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How to Fix a Skateboard That Turns by Itself – 7 Easy Steps

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how to fix a skateboard that turns by itself

Skateboards never move in a straight path, so beginners sometimes have difficulty controlling their board and steering their direction. However, as one improves, it’s possible to adapt to this.

But when a skateboard steers on its own, it’s very frustrating. Don’t worry because you’re in the right place. In this article, you’ll learn how to fix a skateboard that turns by itself. Let us explain the most common reasons, so you won’t be angry when it happens and can take measures to prevent it.


What You Need


Depending on the problem your board has, you might need some or all of the following items.

Skateboard Moves by Itself, How to Fix


There are various reasons for a skateboard to turn on its own, including loose screws and bolts, broken bushings, and bent axles.

Here are the solutions or techniques to consider in fixing your skateboard steering issues:

Step 1. Bushing Replacement

Those round plastic parts in the middle of your trucks are known as bushings. The bushings influence the skateboard’s ability to turn or tilt smoothly. When you tilt your skateboard, they flex and compress.

Your skateboard’s ability to turn smoothly depends on the material of your bushings. If something goes wrong with them, get a new pair right away.

Bushings might become less flexible due to the weather. In addition, it occurs because bushings have cracks or are dry. Over time, the bushings lose elastic properties due to steering and other impacts. This happens when you move in one way more than the other, causing one bushing side to take more pressure.

Replace them if they aren’t pinched uniformly or if they develop cracks. There is no need to spend a lot of money on bushings, but they are an essential skateboard part. You should also inspect the pivot cups and make sure they don’t have cracks.

Step 2. Trucks Adjustments

Trucks may be either too loose or too tight, and this is typical. If one truck is too tight compared with another, the board will only be able to steer one way. In this case, to better steer the skateboard’s direction, loosen the truck a little bit.

On the other hand, overly loose trucks can change the board’s direction. If you notice the trucks are loose, tighten the nut into the bolt and recheck.

Make sure the tightening on the trucks is equal. There may be uneven redirection as a result of uneven tightening.

Step 3. Replace The Trucks

Although bent truck axles are uncommon, it is possible for any truck, regardless of the brand, to experience them. It might be the reason why your skateboard tilts suddenly.

Keep in mind that a bent axle might damage your bearings, resulting in your wheels locking up. Be mindful of this. You can check whether your axles are bent by taking the wheels off and seeing if the axle is still straight. Replace your truck if this is the source of your issues.

Step 4. Wheels Replacement

The way a skateboard is controlled will vary from one person to another. As a result, you may develop the habit of tilting your skateboard in the same way, every time you ride it.

As a consequence, some wheels will wear out faster than others. In addition, their diameter will shift, resulting in your board leaning toward one direction. To solve this problem, new wheels may simply replace worn-out wheels.

Step 5. Clean or Change Bearings

Wheel moving unsteadily due to faulty bearings might lead to a collision. To be safe, make sure your bearings are intact and regularly maintain them. Keeping your bearings clean is essential since they gather dirt and dust over time. For a more stable driving experience, invest in quality bearings.

Step 6. Get New Baseplates

The base plate is often overlooked, yet it is vital. They connect the truck axle with the deck. Quite a few bolts and nuts are attached here. If the base plate bolt holes are ripped or broken, the trucks will bend, so the skateboard flips easier and may inflict more damage or injury. If you have broken base plates, buy new ones.

Step 7. Properly install all Bolt, Screws, and Nuts

Wrongly installed bolts and screws is another reason a skateboard turns on its own. If you’ve already analyzed the other possibilities and found that it wasn’t any of them, you may want to look into this one.

The big nut on the skateboard has to be tight, so make sure you check it. The wheels have to be correctly set up. The bolts on the truck axles’ sides need to be tightened while allowing the wheels to rotate.

Incorrectly tightened bolts, screws, and nuts will stiffen the skateboard and cause maneuverability issues. So, you must consider the adequate setting of these parts. Use a skate tool to make them tighter or looser as required.


Hopefully, we’ve answered your concern on how to fix a skateboard that turns by itself. Keep in mind that there are factors that might affect your skateboard performance, and considering the facts and methods you’ve read earlier will ensure the potential of your skateboard and your performance.

With regular maintenance and checking of your skateboard parts, you’ll be able to determine what’s causing the problem in your board.

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