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The Best Skateboards for 9 Year Old

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

best skateboard for 9 year old

Raising a future skateboarding phenomenon? Better start ‘em young by honing their skills with the help of the best beginner skateboards. Whether your kids are into leisure cruising or competitive riding, buying the right model is a no-brainer. The material, size, functionality, and design should be kept in mind in choosing.

Just a caveat though, buying a board for the little ones gets confusing because of the wide choices available. The good thing is we got you covered. Continue reading so you will not commit rookie mistakes in getting the best skateboard for 9 year old users.

Having the proper skateboard will surely solidify your bond with your kids. This will also make sure that every visit to the park or every ride on the street will be an enjoyable experience.


Top 1

Beleev Skateboard

– Light and easy to carry around

– Stylish wheels that roll smoothly

– With non-slip feature for added grip

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Top 2

Metroller Skateboard

– Anti-shock wheels

– ABEC-9 rated bearings

– Available in many colorful

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Top 3

Phoeros Skateboard

– Budget-friendly price

– Made of high-quality materials

– Colorful, pre-assembled design

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Best Skateboard for 9 Year Old Reviews

1. Beleev Beginner Skateboard

The right skateboard for your kids should help them learn how to ride in comfort and style. If you are still on the hunt for one, get the Beleev Beginner Skateboard to get them started. Made of durable maple wood, this model can handle the riding demands of children, as well as adults who are beginning their skateboarding journey.

I bought two of these for my twins. I got the black one for my son and the yellow version for my daughter. They are very happy with the designs, which are nicely heat-transferred on the deck. The wheels that go with the skateboard not only elevate the overall style but also roll smoothly even on rough surfaces.

Last weekend, they had a little friendly race going outside our street, and I was so happy that it went on without a hitch. Both of them kept their balance while riding, thanks to the added non-slip grip tape on the deck. I am also satisfied with the board’s weight despite it being a standard size model. My kids are pretty small but can both carry the board effortlessly.

One thing that disappoints me is the bearings on the black skateboard. They are not very fast, so I switched them out with some I previously bought. Apart from this, I have no other complaints.
  • Printed with attractive colorful patterns
  • Durable maple wood is suitable for children and adults
  • Stylish wheels that roll smoothly
  • With non-slip feature for added grip
  • Light and easy to carry around
  • Bearings on the black skateboard are not very fast
Offering a more satisfying level of comfort and speed, this beginner skateboard will take your kid’s passion to the next level. The extra non-slip safety feature will take every parents’ worry away.

2. Metroller Beginner Skateboard

Preparing your kids to jumpstart their skateboarding journey? Among the slew of options out there in the market, this beginner skateboard from Metroller will get things going for them. With numerous designs and features, this rookie skateboard is the best gift you can give to help your kids master the tricks and trade of a future professional.

My daughter has two passions: skateboarding and constellations. That was why I was glad that I hit two birds with one stone, so to speak, when I chose the star design skateboard. She is digging it. In fact, I recently heard her talking to her friends bragging about how cool her new toy was.

Last weekend, she and I went to the park to test ride the skateboard with her buddies. They engaged in a little race and I was so ecstatic to see that the board allowed her to go for about 200 meters without stopping. I knew my daughter would fare well during the test run because the skateboard was equipped with ABEC-9 bearings and antishock wheels that made it fast. The product is as good as advertised.

The durability of the free transport bag is quite a disappointment. The stitches on the side of the bag were ripped apart when I received it. Nonetheless, the customer service representative whom I talked to agreed to replace it with a new one. The friendly after-sales service is a bonus.
  • Available in many colorful and stylish designs
  • Anti-shock wheels
  • Good for reasonably long distances
  • Equipped with ABEC-9 rated bearings
  • Friendly customer service for inquiries and concerns
  • The free bag gets easily damaged
Considered the entry point to the beginner and intermediate levels, this model from one of the rising brands in the market has enough features that will encourage young ones to take up skateboarding.

3. Phoeros Standard Skateboard

Skateboard makers emphasize versatility to boost their consumer reach. This rings true for Phoeros, a fast-growing company that has been rolling out standard skateboards that are compatible with boys, girls, teens, and young adults. This model, in particular, is very affordable, making it an ideal longboard for 8 year old kids who want to learn the sport.

I am very particular about the cost. That is why I am so happy that I did not spend a fortune to give my daughter a skateboard that is packed with features similar to higher-priced models. The colorful design on the maple deck is perfect for her. Aside from looking premium, the white wheels are made of polyurethane, which I believe is more stable.

What I loved about this model is that it is pre-assembled. Since I am not familiar with skateboards, I am happy that my daughter can use this right off the bat. Just take it out of the box, and your kid is ready to roll. This is an excellent choice for parents with no technical knowledge about skateboards.

My daughter used to have a plastic board, but it was very unstable. This one is wider, making it easier for her to maintain her balance. She can now go back and forth in our garage without falling. I am so ecstatic to see her riding so smoothly.

My only concern is that the non-slip coating on the deck is already showing signs of peeling off. I hope this is just a result of my daughter heavily favoring one side of the board. Apart from this, I have no complaints. This is good value for your hard-earned money.
  • Suitable for kids, young adults, and teenagers
  • Budget-friendly price
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Colorful, pre-assembled design
  • Balanced and smooth riding
  • Non-slip coating peels easily
Right off the box, this skateboard is ready to roll. This should be the top choice for parents looking for a skateboard that will pique their kids’ interest in the sport.

4. Scientoy Beginner Skateboard

It does not take a lot of money to get your kids into skateboarding. Sometimes it just takes a good skateboard for 8 year old children such as the beginner model from Scientoy, one of the most affordable in the market today. Not only is this standard-sized board perfect for the littles ones, but it’s also suitable for teens and adults.

My son told me that he wanted to be like Tony Hawk when he grows up. So last summer, I gave this to him and encouraged him to practice and ride more. Unlike his old skateboard, this one gives a better lift on the tricks that he has been practicing. Because of the 95A wheels, the skateboard rides smoothly and safely.

I am very pleased that this skateboard comes with ABEC-7 bearings. They make rides more enjoyable by absorbing shock and improving balance. A repair kit consisting of a multi-functional wrench and four screws is also included in the package. These items probably cost a few bucks, and I am glad that I got them for free.

The quality of the trucks used is probably my only concern. They rubbed against the wheels a couple of times when my son did some turns and flips. I could buy a better quality truck, but I do not like to shell out money for that, so I just tightened it up. Despite this small issue, everything works fine with this skateboard.
  • In standard size, suitable for kids, teens, and adults
  • Less expensive compared to other models
  • Equipped with 95A wheels for safety and smooth riding
  • For practicing tricks
  • Superb shock absorption and balance
  • Comes with a repair kit
  • Trucks tend to rub against the wheels
Overall, if you want a versatile skateboard that suits many age groups, this model from Scientoy is worth considering.

5. ChromeWheels 31-inch Skateboard

Tackle the street in style with this versatile skateboard from ChromeWheels, makers of some of the most popular skateboards for kids age 9 and up. I knew I made the right choice when it arrived on my doorstep recently because my nephew’s jaw dropped when he saw the fire and flame design printed on the deck. He loves it!

Because the skateboard came in pre-assembled, he immediately tried it right in the living room. I love how the company brought together aesthetics and functionality for this model, which I got for a reasonable price online. The chrome wheels, the signature style of the brand, really stood out. They gave the board added flair and appeal, which also made it suitable for teens and young adults.

One feature that sold me on this skateboard is the free case. It can easily fit in the trunk of the car, making it easier to carry around, especially during travels. The skateboard is also light because it is made of maple wood, a standard material in kids’ skateboards. The double kick concave design is a perfect touch too for easier control and braking– making riding more comfortable and safer.

The only complaint I got from my nephew is the quality of the bearings used as they were difficult to adjust. Replacing them with a high-quality set is a quick fix, however. This is still a value for money despite this setback.
  • A reasonable price
  • Pre-assembled for use on the get-go
  • Fitted with chrome wheels for added appeal
  • Comes with a free carry-on bag for easier transport
  • Maple wood and kick concave design
  • Bearings are difficult to adjust
For kids who are getting into skateboarding, this longboard is an excellent choice to help them ignite their passion on the track and the street. Its economic value, along with distinct style and features, is a big plus.

6. Andrimax Complete Skateboard

Why is the Andrimax Complete Skateboard the one for your kids? Well, this longboard is complete as the model suggests. It is packed with features that check all the boxes for a skateboard for 10 year old kids: quality, functionality, safety, and affordability. Its bright and striking colors are so attractive they will surely encourage children to learn how to ride a skateboard.

My son used to play only online games until I bought this Andrimax skateboard. This got him out in the open air, which is good, especially since he is on the heavy side. This product is perfect because the deck is constructed with seven-layer maple wood that can handle heavier weights. The deck is 8-inches wide so it can also accommodate bigger kids and young teens.

Another feature that makes this longboard a good choice for children is its non-slip deck. For any parent, safety is a top priority. That is why I am so glad that the deck is super grippy so I have peace of mind every time my son rides outside with his friends. Plus, it is double-warped, making it easier and more comfortable to operate, turn, and pivot.

As for letdowns, the board I received had some scratches on the bottom. They did not ruin its function or appearance significantly, but if you’re buying a skateboard for display, this is something to keep in mind.
  • Budget-friendly model
  • Available in vivid color designs, attractive to children
  • Can accommodate heavier kids
  • Non-slip feature for added safety
  • Double-warped design for smooth pivoting and turning
  • The board might have scratches
If you are looking for a beginner skateboard, this one is purposely designed with kids in mind. With its safety features and capabilities, your children will learn how to ride a skateboard in no time.

7. Gonex Standard Skateboard

For more than a decade now, Gonex has been producing a wide variety of products for outdoor activities. One of its top offerings is the standard size skateboard, which is rated as a terrific skateboard for 9 year old boy. This is a perfect choice for kids to play and practice on because it is sturdy and lightweight.

I got this for my nephew during my recent visit to my sister. His old skateboard was damaged, so I looked for a model that was durable and long-lasting. I love how premium this feels when he showed it to me after opening the box. The deck is made of top-grade maple wood, a big upgrade from his previous board.

My nephew is not into flashy designs so I chose the simple diamond pattern, although more elaborate options are available. I was glad that he liked the black and white criss-cross motif. The free logo sticker that came in the box is an added touch. He immediately put it on the middle of the deck, which is covered in abrasive cloth for added traction and better control.

One feature that made a mark on my nephew is how lightweight the skateboard is. He can easily carry it whenever he practices. He can also easily maneuver the board and perform some tricks that he is working on. An added perk is the wheels, which ride smoothly and are very grippy even on rough surfaces.

There are no glaring flaws that I can think of. The board I got had absolutely no problem, but one customer mentioned missing a nut in their package. In this case, you can contact the seller to solve the problem.
  • Constructed from durable maple wood
  • Offered in simple and elaborate motifs
  • Free logo sticker
  • Abrasive cloth for traction and control
  • Smooth and grippy wheels
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • One customer had a missing part in their order
Everything a beginner skateboarder needs is packed into this simple yet feature-packed model. It does not skimp on safety features so your kids are well-protected.

8. Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard

Put a smile on the face of your kids with this complete skateboard from the Krown Store. Perfect for all-occasion gifts, this is suitable for children learning how to ride a skateboard. The company, which has been in the market since 1996, uses Canadian maple wood deck and aluminum trucks to craft this item, a big upgrade compared to the usual plasticky models available at big retail stores.

My nine-year-old son has been asking me about getting him a skateboard, and I finally got him one for his recent birthday. I bought the blue flame design to match his new shoes. He was so happy when he opened the box because the skateboard came in pre-assembled, so he immediately rode it with his friends outside during his birthday party.

I was so glad that I did not spend a fortune on his skateboard. For its build, which is similar to the more expensive models that I saw in several online stores, this is a good buy. I also bought another one for my other son so they can both play outside during non-school days. My boys have not stopped riding ever since. This is highly recommended.

My only complaint is that they are prone to immediate wear and tear. I can already see the scratches on the deck and a few paint chips; but these are normal, especially when your kids ride the skateboard regularly. The bearings need constant lubrication, too, for a smoother ride. Other than these, I am fairly satisfied with my purchase.
  • Easy on the pocket
  • Made of Canadian maple and aluminum
  • Comes in pre-assembled for easy use
  • Attractive flame design
  • Normal wear and tear expected
  • Bearings need lubrication
If you are looking for a budget-friendly gift for your son or daughter, this kids skateboard should be on top of your list. It is something kids, especially the outdoorsy types, will love.

9. Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard

Do not let the material used in this skateboard fool you. The Skatro mini cruiser skateboard might be made of plastic, but the type of plastic used by the company is on another level. Guaranteed to give optimum flex and durability, this model is a top choice for cruising, as well as for simple tricks and flips for beginner skateboarders such as young kids.

I asked my younger brother what he wanted for his upcoming birthday, and he told me he wanted a skateboard that he could use to visit his friends in the neighboring streets. I showed this to him, and he was sold instantly. He initially selected the blue design but later chose the orange version because it is simple yet striking. The transparent gold wheels that come with it are also lit.

Most plastic skateboards are cheaply made, but this one is an exception. From the packaging to the materials used, everything, including the free tool, is of top quality. I was satisfied that this is outfitted with ABEC-7 steel bearings, which ensure a fast and quiet ride. I am sure this will last longer than my brother’s old skateboard.

Because this mini cruiser is premium, I had to dig deeper into my pocket to buy this gift. There are less-expensive models available, but I chose this one because the company is known for its innovative products. If you have the budget, do not hesitate to go for this. For its quality and features, this skateboard is definitely worth the extra bucks.
  • Engineered from durable and high-grade plastic
  • Available in vibrant colors that appeal to kids and teens
  • Comes with a free tool
  • Fitted with ABEC-7 rated bearings
  • A bit pricier compared to other models
If you have an affinity for premium products, this mini cruiser is the one that you are looking for. Outfitted with high-grade components, this model is a good company for your kids’ cruising needs.

10. Xtreme Free Beginner Skateboard

Let’s admit it — plain designs are boring, especially for kids who like colors and patterns. Thankfully, Xtreme Free, a new company in the game, is offering a beginner skateboard for 9 year old girl that is both functional and fashionable. Not to mention its practicality because its built, from the material used to the packaging, is on par with pricier releases from famous brands.

I have been planning to buy a skateboard for my niece, so she can join other kids in our neighborhood. I finally found the right one in this model, which is perfect for my fashion-loving princess. We both like the color combination and the subtle pattern of the donut-inspired variety. The pattern printed on the back of the deck is pleasing to the eyes.

The price makes this a nice present for beginners because you do not need to pay a lot just to test the waters, so to speak. The good thing is that my niece is loving everything about the skateboard so far. I also tested this myself, and I was surprised that it could handle my weight. The deck made of maple wood is sturdy, making it perfect for everyday use.

Since this is practically designed for newbies, you can only do so much with this model. I agree with my husband that this is only suitable for cruising and everyday riding. However, if your kid is very much into tricks and flips, you might want to look for a skateboard fitted with more stable trucks. Nonetheless, this will do the job for rookie skateboarders.
  • Built from tough materials
  • Offered in fashionable designs meant for kids
  • More affordable than other similar models
  • Can handle heavier weights
  • Suitable for cruising and simple skateboarding
  • Outfitted with trucks that are not suitable for tricks and flips
If your kid just wants to try skateboarding, you need not burn your money on pricey beginner skateboards. Specially designed for beginners, this product boasts of features that get the job done.

What Size of Skateboard Should a 9 Year Old Get


Conventional wisdom suggests that the right skateboard size for 9 year old is the one with a wider deck to give them more stability when riding. Buying a wider board could prove to be a wise investment in the long run because this will help the newbies learn different tricks without worrying about balancing and falling.

A slightly wider deck is also beneficial because it gives neophytes more versatility. They can ride their first skateboard on the street and at parks, pools, and verts. Once their skills improve over time, they can start using their beginner skateboard on rails and stairs, albeit with slight upgrades on the wheels and bushings for a smoother ride.

Also, wider boards are more suitable for cruising since they are more stable and are more comfortable to stand on. Narrow decks, on the other hand, are lighter. These are more appropriate for performing tricks and doing quick turns. Riding on a narrower deck, however, is less stable, so it might take them a little longer to master various skateboarding skills.

A sound basis to determine the recommended deck for kids is their height. Children standing 4 feet 4 inches or shorter are advised to get a skateboard size between 6.5 inches and 8 inches. Size 7.5 inches to 8 inches is for kids from 4 feet 5 up to 5 feet and 2 inches. Taller kids can ride a skateboard with a deck measuring between 8 inches and 8.5 inches.

What is the Best Skateboard for a 9 Year Old


Skateboards for kids fall into different types. Measuring 33 inches or longer, longboards are considered the most popular category. These are used for traveling from one place to another but are not recommended for doing technical tricks and flips. Longboards are advisable for kids 9 years and older.

Cruisers are generally lighter and easier to carry and transport. This type works well for riding on long and flat roads and city streets. Mini-cruisers, on the other hand, are the same but are smaller in size. Because they can fit most backpacks, kids 8 and below can use this.

Designed with upturns at the ends of the deck, double-kick skateboards are used for performing various technical tricks. These are recommended for older kids who are into downhill riding and long-distance boarding. Although these are versatile in terms of functions, double-kicks may be harder to handle for first-time users.

Selecting the best skateboard for 9 year old beginner can be a tough decision, particularly because of the wide variety of models being sold online and in physical shops. Aside from the brands listed in this review, you can also check out Rimable Skateboard, Yuebo Complete Pro Skateboard, and SkateXS. These are also some of the popular and trusted brands.

But ultimately, your choice boils down to preference. Although there are buying guides that you can find on various websites to help you make informed decisions, there is no one-size-fits-all.


Most skateboards for kids come in standard sizes and are typically made of the same quality materials. That is why it is wise to spot the minute details that will spell the difference in developing kids’ passion for skateboarding. Check out reputable brands for the best skateboard for 9 year old children. Consider the color varieties too because kids generally love bright and vibrant hues.

Remember to look closely at the width of the deck. Wider decks make riding safer as they enhance kids’ coordination and help them learn the fundamentals without worrying too much about falling. Once they become comfortable and serious about skateboarding, consider upgrading the wheels for a faster and better ride.

Your choice of a beginner skateboard for 9 year old riders should ensure the kid’s safety and not put a hole in your pocket. Finding the right balance is key.

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