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How to Dye Fingerboard Wheels? – 3 Simple Steps

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

how to dye fingerboard wheels

If we manage to design skateboards with paint, stickers, and other art media, what prevents us from doing the same with fingerboards? Honestly, we can apply fingerboard paint or other decorative items without hindering the deck’s performance.

But if there’s one thing you are more likely to do with a fingerboard than a skateboard, it’s coloring the wheels.

Yes! You can change the color of your fingerboard’s wheels. And if that sparks some interest in you, keep reading because we’ll show you how to dye fingerboard wheels with no sweat.

What to Prepare

It’s not some art made out of beads that we’re making in this tutorial. Instead, we’ll try to crossover a portion of cooking and designing here. And these are the things we need.


  • Dye substance – Depending on your country, coloring dye brands might differ. But for this tutorial, let’s use Rit dye. The color is solely up to you. And if there’s one tip we have, choose a more poppy color to keep your wheels from getting a pale finish.
  • A cooking pot – This is where the dyeing takes place. It should not be your favorite pot in the kitchen because you may have to deal with stains. Also, never forget to put two cups of water in the preparation.
  • Your fingerboard wheels – If you want your wheels to take on the exact color of your dye, you might as well prepare white wheels. You can tint many rollers so long as you’re sure about coloring them all.

Steps to Dyeing Finger Skateboard Wheels

If there’s one thing you should be cautious of, it’s working with heat, especially for beginners. So, never rush to perform these steps.

Step 1: Cooking the dye substance


Our goal is to ensure that the dye fully dissolves in water.

So, begin by heating the cooking pot with the water inside. Once the liquid boils, pour in a certain amount of the dye. You can put more to give your wheels a richer color.

Stir the mixture until the dye incorporates with the water.

If you have methods other than the one described, ensure you’re doing it according to the dye’s instructions or what experts on Reddit suggest.

Step 2: Coloring the wheels


Now, the coloring mixture is ready. It’s time to dip the wheels in.

Note that the fingerboard wheels should be without the bearings. Otherwise, the liquified dye could damage these wheel cores.

So, dip these white rollers in the pot and stir a few times. Check the wheels occasionally using a straining tool.

After a few minutes, turn the stove off. Fingerboard wheels often contain plastic. That means cooking them in steadily boiling water could damage them, which is why you should keep the heat low.

Leave the fingerboard wheels in the dye and water mixture until you achieve your desired color.

Step 3: Dry the newly colored wheels


As soon as you achieve your desired color, take your wheels out of the warm water and dye mixture.

Place them on a paper towel or similar objects to collect liquid residue. Make sure the bearing slots are also dry.

Now, you have your new wheels ready. Take your bearings and install them back. Once all wheel cores are in, it’s time to slide these rollers and lock them onto their respective axle pins using a fingerboard tool.


Designing fingerboards entails almost endless possibilities. But no matter what style you incorporate into your boards, always remember to preserve their performance and durability. After all, nothing could be better than a well-customized and quality fingerboard.

So, how to dye fingerboard wheels? In a nutshell, it’s only about making your dyeing substance, dipping those rollers in it, and putting them back onto the trucks for a new poppy finger skateboard look.

With these simple steps, you can style your fingerboards in innumerable ways.

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