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Can You Use WD40 on Skateboard Bearings? Here’s the Answer!

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

can you use wd40 on skateboard bearings

Like cars and any mode of transport, skateboards also require regular maintenance. It can be in the form of cleaning, capacity testing, or parts replacement. Whatever it is, keep in mind that you do these to prolong the life of your skateboards.

And while doing such methods, you may have come across the topic of using WD40. So you ask a friend, “can you use WD40 on skateboard bearings?” Unfortunately, you can’t, in several instances. Here’s why and what you can do about it.

Is WD40 Good for Skateboard Bearings


It’s rare to see WD40 application tutorials for skateboards and their parts. And that is because this product isn’t the best solution for cleaning and lubrication procedures. Let’s understand the adverse effects of this substance on your skateboard bearings.

1. Cleaning your bearings

Over time, your skate bearings become more susceptible to dirt and rust. And the moment you see those orange-brown marks, you start to worry about the decline of your skateboard’s performance.

So, you grab a bottle of WD40 without realizing that it will dry your bearings. It may shrug off grime, but you’ll ruin these parts sooner.

2. Can I use WD40 to lubricate bearings instead?

Bearings need silicone-based lubrication and not water-based ones. Water-based WD40 on longboard bearings may yield a quality performance but never a long-lasting one.

How Do I Clean My Bearings With WD40

WD 40 skate bearings are not the best way to go when cleaning. The good news here is alcohol, being one of the best bearings cleaners, is a more accessible substance than WD40. Besides that, alcohol has properties that can clean the bearings of particles that cause dirt build-up. Follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Grab a paper clip or any stiff but thin object
  • Step 2: Poke the skateboard bearings’ shield and set them aside
  • Step 3: Drench the bearings in an alcohol solution; remember to submerge them fully
  • Step 4: pin them thoroughly until all contaminants are out

On Bicycles

At least half of the parts you see from bicycles require rust protection and lubrication, whereas WD40 can be of service. Below are some bike components that can use WD40:

1. Bike chains

A squeaky or stiff bike chain can be the root of road mishaps. Luckily, applying WD40 on such parts yields the following benefits. First, it cleans the chain like any other surface. Second, it degreases the bike chains, assuring you of a smooth performance.

2. Bike derailleurs

Another secret to a smooth-running bicycle is a set of quality bike derailleurs. However, these can still be squeaky when not maintained. With WD40, you get to dissolve dirt on these areas, lubricate them, and expect no less than good performance.

3. As a general bicycle cleaner

Riding mountain bikes allows you to reach almost any terrain. And if there’s something that mars your vehicle, it’s the mud and dirt you get from nature. WD40 will help you get rid of this dirt because it keeps grime from building up and sticking on your bikes.

What Else Can I Use WD40 for


1. As a cleaning agent

WD40 is famous for removing rust and grime. And knowing how these elements can damage objects when left unchecked, you’d better keep them away with this product. Below are some things WD40 cleans:

  • Floor gunks
  • Garden tools
  • Gold, brass, and other metals
  • Bicycle chains
  • Paintbrushes
  • Stains on stainless steel appliances
  • Ink on fabrics
  • Adhesive residues
  • Gum stuck on various surfaces
  • Wax and glue on carpets

Applying WD40 on these surfaces causes dirt to fall off them. But that does not mean your job is over. You still have to do your part to prevent rapid dirt build-up.

2. As a lubricant

Besides cleaning grime and rust, WD40 also helps reduce squeaking on many gadgets. Check where you can use this product as a lubrication agent:

  • Drawers and door hinges
  • Saw blades and rusty nuts
  • Pet doors
  • Gate valves
  • Power tools
  • Sewing machines
  • Plumbing joints
  • Rusted bolts
  • Lawnmowers
  • Painted radiator valves

With WD40 on these objects, you can enjoy the quality performance. Plus, you also get to prolong their useful life.

Note that these uses are in a general sense. Let’s see how WD40 works on transportation modes, including skateboards.


Caring for your skateboard and its parts is not an option. Whether it be dirt or any damage that affects the board’s performance, you need to give attention to them.

Now that you understand where WD40 works best and what it does to your skateboard, you can finally answer the question, “can you use WD40 on skateboard bearings?

If you have inquiries, please drop them in the comments section.

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