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The Best Skateboards for Girl Beginner

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

best skateboard for girl beginner

One of the best things about the skateboarding world is it doesn’t make any exceptions. No matter your age, size, and gender, as long as you know its fundamentals, then you can be a great skateboarder. So with that, it shouldn’t be unusual to see teenage girls on skateboard.

Are you a female wanting to try skateboards, too? Let me help you by choosing the best skateboard for girl beginner. But before we get into stunning choices, here are a few things we need to consider.

  • Riding Style: The most efficient way to learn skateboarding is to know the kind of ride you want to learn first. If you plan to get into skate parks and do thrilling rides, you can use a traditional skateboard. It comes with two kick tails, grip tape, and urethane wheels.
  • If you are into commutes and chilling rides, you can use any between longboards and cruisers. Longboards have a comfortable stepping surface and are smooth to ride. Cruisers, in addition, are perfect for commuting to school or roaming around your village.
  • Size: One of the reasons why skateboards come in sizes is to fit the weight and build of the rider. For beginner girls, an ideal deck width should go around 7.5″ to 8.25″. t’s not too wide, but with enough space for moving the feet on the board.
  • The length may not matter as much as the width, but picking one around 28″ to 32″ will be ideal.
  • Deck style: There are four board styles available for a female starting to skateboard. These designs include Convex for downhill, Flat for more stepping space, W Concave and Asymmetrical for smooth turns, and Radial and Progressive for secure footing. Each of these styles has a couple more advantages. Be sure to check on them.

Before we get into cool skateboards for girls, keep in mind that there are more details we need to emphasize in the buying guide of this article. So be sure to check on them, and we’ll help you choose your top-rated girl skateboarder brand.


Top 1

Beleev Skateboard

– 7-ply Canadian maple body

– Has a 220lbs capacity

– 5-inch aluminum trucks

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Top 2

METROLLER Skateboard

– Portable 2.2kg skateboard

– Double kick concave design

– 7-layer Canadian maple body

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Top 3

Andrimax Complete Skateboard

– ABEC 11 bearings 

– 31″ x 8″ deck size 

– Comes with 95A grippy

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The Most Suitable Skateboard for Girl Beginner Reviews 

1. Beleev Skateboard for Beginners

The first thing I love about the Beleev Skateboard for Beginners is its deck composition.

This skateboard for girl beginners comes with a 7-layer Canadian maple wood that’s not only sturdy but can also load someone as heavy as 220lbs. What’s even better about it is it only weighs 4.7lbs, so it’s easy to bring anywhere.

This lightweight skateboard has quality trucks as well. Beleev features a pair of 5-inch aluminum alloy trucks that make turning smooth on the skateboard. And since these trucks are aluminum, thus they’re a long-lasting pair as well.

These trucks have high-rebound bushings. Such components help absorb shocks, thus making my rides stable.

In terms of aesthetics, I love how this brand incorporated durability with its cool graphic design. Beleev uses a heat-transfer printing method. This technique does not only make the skateboard look fashionable, but it also helps the design last longer.

The grip layer of this skateboard for beginner girl is also of high quality. The brand comes with a waterproof, non-slip emery grip tape. This sheet does not only make the skateboard safe and grippy. It also helps prevent moisture from penetrating the deck wood. So, it’s like dual safety for me and the skateboard.

It’s not a direct issue on the skateboard, but I would be happier to have received it on time. Good thing the skateboard arrived ready to use, so there’s no need for assembly or huge adjustments.
  • 7-ply Canadian maple body that’s sturdy, lightweight, and has a 220lbs capacity
  • 5-inch aluminum trucks that make turning smooth
  • High-rebound shock-absorbing bushings that promote stability
  • Uses heat-transfer printing technique for long-lasting designs
  • Waterproof, non-slip emery grip sheet that makes the board safe and dry
  • Arrived a bit late (shipping issue)
Overall, I love taking this cool skateboard anywhere because it’s durable and is not hard to bring. Going over some cracks and some road debris also feels smooth because of its bushings.

2. METROLLER Skateboard for Beginners

Many beginners love METROLLER Skateboard for Beginners for its reliability.

The well-made skateboard comes with a 7-layer Canadian maple deck that makes it a durable skateboard. Plus, beneath it is a pair of aluminum alloy trucks that hold the wheels well. These two, combined, can carry someone weighing 220lbs without tweaking or shaking.

I also love the safety of this skateboard for young girls. It comes with a sheet of waterproof, anti-slip sandpaper that’s of the right coarseness.

The double kick concave design allows for better footing on the board, letting me control it with ease. Through these features, I get to ride this skateboard with confidence.

This skateboard is a portable one as well. On top of having a sturdy body, it only weighs 2.2kg, which is not too much for any rider. What’s even better is it comes with a carrying bag. That way, bringing it anywhere does not seem to be a problem at all.

This skateboard brings me convenience. Besides having a carrying bag in the package, it also arrived with a T-tool. That means I get to adjust the hardware of my skateboard anytime I want. Plus, I think I got to save money and time searching for this essential tool.

This skateboard works well for cruising, but not a lot with performing tricks. It does not have much pop on it, but casually riding it feels smooth.
  • 7-layer Canadian maple body and 5-inch aluminum trucks for a 220lbs capacity
  • Comes with waterproof, anti-slip sandpaper for safety
  • Double kick concave design for better control
  • Portable 2.2kg skateboard with a carrying bag
  • Comes with a T-tool in the package
  • Not perfect for performing tricks
This skateboard is comfortable and easy to maneuver. I love taking it anywhere because of its carrying bag, plus I get to perform some adjustments anytime.

3. Andrimax Complete Skateboard for Beginners

One of the factors that make the Andrimax Complete Skateboard for Beginners durable is its mounting bolts.

This girls skateboard comes with high-strength nails, which are vital in holding its components well. With these, I’m confident the trucks do not loosen up easily.

The size of this skateboard’s deck is also an advantage to me. It comes with a length of 31″ plus a width of 8″. These dimensions provide my feet with enough space to move. These figures also make this skateboard ideal for girl skateboarders of all ages and levels. So, it’s stable and a flexible skateboard for me.

This skateboard comes with four 95A high-rebound urethane rollers that are grippy and fit almost any kind of road. Also, these wheels have ABEC 11 bearings, which only a few brands have. These components provide a perfect combination of speed and rolling smoothness on the skateboard.

Another good thing is the piece comes fully assembled and ready to use. The tightness of the trucks was perfect, and there were no adjustments needed at all.

On the downside, the graphics on the board were not durable. After a few uses, these designs started to chip off. Nonetheless, it did not affect the performance of the skateboard.
  • Uses high-strength bolts that secure the skateboard’s components
  • 31″ x 8″ deck size that’s spacious, stable, and fit for all girl skateboarders
  • Comes with 95A grippy and high-rebound urethane wheels that fit any road
  • ABEC 11 bearings that work for better rolling speed and smoothness
  • Arrived firmly assembled and ready to use
  • Printed design began to chip off earlier than expected
I like the stability of this skateboard. Its parts are of good quality, they mount firmly, and I feel comfortable moving on it.

4. Scientoy Beginner Skateboard

Featuring a unique deck composition, the Scientoy Skateboard is one of my top choices for sturdiness.

This quality design comes with nine Canadian maple layers, which only a few brands have. These wooden layers do not only offer superior toughness but ample weight capacity as well.

I think another component that allows for better load capacity on this skateboard is its trucks. Scientoy comes with a pair of 5-inch aluminum alloy trucks that balances weight and durability. Paired with the deck, this pair of trucks can carry riders weighing as heavy as 220lbs.

I find this skateboard easy and fast to master. It comes with a double kick concave design that suits any rider, regardless of skating skill level and age. Its design makes it perfect for someone who practices balance and control on the skateboard, especially kids.

One of the things I look for in a skateboard package is a repair tool, which this brand has. Scientoy comes with a handy repair kit I can bring anywhere. Through this, I can adjust the truck nuts, tighten the wheels, repair screws, or perform any modifications to make my ride better.

On the other hand, there was a patched-up portion on this board’s grip sheet layer. Good thing it was not that big enough to affect my balance on the skateboard.
  • 9-layer Canadian maple wood that offers superior toughness
  • 5-inch aluminum alloy trucks that are durable and can load a maximum of 220lbs
  • Double kick concave design that makes balance and control easy to master
  • Comes with a handy repair tool for wheels, trucks, and bolts adjustments
  • Patched-up portions at the grip layer
Scientoy is a user-friendly skateboard. It carries almost anyone, it’s a standard-shaped skateboard, and I’m happy I get to adjust its hardware anytime I want.

5. Punisher Girls Complete Skateboard

What makes the Punisher Girls Complete Skateboard ideal for girls is its mild concave deck profile and double kick tails.

Such deck attributes allow the rider to obtain superior control of the skateboard by ensuring proper foot positioning. With that, tight and quick turns, doing tricks, or casual riding feels smooth and manageable.

Another thing I like about this skateboard’s deck is its grip surface. Punisher skateboard ensures utmost safety by using a heavy-duty 80AB grip tape, which not all brands have. This sheet also allows my feet to get ample traction and better control of the skateboard.

Another perk of this skateboard is its wheelset. This component comes with 50mm x 30mm polyurethane wheels, which I find perfect for their size. Also, inside these rollers are Punisher ABEC 7 high-speed wheel bearings that add some speed to the skateboard.

One more safety feature this skateboard for girls has is its riser pads. These PE layers allow some gap between the trucks and the bottom surface of the skateboard. That means the wheels get enough space away from the deck. Plus, these two components are safe from making contact with each other.

However, I had to do some alignment on the trucks of this skateboard. The bolt holes were loose, so I needed to adjust by starting with the base plate.
  • Mild concave deck profile with double kick tails for better control and footing
  • Heavy-duty 80AB grip tape that ensures safety on the board
  • 50mm x 30m wheels with Punisher ABEC 7 high-speed wheel bearings
  • Comes with PE riser pads that prevent the wheels from scratching the deck
  • Bolt holes were a bit loose
This brand is a perfect beginner board for me due to its deck shape and size. Also, I appreciate the board allows me to do different kinds of rides.

6. WiiSHAM Skateboard Pro

Coming with a quality truck system, the WiiSHAM Skateboard Pro ensures comfortable rides every time. This skateboard features a pair of 5-inch aluminum alloy trucks with durable steel truck bolts. Plus, between them and the deck are PU support pads that help reduce shocks.

The next aspect I love about this skateboard is its wheelset. It comes with 85A PU wheels that are of ideal hardness. These wheels are also wear-resistant, which means they last longer.

Plus, inside these rollers are ABEC 9 bearings that make my rides smooth and with enough speed. I love their combination of durability and performance.

In terms of safety, I think this skateboard is also a good one. It comes with a layer of 7051 high-density waterproof grip tape with high friction, enough to hold my feet well. I also find this sheet thick and long-lasting. With this, I feel secure throughout my ride.

Many parents will love this skateboard because it’s one of the cheap skateboards for girls in the market. Not only does it come with quality components, but it also works well and is perfect for all rider types and levels.

The only issue I had with this girls skateboard was with a few damages on the deck. I received a skateboard set with some scratches on it. Good thing they weren’t affecting my rides.
  • 5-inch aluminum trucks with durable truck bolts
  • Comes with PU support pads that help absorb shocks
  • 85A wear-resistant PU rollers with ideal harness
  • 7051 high-density waterproof grip tapes for safety
  • Quality and affordable complete skateboard
  • Few scratches on the deck
Overall, this is one of the cheap girl skateboards with the perfect balance of safety and durability. It’s not hard to use, and it works as expected. Plus, with its parts, I think it’s going to last longer.

7. JECOLOS Pro Complete Skateboards

One of the things I love about the JECOLOS Pro Complete Skateboards is versatility. This skateboard comes with an elaborate design that makes it fit for any skating venue.

Furthermore, the design can handle skateboarding pools, ramps, skating rinks, and any other skate platforms.

Jecolos girls skateboards have enough smoothness as well. Featuring a 50mm soft PU wheels set, I feel steady because these rollers absorb shocks adequately. Another factor that adds to my wheels’ smoothness is their ABEC 7 precision bearings. These components allow me to go over any surface, even the rough ones.

Stability is also one of the advantages of this skateboard. It comes with a double kick dissymmetric concave shape designed for professionals and beginners.

Also, on top of it is customized emery sandpaper that provides a locked feeling to the rider’s feet. With these, learning cool ramp tricks and skills does not seem too hard at all.

One more benefit of this skateboard’s shape is its maneuverability. Through its concave design, I get to control it better and brake on it smoothly. I think this aspect makes this brand even better for beginner female skateboarders.

However, I had some issues with the shipping of this skateboard. The box arrived damaged, and there were a few scratches on the deck.
  • A versatile skateboard that works on various skateboarding locations
  • 50mm shock-absorbent PU wheels with ABEC 7 bearings for a smooth ride
  • Double kick dissymmetric concave shape with emery grip sheet for stability
  • Easy control and braking with its well-made shape
  • Damaged box with few scratches on the deck
Overall, this is a high-quality skateboard for me. The wheels roll almost anywhere smoothly, and I always feel stable riding it because of its shape.

8. Geelife Skateboard for Beginners

Coming with a quality wheelset, the Geelife Skateboard for Beginners ensures a smooth and fast ride every time. This skateboard for young girls features 55mm 95A wheels with ABEC 7 bearings that allow better speed and cruising. Added with soft PU bushings, riding this skateboard always feels smooth.

Besides being a soft girl skateboard, Geelife is also easy to control. With its double kick tail concave design, managing the board’s motions as well as its braking is a breeze. This design also allows me to get over obstacles using a couple of tricks.

I think this skateboard is also a complete one. Not only does it let me ride smoothly and get over obstacles with ease, but it also allows for better turning and sliding.

Using its pair of 5-inch thick aluminum alloy trucks, I get to experience much turning radius. What’s even better is this truck system comes with riser pads to prevent wheel bites when gliding.

On top of its 7-layer maple deck, this skateboard comes with a sheet of high-density waterproof grip sheet. This protective layer never traps water on it, thus keeping the deck dry all the time. In addition, it is a breeze to remove soil and mud on the board using a wet cloth.

On the downside, I received a skateboard with a few damages on the deck. The good thing was I still got to use it as intended, and the dents didn’t affect my ride.
  • Fast and smooth skateboard with 55mm 95A wheels and ABEC 7 bearings
  • Double kick tail concave design that makes the skateboard easy to control
  • 5-inch aluminum trucks with riser pads for safe and better turning
  • Comes with a high-density waterproof grip sheet
  • Allows easy cleaning muds and dirt with a wet towel
  • Arrived with a few damages on the deck (shipping issue)
Not only does this skateboard come with good-performing components, but it also works well. Whether cruising or doing a few tricks, this cool skateboard responds perfectly.

9. Amrgot Skateboards Pro

Coming with eight plies of sturdy maple wood, the Amrgot Skateboards Pro ensures I get stable rides every time. This skateboard deck composition keeps me comfortable with its durability. Besides, its deck also has a flexible body that lets me turn and lean confidently.

I find this skateboard a good one in terms of speed as well. It comes with a set of ABEC 9 bearings equipped with high-speed lubrication. These components do not only provide ample rolling distance but smoothness to my rides too.

The next aspect I like about this skateboard brand is its trucks. Amrgot features a pair of 5-inch aluminum alloy trucks that mount on the deck firmly. Also, on these alloy components are steel truck bolts that add durability to the skateboard and PU support pads that help minimize shocks.

I think this brand is a unique one in terms of aesthetics. It uses a bottom printing pattern that provides pleasing skateboard designs for girls. Plus, these designs are waterproof, which means they do not wear quickly.

Not only does this skateboard come with a waterproof deck design but grip tapes as well. Amrgot has a layer of 7051 grip sheet with high-friction and anti-slip features, keeping me safe on the skateboard when riding.

However, I had to remove the plastic cover on the deck upon receiving the skateboard. And to do that, I had to unscrew the bolts that locked the plastic on the board.
  • 8-layer maple board that’s durable and flexible
  • ABEC 9 high-speed bearings with lubrication for better riding smoothness
  • 5-inch aluminum trucks with steel truck bolts for better durability
  • PU support pads on the trucks for shock absorption
  • Bottom printing pattern that’s waterproof and visually pleasing
  • 7051 waterproof and anti-slip grip tape keeping the rider safe
  • Needed to unscrew the bolts to remove the plastic
Without a doubt, this brand is preferred by famous girl skaters because it’s a smooth, fast, and sturdy board. I appreciate how the components complement each other for quality rides.

10. WeSkate Beginner Skateboard

Designed to build the confidence of young female skateboarders, the WeSkate Beginner Skateboard features a classic double kick tail concave shape that allows for the best foot placement on the deck. This form makes me control the board better, whether doing a few stunts, tricks, or simple cruising.

One unique feature of this skateboard for teenage girl lies with its trucks. WeSkate’s truck comes with a combination of magnesium and aluminum alloy, which both add a sturdy finish to the skateboard.

Besides their durability, I also love the smooth texture of these trucks because they look clean and solid.

Not only is this skateboard fit for young girls. With its 220lbs weight capacity, any girl skateboarder within range can enjoy this board without worrying about its parts wearing too soon.

And for an adult rider, an 8-inch deck will be broad enough for me. With these, I feel comfortable and stable moving on the skateboard.

This skateboard for beginner teenager brings me a lot of conveniences too. Besides being easy to control, I also got to ride it when I pulled it out of the box. Its components were firm, and I never had to adjust anything before my first time using it.

On the downside, the grip tape began to wear off a bit too soon. Nonetheless, the rest of the skateboard’s parts were performing well.
  • Double kick tail concave deck shape for better foot placement and control
  • Magnalium alloy trucks that are durable and solid-looking
  • 220lbs weight capacity enough for riders of all ages
  • 8-inch deck width for comfortable and stable stance on the board
  • Arrived complete and ready to use
  • Grip tape started to peel off early
I think this brand is a good entry-level skateboard, whether for kids or adults trying to learn skateboarding. It has attributes that fit anyone. Plus, I love its overall finish.

11. Dreambeauty Pro Skateboard Complete

The first thing I like about the Dreambeauty Pro Skateboard is its speed. Coming with a set of ABEC 11 bearings, this skateboard ensures fast yet safe rides for beginners.

Not only that, but these wheel cores also help the wheels roll smoother and more precisely. Other than speedy rides, this brand also offers enough stability. It features a 9-layer double kick maple body that’s sturdy and can hold a maximum weight of 220lbs.

Plus, its 8-inch width leaves enough room for my feet to move. With these aspects, I feel more confident riding this skateboard.

I also love the wheels that arrived with this skateboard package. These PU rollers come with a 52mm size and 88A hardness level. These aspects combined work for almost all riding types. They can work for street skating, skateparks, smooth and rough surfaces, and even ramps and pools.

I adore this skateboard brand due to its convenience. First, it arrived complete and ready to use. And second, it came with a T-tool in the package. With these, I got to enjoy riding the skateboard without having to perform any adjustments. Plus, I got to save some from buying a separate T-tool.

On the downside, there was noticeable damage on the grip surface when I received it. Good thing it wasn’t where I put my feet more often. So, it’s still viable for use.
  • Comes with ABEC 11 bearings that ensure fast and precise rides
  • Durable 9-layer maple deck that can hold a maximum weight of 220lbs
  • An 8-inch deck that provides enough space for feet movement
  • 52mm 88A PU wheels that work for almost any riding type
  • Arrived complete and with a T-tool in the package
  • Noticeable damage on the grip sheet
I love this skateboard brand that allows me to ride ramps smoothly. It’s a complete board, and it works well no matter where I use it.

12. Amrgot Pro Complete Night Light Skateboards

What got my attention first about this Amrgot Skateboard is its wheels. This skateboard comes with a set of 54mm PU rollers that works perfectly for my kind of ride. Paired with lubricated ABEC 9 bearings, this wheelset provides enough speed and acceleration.

Such a design works best for stunts and a few tricks. It has a pair of aluminum trucks that are sturdy enough to hold pressure, especially when jumping on the board. These trucks also help me turn and glide smoothly.

Not only does this skateboard come with sturdy trucks but a durable deck as well. Amrgot features an 8-layer maple wood strong enough to contain weight. Plus, this deck has ample flexibility, making it flowy and comfortable to ride.

One unique aspect about this skateboard lies with its deck design. At day, the bottom part of it looks like other skateboard brands. But in the dark or at night, part of the printed design at the bottom of the deck glows. Not all girls skateboards have this feature, which is one more reason I love this brand.

The only thing I did not like about this skateboard was the knicks on the deck when I received it. Good thing they weren’t that deep, not affecting my rides at all.
  • 54mm Pu rollers with ABEC 9 bearings
  • The board rolls with enough speed and acceleration, ideal for beginners
  • Sturdy aluminum alloy trucks that work well for some skating tricks and stunts
  • Durable 8-layer maple deck that contains enough weight and is flexible
  • Unique glow-in-the-dark deck design
  • Arrived with damages on the deck
Despite that, I love this skateboard’s look and performance. I feel comfortable riding it, whether cruising or doing quite a few stunts. Most of all, it has quality parts for durable use.

What to Look for When Buying Skateboard for Girl Beginner


One of the keys to a progressive skateboarding journey is a good start. So, if you are someone choosing from an array of girly skateboards, here are a few things you need to consider when picking skateboards for beginners.

Type of ride

Proper footing and posture on the board are two of the most common fundamentals in skateboarding. After learning them, the rider can decide the first kind of ride to take.

Included in the list are simple tricks and stunts, which require easy skateboard designs characterized by double kicktails. Another riding type for beginners is cruising. This mode is not a complicated one but will need a comfortable stepping surface like that of longboards.

Deck size

Looking for the biggest or the slimmest size may not always be the best way to select teenage girl skateboards. This aspect lies in your expertise and body build.

If you are a beginner, you might as well check on your height, weight, and even the size of your shoes. From there, you’ll have an idea of what size skateboard for beginner girl to choose.

The perfect skateboard size for teenage girl comes with a deck width ranging from 7.5″ to 8.25″ and lengths of about 28″ to 32″. These dimensions are not the highest, but teenage skateboards at these sizes are comfortable and maneuverable.

Board style

One good aspect about skateboards is they come in different shapes that help support the rider’s movement and adapt to different riding styles. For females, here are four deck styles you can choose from:

  • U-shaped deck – has a broad base for a firm footing
  • Convex – helps improve downhill riding
  • Flat deck – for tricks and more space for the feet
  • Asymmetrical – helps make smooth turns

Grip tapes

Safety remains a top priority when selecting girl complete skateboards, which is why you need to ensure your brand has a grippy, quality stepping surface. With that, try to look for boards whose grip tapes are of the perfect coarseness.

That way, you’ll feel comfortable moving your feet on the deck while maintaining your safety.

Another aspect you need to check is whether the grip sheet is thick enough and waterproof. Using these aspects, you’d get to protect the wooden deck from moisture build-up, which can cause your skateboard to deteriorate quickly.

Weight capacity

Not only does your weight matter in selecting the perfect skateboard size. It’s also relevant when choosing the ideal deck composition for you. Most skateboard brands come with maple wood as the primary deck material, but not all are durable enough to contain weight.

So, always ask the store or check on the package of the skateboard about its weight capacity. Having a skateboard that can load someone as heavy as 220lbs will be a good option for you.


It is necessary to achieve smooth rides when practicing riding on skateboards. And one of the components that will help you achieve it is a wheelset fit for the purpose. For beginners, always look for soft wheels. These rollers will give you enough grip and smoother runs on terrains.

There are a few more skateboard and hardware preferences you need to assess when picking beginner girls skateboards. In the list are their price, accessories, trucks, and even their designs. Be sure to check on them to give value to the amount you’ll spend.

Which Type of Skateboard Is Best for Girl Beginners


There are a few types of cool skateboards for teen girls around. One of these is a cruiser board or a longboard, which has ample stepping space for comfort. Another is a classic board designed with two kick tails, a concave deck shape, and grippy, soft wheels.

What Is a Good Size Skateboard for a Girl

The best skateboard size for girl skating can be dependent on their body structure. But as a reference, deck widths ranging from 7.5″ to 8.25″ are good options. And for the length, look for 28″ to 32″ decks.


The skateboarding world is an outlet to relax, enjoy, and challenge yourself. It does not impose limitations, nor does it make you feel bad about trying it. So, regardless of your age, size, and gender, you can always enjoy riding a skateboard.

If you’re one of the girls wishing to get on a skate park, it’s time you look for the best skateboard for girl beginner. That way, you’ll learn a new challenging activity and train yourself to be more active as well.

Should you have questions, please leave them in the comments section.

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