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The Best Skateboards for Beginners Adults

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

best skateboard for beginners adults

Nine out of ten times, we see teens and young children take over sports and other outdoor activities. Adults often stay at the sidelines, cheering for everyone who’s competing. The same might be true with skateboarding. Adults may be less involved because they feel too old to ride a skateboard.

It’s time to break away from this concept. Learn about the best skateboard for beginners adults and see how skateboarding fits all ages. Here are a few things we need to consider.

  • Deck: Your deck is the most significant aspect to check when choosing an adult beginner skateboard. It needs to have a specific build and composition to handle a person’s weight and movements on the board. Ideal skateboards for beginners adults should have at least seven layers of durable maple wood with a perfect balance of flex.
  • Second, they also need to have a minimum weight capacity of 220lbs. These aspects do not only make the board more reliable but also help you learn skateboarding more efficiently.
  • Wheels: Balance is the key when selecting skateboard wheels for adults. They don’t have to be too soft or hard as wheels in these ranges fit riding styles not intended for beginning adults.
  • To be more specific, softer wheels have a hardness range of 78a to 87a, and the harder wheels come with a 96a to 99a hardness level. Any hardness between these levels will be easy to control for you as an adult.
  • Trucks: We don’t advise spending too much on your skateboard truck. As long as the trucks remain within the standard durability and composition, they’ll be perfect for starters.

Generally, all you need to consider for your first skateboard trucks is their width. And to know whether you’re choosing the right skateboard truck, make sure that these parts match your deck’s width.

There are more aspects we mentioned right in the buying guide of this article. But for now, let me share with you the top-rated beginner skateboard for adults.


Top 1

WhiteFang Skateboard

– Can load 330lbs

– Classic thermal transfer-printed design

– Dissymmetric deck with emery grip tape

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Top 2

Beleev Skateboard

– Durable 7-layer maple deck 

– Comes with ABEC-7 bearings

– Double kick tail concave deck

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Top 3

ANDRIMAX Skateboard

– Uses a waterproof printing method

– Sturdy aluminum trucks with PU dampings

– Waterproof grip tape quality

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Top 12 Skateboard for Beginners Adults Reviews

1. WhiteFang Skateboard

One of the best things I love about the WhiteFang Skateboard is its adaptability to various skating locations. It features a double kick dissymmetric deck that gives me a balanced feeling. Thanks to the non-slip emery grip tape, I feel secure riding it. These features make this skateboard fit for the streets, skate park, and skateboarding ramps.

Below the deck of this skateboard are steady and durable components. The first is the trucks that use a magnalium compound, providing ample sturdiness. Another notable part is the wheels. These PU rollers come with a 95a hardness level, yielding enough rebound, thus helping me get through cracks and debris with ease.

One more durable feature of this skateboard is the printed design behind the deck. WhiteFang uses a thermal transfer printing method that gives longer life to the patterns on the board. I also love the classic black and white print because it’s not too extravagant and not too plain as well.

This skateboard also saves me all the time I need. It arrived in a complete setup, and I didn’t have to adjust anything before using it. It worked as intended, and what I loved more was discovering it can load a rider as heavy as 330lbs. So, it’s an ideal skateboard for all builds.

On the downside, the bearings wore out too soon. The good thing is that these parts are replaceable. The rest of the skateboard’s parts work well.
  • Dissymmetric deck with emery grip tape, fit for various skating locations
  • Magnalium trucks with 95a wheels for ample sturdiness and rebound
  • Classic thermal transfer-printed design that offers enough durability
  • Arrived completely assembled and ready to use
  • Can load someone as heavy as 330lbs
  • The bearings wore out too soon
Overall, this is one of the most versatile boards I have. Besides handling my weight, it also performs well regardless of the location.

2. Beleev Skateboard for Beginners

Featuring a double kick concave design, the Beleev Skateboard for Beginners is one of the great beginner skateboards that give the user total control of the board. It helps me secure better balance, positioning, and even braking on the board. With it, learning the basics of skateboarding won’t be a difficult task for anyone.

Another benefit I get from this skateboard brand’s deck is its sturdiness. The Beleev comes with seven layers of maple wood carefully pressed against each other. I like this deck composition because it’s durable. And what’s better about it is it supports a maximum load of 220lbs, which means it fits heavy people as well.

Besides its emery non-slip surface, this skateboard also has a set of anti-slip wheels. These 95a rollers help the board maintain a steady direction. Also, these polyurethane wheels have the right combination of grip and rebound, giving me a balanced and smooth ride every time.

Not only do these rollers initiate smooth rides, but speedy ones, too. Inside Beleev’s wheels are ABEC-7 high-speed bearings that add precision and make my rides faster. These components also help me dodge road cracks and bumps with their shock absorption capacity.

However, I missed the tool that was supposed to come with this skateboard package. I would have saved money from buying one separately. Nonetheless, the skateboard works as intended.
  • Double kick tail concave deck for better control and positioning on the board
  • Durable 7-layer maple deck that loads a maximum of 220lbs
  • Non-slip, grippy, and 95a high-rebound PU wheels for riding smoothness
  • Comes with ABEC-7 bearings for shock absorption, precision, and better speed
  • Did not arrive with the advertised tool
I think this Beleev is a heavy-duty performance skateboard. Its deck is as durable as it looks, and its wheels are a catalyst for precise rides.

3. ANDRIMAX Skateboard for Beginners

What makes the ANDRIMAX Skateboard for Beginners ideal as a starter skateboard for adults is its hardware. It comes with a set of high-strength nails that keep the skateboard’s parts firmly aligned. These components also make me more confident when riding because of their added durability to the board.

The next feature I love about this skateboard is its stepping surface. The ANDRIMAX comes with a layer of anti-slip waterproof emery sand grip tape on the top. This component helps me retain balance when riding. Since this strong grip tape is waterproof, my deck becomes less susceptible to water and moisture penetration.

Another feature that helps me balance on this skateboard is its truck system. It has this pair of PU dampings that aim to neutralize vibrations coming from a rough road. These parts also help absorb shocks, thus keeping me stable on the board. Paired with high-quality aluminum trucks, the components under my deck are reliable.

I think this skateboard for adults also does well in terms of aesthetics. The skateboard I ordered arrived with a decent print. And what I love more about this aspect is the brand uses a waterproof printing method with its designs. With these, I get to enjoy a virtually pleasing and sturdy deck as well.

On the downside, this skateboard doesn’t roll as much as other boards I’ve used, so I need to push it more frequently. That said, it does not affect the quality of my ride.
  • High-strength nails that keep the trucks and deck firmly aligned
  • Waterproof grip tape quality that adds balance and protection against moisture
  • Sturdy aluminum trucks with PU dampings for better shock absorption
  • Uses a waterproof printing method for aesthetic board designs
  • Rolls less than other boards
I like how the hardware of this skateboard keeps the parts intact, especially during a beginner’s less controlled ride. So, the skateboard remains sturdy even after frequent practice.

4. PHOEROS Skateboard

Searching for skateboards ideal for doing tricks got me the PHOEROS Skateboard. This skateboard for adult beginners features a quality deck with a double warped design, allowing me to be more creative with my ride. I like this feature because it lets me do pivots, slides, street skating, and sharp turns with ease.

The next aspect I love about this skateboard lies with its trucks. PHOEROS made a pair of durable aluminum trucks that promote balance and stability on the skateboard. These components also have high-rebound PU dampings that add safety and comfort when riding. With these features, I feel secure and more confident on the road.

I find the wheels of this skateboard of good quality as well. Their 95a hardness is at a perfect gauge for beginners. Next is the rollers, which are grippy, making them fit for almost any kind of road. Moreover, these polyurethane wheels have ABEC-11 bearings in their core, adding smoothness and speed when I ride.

I think this skateboard also does well in terms of convenience. It comes fully assembled, saving me time mounting and adjusting its parts. Besides arriving ready-to-use, what makes this beginner skateboard complete is that it also comes with a carrying bag, a repair tool, and backup bearings to address the simple issues I encounter.

Like others on Reddit, I wish the stickers coming with this skateboard package were more PG-13. I find some words and images inappropriate, especially for kids.
  • Double warped deck design that allows for advanced riding and simple tricks
  • Durable aluminum trucks with PU dampings that offer stability when riding
  • 95a grippy wheels that work on any road
  • Comes with ABEC-11 bearings for fast and smooth rides
  • Arrives ready to use
  • Carrying bag, repair tool, and spare parts for convenient maintenance
  • Some stickers were inappropriate for young users
I like how this skateboard allows me to level up my rides because of its build and components. It’s fast, smooth, and the convenience it brings is hard to match.

5. Gonex Standard Skateboard

Looking at the deck’s structure, the Gonex Standard Skateboard is one of the few complete skateboards that ensure utmost durability. This skateboard features nine layers of sturdy Canadian maple wood, providing enough flex and toughness to the deck. This composition also makes me feel more secure and stable when riding.

One more feature I love about this skateboard’s deck is its size. Gonex comes with a 31″ x 8″ deck size, perfect for adult riders. While the length may be negligible when choosing boards, the width brings me balance, especially when gliding.

I think this is also a good starter skateboard in terms of design. It comes with a concave shape, double kicktails, and aesthetic prints behind the deck. Its form helps me control the board better, thus allowing me to execute more tricks. And the deck prints are diverse, making this skateboard fit any rider’s age.

I think this option is also versatile. It comes with a pair of high-rebound PU bushings that allow enough grip when skating. With these features, I get to ride on smooth and rough surfaces with the same level of stability and confidence.

Unfortunately, this option has one minor flaw. The wheel cores that arrived with this skateboard required some lubrication. Nevertheless, this is not a huge problem.
  • 9-layer Canadian maple deck that offers durability and secure rides
  • Has an 8″ deck width for easy balance
  • Comes with a concave deck shape and double kicktails for better control
  • Has diverse aesthetic prints that fit any rider
  • High-rebound bushings that make the skateboard work on any surface
  • Bearings needed lubrication
Overall, this brand is a good beginner skateboard for me. It’s not only easy to control but is also comfortable. Plus, its versatility makes me worry less about using it anywhere.

6. METROLLER Skateboard for Beginners

Featuring a sturdy, solid build, the METROLLER Skateboard for Beginners has the amount of stability I need. This skateboard comes with a 7-layer maple deck paired with aluminum trucks that make it reliable. But what I like more about this deck is its capacity to carry someone as heavy as 220lbs, so it’s fit for nearly anyone.

For a better riding experience, this skateboard has a layer of high-quality grip tape sandpaper on top. This non-slip grip tape yields enough friction against my skate shoes, giving my feet a locked and secure feeling. Not only does this feature help me control the board better, but it also helps protect my deck because this component comes waterproof.

Another safety feature of this skateboard lies with its bushings. Some users may not notice it, but having quality bushings like this skateboard adds comfort to any ride. These PU components improve the shock absorption ability of the skateboard, thus reducing the impact of bumpy roads.

Not only is this skateboard comfortable, but it is speedy as well. It comes with a set of ABEC-9 bearings that make the skateboard fast. What’s good about these components is that they work without generating any annoying noise. With that, I get the perfect balance of speed, smoothness, and relaxation during rides.

Unfortunately, the bag that came with the skateboard arrived with some damage on the pockets. Nonetheless, it works as intended.
  • 7-layered deck with aluminum trucks for durability and 220lbs weight capacity
  • High-quality grip tape for the deck’s protection and secure rides
  • Comes with PU bushings that absorb shocks, making rides comfortable
  • ABEC-9 bearings that work silently and add speed to the skateboard
  • The carrying bag arrived with some damage
I love the combination of comfort, sturdiness, and speed of this skateboard. It has a good build, and I feel a different level of safety using it.

7. Geelife Pro Skateboard

Featuring a set of 95a 55mm wheels, the Geelife Pro Skateboard offers one of the best riding smoothness among my skateboards. These rollers are a perfect size for me. And paired with ABEC-7 bearings, these wheels are not only smooth-sailing but precise as well.

The next factor that makes my rides comfortable is the deck size. This Geelife has a 31″ length and a 15.7″ wheelbase. These figures provide ample stability, especially for beginner riders. Most of all, this skateboard has a stepping surface as broad as 8″, which means I get enough space to move my feet and position them better.

Besides having a perfect size, this skateboard’s deck is a cut above mediocre boards. It comes with seven layers of maple wood. Moreover, the brand uses cold extruding technology. This method makes the skateboard more durable and flexible, fitting for almost any riding style.

One more deck feature I love about this board is its wheel wells. In terms of safety, Geelife has done an excellent job. Beneath the deck’s stepping surface are wheel wells that provide more clearance. With this feature, I get to do stalls and manuals. Plus, I get to keep my wheels and deck from scratching each other.

However, the skateboard was missing the advertised T-tool. So, I had to search for and spend money on it. Nonetheless, the skateboard still has quality parts.
  • 95a 55mm smooth wheels with ABEC-7 bearings for quality and precise rides
  • Perfect skateboard size for beginners for stable rides & easy feet movements
  • A flexible 7-layer deck that uses cold extrusion for added durability
  • Wheel wells for stalls and manuals and board damage prevention
  • Arrived without the advertised T-tool
Geelife is one of the few reliable brands in the market. Having one of its beginner skateboards feels like a luxury because of its build and performance.

8. Arcade Pro Skateboard

As a beginner, I wanted a board to support my learning, which is why I appreciate the Arcade Pro Skateboard. This skateboard features a pair of T6 aluminum trucks with carbon steel axles that are perfectly durable. These components help the skateboard adjust to my less controlled movements on the board without any compromise.

The next feature I love about this skateboard is its wheel set. The Arcade Pro has four 54mm 95a rollers of perfect size and hardness level. These wheels offer enough grip when riding, and they are also speedy because of their quality ABEC-7 bearings. With these, I feel more fun riding this skateboard.

Besides arriving pre-assembled and ready to use, this skateboard also has enough convenience in terms of mobility. Not only can I ride it smoothly, but it also doesn’t feel heavy when I hold it. This skateboard only weighs 5lbs, so it’s ideal for bringing everywhere.

I believe this skateboard is also perfect in terms of price. It’s not the most affordable one I have, but it doesn’t cost too much for me. Truthfully, it feels like one of the greatest beginner skateboards available. Hence, I think spending money on this skateboard was worth it.

I felt a bit upset about the small dent I saw when I received this skateboard. Good thing it didn’t affect my balance or the overall performance of the skateboard.
  • T6 aluminum trucks with carbon steel axles, perfect for less agile beginners
  • 54mm 95a wheels with ABEC-7 bearings for fun, grippy, and speedy rides
  • No assembly required
  • Easy to bring at only 5lbs
  • An affordable price
  • Arrived with a small dent on the deck
I am glad about having this skateboard. It has quality parts, and I like how it responded to my movements when I was trying to learn skateboarding.

9. WeSkate Skateboard

Featuring a user-friendly design, the WeSkate Skateboard ensures that all its users learn skateboarding efficiently. This skateboard comes with a 7-layer deck with warped ends and a concave shape. These features allow for better control of the board. Plus, they helped me learn a few basic tricks quickly.

Another aspect I love about this board’s deck is its size. It comes with a length of 31″ and a deck width of 8″. This skateboard for adults size provides enough stepping surface, thus helping my feet move more comfortably. Also, I feel confident while riding because this deck feels wide enough for my build.

I like the trucks of this skateboard. WeSkate was careful in crafting these components by using aluminum as the primary material. Trucks of this brand are durable, wear-resistant, and have enough protection against water and moisture. And with that, I’m very confident about this skateboard’s performance.

Not only is the design of this skateboard user-friendly, but its usage as well. First, it arrived assembled and ready to use, which means no adjustments were necessary to make it work. And second, its design is flexible enough to fit riders of any age, size, and level.

On the downside, some parts of the trucks did not have enough paint.
  • Double-warped 7-layer concave deck for better control and trick execution
  • 31″ x 8″ adult skateboard size for enough stepping surface and comfort
  • Aluminum trucks that are durable, waterproof, and wear-resistant
  • Arrived ready to use and fits any rider
  • Less paint on some truck parts
I think this is one of the easiest skateboards to ride. It has a perfect size, and performing almost any skill feels seamless. I believe this is the most appropriate skateboard for beginners.

10. Pwigs Pro Complete Skateboard

If I were to call one option heavy-duty, the Pwigs Pro Complete Skateboard would be it. This skateboard comes with a Canadian maple wood body, offering superior toughness. Also, this board can load someone as heavy as 330lbs. That means it’s not only durable but is also fit for plus-size adult beginners.

I think this skateboard is also a versatile one. Besides having a durable build, it works in almost any skateboarding space. I can use it at bowls, skate parks, on ramps, and even the streets. And with that, I get to enjoy riding more and have fun with various skateboarding skills.

The next component I love about this complete board is its smooth wheels. The Pwigs comes with a set of 95a rollers that offer quality rides every time. And with ABEC-11 bearings at their cores, these wheels work with added precision. Through these aspects, my skateboard reacts to my movements with ease.

Not all brands have repair tools with their skateboards, which is why I love the ones that came with this package. This skateboard arrived with professional equipment embodied in a T-tool and a multi-purpose Allen wrench. Thanks to them, modifying my skateboard’s wheels, trucks, or any part felt easy and convenient.

My only issue with this skateboard lies with its design beneath the deck. It peeled off easily. However, it’s still the performance that matters more for me.
  • Heavy-duty maple deck offering superior toughness and 330lbs weight capacity
  • A versatile skateboard that works on various skating locations
  • 95a wheels with ABEC-11 bearings for a precise, smooth ride
  • Has a T-tool and multi-purpose Allen wrench for immediate modifications
  • The printed design peeled off early
Toughness-wise, I think this is one of the best adult skateboards. It’s a versatile and high-quality choice. Plus, I love bringing it to any skating location.

11. Ko-on Skateboard

Coming with a flexible deck design, the Ko-on Skateboard is one of my favorite go-to skateboards. It comes with a double kick shape, making it easy for skateboarders of any level to learn basic skating. This deck also offers enough flex, and that makes performing flips, ollies, slides, and sharp turns easier.

This board’s great because it has a Canadian maple body. This composition makes the skateboard more durable and reliable. Also, this wood allows the deck to carry riders weighing as much as 330lbs. So, not only is it flexible in terms of usage but the user’s build as well.

The designs at the bottom side of the deck are of a different standard. This skateboard uses a thermal vinyl transfer printing method, which only a few brands apply. This way of designing adds durability and waterproofing to the patterns, and most of all, it makes the images and colors look fine and clean on the board.

This high quality skateboard has premium trucks. They come with aluminum as the primary material, with magnesium adding more strength. These elements make the trucks more corrosion-resistant, thus giving them a longer life. Also, these components are lighter than pure aluminum, so they’re smooth to ride.

However, this skateboard arrived with loose trucks. Hence, I think it’d be better to conduct a short and safe test ride to assess which part of the skateboard needs adjustments.
  • Flexible deck with double kicks, fit for basic skating and simple tricks execution
  • Durable maple body, ideal for people weighing as much as 330lbs
  • Uses thermal vinyl transfer printing for long-lasting and clean-looking designs
  • Aluminum & magnesium trucks that are lighter and more corrosion-resistant
  • Arrived with loose trucks
Despite that, I was happy to make immediate adjustments to this skateboard. It works regardless of my setup, and it’s fun to use as a beginner.

12. DISUPPO Skateboard

Featuring a pair of classic-colored trucks, the DISUPPO Skateboard has some of the best components below the stepping surface. This skateboard comes with a set of trucks finished with an anti-rust surface. This aspect keeps these parts less vulnerable to water penetration, thus extending their service life.

The next aspect I love about this skateboard is its deck. The Disuppo comes with a 7-layered Canadian maple deck with a radial concave shape. This board form makes it easy for any rider to do tricks. So, learning some challenging stunts using this skateboard never seemed too hard for me.

I also like the rollers of this skateboard. It comes with a set of 95a hard wheels that are perfectly bouncy and grippy. Plus, inside these high-rebound PU wheels are ABEC-11 bearings that help reduce shocks, thus keeping my ride as smooth as possible. I feel stable on the board, and I love the added precision from the bearings.

This skateboard has ideal mobility. It comes with a skateboard backpack that lets me take it anywhere conveniently. Besides that, it also has a set of tools to help me keep up with any necessary adjustments. Included are four screws, two bearings, and a repair tool. With these, I think this skateboard is a perfect traveling board.

I wasn’t sure whether I used this skateboard too frequently. But I had to replace the traditional grip tape sooner than I expected because it wore out too soon.
  • Trucks with an anti-rust finish for waterproofing and longer service life
  • 7-layer radial concave maple deck, fit for doing tricks
  • 95a high-rebound PU wheels with ABEC-11 bearings for smooth and precise rides
  • Comes with a backpack for easy carrying and tools for maintenance
  • The deck needed a new grip tape too soon
Despite that, I am happy about the performance of this skateboard. I think it’s a starter skateboard adults will love.

What to Look for When Buying Skateboards for Beginners Adults


Getting a skateboard as an adult shouldn’t be complicated. The good thing here is that you tend to understand your needs more as a grownup. Here are a few things you need to consider to get the right beginner skateboards.


Here are specifications to check when selecting the best deck for yourself:

  • Size – Your board’s length should go around 31″ on average and 8″ in width as a standard. Skateboards of these dimensions offer enough stepping surface, thus helping you move more comfortably.
  • Thickness – There is no specific density prescribed for skateboards, but it’s best to have a deck strong enough for adults. With this in mind, get yourself a deck with at least seven layers of durable wood like maple. A new age skateboard can have as many as nine layers.

You might also consider boards with at least a 220lbs weight capacity.

  • Shape – Not everyone sees the perks of this deck aspect, but having an ideally shaped deck serves various benefits. So, look for a double-kick concave deck shape. This form lets you control the skateboard better and helps you perform tricks.


Good wheel brands like those from the UK can improve your riding experience. Take note of the following features when buying wheels:

  • Wheel size – Learning the basics of skateboarding will not necessarily require wheel sizes fit for technical rides. All you need is a wheel set ideal for street skating, parks, and ramps. With that, your rollers’ size should be around 54mm to 55mm, as these will help you get through slightly rough terrain and skateparks.
  • Hardness – Like the size of your wheels, their hardness should also be considered. Softer wheels at a durometer A scale of 78a to 87a are fit for cruiser skateboards, whereas harder wheels from 96a to 99a are for technical skating. Thus, for a beginner level, go for a wheel hardness range of 88a to 95a.
  • Bearings – One factor that adds speed to your rides is the bearings. Speedy wheel cores belong to an ABEC-7 to ABEC-11 class, the latter being the fastest. Regardless of the class you pick, all these skateboard bearings make your rides precise and smoother.


Besides linking the wheels to the deck, your trucks play other crucial roles on your skateboard. These components help manage your weight on your board, reducing stress on the deck. Note that you can also adjust the tightness of these components to make them fit various skating setups.

And to be sure you’re picking the right pair of trucks, they should be of the same width as your deck. Plus, they should have a pure aluminum composition or a mix of magnesium and aluminum. These elements are durable enough and have considerable weight to make your rides smooth.

Grip tape

Let’s avoid stress during your first skateboard rides by ensuring your safety. With that, look for quality grip tape. These sheets should have a coarseness level of 80S, enough to hold your skate shoes firmly and let you move freely as well.

There are more details you can check concerning skateboards. But before searching for one in your local skate shop, always master the fundamental factors above. By then, you’ll learn to set up a skateboard on your own.

What Is the Best Size Skateboard for Beginners Adults

Establishing the perfect beginner skateboard size for adults is simple. At a minimum, 8″ will be a perfect width for beginner adults. Wider decks at 8.5″ can also be ideal. Nonetheless, both skateboard sizes for adults help the rider balance better by providing ample stepping surfaces.

For the length, 31″ acts as a standard for adults. This deck aspect may not matter as much as the width, but it’s relevant, considering the user’s age and build.

How Do Adults Skateboard


The only difference between a kid and an adult learning to skateboard is the level of control. But what makes good skating is learning the basics, which is a standard for riders of all ages. Here are the first few things adults should master when skateboarding.

  • Duckwalk – This step helps the rider turn the skateboard using the tail from small to wider angles.
  • Pushing – Before sliding down the ramp or bowl, everyone has to learn how to drive the board to initiate enough momentum on it.
  • Pumping – With a skateboard bowl being one of the first locations you want to try, you should learn how to pump. This step will help you gain speed from the walls of a bowl.

There are more basic techniques we need to learn as beginners. Moreover, let’s always remember that balance is key to doing all these skills.

Is Longboard Easier Than Skateboard

Yes, longboards give you an easy time learning to skate compared to a skateboard. Longboards enable users to learn one skating skill at a time instead of several at once. This kind of board has a broader stepping space than a skateboard, thus helping you balance more.

Nonetheless, you need not necessarily get a longboard. As long as you execute each skateboarding step well, you’ll still end up learning all the skills.

Do I Need Riser Pads

A riser pad is one component not everyone appreciates. And while it’s not a necessary installation on your skateboard, having this anti-shock pad entails nothing but benefits on your end.

Riser pads add more space between your deck and wheels, thus preventing wheel bites during rides. Besides that, these anti-shock PU layers also help reduce impact, especially on slightly rough roads. So, having these components add some safety and comfort to your skateboard.


A skateboard is one of the best pieces of equipment to use when you want to enjoy thrilling outdoor activities. It’s also an ideal mode of transport for short commutes and even roaming around your city.

Regardless of your purpose, always go over the best skateboard for beginners adults to start skating the right way. From there, you’ll learn more details about this equipment and be able to set up a custom board for your desired rides.

Always remember the concepts I have shared with you. And don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments section. Ride safely!

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