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Does a Skateboard Have a Front and Back? Get the Facts Here!

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

does a skateboard have a front and back

Does a skateboard have a front and back? The answer is yes. Skateboards have a front and back. Although most skateboards now seem identical, making it harder to determine which is which, there are ways to find out.

The front of skateboard is commonly known as the nose, while the back part is called the tail. You can find the nose in the front part of the skateboard, while the tail is in the rear part.

It is not easy to determine in skateboards nowadays which side of the board you are stepping on, whether it is the front, or the back, unlike the older versions, which have the back part tips up, making it easier to recognize.


Front Vs Back of Skateboard


The nose and the tail of your skateboard may look identical at first glance, but if you take a closer look, you will notice that they are a bit different from one another.

It may be hard to distinguish which side of skateboard is the nose or the tail. To give you a hint, your skateboard’s nose is usually much bigger and wider, while the tail is slightly more narrow, tapered and shorter.

Since different board makers manufactured skateboards, expect them to come in different shapes and sizes. If you cannot distinguish where the back or the front of the skateboard is, try to look under the deck.

The graphics under the board will help you determine the skateboard back and the skateboard’s front. A vertical image will tell you that the nose is on the top part of the graphics, while a horizontal image will tell you that the nose is on the right side of the board.

It may be a hassle to look under your board every now and then to know what part you are holding. The best thing you can do is mark your board; it’s up to you what side of the skateboard you would like to mark; what matters most is you can differentiate each part even from afar.

Skateboard Front and Back


Is there a front and back to a skateboard? It does, and here’s a video for you to watch and learn how you will be able to differentiate the front and back parts of the skateboard from one another.

Skateboarding With the Nose or Tail

There is nothing wrong with riding with your skateboard’s tail. You should only worry about it when you are fond of doing this style; chances are the tail part of your board will wear out sooner than the nose.

In the riding fakie technique, you have to use the board’s tail first. So if you are the type of skater who wants to ride on the tail-first, you should master your riding fakie skills.

Riding with nose-first allows the skaters to perform their tricks and ollies much easier and safer at the same time. This is the main reason why the board’s noses are made much broader and wider compared to the tails.

Most skateboards were able to use both orientations. If you were to ask which part of the board is safer to do the tricks and stunts, it’s definitely the nose. The wider part of the board will make your performance safer and more secure.

Whichever part is your preference, remember that your safety is more important than any other tricks that you want to execute perfectly. Always ride safely and wear protective gear.


The skateboard front is called the nose, and the back part is called the tail. The nose is quite wider compared to the tail. Both of them were an essential part of your skateboard. So, better take good care of them by putting on nose and tail guards to prevent wearing off faster.

The question at the beginning of the article, ‘Does a skateboard have a front and back?’ was answered and discussed thoroughly for you. I hope this article gave you some helpful information about a skateboard’s nose and tail. Happy skating, everyone!

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