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BMX vs Skateboarding: Which is a Better Sport?

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

bmx vs skateboarding

Every person who loves the outdoors has their definition of extreme. It could be in the form of sports, travel, or anything outside their comfort zone.

True enough, the sky is the limit when choosing a hobby. And two of the most prevalent options you have are BMX and skateboards.

So, between BMX VS skateboarding, which one should you choose? In this article, we will see how these two differ and the important skateboard & BMX launch dates. Also, we’ll find out the good things they bring. For now, here’s a summary of their significant features.

Parameter of Comparison Skateboard BMX
Riding location Smooth surfaces such as skateparks and other similar street obstacles Works on race tracks, dirt, forest terrain, and the streets in general
Safety Risks are higher on the roads Riskier when landing from tricks
Riding experience Able to dodge ledges, rails, and skate park obstacles Huge, gigantic tricks in the air and on the ground
Learning curve Harder to learn the basics Harder to learn tricks
Mode of transportation Only ideal in areas not passable by BMX bikes Certainly better for commuting
Speed Reasonably slower at 5-12 mph Can go as fast as 35 mph
Cost Significantly cheaper; less than $100 Often at $200 or more

Skateboard VS BMX: Definition

1. Skateboards


Skateboarding started around the mid-19th century in California. Back then, people used to have wood planks installed with wheels below them. Their primary reason for making a skateboard? To mimic surfing on land.

Forward to the 1960s, the first skateboards entered the market. Not too long after came the creation of parts designed to suit the streets and parks such as urethane wheels.

Eventually, in the late 1990s, the first skateboarding competition appeared on free media. As skating celebrities and video games came onto the scene, the sport grew and is still popular today.

2. BMX


BMX, or Bicycle Motocross, is a unique bike specialized to withstand extreme terrain conditions.

Like skateboarding, BMX also originated in California, 20 years after the conception of our wheeled boards.

Far from others’ expectations, BMX bikes are not gigantic. In reality, they are lightweight equipment that is maneuverable and rightfully powerful. And such features make them perfect for people who want to get better at BMX without dealing with too much weight.

BMX designs are straightforward. They have U-shaped handles and low frames and seats. There is nothing too unusual with how BMX bikes look.

Nonetheless, performance matters more. And BMX profiles do not come without a purpose.

Differences Between a BMX and a Skateboard


Unlike other outdoor sporting equipment matchups, BMX and skateboards are close in intensity. Let’s see some of their salient differences.

1. Where to ride


What are the best locations to skate or pedal using a BMX? In this aspect, skateboards and motocross bikes are almost level. How?

Skateboarders often require smooth trails. While the streets aren’t usually as smooth as the ramps, hundreds or thousands of skate parks are available around the world. That means skaters have a lot of park obstacles to enjoy, maybe more than BMX riders.

Skateboard riders need appropriate wheels to skate on dirt. And perhaps, this aspect is where bicycles have the edge.

A bike motocross has a more versatile nature. If skateboards are more often in the parks, BMX beginner tricks could be on the dirt, street, race track, motocross-friendly park, or even the forest.

But before suiting up in these riding conditions, ensure that your city or locality doesn’t restrict skateboarding or BMX.

2. Safety


Of course, regardless of what you use, skateboards and BMX impose safety risks. But which of the two is more dangerous?

BMX riders often perform extreme stunts. These moves aren’t simple glides or series of jumps. The bad news is one wrong move could make the bike’s parts hurt riders or result in a crash. If we consider the size of a motocross vehicle, maneuvering it should be harder than moving a skate deck, especially on rough ground.

But such a scenario only applies to BMX bikes used for stunts.

Skateboards take a more significant risk on the streets. That is because these boards are more susceptible to road obstacles. Similarly, they are prone to crashing when some unwanted objects disrupt a board moving fast.

In both activities, safety gear like a helmet, knee pad, and elbow protector still matter.

3. Customization

What does a skater VS BMX user say about gear customization?

At first glance, it’s clear that a BMX bike has more parts than a skateboard.

Even the wheels of a bike alone would have more components than their equivalent on a skate deck. So, regarding customization, riders will have more to work with in BMX gear.

4. Faster to learn

Is BMX easier than skateboarding? Let’s see which has a better learning curve between a skateboard and BMX.

First, we should remember that BMX is a bike. And this leads us to our younger years when our parents first taught us to use a bicycle.

Unfortunately, if you are buying a BMX only to commute, you might as well don’t. Why? doing tricks on a BMX bike is its main appeal. And wanting to learn BMX requires immense mastery of stunts, which often takes months.

Learning to balance on a skateboard may be harder than riding a bike, since most people don’t use boards as their main form of transport.

However, once you’ve learned to push and stop, pulling off stunts with a wheeled deck will probably be easier than mastering your first easy BMX tricks, simply because bikes are bigger and heavier.

So, skateboards have a better learning curve.

5. As a mode of transportation


Technically, BMX is a faster commuting equipment, having the soul of a regular or mountain bike in it. So, BMX bikes can work on long commutes, rough terrain, or dirt trails.

Meanwhile, skateboards might not be as fast as BMX bikes, but they are superior in places not passable by a BMX. Also, they are more portable.

6. Speed

It might be unorthodox to make a skateboard and BMX compete in speed because it’s unfair. But if you are in a hurry and you have both of these, you might as well want to know which moves faster.

Skateboards yield an average speed of 9 mph, weighing all relevant factors. Expanding the range, we’ll be safe at around 5-12 mph.

On the other hand, BMX, though not often on flat trails, can hit a maximum speed of 35mph.

7. Pros and cons

Knowing the differences between skateboards and BMX bikes, let’s now see their highlights and a few undesirable areas.

  Pros Cons
BMX – Rideable in almost any location

– More customizable

– Fewer riding parks than skateboards
Skateboard – More readily available skateboarding locations

– Easier to learn tricks

– Inferior in speed

8. Cost

So, how much do BMX and skateboard cost? Take a look at these products.


  1. METROLLER Complete Standard Skateboard – $39.99
  2. WeSkate Skateboards for Beginners – $49.99
  3. TailorShape Bermuda Complete Skateboard – $89.99


  1. Nice C Training Wheel Bike – $179.99
  2. Mongoose Legion Freestyle Kids BMX Bike – $268.67
  3. Elite BMX Bicycle – $499.00

BMX bikes cost significantly higher. But that is because of their build and all the work put into them.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why are BMX bikes not allowed in skate parks?

BMX at skatepark is rare. But why?

First, BMX bikes are significantly bigger than skateboards. And we know that the obstacles in a skate park often have sizes scaled to a skateboard.

Second, while BMX user groups sometimes petition to use skate parks to ride their two-wheeled vehicles, BMX’s dominance imposes safety issues. How?

As people on Reddit say, skateboard users will have to share the parks in this scenario. Besides the crowding issue, mishaps on a BMX are likely to cause injuries to other skate park occupants.

Are BMX bikes good for just riding?

Like skateboards, some bikes can take you from point A to point B without too many issues. But these vehicles could not be BMX bikes. But why?

BMX bikes have setup issues that might only make your travels more tiring. Some of these concerns include the bicycle’s length and low seat height.

Motocross bikes are undeniably more suitable for BMX street tricks and stunts. But here are a few things we can do to commute with them.

  1. Raise the seat saddle.
  2. Use a padded seat.
  3. Secure a rear brake.


Going outside and under the sun, we always have thousands of choices on how to enjoy ourselves. It could be some backyard work, sitting relaxed, or doing extreme sports like skateboarding or BMX riding.

BMX VS skateboarding might not be a perfect match because of how they look. But they possess a significant aspect of outdoor activities, extreme fun. Doing either of these sports will surely give us an exceptional experience.

But before choosing, ensure you understand the differences we have discussed. Eventually, you’ll learn which of the two will yield the best outcome for you.


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