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The Best Skateboard Wheels of All Time

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

best skateboards wheels

Getting skateboards is no less than fun and fulfilling. You get the hype of new trucks, decks, graphic designs, and wheels. But like any vehicle or item we purchase, we need to ensure we’re paying for the most appropriate parts.

For example, picking the perfect skateboard wheels is not only about their overall appearance. We also have to look after how they will perform in the long run. So, let me share the best skateboard wheels characterized by the following factors.

  • Wheel type – The good thing about skateboards is that brands tend to reach out to more individuals by customizing their parts based on their preferred styles. Wheels for skateboarding come in three types; longboards, cruisers, and street rollers.

Street wheels are the most appropriate rollers to use for tricks. They come in various shapes suited for rails on the skate parks. Also, these wheels are significantly lighter.

For smooth rides, cruisers are the way to go. These wheels are a perfect option for the roads because they aim to neutralize cracks and small debris on your way.

Longboard wheels are ideally the largest of these three. They are fast, tougher than cruiser wheels, and are more suited for commuting.

  • Wheel hardness – We won’t know how hard the wheel is by looking at it. Most skateboarders attest to the roller’s hardness after riding it.

Now, let’s label skateboard wheels in two; soft and hard. Soft wheels are the grippy ones that roll over rough surfaces. On the other hand, hard wheeks are the speedy ones. They are also the perfect choice for doing skate tricks.

  • Contact patches – The contact patch of a wheel defines how much surfaces touch the ground. It’s also dependent on the shape of the rollers.

Broad contact patches are grippy, and they work best for commuting. Meanwhile, a narrower contact patch has less grip but lesser friction too.

To better understand these and more aspects of skateboard wheels, make sure to get into the buying guide section of this article. That way, you’ll know the best practices in selecting new skateboard wheels. For now, let me share today’s top skateboard wheels.

Top 1

FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels

– 83a durometer hardness level

– Has a neat and delicate packaging

– Inclusion of ABEC-7 bearings and spacers

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Top 2

Ricta Clouds Skateboard Wheels

– 86a hardness level 

– Comfortable, versatile wheels

– Quietly operating skate wheels

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Top 3

Powell Peralta Skateboard Wheels

– 97a grippy wheels

– Comes in four colors

– An ideal old-school skateboard

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Top 10 Skateboard Wheels Reviews

1. FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels

Coming from a broader, larger class is the FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels. Versus the previous item, these rollers come at a 60mm diameter.

I suggest that this size is ideal for skaters who love to go downhill skating with their longboards. While they may accelerate slowly because of their size, they still have the upper hand in speed.

I like these wheels because they bring several skateboarders convenience. Each roller comes with ABEC-7 bearings and spacers installed, making this model a plug-and-play set. And with these additions, I think this model is also a cost-saving option.

Besides size being perfect for longboards, these rollers are also of their ideal hardness level. They have an 83a durometer hardness, making them roll smooth on the roads and skate park terrains. I also once tried them with concrete and asphalt, and all I got was consistently smooth skate rides.

Another thing I love here is how the brand maintains quality, from the contents to its packaging. Each 4-piece set of these wheels comes in a neat, delicate box. And while I rarely give feedback on this aspect, I can’t help but appreciate it because it kept the wheels safe from loss and damage.

It didn’t happen on the set I bought yet, but a few buyers complained about these wheels wearing out too soon. I’m unsure how they used these, but I ride these wheels only in their appropriate locations.
  • 60mm wheels perfect for downhill skating and with high speed
  • Inclusion of ABEC-7 bearings and spacers for cost savings and convenience
  • 83a durometer hardness level suited for any road and skate park
  • Has a neat and delicate packaging
  • Some users complained these wheels wore out too fast
Overall, the bearings and spacers addition is what I like the most. These wheels work well for asphalt and almost any concrete surface. And like many skaters, I enjoy fast rides with these.

2. Ricta Clouds 78A Skateboard Wheels

Another cruiser wheel on our list comes from Ricta Clouds 78A Skateboard Wheels.

These rollers are as light as clouds, living up to their brand name. Each wheel comes in a modern shape that’s never too bulky. They are also lightweight wheels as the package weighs only 0.27kg. While this number can be unbelievable, many buyers can already attest to it.

Another attribute I like about these wheels is their versatility. With this model’s 86a hardness level, the wheels can roll well on skateparks and the streets. And from a general wheel hardness chart, rollers at this range are also grippy. So, cornering with these is no less than possible.

As many skateboarders might agree with me, these wheels are also comfortable. And for a user on the stage of calibrating skateboards, this aspect is more relevant. Besides being smooth, these rollers also offer decent speed. So, they’re not only versatile in terms of skating style but also skater levels.

I also appreciate these wheels quietly operating. Especially for beginners, noisy rollers can be a source of damage speculations on the skateboard. But as for many experienced buyers, these wheels operate silently. And with that, there’s not much worry needed about unwanted wheel noises.

On the downside, these rollers are slightly bouncy. They still work well on other aspects, but other skateboarders had trouble balancing after a few landings.
  • Modern-shaped skate wheels that only weigh 0.27kg overall
  • 86a hardness level making the wheels work well on streets and skate parks
  • Comfortable, versatile wheels offering sufficient speed
  • Quietly operating skate wheels
  • Slightly bouncy feel causing threats to balance
I suppose everyone loves the grip levels these skate wheels have. They’re lightweight, comfortable, and one of the most flexible wheels on this list.

3. Powell Peralta G-Bones 97a Skateboard Wheels

The last one I added to my list features a classic build and design. The Powell Peralta G-Bones 97a Skateboard Wheels are undoubtedly the perfect old-school wheels choice.

Several skateboarders shared the same thoughts on these wheels. They find this set best suited for old-school decks. And what’s good about this brand is it allows powerslides seamlessly. With that, skaters can enjoy doing this style with much confidence.

Similar to some previous items, these wheels offer sufficient grip. Each roller has a 97a hardness level. And looking at the chart, this figure belongs to the all-around wheel group. Ideally, these wheels work well on streets, parks, bowls, and ramps. Not only that, but beginners can also benefit from this versatility.

These are the top wheels on my list in size with 64mm diameters. And as a general concept, wheels with wide diameters fit old-school boards. But more apparently, this type of skate wheel is speedy and applicable for rough roads. So, if the hardness makes it slide well on smooth surfaces, the size lets it roll on the rough ones.

The versatility of these wheels does not only end their performance. This aspect also extends to the aesthetic side. This model alone comes in four colors; black, green, blue, and white. And in all these options, the wheels remain of decent quality. Having plenty of color options is simply for better customization.

As someone particular about ads, I noticed the wheels are darker than the advertisements. Nevertheless, this observation is not performance-related.
  • An ideal old-school skateboard that allows powerslides seamlessly
  • 97a grippy wheels working for beginners and in various locations
  • 64mm rollers that are speedy and suited for rough surfaces
  • Comes in four colors; black, blue, green, and white
  • Wheels were darker than the photos in the advertisement
All in all, these wheels are versatile, like many items we reviewed. They come in decent colors and having these wheels remind many users of skate culture back then.

4. Bones Wheels ATF Skateboard Wheels

In my opinion, the Bones Wheels ATF Skateboard Wheels are the perfect example of wheels equally soft and tough.

These wheels feature an 80a durometer hardness level, making them suited for rough terrains. They also neutralize road cracks and debris, and I think that’s one of the factors that help riders stabilize better on their skateboards.

To match the softness of these ATF rollers, Bones uses high-quality urethane on their wheels. This feature keeps the roller’s structure solid and resistant to flat-spotting. In effect, the wheels retain their perfectly rounded shape. Plus, the skater gets to enjoy them for a reasonably long time.

As one buyer said, these Bones wheels work well for a hybrid skateboard used on skate ramps and the streets. What’s better is that only a young beginner used the mentioned hybrid skateboard. So, these wheels are not only flexible through riding style but of the skater’s level too.

An added aspect that makes these wheels ideal for young users is their weight. In another Reddit review, the buyer affirmed how these rollers are not heavy when riding.

Besides being for beginners, this factor also fits riders with average legs when driving skateboards using these wheels.

These wheels may not be at the top of their line, but I never had any drawback from them in a while. They’re good wheels for skateboards.
  • 80a hardness level that neutralizes rough surfaces and stabilizes skate rides
  • Solid skate rollers with high-quality urethane for flat-spotting resistance
  • Ideal for hybrid skateboards used for skateparks and cruising
  • Lightweight rollers that suit young and average-legged riders
  • None at the moment
These Bones rollers work within my expectations. I love how versatile they are, and their durable structure makes them a decent set of skate wheels.

5. Spitfire F4 99 Classic Wheels

​​The Spitfire F4 99 Classic Wheels are the perfect set for skateboarders who want some thrill. I am glad I picked this set for the latest skateboard upgrade.

The numbers laid on these wheels don’t play around. Each wheel has a 101a durometer hardness level, allowing any skater to ride with exceptional speed. Not only that, but rollers this tough also slide perfectly. So, they can be the perfect pro skateboard wheels.

Speed-skating also requires some support to keep the rider safe. And I think that aspect is evident in this model. Spitfire F4 comes with a 100% True Performance urethane body helping the skater obtain sufficient control of the skateboard. That way, users become less prone to accidents and injuries.

A subsequent benefit of these wheels’ hardness level and structure is their lifespan. Like several skateboarders, I enjoyed these rollers for quite some time before experiencing minor drawbacks. They slide perfectly, roll fast, and are one of the most durable wheelsets I have.

I think these wheels are of the ideal size. They may not be part of the smallest ones, but their 56mm diameter makes them a versatile set. On top of speed-skating, these rollers also fit skate parks, ramps, and bowls, frequent places for most professional skateboarders.

However, I wish the seller would be more attentive to the orders. I received a set with the wrong color. And like some buyers, I decided to use them anyway because of the same hardness.
  • 101a durometer that makes the wheels run fast
  • 100% True Performance urethane body enhancing skateboard control and safety
  • Durable wheels with a long lifespan
  • 56mm size making the wheels versatile for speed and park skating
  • Arrived in a wrong color
Regardless, I am happy about these wheels’ balanced durability and riding performance. They’re fast, hard, safe, and could be each pro’s go-to wheel.

6. FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels

I rarely find a set of skate wheels that’s aesthetic and functional during night rides like the FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels.

These wheels come with a transparent body, and many brands also have them. But what sets these rollers apart is each wheel has three LED lights inside. While this feature is not that relevant in performance, having these colorful lights aid skaters on an evening ride.

Featuring a 60mm size and 83a hardness level, these wheels are one of the coolest skateboard wheels for beginners. They work well for random skateboard plays and cruising. Not only that, but they also suit ramps, sidewalks, asphalt, and concrete. So, they’re more like versatile and easy-to-adapt wheels.

One more aspect that makes these rollers versatile is their physical structure. These wheels have a sturdy PU body that’s not only durable but also stable and performs quietly. And as several skateboarders say, these rollers fit downhill skating because of their grippy edges.

Compared to other skateboarding wheels, this set is not the cheapest. But with their addition of unique LED lights and versatility, I think they are a good grab for any rider. Performance-wise, they are also easy to ride, and they fit almost any skating space.

These cool skateboard wheels came with a set of bearings already installed. However, they were not as smooth as other wheel cores. Nonetheless, I got to replace mine, and since then, I did enjoy riding them smoothly.
  • Has three LED lights on each wheel for evening rides
  • 83a 60mm wheels that are versatile and roll well on almost any surface
  • Durable PU body allowing quiet operation with grippy edges for downhill skating
  • Well-performing, unique and versatile wheels of ideal value
  • The bearings are not as smooth
I can attest that these rollers are worth spending. Their build, performance, and unique features make them more attractive and suited for beginners and young riders.

7. Bigfoot Skateboard Wheels

Soft wheels for skateboard without decent cores can slow down the board’s performance, so I added Bigfoot Skateboard Wheels to the list.

These skate wheels feature sturdy plastic cores that align the bearings to make the wheels roll with enough speed. I like this inclusion because it helps keep the ball bearings in place while also adding rigidity to the inner wheel part.

Essentially, each wheel has an 83a hardness level designed to suit the preference of most filmers and cruiser skateboarders. These rollers go over rough surfaces with ease. And not only that, but they are also silent-operating rollers. So, anyone who cruises with this skate wheel model can enjoy calming rides.

In several reviews, buyers shared how these wheels are perfect for beginners. One mentioned that these rollers helped do basic ollies. And another buyer claimed that these were as smooth as butter when riding around some streets. Ideally, these wheels aren’t only for pro cruisers but starters as well.

One more aspect I love about this variant is it comes in different color options. These wheels may come in black, red, blue, green, and purple, all with a glossy finish. While this aspect does not directly affect the skateboard’s performance, having this versatility means a lot for a user who customizes his skateboard.

However, there was a bubble on one of these rollers when I got them. Some say it’ll cause the wheel to crack, and in that case, I think I need to prepare a replacement.
  • Hard plastic cores supporting the bearings and improve overall speed
  • 83a hardness level preferred by cruiser skaters and filmers
  • Rolls over rough surfaces smoothly and quietly
  • Perfect for beginner skateboarders
  • Comes in different color options for better skateboard customization
  • One wheel arrived with a bubble
These wheels in my array give me balance among versatility, riding performance, and sturdiness. They’re also good skateboard wheels in aesthetics.

8. Landyachtz Chubby and Fatty Hawgs Wheels

Looking at their name, Landyachtz Chubby and Fatty Hawgs Wheels seem to dodge almost any skating space.

One of the most salient features of these wheels is their exceptionally bulky structure. But that does not come without a purpose. This wheel build allows the skateboard rollers to ride almost any surface. Thus, they are more like versatile skate wheels for anyone.

If there’s one thing unique about these rollers, it’s their stoneground finish. I rarely see this way of finishing the rolling surfaces of these wheels, but they serve several benefits. This aspect helps the rider slide well with the skateboard. Plus, with the help of these contact patches, free hill ride becomes more consistent.

Generally, these wheels’ 60mm sizes suit cruising best. And checking on other skateboarders’ reviews, they all affirm these rollers work well for filming and cruising. Also, these wheels effectively rolling over cracks and small debris is already a bonus.

Other than the sliding abilities of these rollers, one buyer shared how these wheels are stable and maneuverable. And even if cruising does not essentially require as much balance as doing tricks, the stability and controllability of these wheels still matter.

This wheelset performs as expected, and I don’t have any form of a drawback for now.
  • Exceptionally bulky design that lets the wheels move on almost any surface
  • Stoneground finish for better sliding and improved free hill ride
  • 60mm wheel size that works best for cruising and filming
  • Gets over road cracks and debris smoothly
  • Stable and maneuverable skate wheels
  • None for now
The design and build of these skateboard wheels are unique. They dodge small road obstacles with ease. And for a cruiser, I think this is one of the integral considerations to check.

9. Spitfire Bighead Wheels

My first review is Spitfire Bighead Wheels made with quality urethane. I looked for 52mm wheels, which must be small enough for various technical skating styles.

The skate roller sizing guide indicates these figures belong to the group suited for tricks and street skating. Not only that, but the brand says these numbers are ideally appropriate for young riders.

I notice that if there’s one thing making these wheels more suited for beginners, it’s their hardness level. Each wheel comes in a 99a durometer hardness, designing the whole set to be an all-around one. Additionally, wheels this hard have decent grip and speed, so they remain equally challenging and safe.

One more benefit of these wheels coming at a reasonably small size is they feel light. Whether professional skaters or beginners, they all affirm how manageable these rollers are. And for someone who frequently skates, this aspect can help lessen strains on the rider’s legs.

Durability-wise, I think this Spitfire model doesn’t disappoint. As per some skateboarders, these rollers do not get flat spots too quickly. That means these wheels roll in perfect shape for a reasonable period. And with that, there’s no doubt this brand is a staple for many users.

It’s not a disadvantage on the wheels’ performance, but I would be happier had they arrived on time. It took me a few more days to finally get a ride with them.
  • 52mm size perfect for tricks, streets, and young skaters
  • All around skateboard wheels at 99a hardness level with grip and speed
  • Lightweight rollers that assist the rider’s legs
  • Do not gain suffer from flat spots too quickly
  • Minor shipping issue: arrived a bit late
These wheels have the perfect balance of body toughness, speed, and weight. These attributes make up the ideal definition of an all-around skate wheel.

10. LOSENKA 52mm Skateboard Wheels

If I am to consider acceleration and precision, LOSENKA 52mm Skateboard Wheels can be one of my top choices.

Like the previous product, these wheels also come with bearings and spacers. But if there’s a difference between the two, this model uses ABEC-9 wheel cores. These additions make the wheels accelerate better and roll with more precision.

Besides being precise wheels, I think this wheels and bearings set is also fast. These rollers come in 100a hardness level, the fastest in the durometer A scale.

Not only that, but rollers at this level are more fit for skateparks and U-shaped pools. So, they are not only fast wheels but are versatile ones too.

Essentially, these wheels are also sturdy. Losenka uses a unique instantaneous cold infusion process in making their wheels. It may not be too famous for anybody, but this method makes the brand’s wheels solid and wear-resistant. So, riders can enjoy these wheels longer without worrying about chipping out or flattening too soon.

For beginners, it’s ideal to start skating without the hassle of bumps and rough roads, where this wheelset suits best. Aside from having 100a hardness, these rollers are also efficient shock absorbers. And with this aspect, beginners and young riders can skate with better stability and riding smoothness.

On the downside, I think these wheels have a slightly high price. Like some buyers, I also find it more costly. Nonetheless, they arrived ready to install.
  • Comes with ABEC-9 bearings for better acceleration and precision
  • 100a hardness level that makes the wheels fast and versatile
  • Unique cold infusion manufacturing process for distinct durability
  • Has shock absorption capacity making the wheels beginner-friendly
  • A bit pricier than some wheels
I love the balance of speed, precision, and stability on these wheels. They have a sturdy structure, and I think they’d cope well with agile skateboarding.

What to Look for When Buying Skateboard Wheels?


Skateboard wheels come in different specifications. And for a buyer without sufficient knowledge about how the physical attributes and figures of these parts work, it will not be an easy process. Check this skateboard wheels guide.

  • Knowing your skateboard type

One of the most efficient ways to identify the perfect wheels is to know the skateboard you want to ride. And for a better discussion, let’s have three skateboard types; standard, cruisers, and longboards.

  • Standard – This is where street wheels sit. Conceptually, street rollers are small and hard. And because of their size, street wheels make the skateboard tricks look light and easy to execute.
  • Cruisers – Cruiser wheels are the most relaxing because of their quiet and stable operation. Manufacturers designed these rollers to get through rough surfaces with ease and comfort.

In terms of size, these go somewhere between street and longboard wheels. Also, they’re ideally grippy and soft.

  • Longboards – Longboard wheels come in two groups; speed and commuting. Longboard rollers for fast rides go at a higher hardness level versus cruisers. On the other hand, commuting rollers are as soft as cruiser wheels.

If there’s a significant difference between cruisers and longboards, the latter has the upper hand in size.

  • Wheel hardness

Let’s try to connect the abovementioned wheel types with other skating styles through this wheel hardness guide.

  • 101a – These are the hard wheels skateboard professionals use. They have exceptional speed and hardness, but they don’t work well against rough surfaces.
  • 96a to 99a – This range has the best all-around wheels in terms of skill level and riding location. Wheels this hard are ideal for beginners. They are also suited for street skating, parks, pools, ramps, and other smooth surfaces.
  • 88a to 95a – These wheels have a reasonable amount of grip. They also work fast and have the right balance of hardness. I think street decks work with this hardness level best.
  • 78a to 87a – Rollers in this range are the softest. They’re the best options for riding rough surfaces and hills. And if we search for the perfect deck for them, we’ll find longboards. They’re grippy and smooth, and they dodge cracks and road debris with ease.
  • Size

Next, make sure you pay attention to the dimensions of skate wheels to choose the right piece for your tricks.

  • 50mm to 53mm – Street wheels belong in this size range. They’re ideal for park, bowls, streets, and other trick riding.
  • 54mm to 59mm – They’re similar to the previous range in applications. However, these wheels are more on the beginner side because they work well for skaters starting to learn the sport.
  • 60mm and up – This is where longboard wheels belong. Besides longboards, 60mm wheels also suit old-school and downhill skateboards.
  • Shape and contact patch

The concept of contact patches is straightforward. Let’s have two examples; the wide and the narrow contact patch.

  • Wide – This grippy style suits wheels used for commuting. If you check longboard wheels, you’ll see a close to complete contact of the rounded exterior of the roller against the ground.
  • Narrow – These contact patches are famous for street wheels. They have less grip because of the shape of most street skateboard wheels.

Note that broader contact patches allow even weight distribution on your wheels. In effect, pressure on the urethane lessens along with the rolling resistance.

  • Bearings inclusion

We decided to include this aspect in the buying guide to inform new skaters about the wheel market.

While several brands today already incorporate bearings with their rollers, some still don’t. And as a skateboarder, it has to be an economic decision because these additions entail varied costs compared to buying them separately.

Nonetheless, having a wheelset with bearings installed doesn’t only save you money but effort too.

These considerations may be challenging to connect. However, it’s only the start of the process. Eventually, you’ll master all these and come up with your best skate wheels configuration.

Are Rubber Wheels Good for Skateboards?

There might be a few brands today that still produce skateboard wheels made from materials other than urethane. But that does not come without drawbacks.

Rubber wheels are not as durable as PU rollers. They may be grippy, but they won’t last long like urethane wheels.

In the same way, plastic skate wheels have control repercussions. Sliding with them is risky, and they may put your skateboard off balance.

What Is the Best Brand of Skateboard Wheels?

Skateboard wheels are not only exceptionally better merely because of their brand. They become a staple because the brand incorporates technique and style to arrive at the best wheels for skateboard.

I think the best skateboard wheel brand since then is Spitfire. Spitfire wheels have the perfect balance of durability and versatility. I love their street wheels the most because they’re ideally hard. And these rollers being lightweight feels more like a bonus for any user.

What Wheels Does Tony Hawk Ride?

Famous skater Tony Hawk uses Bones SPF Pro Tony Hawk Talon Skateboard Wheels P5 Sidecut. These rollers come in 60mm size with 104a hardness level.

These wheels’ unique formula makes them resistant to flat-spotting while maintaining high rebound. They’re also grippy on slick surfaces, and they are undoubtedly the fastest skateboard wheels today.

Is It Easier to Ollie With Smaller Wheels?

Generally, small wheels help improve trick execution. To perform ollies, wheels at around 50mm to 60mm with a hardness level of 95a to 101a will be the best hack.

Like any other skate trick, wheels within this range give the rider a light feeling of the skateboard. And I think it’s an added convenience, especially for users starting to master technical skating.


Wheels, in general, are vital in moving an object from one point to another. Whether in cars, bikes, or skateboards, having the appropriate set of rollers yields no less than quality results.

Using the best skateboard wheels, getting that deck through the streets, ramps, and hills is now possible. Remember that all the aspects we discussed are related. That means we need to understand all of them to identify the best wheels we need.

Slide, jump, and glide using your best rollers. If you have questions, kindly leave them in the comments section.

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