that they are not fitted for your purpose. This is just one of the many reasons why you should get these wheels.

Let me share one of my skating experiences with these wheels! As my skating pace rose, my body started to feel the wind chill. I went about halfway down a little faster and it definitely felt fantastic. Surprisingly, I moved faster. It was too fast for me to feel like jumping away. Yet, the wheels were still intact after that! Up until now,no flaws have been identified. This is surely one of the best skate wheels I’ve found.
  • Quiet
  • Smooth
  • Great value for money
  • Money-back guarantee
  • So far, no defects
These are the best wheels whether you are just starting out on your skating journey or are looking to boost your road-based range of skills. They help novices get a sense of how beautiful skating in the concrete is and to do impressive tricks.

4. Rollerex Phaser Skateboard Wheels

Next on our list are the Rollerex Phaser 92A 54mm Skateboard Wheels, which comes as four wheels with bearings, spacers, and washers. It is 54mm in size, which is perfect for skating in the park and for doing tricks on a wooden ramp. It also comes with a durometer that works well.

There are two color choices to choose from, including rocket red and steel black. I like how they’re giving customers different choices to choose from which leads to a perfect color match to their tastes. Also, these colors are attractive to customers’ eyes which as a result buyers have a hard time choosing which color to purchase.

To be exact, these skateboard wheels are well made and can be easily bought because of their affordable price.

In terms of the durometer, it is designed to improve the wheels’ efficiency. Made from solid materials, these wheels can withstand pressure and will last for a long time and even with regular use. I like how the durometer is carved intricatelyl. They also slip better than the wheels that are cut from the street. So far, they have been super fun and responsive.

Experience an extraordinary feeling when the track wears out as well as the fresh look that comes with these affordable skateboard wheels. These wheels are deemed a masterpiece for valid reasons. Besides their exceptional value, you will find that skating is more fun with them. As one of the best skateboard wheels, you can use them to quickly ride, slide, and rollover.

Compared to the more modest wheels that were common during the 1990s and mid-2000s that broke off easily, these Rollerex skateboard wheels are strong. Today, they are also more durable than most road skateboard wheels.

With these skateboard wheels, the only drawback is that they are a little unbalanced and the bearing packs may not be a great fit, creating a slight whirring noise. In my case, the bearings were tightly attached by two of the wheels but the other two were not.
  • 92A high-quality durometer for high-performance
  • Durable and should last long
  • Offers 2 color choices
  • Smooth and easy to use
  • Reasonable price
  • Unreliable bearings
  • Slightly unbalanced
Overall, the consistency of the poly material is good. They’re inexpensive, so you can try to see if they’re your jam. If you want some nice, inexpensive wheels, though they’re a little soft, you should try this.

5. Bones Street Tech Formula Wheels

Next in line is the Bones Street Tech Formula that drives, without flat spotting. These iconic wheels roll easily, grip when you need to, and slide when you like. They are strong enough to compete with the best wheels out there. Not to mention, this wheel works very well and lasts for quite a long time. These skateboard wheels are 2.09 x 1.22 x 2.09 inches in size and weigh 5.01 ounces.

This, because of its price, is worth adding to your list of skateboard wheels. Owing to how powerful and how long it lasts, these wheels outperform others in the market. Also, this is made of high-quality materials, working best for wood ramps. As of now, they can serve as one of the neatest skateboard ramp wheels on the market.

On the other hand, the original STF 103A and the new STF 99A are available for these skateboard wheels, which provide greater control over your skating tricks in the field. I love these skateboard wheels because they make it easier to slide or roll. You are also ensured softer landings along with solid results in any particular circumstances.

Additionally, I like how well these wheels were designed to deliver robust outcomes. The only flaw that I can see in these wheels is that they are underrated. Even though the manufacturing company is well known, the wheels themselves are not popular.
  • Durable
  • Long-lasting wheels
  • Grips well
  • Smooth to use
  • Underrated wheels
Wrapping up, in terms of ramp skating, these Bones STF are excellent wheels. They are made by a well-known company that has long been offering outstanding skate products. With these, you will no doubt have the best skating experience.

6. Spitfire Classic Skateboard Wheels

The Spitfire Classic Series consists of hand-poured and formed True 99 durometer wheels. These wheels are assembled with protection against defects in the United States. If you are looking for an extreme skating experience, this is the one for you.

Skating cannot be performed without skateboard wheels. When you start doing stunts, you will recall the bygone eras, allowing you to pull back certain memories that are close to your heart. Regardless of whether you’re a novice or an accomplished rider, you are certainly aware of the impact that skateboard wheels bring about.

Spacers can be used on these perfect wheels for longboarding movement. Eight bearings, one inside and another on each skateboard wheel, are provided in the package. These wheels come in 608 or ordinary size bearings, typically ideal for performing stunts.

You can travel freely with these Spitfire wheels, without having to worry about easing back down. In addition, it chips away uncomfortable asphalt without giving you a migraine. Enjoy skating as a means of transport from your home to college or to run errands, such as taking care of tabs or shopping at a nearby corner store.

For months, I’ve been using the Spitfire Classic Series. They’re incredible because they don’t back off while I ride on asphalt. The pace is also good. It’s a wonderful, all-around set of skateboard wheels. In fact, there aren’t any negative aspects for me to comment on. My skating experience has never been more enjoyable because, among other skateboard wheels, these are surely top-notch.
  • Reasonable price
  • Rolls easily
  • Perfect wheels for tricks
  • Has a great design
  • No defects found so far
In addition to the new bearings, I bought these Spitfire wheels, and they’re so incredibly smooth. I can dash on my skateboard right now with them! These are unique wheels at a reasonable price. Even young kids will love these wheels. To conclude, choose Spitfire if you need classic style but well-performing wheels.

7. TOBWOLF Skateboard Wheels

This could be one of the cheapest wheels ever for skateboards. Despite its cheap price, the TOBWOLF Skateboard Wheels have great features. One of the characteristics I love about this skate wheel is its wear-resistant and sturdy PU material, which provides a long-lasting experience. You will never have to worry about cracking with these wheels as well.

The best element that we can expect in a skateboard wheel is a durable construction that is capable of withstanding any circumstances. These skate wheels possess just that! Moreover, they have a diameter of 52mm and a width of 32mm, accompanied by ABEC 9 bearings, which makes them perfect for every longboard out there. The inner diameter of the bearing is 8mm, while the outer diameter is 22mm. These dimensions suit them with any skateboard.

Furthermore, these skate wheels have a hardness of 95A, providing a balance between grip and softness. As a result, they are particularly fruitful for rookie skaters. There is also a grippy edge that allows you to go downhill and nail impressive street tricks. It is suitable for parks, paths, and ramps. You can carry out freestyle or technical sliding as well. However, it is not recommended on rugged ground.

The fact that there are a lot of colors to choose from is another feature that I love about these wheels. It is well thought off by the manufacturers to market these wheels with different colors to suit various preferences. Black, white, red, and yellow are offered. Customers like myself can select a color based on my taste and match the colors on my longboard.

The only issue with these wheels that I have experienced is the compatibility of the bearings. It is not compatible with bearings of any kind. Plus, it sticks easily as a result of it not rolling smoothly.
  • High material
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Cheap price
  • Not compatible with bearings of any kind
In conclusion, this is a great skateboard wheel to buy in terms of performance. They are recommended skateboard wheels for beginners that are simple to use. Plus, they have multiple color variations for you to choose from, matching your taste and existing board. All in all, these are cheap wheels for skateboards that will without a doubt satisfy your needs.

8. VEZVE Skateboard Wheels

The VEZVE Skateboard Wheels are next on the list, with 50mm pre-mounted bearings wheels, which are currently hot in the skateboarding realm. Guaranteeing a sturdy and smooth skating experience for skaters, these wheels deliver high-quality performance. They come with 8pc pre-mounted bearings, which is ideal for skaters who hate to install bearings. These wheels are also available at an affordable price.

First of all, let’s talk about the pre-assembled bearings that I personally adore. For skaters like me who don’t know how to fit bearings, the pre-mounted bearings ensue less stress. It gave me the luxury of time to mount the wheels and use them immediately. These wheels are also durable enough to do tricks and go on a long ride.

On all surfaces, you’ll travel comfortably and quickly. I bought these wheels with little interest at first. But when I installed them on my skateboard, I was shocked! They’re incredibly calm and smooth. These wheels are a brilliant shift from the old ones I had.

Such wheels provide an ideal combination of size and balance. They’re not very difficult or overly fragile. You can roll over breaks and small rocks with these wheels without passing on. You can also enjoy a smooth trip without any noise.

Additionally, these wheels are suitable for asphalt cruising. What are the chances that you can quickly skim and turn over? These are undoubtedly the best skateboard wheels!

Actually, the pre-mounted bearings work, but it doesn’t last long for me. After a week of use, the bearings shattered. It just pops off the wheel. Simply put, the bearings are not sturdy, which becomes a weakness of these wheels. Nonetheless, it’s nothing you can fix! You can replace the bearings and still reap the benefits of these.
  • Smooth skating experience
  • Pre-mounted bearings
  • High-quality wheels
  • Wheels themselves are durable
  • Cheaply-priced
  • Bearings are not sturdy
The general efficiency of the wheels is superb. It is difficult to find affordable wheels that offer quality smooth sailing. Thus, these wheels surely outweigh any shortcomings.

9. OJ III Skateboard Wheels

These OJ III Skateboard Wheels are next. The 55mm OJ From Concentrate is built to work well on any terrain or feature in the skate park. Without losing efficiency or flat spotting, these wheels come in a classic park style shape guaranteed to sustain speed and slide. These are also compatible with any form of board and these wheels can be used on concrete, asphalt, wood ramps, and masonite flooring.

These compatible skateboard wheels for masonite made with a durable material comes with a smooth, quiet, and fine performance. It’s strong and durable enough to slide down without falling. The wheel’s 54mm width is perfect as it is not too small or too wide. For skating on level surfaces and streets, it’s very steady.

The compatibility of these wheels make them versatile. They can easily fit any kind of skateboard or longboard. The wheels themselves can also be quickly mounted since they come with a clear, straightforward installation guide to help users.

As they are direct copies of how a skateboard wheel might look today, you will certainly cherish these wheels. These wheels make cruising and road transport a profitable trade-off. It is an ideal road wheel that is vigorously prescribed for anyone on unpleasant roads or gravel attempting to get around.

Its design is the only defect. The wheels are sort of bland and only one white color is offered. However, these wheels are unmatched quality-wise.
  • Compatible with any boards
  • Can be used on masonite flooring
  • Sturdy
  • Durable and should last long
  • Bland design with only one color option
For your skating experience, these are good wheels. They perfectly guide you and ensure that your skating experience is smooth. Such wheels can be used on any flooring and are compatible with boards of any kind. Essentially, these are must-have wheels.

10. rabd Street Skateboard Wheels

Last on our review is this 52mm wide rabd Street Skateboard Wheels with a 99a Smooth Formula durometer. With the 99A durometer count, the wheels are smooth-rolling and stunningly fast. They are made of delicate urethane for holding and a notched touch fix. These wheels make the toughest surface feel like flat concrete and are solid wheels for indoor skateparks.

They feature a modern shape that is not bulky or heavy. Plus, the colors are made to attract skaters. They have camo, pink, black, and white available. It’s fun to ride on these wheels as they make most surfaces smooth rather than unpleasant. When compared to ordinary wheels, they promise that you will skate without complaints.

For riding around and executing phenomenal stunts, they are a decent choice. You can install or fix the bearings easily without any issues as well. Without getting shaken by rocks, or pushing without fail, you can go anywhere using these wheels. It’s perfect for taking on a journey and cruising.

For indoor skating, these wheels are compatible with any floor type and provides you with a smooth ride without stopping. Besides, these wheels are made for both beginners and experienced skaters. When skating, it provides 100% efficiency, which is why there are a lot of skaters who recommend these wheels. In addition, these are made by a trusted company in the United States.

I was hoping that they would come with tailored bearings. Unfortunately, that is not the case as they are accompanied by bearings. There are several different kinds of bearings, and for a skater, finding the right fit is tiring. However, if you manage to find appropriate bearings for these wheels, you will be guaranteed excellent performance.
  • Smooth
  • Gives an excellent performance
  • Can be used on an indoor skatepark
  • Durable
  • No bearings included
To conclude, this wheel is a great choice to choose from. It provides you with exquisite performance. Not only that, these wheels will secure your skating needs in terms of both quality and compatibility.

What to Look for When Buying Skateboard Wheels for Wood Ramps


With regard to buying skateboard wheels, individuals have various alternatives. On the off chance that wise speculation is needed, the best skateboard wheels are excellent urethane wheels. When shopping for skateboard wheels, get acquainted with the most important components as follows.

The Wheel’s Size

The main variables in terms of shopping for skateboard wheels are the hardness called “Durometer” and size. Skateboard wheels’ width or height can influence the skater’s appearance.

Accordingly, the wheel’s size is one of the important aspects you should consider. Small wheels and big wheels convey big differences in performance. There are specific sizes you should choose from, also, considering the type of flooring you glide on which greatly affect the performance of the wheels.

A bigger wheel diameter, for example, goes faster and weighs a little more compared to a smaller wheel. Then again, it raises you and the deck from the earliest stage as compared to a more massive wheel.

Smaller wheels are for specialized road skaters because they are lightweight, allowing flip tricks to be executed. On the other hand, larger wheels provide more speed. As for modest wheels, they weigh less and make it easier to travel, sitting the rider closer to the deck.

The diameter around a skateboard wheel is measured in millimeters. The scale ranges from 49 millimeters to 75 millimeters, and if you have not explored the various avenues of sizes of skate wheels, 26 millimeters is your safest bet. However, keep in mind that two to three millimeters will still incur a noticeable impact.

The Durometer Wheel

The durometer alludes to the hardness of skateboard wheels, which, like the measure of absorbed shock, defines the grip of the wheel. With applied pressure, a softer wheel compresses, providing more hold and allowing more shock absorption.

Under strain, a stronger wheel barely compresses, offering less grip and less shock resistance. Although soft wheels strive to produce a smooth ride, due to their responsiveness, hard wheels are better suited for transition and street skaters.

When riding on hard wheels, you can feel everything when you turn over at the same time. When you are skating in parks or cruising on asphalt and cement, the wheels durometer are the ones you should consider looking to. Similarly, hard wheels react easily to body innovations. At whatever point you snap into an ollie, the weight you apply will transfer directly to the wheels, giving you an intense pop.


Wheels that are smooth-rolling and extremely fast are the best skateboard wheels for wood ramps. They operate on the roughest surface, with a modern shape that is not bulky or cumbersome and feels like a smooth warehouse flooring. They should be suitable for cruising and filming. For riding around and performing tricks, you’ll prefer quieter ones. Using these wheels, you can get anywhere without being shaken by bumps. Make sure to check and choose one in the above review that suits you best.

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