How to Stop on a Skateboard?

How to Stop on a Skateboard

Do you ever wonder how professional skaters go for flawless stops? One relevant aspect of skateboarding is knowing how to stop on a skateboard. This procedure is not only for merely taking your skateboard to …

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How to Carry a Skateboard?

How to Carry a Skateboard

How careful are you when transporting your skateboard? The way you take your skateboard with you is not like carrying a bag. It’s more delicate, and it needs observance of the most appropriate methods. Being …

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How to Change Longboard Bearings?

How to Change Longboard Bearings

Have you noticed a decline in your longboard performance? Well, it may be time to replace your longboard bearings. When your longboard bearings are dirty or broken off, your riding speed will be affected. Hence, …

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