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The Fastest Skateboarder in the World – Not Everybody Knows!

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

fastest skateboarder in the world

Skateboarding has gained popularity all around the world in the past years. People have been pushing the limits of what is possible on a skateboard ever since the sport began. And just recently, skateboarding has been part of the 2021 Olympics held in Tokyo, Japan.

Skateboarding is largely consistent with trying to go faster. The bar has already been set so high that it’s always impressive when someone succeeds in raising it even a little. Several skateboarders from different countries have attempted to become the record holder as the fastest skateboarder in the world.


Who Is the Fastest Downhill Skateboarder in the World

Guinness World Records officially recognized Pete Connolly as the fastest downhill skateboarder, cementing his place in history and raising the bar for future world speed record attempts. He is the owner of the record for the fastest speed on a skateboard.

Pete became the first person in history to skateboard at speeds above 91 mph, and he is now the world’s fastest downhill skateboarder.

How Fast Can a Skateboard Go Downhill


Skateboarding’s average speed is around 9 miles per hour. It is between 5 and 12 miles per hour. The fastest downhill skateboard speed record is 146.73 km/h.

  • On August 29, Kyle Wester established an unofficial downhill skateboarding record in an undisclosed Colorado location. He broke the downhill skateboarding speed record at a speed of 143.89 kilometers per hour.

An annual event in Quebec, Canada, allows the world’s fastest skateboarders to compete for the world record in gravity skateboard speed.

  • On September 16, 2017, at Les Éboulements in Quebec, Canada, Pete became the first person in history to skateboard at speeds above 91 mph. He attained the world’s fastest skateboard speed in a standing position of 146.73 km/h (91.17 mph).

It takes a lot of time and effort to become the world’s fastest skateboarder. Pete and his team put in a lot of effort to achieve this world record. Aerodynamic design concerns were taken into account and examined to set the downhill skating world record.

Pete put a lot of time in the real world and in the wind tunnel to perfect his suit, skateboard, headgear, and body position. He realized his aim of becoming the fastest skateboarder because of these factors.

How Fast Can You Go on a Longboard

When cruising, longboarding speeds range from 6 mph to 50–65 mph when riding downhill.

Longboards glide over rocks and cracks with confidence and travel far faster and with less effort on asphalt. They’re also bigger and more stable than skateboards when it comes to speed. A longboard that is easy to push may attain speeds of 8 to 9 mph, about 1 mph faster than a street skateboard.

What Is the Fastest Skateboard Speed on Flat

The average flat-land speed for a 10-mile trip is 5–8 mph. 8-9 mph is the average pushing speed on a longboard. This is why skating and longboarding are, on average, faster than jogging. The average cruising skateboard speed is between 5 and 7 miles per hour.

The average skateboard speed is around 9 miles per hour. Skateboarders often travel between 5 and 12 miles per hour. Skaters who are used to commuting at 7–8 mph on 1-2 mile flat excursions are large in numbers and have continued to grow over the years.


The downhill skateboard speed record can be changed depending on who becomes the next the fastest skateboarder in the world. But for now, Pete is enjoying the limelight, and who knows, you might be the next titleholder.

The skating environment, your riding skills, and your skateboard setup are all factors that influence your skating abilities. The number of flat, uphill, and downhill sectors on your trip also influences your skateboard’s average speed.

Just remember to be cautious and emphasize safety steps before engaging in any potentially hazardous activity. And, most importantly, you have sufficient knowledge of what you are doing.

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