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The Best Skateboards for 3 Year Old

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

best skateboard for 3 year old

Wise men say that great things start with small beginnings. This nugget of wisdom also applies to skateboarding, in which the younger your kids start, the faster they get better in riding. And to reach their full potential, parents should know that their children need the best skateboard for 3 year old.

Choosing the right skateboard for your kiddos should not be a Herculean task. With the proper knowledge and a few bucks, you can take home one model to support their learning. Luckily, kids are now granted numerous great choices, and brands have combined aesthetics and performance in their latest releases that little ones will surely love.

So without further ado, check out our list of the freshest and coolest beginner skateboards and keep in mind our reviews and recommendations before buying one for your kiddos.


Top 1

Merkapa Complete Skateboard

– Sports ABEC-7 rated bearings 

– Shorter 22-inch deck for smaller kids

– Available in 11 playful colors

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Top 2

Rude Boyz Mini Cruiser

– Shorter deck (17 inches) translates into better control

– Made of durable wooden deck

– Fitted with ABEC-7 bearings

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Top 3

Andrimax Complete Skateboard

– Delivered pre-assembled

– Seven-layer maple wood

– Non-slip grip tape for added safety

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Best Skateboard for 3 Year Old Reviews

1. Merkapa Complete Skateboard

Equipped with LED wheels that illuminate automatically as they start rolling, this skateboard from Merkapa is about making a bold statement.

With 11 playful colors to choose from, you can never go wrong with this 22-inch plastic beginner model. For parents who have deep pockets, the price of this skateboard is justified as the cuteness overload is guaranteed.

The pink model with rainbow LED wheels is just awesome. Your kids will indeed be digging the light-up wheels, which do not require any battery or charging. You just need to loosen the screw cap bit if you want the lighting feature turned off.

Unlike the typical plastic skateboards for kids in toy stores, this one is top of the line. The type of plastic used is high-quality polypropylene, which is very light and durable. With its solid built, I expect this to last a couple of years. As an enthusiast, I love how the company fitted this board with an ABEC-7 bearing, promoting a smoother ride.

The price might be a turn-off for some parents. You can find other skateboards for kids with a lower price tag. For parents who are looking for a more economic model, I suggest checking out rimable skateboard, which is also made of top-quality plastic but friendly on the pocket.
  • Shorter 22-inch deck for smaller kids
  • With innovative light-up LED wheels
  • Available in 11 playful colors
  • Engineered from high-quality plastic for durable yet lightweight use
  • Sports ABEC-7 rated bearings for smoother rides
  • A bit pricey compared to similar plastic models
Want your little ones to ride a skateboard in style? Then this model from Merkapa is the one for them. The fun colors make playtime even better.

2. Rude Boyz Mini Cruiser

There’s no better way to jumpstart your kid’s skateboarding journey with a mini-cruiser that does not skimp on features and style. Rude Boyz is serious about its craft that the company specced this model with top-quality components from wooden deck to ABEC-7 rated bearings. This model comes with everything little kids need to keep them engaged.

My youngest brother, who is crazy about dinosaurs, asked me to get him a skateboard for his fourth birthday. Thankfully, I did not have a hard time finding one that combines his two interests in this triceratops design.

He could not stop admiring his new toy when he opened the box. The print was head-transferred, and the orange wheels are a head-turner.

Besides, the brand offers you other choices such as Cheese Burger or Skull illustration, which are vivid and eye-catching, too.

I was hesitant to get him a skateboard at first for safety reasons but knowing that this one is specifically made for beginners made me at ease. At only 17 inches long, this mini cruiser helps him maintain control and balance, not to mention the non-slip tape for added safety.

The use of premium bearings is a big help, as a kid as small as three to four years old can ride without wheel bite and wobbling.

My only complaint is that the wheels are slippery on some surfaces. They have minimal grip when the kid rides tiles and hardwood. However, the wheels roll fine when using outdoors, and if needed, we can replace the wheels.
  • Made of durable wooden deck
  • Comes in a variety of heat-transferred patterns
  • Shorter deck (17 inches) translates into better control and balance for kids
  • With grip tape to avoid slipping
  • Fitted with ABEC-7 bearings for a smoother ride
  • Wheels are slippery on some surfaces
Featuring the right combination of features and aesthetics, you can never go wrong with this mini cruiser from Rude Boyz, which is among the best options for a skateboard for 4-year-olds.

3. Andrimax Complete Skateboard

On the hunt for a beginners’ skateboard that checks all the boxes? Look no further than the Andrimax complete skateboard, a standard model that combines functionality, quality, and safety. With eight eye-catching patterns to choose from, this one will surely fuel your kids’ passion for riding. Parents will love this because it will not cost them a lot of money.

I attended the birthday party of my workmate’s son and got him this best skateboard for a 3-year-old boy as a gift. I loved the look on his face when he saw the abstract painting design of his new toy.

Because this is pre-assembled, your kid will waste no time trying it out as soon as they open the box. Parents will also be happy as this board can get their little ones to play more outside.

Even though this is a standard-size skateboard, the generous non-slip grip tape on the deck makes it an excellent choice for first-time users. The length may be too big for smaller kids, but my colleagues’ son is tall for his age, so the 31-inch deck is perfect. He can use this for a long time.

The fact that this one is made of seven-layer maple wood means it can handle heavier weights.

The condition of the wheels is the only letdown we noticed. When I checked my colleague how the board was holding up, he said there are already some burn marks on the wheels. A small paint chip on the deck is also noticeable. I bet these are normal for heavy users since my workmate’s son shares this with his older brother.
  • Less costly compared with other standard skateboards
  • Delivered pre-assembled
  • The longer deck makes riding easier for taller kids
  • With generous non-slip grip tape for added safety
  • Constructed with seven-layer maple wood
  • Noticeable burn marks on the wheels when used frequently
Want to save money on a skateboard that your child can grow up with, then go with this one. Designed to cater to all levels of skateboarders, this will ensure that kids learn to ride in no time.

4. PlayWheels Complete Skateboard

PlayWheels has made skateboarding for kids more fun with its superhero-themed patterns. The brand delights with various Spider-Man designs that will let your kids tap into their inner Peter Parker.

Offered in three sizes that perfectly fit three to five-year-old boys and girls, this one is designed to improve their balance as they learn to ride a skateboard.

My godson has many Spider-Man toys, so I got him this kids skateboard to add to his growing collection. There are actually five Spider-Man designs, but I chose the one with a green background to match the helmet that I also bought for him. He was so happy with it.

Also, the overall construction from the maple deck and the composite truck is solid despite its price.

According to the guide, the 21-inch model is perfect for his height and age. Although it was his first time riding a kids’ skateboard, he hardly fell and managed to keep his balance while riding for a couple of yards. The double kick design made everything easier for him, especially when braking and turning. I was surprised that he learned that fast.

I can’t really think of any major setback in this skateboard, except for the excessive plastic wrapping. It was complicated to remove the plastic that it took him and me about 30 minutes because we detached the trucks first to take the wrapper out completely. I hope the company finds a way to improve its packaging. Other than this, I love everything about this board.
  • Available in five colorful Spider-Man patterns
  • Constructed with sturdy maple wood deck
  • Offered in three sizes to suit kids’ age and height
  • More affordable compared to other models
  • Has a double kick for easier control and braking
  • Too much plastic wrapping
Featuring quality materials and decent features for just a few dollars, this double-kick skateboard from PlayWheels will surely make your kids swing like Spider-Man.

5. Kryptonics Complete Skateboard

Easy to ride and comfortable for their little feet? Yes, please. Kryptonics, which has been in business since 1965, has made beginner skateboards a household name, including this double kick crafted for kiddos. With just the right length of 22 inches, this is among the best toddler skateboards that the little ones can practice to boost their riding confidence.

My daughter recently started developing an interest in skateboarding, so I gave her this gift for her to get a feel for riding. I did not spend much on this, but it exceeded my expectations when it arrived on our doorstep. It was ready to be ridden on right out of the box. The red wheels stood out in the cute one-eyed cartoon pattern. She was thrilled with it.

As an enthusiast, I am satisfied with the skateboard’s overall quality from its maple wood deck and steel bearings. The double kick design influenced my decision to buy this because it is easier to control and brake, making it an ideal option for kids who are just starting out. The shorter deck made a big difference. My daughter can easily stand on it without falling.

The plastic trucks will be a slight issue for purists as this sort tends to be less sturdy than the aluminum version. The bolts that attached them to the wheels also need some tightening. But for me, this is only a slight setback given the price of the skateboard. If my daughter becomes more serious in the sport, I’ll get her a standard model.
  • Deck length is perfect for smaller kids
  • Eye-catching designs with matching red wheels
  • Comes in pre-assembled
  • Made of solid maple deck wood
  • Features double kick design for greater stability
  • Fitted with less-durable plastic trucks
For parents who do not want to spend a fortune on a skateboard for their kid who is absolutely in love with the sport, then this one is definitely for you.

6. Perfect Life Ideas Mini Skateboard

The moment your child sets sight on this skateboard, expect him or her to get hooked instantly. Thanks to the designers at Perfect Life Ideas, parents do not have to decide whether to pick between one with the perfect deck length or the coolest design as this model offers both. This skateboard for beginners kid will surely let them make a statement while having fun riding.

My three-year-old nephew used to mimic riders on TV on a makeshift skateboard made of old carton boxes, so I bought him one for his recent birthday. I do not remember seeing him so happy when he opened the package. He loves graffiti design, which is perfect because he also likes to draw and color on paper. The kaleidoscope of colors on the wooden deck is nicely printed.

The best thing about this skateboard is its length. With a 17-inch deck, this is the perfect size for boys and girls beginning their journey into the sport. Seeing my nephew riding it without trouble gives me confidence that he will learn the basics quickly.

Weighing only 7.5 pounds, the skateboard is very light and portable, allowing kids to carry it effortlessly.

The only thing that I am not impressed with is the wheels. Although the fiery red color makes them attractive for kids, they do not roll as smoothly as expected on a bit rough terrains. I tried to put some lube on the bearings to make the wheels roll better. I suggest you do the same to minimize the wobbling issue if it comes up.
  • Available in fun designs suitable for young kids
  • Crafted from real wood
  • Has shorter deck for better control and maneuvering
  • Light (7.5 pounds) compared to other beginner models
  • Its small size makes it handy and portable
  • Wheels not rolling smoothly
Geometrically designed with kids in mind, this skateboard is small but boasts big features from quality components to colorful patterns, which should keep even the pickiest of parents satisfied.

7. Aihoon Standard Skateboard

Big thumbs up to Aihoon for coming up with a stylish skateboard that is versatile enough to be ridden by kids of all ages!

Out of the box, this standard-size model springs into action in no time with street art designs that stay true to skateboarding roots. Although sporting a longer deck, this will make your kiddos feel a little more grown-up while having fun.

Aside from a beautiful skateboard, the free pack of 50 stickers is a bonus. You kid can immediately put the dancing alien design on the deck. Any kid will be happy with such a beautiful and creative toy. Thus, skateboarding can become your family’s bonding activity.

Many parents will be ecstatic that the maple wood deck can handle loads of up to 220 pounds. Because it was fitted with aluminum trucks, the skateboard makes no annoying noise and vibrations when the kid rides it inside the house.

The longer deck makes it suitable for adult use too. You can ride it when you and the kid play outside during our off days.

This is not really an issue but it could have been perfect if there is a free carrying bag similar to the other models at the same price point. Small scratches on the deck could have been prevented if there’s a case to store the skateboard during transport. Nonetheless, this is decent for its price. It has lots of functionality to go along with the fun designs.
  • Longer deck suitable for children of all ages
  • With a free pack of colorful stickers
  • Designed to handle heavier weight
  • Rolls smoothly without vibrations
  • Reasonably priced, unlike other kids’ skateboard
  • No free carrying bag
A cost-effective option for a versatile skateboard that suits all types of riders and personalities, this kids skateboard is a confidence-builder for children who are serious about mastering their craft.

8. Flagman Beginners Skateboard

Kiddos with small feet will have nothing to worry about this skateboard from Flagman Shop, makers of some of the most affordable beginner models you can find in the market today.

Featuring a shorter 17-inch deck that is easy to control, this one ensures that skateboarding stays fun. With 11 stylish patterns to choose from, this skateboard is winning points even from the pickiest kids.

My neighbor’s kid saw me riding a skateboard one weekend and asked me if he can try it. Seeing that he has the potential to be a good skateboarder, I bought the ninja design for him and invited him to go to the park to try it out. The other kids were envious of his new toy, which also boasts striking red wheels and jet-black aluminum trucks.

The construction of this skateboard amazed me a lot. The company managed to pull off a double-warp design on this rookie skateboard, making it very easy to ride on.

In just a few weeks, my neighbor’s kid can cruise without falling and managed to perform simple pivoting and turning. Since it was light, he can also carry it on the way home without any trouble. Yet, its durable construction can handle a maximum of 220 lbs, so kids at age 4 to 8 can ride this one nicely.

The only minor drawback about this skateboard is the quality of the print on the deck. A portion of the printed pattern was already torn off after it became wet due to the rain.
  • Inexpensive compared to other kids’ skateboard
  • Lots of color patterns to choose from
  • Shorter deck suits small feet of kids
  • Double-warped design for easier maneuvering
  • Lightweight yet durable, handling 220 lbs
  • Non-waterproof prints on the deck
This scaled-down version boasts the same chops as its adult counterparts but with a few refinements to suit very young riders’ needs.

Can a 3-Year-Old Skateboard


According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the professional association dedicated to the health and wellness of children, skateboarding is recommended only for kids aged 6 to 10 years old. Children younger than five years old, on the other hand, are advised not to ride a skateboard for safety reasons. However, three-year-olds can still enjoy the fun of skateboarding.

Safety is the top concern once your three-year-old kids take an interest in learning how to ride a skateboard. As long as there is strict adult supervision, riding is generally okay. To avoid any possible injury, parents and guardians should strictly adhere to basic safety precautions. As children learn by copying others, always set a good example.

Wearing a helmet is mandatory. This is to protect the head and face when they fall. The rule of thumb is to make sure that the helmet perfectly fits the head of your kids. Whether it is a skateboarding-specific type or a multi-sport version, a helmet should fit snugly and does not slide down their eyes to avoid vision impairment when riding.

The use of wrist guards, as well as knee and elbow pads, is also recommended for extra protection. It will not hurt to let your kids wear closed-toe rubber shoes with grippy outsoles for better foot grip. Riding in slippers is a big no-no. Also, make sure that they wear loose T-shirts and shorts that do not interfere with their movement.

While your kids are still learning the ropes, let them ride in your garage or on the street near you but make sure that there is no or less traffic. Once they become used to it, accompany them to your neighborhood skate park to test their riding skills. Just make sure to supervise them closely in case of an accident. The important thing is to encourage them to always have fun.

Parents bear a lot of responsibilities in keeping their kids safe. Before allowing them to play, make sure that their skateboard is well-maintained. Always check if the bearings need lubrication to ensure a smoother and flawless ride. It is always wise to check if the wheels and grip tape need a replacement. Remember that most skateboarding accidents are avoidable.

What Size Skateboard for a 3-Year-Old Beginner


The height of your children should determine the right size. A deck between 17 inches and 21 inches is recommended for smaller kids because they are easier to control. Taller kids can go to the standard 31-inch model as long as they are comfortable riding it. If they are serious about skateboarding, get one that they can grow up with, such as Yuebo complete pro skateboard.

The size of the skateboard should also match the riding capabilities of your children. Getting them a mini skateboard is a good start as this will help gauge if they are eager to learn and move up to the next level. Minis are also easier to handle and brake so your kids can learn faster. Top brands such as Skatexs offer a wide selection of beginner skateboards.

Children aged three might find longer deck models or standard size skateboards limiting. A big skateboard is harder to steer, which takes away the fun of riding from your three-year-old kids. The important thing is to make sure that your little ones think that their new skateboard is cool and they enjoy riding it.

A slightly wider deck is recommended for smaller kids because it gives them more versatility. They can easily ride it in your garage or on the street across your house. Once they get bigger and their skills improve over time, they can start using a narrower board, albeit with slight upgrades on the wheels and bushings for a smoother ride.

Wider boards are likewise suitable for cruising since they provide more stability and are more comfortable to stand on. Although narrow decks are lighter, they are more appropriate for older kids and young adults who are into performing tricks and doing quick turns. Riding on a narrower deck is less stable, so it might take your kids a while to master various skateboarding skills.

According to some, the size of your kids’ shoes also matters. The bigger their shoe size, the wider the deck you should get. To determine their proper size, have them stand on a skateboard and check if the deck’s width is proportional to their shoe size. The specifications of skateboards are typically mentioned in all online shopping sites to check them first.

If you are looking for skateboards for your child, you are surely a parent who is passionate about this sport, therefore here we have gathered more skateboards that will suit your purposes such as commuting , carver and surf.


They may be small, but three-year-old kids are capable of riding a skateboard, given the right equipment and proper guidance from their parents.

Igniting their passion for riding starts with giving them the best skateboard for 3 year old. There are plenty of options to choose from but begin with one that fits their height and weight. Kids skateboards should also be easy to control and maneuver as riding comfort spells a difference in how fast they learn to ride a skateboard.

No matter the stage of your children’s riding ability, skateboards for kids should be fun and fit to continuously support their learning.

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