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Can You Bring a Skateboard on a Plane? And How?

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

can you bring a skateboard on a plane

Traveling with skateboards is no less than great. It gives you a relaxed feeling. Plus, it keeps you physically active to some extent.

However, we need to remember that skateboards also have mobility limitations. So, what if you plan to take your skateboard to a different state? Can you bring a skateboard on a plane?

The answer is yes, but under specific considerations. Keep reading to know what they are and assess if you can also bring yours.

Taking a Skateboard on a Plane


Before we get into how to carry a skateboard on a plane, let’s first understand some factors that affect our luggage at the airport.

1. Transport security

While airlines are essentially in control of what you can and cannot bring on a plane, there’s one authority higher that does the same job, your state’s transport security.

Luckily, like the Transport Security Administration, many authorities don’t seem to find issues with bringing skateboards when boarding a plane.

Additionally, airlines have regulations for package weight and sizing considerations.

2. Checked or Carry-on?

In this aspect, we need to review the airlines’ policies for bringing items like skateboards. Despite hundreds of claims on Reddit that a skateboard shall be allowed on planes, it’s still best to confirm with the regulating airlines to prevent potential disputes.

Below are a few airlines that allow boarding with a skateboard under specific considerations.

  • As checked baggage
  • Spirit Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Alaska
  • Southwest
  • Delta
  • Frontier
  • Jetblue
  • United Airlines
  • As carry on baggage
  • Air Canada
  • Southwest

Only a few airlines allow skateboards as carry-on items. Plus, doing this entails more specific instructions from the airlines should you pursue it.

3. Charges

Will you be charged for bringing skateboards on an airplane? Not necessarily. Some airlines render first checked bags costless. So, if you happen to travel with your skateboard as your first checked bag, you will be able to save money.

4. Restrictions

This aspect is where the sizing and weight matter. No airline wants to compromise its trip by allowing massive or heavy unchecked items inside the plane.

And if you think objects as light as skateboards won’t affect the plane’s trip, see what these airlines tell you.

  • Delta
  • Skateboards should be inside a bag.
  • There are corresponding charges based on cabin and travel region. For example, main cabin travelers on US flights will pay $30 for their first checked bag.
  • Skateboards over 50lbs shall have additional fees.
  • Boards with outside linear dimensions over 115 linear inches are not allowed.
  • American
  • Standard charges apply for skateboards weighing up to 50lbs and with a size of 126 linear inches.
  • Overweight fees are applied on skateboards weighing 51lbs to 70lbs.
  • Easyjet
  • Checked baggage should be at 15kg to 23kg, and excess luggage has a ceiling of 32kg.
  • The size shall be at 275cm maximum.

How to Take a Skateboard on a Plane?


Suppose we are unsure of the skateboard policy of our chosen airline. Read below to identify the best practices for transporting our gear.

Step 1: Call your airline

Of course, you don’t want to end up sad and helpless at the airport for not being able to board your skateboard. So, before you arrange your flights, make sure to call your airlines and secure permission to take your skateboard with you.

If calling them doesn’t work, do all means possible and make regular follow-ups until you get the response you need.

Step 2: Review airline guidelines

Let’s say the airline approved your request and asked you to refer to their guidelines in bringing items like skateboards.

As mentioned above, airline operators provide specific sizing and weight figures for compliance. So, carefully check if your skateboard’s numbers fit the airline’s guide.

Should there be excess weight or size, expect to at least pay for additional costs.

Step 3: Packing up

Prepare a bag to house your skateboard. It can be a skateboard bag you purchased or a duffel bag that fits your deck.

If neither bag is available, you can also use a backpack. Some brands manufacture bags with skateboard straps at the back, allowing you to slide your skateboard there.

Some skater commuters also advise dismantling the trucks and wheels. While this hack may be helpful, not everyone is keen on doing it, considering a reassembly is necessary afterwards.

Power tips

  • Early birds win – Heading to the airport 2 hours before your flight offers various benefits. First, the attendants get plenty of time to check and clear the bag for loading before your flight. And second, you may get a perfect spot for your bag, like overhead bins, on airlines that offer free seating privileges.
  • Make sure your stuff is all in one place – No one wants to forget something on the To-Bring list. And to make the tactic effective, consider getting a skateboard bag for plane, like the Sector 9. So, you get to squeeze all your things, including your skateboard and other necessary parts into one pack.


Skateboards deserve as much adventure as you do, even if that means traveling with them on air. Restrictions are all part of security measures. Don’t feel bad if the authorities seem too strict about boarding skateboards or similar items.

Can you bring a skateboard on a plane? Given reasonable rules and guidelines, there’s no way you can’t do so. Be mindful of the things I shared with you to make your trip trouble-free.

Pack up for your next trip with your skateboards!

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