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The Best Skateboards for 6 Year Old

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

best skateboard for 6 year old

Skateboarding is a great activity to get into, even for children as young as six. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), a 6-year-old child can be allowed to skateboard, granted that there is an adult watching. A fun and challenging activity, skateboarding is known to enhance a child’s coordination and balance.

Is your six-year-old child showing interest in skateboarding? Allow them to enjoy the hobby, but make sure you get the best skateboard for 6 year old kids. There are plenty of options out there — from the kind that you can assemble to those complete pre-made ones.

I recommend that you take time to read through this guide to help you learn more about the right beginner skateboard for a 6-year-old. The following information and details should help you get only the best for your child, from the ideal size to the suitable materials.


Top 1

Beleev Skateboards

– Lightweight board at 31 inches long, 8 inches wide

– 55mm 95A high-rebound PU wheels 

– Seven layers of sturdy maple construction

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Top 2

ChromeWheels Skateboard Cruiser

– The free carrying case is easy to put on

– Anti-shock PU wheels, precision bearings

– 8 layers of high-density maple wood board

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Top 3

Scientoy Beginner Skateboard

– 9 layers of high-quality maple wood

– Comes with a tool kit, for quick tune-ups

– Wide 95A PU Wheels and 5-inch alloy trucks

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Best Skateboard for 6 Year Old Reviews

1. Beleev Skateboards for Beginners

The Beleev Skateboards for Beginners is easily one of the best skateboards for kids age 6 and up. It comes at an affordable price for a full-size board, and I was just glad to find something cool to give as a gift.

The board is pretty lightweight at 31 inches long, 8 inches wide, and seven layers of sturdy maple. I love that kids and adults alike can easily carry it around. If you want a skateboard for 7 year old children, this one will suffice.

The kid will indeed love the colorful and creative patterns on the board. It is printed using Heat Transfer technology, ensuring long-lasting use for even the most active kids.

Another plus for this board is the 55mm 95A high-rebound PU wheels, which are solid and durable. These wheels have superb rotation and effortlessly turns the board without rubbing on it.

Parents who are looking to purchase a good skateboard for 6-year-old kids shouldn’t worry about its safety. This board has emery non-slip grip tape that’s waterproof and provides terrific traction. It also has excellent grips that aren’t easily scratched or ripped off.

I only have one issue with this board. The 5-inch heavy-duty aluminum alloy trucks need to be adjusted as they are loose. I think this causes the creaky sound the first time you ride the board, which can be distracting for a beginner. Be sure to test it first before allowing your kids on it. Apart from that, this is a reliable 6 year old skateboarding item.
  • A lightweight board at 31 inches long, 8 inches wide
  • Seven layers of sturdy maple construction for sturdy use
  • 55mm 95A high-rebound PU wheels for superb rotation
  • Has emery non-slip grip tape that’s waterproof for excellent traction
  • Trucks need to be adjusted because they feel loose
  • The board can be creaky at first
Overall, I highly recommend this board. Whether it:s for your 6 year old skateboarder or for yourself, you are assured of a top-quality skateboard that you can enjoy for years.

2. ChromeWheels Skateboard Cruiser

If you’re looking for a good starter board for a 6-year-old skateboarder, ChromeWheels is a fantastic choice. I bought the one with a blazing fire design on it, and my niece loves it. It is a full-size board at 31 inches long and 8 inches wide, with a rigid board that can carry up to 220 lbs.

I love the solid built, which is due to its high-density eight-layer maple wood board. The material perfectly holds its double kick concave design, which is stable and easy to control.

Another great thing about this board is the emery non-slip surface which provides solid and reliable traction while riding. I think this is something that should always be considered when buying a safe skateboard for kids.

Furthermore, the board comes with a super cool carrying case that kids can strap on their shoulders while riding the board. My niece loves it, and I think such a case is not all skateboard makers included in the package.

I got to try this board myself, and the ride was pretty smooth. The 50mm anti-shock PU wheels, ABEC-7 precision bearings, and PU bushings all do the job well and surely make even the first ride easy.

An issue is the slight peeling on the decal, but that can be easily fixed. Overall, this is a neat skateboard for a 6 year old girl or boy.
  • A full-size board at 31 inches long and 8 inches wide
  • Solid eight layers of high-density maple wood board
  • Comes with a non-slip surface for a reliable and powerful traction
  • Anti-shock PU wheels, precision bearings, and PU bushings for a smooth ride
  • The free carrying case is easy to put on
  • There is light peeling on the decal, but that’s easy to fix
My niece loves it, it’s safe and satisfies her fun and active spirit. I recommend it to those in the hunt for a good starter skateboard.

3. Scientoy Beginner Skateboard

This skateboard has it all. If you know a 6-year-old who is showing interest in this fun and challenging activity, then consider buying this one. At this price range, the Scientoy Skateboard could be the best starter skateboard for 6 year old kids.

It all starts with the sturdy deck, which is nine layers of high-quality maple wood. This board is suitable for those just beginning to skateboard and those who have been doing it for years. At 31 inches long and 8 inches wide, this board can hold up to 220 lbs of weight. Yes, I did get to ride it as well, and it was pretty smooth.

I love how the 95A PU Wheels are wider than usual, and they roll smoothly. Along with the 5-inch alloy truck that keeps the board steady, you’re sure to have a safe ride.

Notably, this package comes with a repair kit, including two screws of trucks and two screws of wheels. It allows us to install the board for use right away.

However, my niece said it feels a little weird when she makes a turn, and apparently, it is the wheels rubbing against the board sometimes. You can replace them with a new set if necessary.
  • A sturdy deck made of nine layers of high-quality maple wood
  • Holds up to 220 lbs, ideal for both kids and adults
  • Wide 95A PU Wheels and 5-inch alloy trucks for steady skating
  • Comes with a tool kit, for quick tune-ups
  • Wheels sometimes tend to rub against the board during turns
I got it as a gift, but now I am thinking of getting one for myself! Without a doubt, this is the best skateboard for 6 year old beginner.

4. Magneto Kids Skateboard

If you are a parent looking for the right skateboard size for 6-year-old kids, then consider investing in this one. I was lucky enough to have stumbled upon the Magneto Skateboard while looking for a birthday gift for a young cousin. The bold graphics easily catch the eyes, and the solid built promises fun rides.

I love the rock-solid deck with 7 layers of maple that looks and feels tough. On top of the strong deck is the sand grit surface of the grip tape, which provides amazing traction. This gives the assurance that kids won’t slip off the board while riding.

The deck also has a shallow concave for added comfort while skating. I think this is an important feature for a beginner skateboard for 6-year-old kids because it gives a nice grip. It also makes the board easier to maneuver if the child wants to try a few tricks.

Speaking of which, this board has a double kicktail which allows the skater to ride in both directions. I love how this allows versatility in movements for children who want to learn fun tricks on their board.

Another great thing about this board is the size. At 27.5 inches long, this is the ideal skateboard size for 6 year old kids who are just learning to ride.

However, one issue that I have about this board is the weight. At around 5 lbs, it could be heavy for a 6-year-old to carry around. Other than that, this tough board is a sound investment.
  • Unique and bold graphics
  • High-quality maple wood deck
  • Sand grit finish grip tape that prevents slipping
  • Shallow concave for added comfort when riding
  • Double kick tails for a better maneuver
  • Ideal size for kids, measuring 27.5 inches long
  • Cam be too heavy to carry around for a 6-year-old
I recommend this board for sure, its quality ensures that your kid will enjoy riding it every day and anywhere, for a long time.

5. PlayWheels Ultimate Cruiser Skateboard

The PlayWheels Ultimate Spider-Man Cruiser is a real kiddie skateboard and a perfect gift for the active 6-year-old, especially Spiderman or Disney princess fans.

I came across this cute board while looking at what to buy for my young cousin’s birthday. He’s into Spiderman and interested in skateboarding, so I got him this one.

When I saw the board, my first impression was that, yes, it is indeed made with kids in mind. It is tiny, only 21 inches long, a suitable skateboard size for 6 year old boy and girl. The board is a single kick, just right for kids who are just learning to skateboard.

The deck is constructed for strength and stability, with nine layers of maple. With its PVC-injected 50 x 27-mm wheels and nylon bearings, your kid will enjoy riding on this board. I have watched my cousin use it, and for a beginner on a tiny skateboard, the ride looks steady enough.

I have an issue with the wheels, though. They are quite stiff, and the ride is a bit awkward during the first few times. Riding the board regularly to break it in is recommendable.
  • Cute skateboard with Spiderman and Disney Princess illustration
  • Small size for kids aged 6, measuring 21 inches long
  • A strong deck made of nine maple layers
  • PVC-injected 50mm x 27mm wheels and nylon bearings for stable riding
  • The wheels are stiff at first and need breaking in
In my opinion, this cute and cool item is a great board to get your kids started. Skateboarding, after all, is something that is best learned slowly but surely.

6. PHOEROS Skateboards -Standard Skateboards

I was looking for a good skateboard for my 6-year-old brother, and the ink painting of the PHOEROS Skateboard caught my attention.

My brother loves the bright and colorful Astronaut design. There are many different designs to choose from to suit a child’s personality. The board also came with some cool stickers and paint, so kids can customize it.

Also, I love that there is a free carrying case in the package. That way, your kids can easily store and bring the board along with ease.

This well-made design comes with a strong board made with seven layers of Canadian maple. The rigid material makes this board stable and safe to use. Its dimension, measuring 31 inches long and 8 inches wide, is ideal for kids aged six and up.

Aside from the sturdy deck, the board has decent wheels and trucks. The 95A 53mm High Rebound Pu wheels are wear-resistant and great even for rough surfaces.

You should not worry about slipping incidents happening, as this board features no-slip sandpaper on the deck surface. Plus, its Aluminum Alloy trucks keep the balance and strength of the skateboards.

With all these features, I know I got a fantastic deal with this board. However, I had an issue with one wheel, which came a bit loose upon arrival and required tightening.
  • Has a cool graphic design for kids and comes with a carrying case
  • A strong board made with seven layers of Canadian maple for stable use
  • A dimension of 31 x 8 inches, ideal for kids aged six and up
  • 95A 53mm High Rebound Pu wheels are wear-resistant
  • Features no-slip sandpaper on the deck surface for safe skateboarding
  • Aluminum Alloy Trucks keep the balance and strength of the skateboards
  • One wheel maybe a bit loose and needs to be adjusted
All in all, this board is a cool-looking and pretty decent beginner skateboard for 6 year old that doesn’t compromise on its quality.

7. Cal 7 Skateboard

Cal 7 was the first brand that I came across while looking for a good skateboard. What initially caught my attention was the striking colors and graphics of the Cal 7 Skateboard, and there are lots of designs to choose from!

Indeed, there is a graphic option that will fit the unique personality of any active six-year-old wanting to try skateboarding.

Said to be designed by skaters for skaters, this one lives up to its claim. I watched my niece ride this thing out of the box and even for a beginner, her pose looked comfortable.

The tough deck has 7 plies of 100% premium maple, which ensures a stable and easy ride. I got to try it myself, and I’m quite impressed by its classic popsicle shape, which allows a breezy skating switch.

The board is made of high-grade hardware, which includes 5.25-inch aluminum trucks and ABEC-7 carbon steel bearings that are sturdy yet lightweight. Along with the 52 mm 100A polyurethane wheels and preset grip tape, they provide even beginner skaters with a comfortable ride.

I noticed that the wheels are hard so you can skate on smooth concrete or rough asphalt, so that’s another plus point. Yet, the board needs a few rides to break it in.
  • Many design options to choose from
  • 7 plies of 100% premium maple for a stable and easy ride
  • Features a classic popsicle shape for a breezy skating switch
  • Study yet light construction of aluminum trucks & ABEC-7 carbon steel bearings
  • Comes with 52 mm 100A polyurethane wheels and preset grip tape
  • Needs a few rides to break it in before getting a smooth ride
Overall, I think this is a great deal for its price. It is tough and versatile enough as a beginner skateboard for 6-year-old kids. This is a nice board to start with for a child that’s just beginning to learn how to skateboard.

8. PlayWheels Teenage Mutant Skateboard

I consider the kid-friendly PlayWheels Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 28″ Skateboard as one of my best buys recently. For its affordable price, the board is designed with great features for 6 year old skateboarding kids.

I think that the size is ideal for children beginning to learn how to skateboard. At 28 inches long and 7.5 inches wide, the board has ample room for easy maneuvers and simple tricks. The size complements the double kicktail design, which allows better control and easy braking.

The best thing about this board, however, is the PVC-injected wheels. Complemented by its 608ZB bearings, riding the board is steady and easy.

I love that the deck is made of 9-ply maple that can accommodate 110 lbs of weight. Meanwhile, the synthesized trucks and carbon steel axles ensure that the board can hold its maximum weight limit.

Also, this board has a clear sand spray that resists slipping. Such an addition delivers impressive traction when riding and practicing basic beginner tricks when kids skateboard.

The featured graphic design is attractive both to fans and non-fans of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

What I don’t like about this board, though, is that the plastic wrap is difficult to remove. I had to unscrew two wheels to get it off. The deck’s surface with the decal is also not waterproof, so be careful about getting it wet.
  • Measures 28 inches long and 7.5 inches wide for easy maneuvering
  • A tough deck made from 9-ply maple
  • Double kicktail design for greater control and easy braking
  • PVC-injected wheels and 608ZB bearings ensure a steady and easy ride
  • Adorable graphic design of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • The plastic wrap is a bit tricky to remove
  • The top surface is not waterproof
With its ideal size, friendly price, solid built, and kid-safe features, this board is worth buying. If you are one of those parents looking for a good skateboard for 6 year old girl or boy, I highly recommend this one.

9. Positiv Complete Skateboard

One of the top reasons I decided to buy Positiv Complete Skateboard was for Skate One’s reputation. Being one of the top board makers, the brand makes awesome skateboards for a 6-year-old beginner.

I love that this full-size board is made with multiple layers of premium maple. They were fused using waterproof glue with the help of Skate One’s AirLam. The result is a strong, durable board that kids can use for a long time.

Apart from the solid built, the surface of this board is covered in grip tape. I think the presence of such a slip-proof surface adds a layer of security for parents who are wary about allowing their kid to skateboard.

At 31 inches, this is longer than most beginner skateboards for kids age 6. However, I think that complements the board’s tough deck. Your kid can enjoy riding on this large when practicing anywhere that’s safe to skateboard on.

I only have issues with the wheels and trucks. These parts feel kind of stiff. You might need to ask Skate One for a replacement if these parts become bothersome. The manufacturer has reliable customer service, with helpful staff, and sends the necessary replacement right away.
  • Solid and durable deck of premium maple layers and waterproof glue
  • Grip tape surface for better traction
  • Long skateboard (31 inches) for easy standing and riding
  • Responsive customer service for necessary replacement
  • Wheels either feels tight at first
However, despite issues with the parts, I think this board is still an awesome starter skateboard for kids age 6. Your child will love this board and will have fun learning the basics of skateboarding on it.

10. Hikole Skateboard

The Hikole brand may be a pro board, but it is also an ideal beginner skateboard for 6-year-old kids. I was a bit hesitant to buy it because it might be too big for her, but I was immediately proven wrong when we received the package.

Sure, this is a full-sized board that can be used as a skateboard for 8 year old, and it also has everything a beginner needs. The 31-inch x 8-inch size allows enough room for movements, while the double kick concave design helps perform basic stunts and tricks. For a kid, that’s exciting to know that they can do more on the board than simply riding it.

What I also find impressive is the high-density seven layers Canadian maple wood deck. It looks and feels strong and can support up to 220 lbs. Complementing the hard deck is the high-quality black grip tape which contributes a firm and effective grip when skating.

This board’s wheels don’t disappoint either. It has tough yet smooth 50mm 85A PU wheels that are great on the sidewalk, street, skate, and still rides easily over rough surfaces. Along with ABEC-7 precision bearings and PU bushings, riding this board is expected to be always steady and smooth, even for 6-year-old beginners.

But this well-constructed item can cost you more than common skateboards for kids in the market.
  • The 31 x 8 inch size allows enough room for movements
  • Double kick concave design helps in basic stunts and tricks
  • Strong seven layers of Canadian maple wood deck
  • High-grade black grip tape for better traction
  • Tough yet smooth 85A PU wheels and ABEC-7 precision bearings
  • At a higher price than common kid skateboards
Such a full-size board is undoubtedly a skateboard for 6 year old UK dimension. All the features that cautious parents could ever want in a skateboard for their kids are here, so I deem this one a worthy purchase.

What to Look for When Buying Skateboard for 6 Years Old


According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the recommended age for a child to start skateboarding is six. At this age, a kid possesses extreme patience and focus, which is ideal for learning anything from school subjects to languages and physical activities like skateboarding.

Learning what is a good skateboard for 6 year old kids ensures your child gets only the safest and durable boards. Many pro skaters recommend that even for beginner 6-year-olds, parents should not settle for a cheap toy skateboard because they are unsafe.

It is best to visit your local skate shop and ask them to assemble one for your kid. Better yet, buy a complete skateboard online. Before you buy, here are the things to look for:

  • Size: Ideally, you must look for boards between 7″ and 8″ wide, and the length should be 27″ to 31″. However, as your child learns more about skateboarding, a regular size board is fine for use in many more years.
  • Design: Skateboards are classified into two types: the classic and the longboard. The classic skateboards are the round ones commonly seen in most skate shops and have features for doing tricks and stunts. The longboard, meanwhile, is mainly used for cruising and not quite ideal for fancy tricks. Your child will probably prefer skateboards that allow them to do more, so get the classic design.
  • Durability: Your 6-year-old may be a beginner at skateboarding, but that doesn’t mean that you should buy a basic board. Look for a strong and thick deck that’s also lightweight. Check if it has a solid grip tape that doesn’t scratch or rip easily. Go for the wheels that can withstand different both smooth and rough surfaces. These details ensure that the board is bound to last for years for your kid to enjoy.
  • Safety: Knowing that your kid will be safe while skateboarding should always be a consideration. One of the safety features that parents should watch out for is the grip tape which prevents slipping and delivers better traction. Another is adjustable wheels and bearings for your child to stay safe even when doing fancy tricks and maneuvers.

Are Skateboards Safe for 6 Year Olds


As fun and exciting, skateboarding, like most sports, is not always safe for 6-year-old kids and adults alike. Injuries do happen, and kids as young as six are not spared. This is why the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) says that if you have a 6-year-old, there should always be an adult watching.

This is because children, in this case, age 6, have poor balance. They may be more focused, but this can also mean that kids won’t quickly notice potential harm while they’re skateboarding.

To keep your 6-year-old skateboarder safe from these injuries, here are some helpful tips:

  • Choose the best starter skateboard for a 6-year-old. It is recommended to pick a board with a sturdy deck, solid grip tape, and reliable wheels for a smooth and safe ride.
  • Do not let your kid ride the skateboard without wearing a helmet that fits well. Knees and elbow pads should also be part of their skateboarding gear at all times, as well as wrist guards.
  • It is important to choose safe places to ride. Kids as young as 6, should only skateboard on smooth surfaces such as a driveway, unused parking lots, or the beginner area of a skate park.

What is a Good Skateboard for a 6 Year Old


A good skateboard should be in a size that allows the child plenty of room to move his feet around and do simple tricks. For a 6-year-old beginner skateboarder, the ideal size is at least 7.5 inches wide and 28 inches long, or the “mini” skateboard. With the mini-board, even the wheels and trucks are scaled-down. This is to fit the deck size and to make the board lightweight.

The board’s strength and durability also make for a good skateboard for 6-year-old kids. At this age, children usually weigh at least 45 to 50 lbs or 20 to 22 kilos. Those cheap, plastic boards are not suitable. What parents should look for instead are boards with at least seven layers of high-grade maple for its deck.

Complementing a sturdy deck, the skateboard for your 6-year-old should have rugged wheels and bearings. There should also be trucks that are proportionate to the board. These documents are great for 6-year-old beginners who want to do more on their board after learning the basics.

Kids will always be kids, and they are easily attracted to vibrant colors and eye-catching images. Get a skateboard with a design or pattern that best suits your child’s personality. Most mini boards available in the market feature funky prints in bright colors and even famous film and TV characters that kids love, such as Spiderman.

Finally, a good skateboard should have your child’s safety in mind. These safety features include solid wheels that can withstand both smooth and rough surfaces and bearings that ensure a steady ride. A no-slip grip tape prevents kids from just falling off their boards by providing excellent traction while riding.

None of the elements mentioned here should be compromised, so parents should be very careful when choosing a skateboard for the kids. Parents can check popular brands such as SkateXS, or Yuebo complete Pro skateboard collections, etc.

What Size Skateboard Should I Get for a 6 Year Old Boy

Boys are generally known to have a different energy level compared to girls. Their attitude and skateboarding style may also be different even as a beginner. They tend to be more excitable and, therefore, do best with a board that can accommodate all that energy.

Width: Skate decks are but in different sizes, ranging from 6 inches wide to over 10 inches wide. When it comes to width, skate deck measurement usually depends on foot size and skateboarding technique. For kids as young as six, especially boys who are just starting to learn skateboarding, the ideal size is 7.5 to 8 inches wide.

This size allows flexibility and ease of movement for the young skater boy. This width is also ideal because it lets the kid do more in his board, from simply cruising to trying out simple tricks and stunts.

 Length: Choosing the best skateboard length still depends on a person’s riding style. The usual length of a skater deck is 28 to 31 inches, with the 28-inch one referred to as minis.


Choosing only the best skateboard for 6 year old means that you are after the enjoyment and safety of your child. From the aesthetics to the built and safety features, many factors come into play when buying this equipment for your kid.

Getting the best also ensures your kid will get a beginner skateboard that is safe, durable and can be used, and enjoyed longer as they discover more about the sport.

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