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Finding the Best Skateboards for Commuting & Transportation

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

best skateboard for commuting

Cars are everywhere you look. Whether in urban places or countrysides, you’ll never miss four-wheeled vehicles on crowded streets. Getting an auto is a bright idea, but not until you have to rush small errands within your village. This approach might cause you some inconvenience, or worse, traffic.

One of the perfect solutions to this issue is by getting the best skateboard for commuting. Check the following significant aspects you need to consider before buying one.

  • Deck durability – your skateboards have to be strong to support your commuting needs. Most skateboard decks come with 7-8 layers of maple wood or a combination of the latter and bamboo. These materials offer optimum flexibility and can hold considerable weight.
  • Wheels – the best set of wheels you can use are those that ensure stability throughout your ride. What matters more about skateboards is their width. Riders can choose a wheel size from a range of 50mm to 75mm. As a general rule, a wider wheel size offers more stable rides and balance to the rider.
  • Riding environment – your skateboard must be maneuverable at all your riding spots. For tight roads, most skateboarders prefer a shorter longboard. But in a skateboard VS longboard for commuting argument, others who can carve well use a longer board regardless of the area.

Riding a skateboard is not only cost-efficient but also a healthy way of commuting. Stop stressing over fuel, battery, and motor issues in your electric skateboard for commuting.

Check the list of skateboard models below, and read the buying guide for a detailed discussion on all relevant information about skateboards for commuting.

Top 1

Retrospec Skateboard

– Lightweight 

– Affordable 

– Perfect 31″ length

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Top 2

EOYIZW Skateboard

– ABEC-11 wheel bearings

– Aluminum alloy trucks

– Heavy-duty deck 

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Top 3

Sakar Tony Hawk Skateboard

– Wide deck 

– ABEC-5 bearings 

– 3-inch soft wheels

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Best Skateboard for Commuting Reviews

1. Retrospec Alameda Skateboard

One of the things I love about the Retrospec Alameda Skateboard is its bearings. Each of these four wheel interiors comes with dust covers. These additions prevent dirt and grime from building up inside the wheels. That way, I need not to spend too much time cleaning them.

The deck of this skateboard comes with enough concave on it. This aspect helps me perform some regular skateboard tricks by giving me assisted flicks and controls. On top of its concave design, this board comes with a gritty non-slip grip tape that keeps me stable throughout.

I like the size of this skateboard because it’s just enough for me. With its 31″ length, I get to control the entire board without hassle. Also, it’s easy to carry because it’s lightweight and not too spacious for me.

This skateboard comes in a variety of styles and designs as well. I’m not into aesthetics, but this brand gives me plenty of unique design options.

Not only does this skateboard come assembled, but everything in this kit is worth every penny. I find all the components of this board worth their price.

I don’t think this skateboard model is for bumpy roads. I can feel when there are cracks on the sidewalk. Nonetheless, it works best on smooth surfaces.
  • Dust covers on the bearings for dirt protection and easy cleaning
  • Comes with enough concave for performing tricks
  • Lightweight and has a perfect 31″ length
  • Has unique design choices
  • Affordable skateboard with assembled parts
  • Not for bumpy and cracked roads
I find this board easy to maintain. Its deck design is perfect for both mere commuters and trick performers. Also, I think this is an affordable skateboard among many loaded boards.

2. EOYIZW Skateboard

With the EOYIZW Skateboard, my sliding motions feel stable because of its aluminum alloy trucks. Aluminum trucks are known to have excellent elasticity and high-impact toughness. Also, they help reduce shocks caused by uneven or slightly rough terrain.

This product comes with an 8-layer Canadian maple wood supporting kids and adults, weighing 330lbs the most. On top of it is an emery non-slip grip tape that keeps me balanced. So, it’s not only a heavy-duty deck but is a secured one as well.

The 95A 52mm PU wheels of this skateboard brand feature high-precision ABEC-11 bearings. These wheel components promote a quick response from the ground and give me a smooth ride every time. Plus, this bearing version works on higher efficiency with minimal vibrations only.

I love the convenience this skateboard for transportation has. It’s already installed the moment I received it. That means I did not have to go to the store and buy some parts. Also, I no longer have to do assembly tasks on the board. It’s ready to use anytime.

However, the wheels loosened about a few times, but the trucks were all good. I needed to make some adjustments so I could secure my daily commute. Nonetheless, I find the rest of the components comfortably working.
  • Comes with aluminum alloy trucks for shock reduction
  • Heavy-duty deck with non-slip grip tape for balance
  • ABEC-11 wheel bearings promoting efficient performance and quick ground response
  • No need to assemble or buy additional parts
  • Wheels come loose sometimes
Despite that, I am happy about the performance of this skateboard. Its trucks are of high quality, and the deck remains sturdy over time. I think this board is also a perfect gift idea for teens and skateboarding beginners.

3. Sakar Tony Hawk 34″ Complete Skateboard

Whether for long distances, sports, or entertainment, the Tony Hawk 34″ Complete Cruiser Skateboard ensures I get a comfortable ride. With its 3-inch soft wheels, this board makes it look easy going over bumpy roads and most surfaces. Also, I get to encounter lesser road issues because of these rollers.

In my opinion, this cruiser board seems perfect for all ages. It’s easy to maneuver, and the deck feels sturdy enough. I think this can be an ideal first board for those practicing skateboards as beginners.

Other than this skateboard’s 34-inch length, it also looks wide enough to carry someone with large feet. This aspect is necessary to keep me balanced, no matter the motion of my skateboard. Also, I get to move my feet more comfortably because this is a bigger board with enough space on it.

I like the ABEC-5 bearings of this skateboard. These bearings exhibit less resistance even at high speeds. Plus, they give me more roll when I push on the board. I think these are additional factors that make me glide through my skateboard better.

On the downside, I ordered this skateboard with the expectation of receiving one with a graphic design on the grip tape. But what I received was a board with a flat surface. Other users on Reddit also experienced the same.
  • 3-inch soft wheels that take on most surfaces easily
  • Perfect for all ages and beginners
  • Wide skateboard deck for balance and secured movement
  • ABEC-5 bearings for lesser resistance and better gliding motion
  • Item may not arrive with expected deck design
I think this is one of the best cruiser boards for the young ones. It’s also a great skateboard for those who plan to learn skateboarding. Overall, I love long distance commuting using this skateboard.

4. Caroma Skateboard for Beginners

Others limit this skateboard for first-timers, but I always prefer the Caroma Skateboard for Beginners for commuting purposes. It’s easy to control, and it gives me smooth rides every time. Also, this board has a weight capacity of 220 lbs and can go on upward angles of 20°.

This skateboard is a tough one. It comes with nine layers of hard maple wood that offers sufficient flexibility. Plus, a pair of aluminum alloy trucks support all riders regardless of their level and riding style.

Other than a stable deck, this skateboard also has long-lasting skins on both sides. On the stepping surface is a high-density grip tape that’s not prone to scratches and does not rip off easily. And on the opposite side is a thermal transfer print pattern that makes the skateboard’s attractive look last longer.

I love the convenience this skateboard brings. It’s fully assembled and ready to ride when I received it. I did not have to buy spare parts or tighten things up. Also, it only weighs 5.9lbs. So, I can bring it anywhere with ease.

I think young riders need to use this board a bit more often because the deck can be stiff on the first few rides. This issue is not present in most reviews, but my daughter had this experience. The rest works fine and smooth.
  • Ideal commuting skateboard with a 220-pound capacity and riding angle of up to 20°
  • Tough commuter skateboard with a 9-layered deck and alloy trucks
  • Long-lasting deck skin and grip tape
  • Lightweight, ready to use, and convenient skateboard
  • The deck is a bit stiff on the first few rides
I love this skateboard because it works well with all my riding styles. It’s easy and convenient to use. Plus, the deck is of good and sturdy quality.

5. WeSkate Skateboard for Beginners

The WeSkate Skateboard for Beginners is not a penny board in terms of materials, but it’s one of the best skateboards I used as a first-timer.

Coming with 5-inch magnesium alloy trucks, I never had a hard time learning how to ride a board. These trucks are durable and impact-resistant, and I think this is one of the best skateboard for commuting.

What makes this product a better commuting skateboard is its wheels. Its 85A PU rollers give me the right combination of speed and bushing rebound. These wheels promote better balance and shock absorption as well.

The deck finish of this commuter board is of good quality. It has an environment-friendly grip tape that has enough anti-slip ability and high friction. On its opposite side is a colorful and eye-catching graphic design any rider would love.

I feel safer riding this skateboard because of its deck layout. Other than its emery grip tape, the 12mm depth of this skateboard deck is just enough to secure my feet when riding. Also, it comes with a double kick concave design for safer trick performance.

Unfortunately, this skateboard kit did not come with a T-tool as advertised. Plus, I had to remove the trucks since the item arrived with its decks wrapped in plastic with the trucks on. Nevertheless, these issues were not much of a hassle on my end.
  • Ideal commuting skateboard for beginners with robust trucks
  • 85A PU wheels that offer balance and better shock absorption
  • Quality skateboard deck with perfect grip tapes and eye-catching design
  • Stable deck with 12mm depth and double concave design
  • No T-tool arrived as advertised
  • Decks delivered wrapped in plastic with the trucks on
WeSkate, one of the boards that fit almost all beginners, is my go-to skateboard. I never had a hard time practicing skateboard riding because of this brand.

6. EOYIZW Double Kick Skateboard

One of the things I love about the EOYIZW Double Kick Skateboard is its overall durability. Coming with sturdy aluminum alloy trucks and wear-resistant PU wheels paired with ABEC-11 bearings, I get to use this skateboard for my daily commute, skateparks, and even on rough surfaces.

This skateboard is also safe to use. It features a non-slip emery grip tape that adds friction, making the rider secure in most instances. It’s also a portable one weighing 4.23lbs only. So, I don’t have problems transporting this skateboard.

I think this skateboard is also ideal for tandem riding. It has a strong deck made with eight layers of Canadian maple wood that make it less prone to breaking. Plus, it’s wide enough at 7.8″ to accommodate riders within the 330lb weight limit.

I bought this skateboard as a gift for my 13-year-old without much knowledge about skateboarding. The good thing is it arrived completely assembled and ready for use. It rolls smoothly, and I believe not only kids will love this skateboard.

However, I had a hard time changing the grip tape of this skateboard. The top surface of the deck before the adhesive part of the grip tapes is a bit rough, so it started to peel off when I tried pulling the grip tape.
  • Durable skateboard with aluminum trucks and wear-resistant PU wheels
  • Comes with non-slip emery grip tape for safety
  • Easy to transport and extremely lightweight skateboard at only 4.23lbs
  • Wide enough and has eight sturdy layers of Canadian maple wood fit for tandem riding
  • Arrives completely assembled and rolling smoothly
  • The top deck surface peels off when removing the grip tapes
I like this skateboard because it’s user-friendly and is durable. Whether for usual commutes or challenging rides, this old-school skateboard is safe and perfect for all ages.

7. LOSENKA 31″ Standard Skateboard

Almost all skateboards are easily portable, but only a few, like the LOSENKA 31″ Standard Skateboard, come with a skateboard bag. Unlike other riders, I won’t have to head to the store and avail of this board addition. Thus, transporting this skateboard was made more convenient because of this bag.

This product has got a pretty durable deck. Featuring seven layers of Canadian maple wood, I never experienced cracking sensations on this skateboard despite my body weight. I think this skateboard can carry most riders because of its maximum load capacity of 400lbs.

I find this skateboard a flexible one as well. On top of being a standard board, this product works with all levels of riders and exhibits quality performance. With this, I can cover long distances and even do tricks and freestyle.

Most cruiser boards do not come with spare wheels. One more thing I love about this skateboard brand is its two sets of wheels. These rollers can adapt to different road conditions. That way, I get to decide which set of wheels to use before going for a ride.

However, I find the bearings a bit slow. I cannot push enough to the maximum because of these bushings. I tried applying some lubrication, and I think it solved the issue a bit.
  • Comes with a skateboard bag for convenient transport
  • Durable deck that can carry a maximum load of 400lbs
  • Works with riders of all levels at different styles
  • Comes with two sets of wheels
  • The bearings are a bit slow
Despite that, I like the robust feel of this skateboard. It’s easy to carry, and I love its overall flexibility. I’m also happy about customizing my skateboard before heading on a trip.

8. WHOME Skateboard C20 Pro

Perfect for beginners and advanced skateboarders, the WHOME Skateboard C20 Pro is a double-kick skateboard that works no matter your skateboarding experience. This skateboard comes with a medium concave deck that lets me do tricks, even on casual street skateboarding.

I like the wheels of this skateboard. Outside is a specially designed 52mm PU roller that’s known to have enough shock resistance. Also, on each wheel’s core are ABEC-9 bearings that perform well, especially on high speeds. These wheel cores have more operating precision as well.

Unlike other boards that come with easy-to-tamper deck skin designs, this board offers a deck that went through a dyeing process. This brand is among the unique skateboards I had in terms of design. It preserves the board’s original grain maple texture like old school decks.

One more thing I love about this skateboard is its price. It’s not too cheap, but I think this is worth my money because of its unique features. I believe this skateboard is also going to last longer despite my usage.

I don’t think this skateboard has any downside for now. Every component works well, and I love its performance.
  • A double-kick skateboard that works with beginners and advanced skateboarders
  • Comes with a concave deck design for better trick execution
  • Durable wheels with shock-resistant rollers and precise bearings
  • Has a unique dyed deck design
  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • None for now
Overall, the performance of this skateboard for cruising and tricks is exceptionally steady because of its bushings. I love riding this skateboard, whether going on long distances or riding in a skatepark. Also, I believe this is one of the most affordable but unique boards I ever had.

9. Dallfoll Skateboard

Whether for skateboard pools, streets, or countrysides, the Dallfoll Skateboard makes sure I get a reliable commuting partner. This skateboard features a Canadian maple deck that has the right balance of toughness and weight. Gliding and doing tricks went easy because of this skateboard.

Sometimes, I’m not into fancy skateboard designs, which means I would opt for this skateboard. It comes with a minimalist black, white, and blue design, which I find calming and not disturbing. These designs are also thermal transfer printed, so they’ll last longer.

One more factor that makes this skateboard a versatile one is its set of wheels. With 5030 PU soft wheels, Dallfoll helps minimize the impact of a rough ground on the riders through its superior shock absorption technology. That way, I get to ride this board, whether on bumpy roads or smooth surfaces.

I love the trucks of this skateboard as well. These 5-inch aluminum wheel holders offer perfect control and maximum speed no matter my riding style. Thus, I think this can be an ideal gift for teens and adults.

On the downside, the skateboard wheels need tightening before usage. Loose wheels, like a wheel bite, can be dangerous, and that’s how I received my skateboard. It’s better to execute these adjustments, especially for beginner skateboarders.
  • Canadian maple deck that weighs enough and is durable
  • Thermal transfer printed minimalist design
  • Comes with 5030 PU soft wheels that are fit for rough and smooth roads
  • 5-inch aluminum trucks that promote maximum speed and control
  • Perfect gift for teens and adults
  • Loose wheels require tightening adjustments before using
This go-to skateboard works well wherever I take it. Overall, it has a wholesome finish from the deck down to the wheels. I love cruising around the village using this skateboard.

10. TONGYONG FITOW Skateboard

Coming with a double kick dissymmetric concave deck design, the TONGYONG FITOW Skateboard makes it easy for anyone to do some basic tricks.

This skateboard also features emery sandpaper on the stepping surface to keep the riders secured. That way, I am always confident using this skateboard may it be for longer distances or tricking.

If I need to gain speed during my rides, I can adjust the screws on the wheels and enjoy a fast trail. Unlike other boards that tend to be dangerous with wheels loosened, I feel comfortable about this brand. The PU rollers are also of a good rebound capacity, giving me a smoother ride.

I am only one among many customers who prefer this skateboard because of its price. For a beginner or commuter skateboard, I think this brand is already an affordable one. It’s also lightweight but can carry someone as heavy as 330lbs.

On top of a well-shaped deck, the size of this skateboard fits me ideally as well. With a length of 31.75″ and a width of 7.88″, I get enough room to move my feet. Also, I have ample space when doing tricks, making turns, and obtaining balance on the skateboard.

On the downside, the bearings of this skateboard sometimes feel rough. I cannot accelerate or push my skateboard enough because of these wheel cores. I am considering replacing them or doing some work on them.
  • Comes with dissymmetric concave deck design and emery sandpaper for safety
  • Adjustable PU wheels with high rebound capacity for smooth as fast rides
  • Affordable and lightweight skateboard
  • Ideal dimensions of 31.75″ x 7.88″ for mobility on the board
  • The wheel’s bearings are a bit rough
This skateboard has got the speed and comfort features perfectly balanced. It’s also worth my investment, and I get to learn faster because of this skateboard.

11. Ihoming Skateboard

Coming with a quality wheel build, the Ihoming Skateboard is one I would always bring for speed purposes. It features a set of 52mm 95A PU wheels that are of high resistance. Plus, a pair of silent-operating carbon steel ABEC-9 bearings make my rides smooth. With these components, my rides are always stable and considerably fast.

Not only do these rollers promote speedy and steady rides but quick-ground response as well. This aspect is essential when I move from smooth roads to rough ones. These big soft wheels also work well with ramps, parks, and swimming pools.

This skateboard brand uses a thermal transfer process for its deck designs. This method makes the skateboard prints durable and long-lasting. These deck designs also look great, and it feels good to ride a skateboard with a classy finish.

The trucks of this skateboard hold everything firmly. They’re not shaky, and they needed no adjustments when I received the skateboard. These skateboard trucks can also carry a maximum load of 320lbs. So, I think it’s a perfect commuting skateboard for adults, and it’s safe for wheel bite problems.

Right now, the entire skateboard works fine. I get smooth and steady rides regardless of my location. I have no issue regarding any aspect of this skateboard. Also, it’s as sturdy as my old-school skateboard.
  • Bigger wheels for speedy rides
  • Silent-operating carbon steel ABEC-9 bearings that work smoothly
  • Quick ground response on the wheels for surface changes
  • Uses thermal transfer process that keeps deck designs durable
  • Firm trucks that can hold adult riders weighing a maximum of 320lbs
  • No issues for now
I think this is one of the best skateboards for street riding I have. Everything under the skateboard deck is of high quality. It’s smooth to ride, and I like its overall look.

12. Zhong Skateboard

I have many skateboards at home, but only the Zhong Skateboard has a unique wheel material. This skateboard uses PVC as the primary material on its wheels. PVC is lightweight and is known for its abrasion resistance and mechanical strength. Thus, not only do I get comfortable rollers but durable ones as well.

One factor that makes the set of wheels work better is the skateboard’s nails. These axle steel nails impose superior hardness that holds your trucks and deck firmly. With these, I can go fast and stable without worrying about my safety.

Other than being a commuter skateboard, I think this skateboard is also fit for learning new tricks. It has a double tilt design with better control and playability, making me enjoy this skateboard more. It’s fun to use and is friendly for young girls and boys learning skateboarding.

I believe this is one of the best penny boards in the market. With a length of 23″ and a width of 5.9″, I don’t have to push the skateboard hard. It also weighs 1.2kg only, so anyone, even 6-year old kids, can take this to different sceneries.

However, I think the weight capacity of this skateboard is too low. I am heavier than its stated weight range, but I am worried I’ll cause damage to it in the long run.
  • Unique and harder wheels made with PVC for a comfortable ride
  • Hard axle steel nails for stability and safety
  • Double tilt design for control and playability
  • Lightweight and has a size fit for kids
  • The stated weight capacity is somewhat low
This brand is one of the penny boards I use because of its parts. It’s easy to control, and despite the weight restrictions, I still find this reliable.

What to Look for When Buying Skateboards for Commuting


Picking a commuting skateboard is like choosing a ride on your way to the office. Here are a few things you have to check before buying one.


Skateboards can have a length as small as 23″ to 31″ as preferred by adult commuters. The skateboard widths for commuting purposes range around 7″ to 9″. It’s best to have a skateboard whose deck size carries your core for balance.

Weight capacity

Check the figures stated by the brand so you can decide whether or not the skateboard can load someone your weight.

Wheel build

Nine out of ten skateboards you see have Polyurethane as the primary wheel material because of its impact resistance and shock absorption capacity. The bearings make the wheels more distinct from each other because skateboard wheels can have ABEC-5, ABEC-7, ABEC-9, or ABEC-11 type of wheel cores. Each of these bearings has a smoothness level different from the others.


Most skateboard manufacturers use aluminum alloy for their trucks because of the material’s elasticity and toughness. Magnesium alloy trucks are also of good quality. Note that you have to secure your trucks that they mount onto your decks firmly. Use a screw hard enough to hold things snugly.

Grip tapes

These thin deck flat surface sheets are one of the most significant factors for your safety. Some grip tapes look like sand-splashed papers, so be careful about rejecting them. Choose a grip tape that’s scratch-proof and does not wear too quickly.

Deck design

Some skateboarders are particular with how their skateboards look, although most skateboard designs only appear at the bottom surface of the deck. Deck designs are representative of your style. So, try to make it last longer by picking the brand that uses the thermal transfer printing method for skateboards.

Are Skateboards Good for Commuting


Skateboarding to work or school offers a wide array of benefits. However, if you have restrictions, like the riding environment in your area or local laws, a skateboard may not be the best mode of transportation for you. So, when deciding to use a commuter skateboard, it’s best to check its viability in your area.

How Do You Commute on a Skateboard

Before heading to the store to grab a new skateboard, be sure to familiarize yourself with the following steps to have a guide when doing a test ride and finally riding it daily.

  • Position your feet with one foot forward.
  • Begin to push your skateboard using your other foot.
  • Turn using two different skateboard shifting styles.
  • Get comfortable over a set of skateboarding skills.

In addition, you are looking for skateboard for commuting, you may also be interested in the top-rated electric skateboard for beginners or the trusted electric skateboard kit.


Taking a skateboard commuting to your office or commuting short distances is never a bad idea at all. As long as you ride it within the right skateboard parameters, you’ll have amazing rides every time.

The best skateboard for commuting is one of the most efficient ways to head to your destination free of fuel consumption and fare. Remember the factors and considerations tackled in this article to be sure you’ll get the best commuter skateboard.

Drop your inquiries in the comments section, and we’ll be glad to answer them. Ride safely!

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