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How to Get Better at Skateboarding: Perfect for Novices

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how to get better at skateboarding

Do you have any plans to upscale your skills and getting better at skating? Here are some basic guidelines and things you need to know to skate better.

Skateboarding involves performing tricks while riding on a skateboard. To have a basic skateboarding skill can be very exciting and nerve-racking, but to get good at skateboarding is something worth the risk and experience. Take note of these tricks and tips on how to get better at skateboarding.


Tips on How to Get Better at Skating


There is no single sports enthusiast who is born great right away. With great discipline and constant practicing, they can be the best in their chosen fields. Just like any other sport, skateboarding requires a lot of practice and a bag full of discipline.

You may not be the best skateboarder in town yet, but these guides will definitely be your stepping stone to get good at skateboarding.

Remaster the Basic Skills

Give attention to relearn the basic skills. To become a better skateboarder, you should not stop at mastering the basics. Basic skills such as riding and balancing yourself on board are required to refrain you from falling over and over again.

Learn How to Fall

Falling in skateboarding is inevitable. Learning to fall and land the proper way are the must-have skills of any skateboarder. Your ability to master this skill will prevent you from acquiring injuries if you trip over and fall.

Important Tip:

  • When you stumble and fall, learn to land on your back, not on your face, not even on your palms, or hands for it can cause serious injuries.
  • Always wear protective equipment such as helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist protectors. Your safety should always be your top priority.

Surround Yourself With People of the Same Interest

You can learn a lot of things from experienced skateboarders. Likewise, they can learn some tricks from you as a newbie as well. Having surrounded by people with the same interest will be an excellent motivator for you to practice more.

These people will be your source of inspiration, encouragement, and motivation. They will be the ones who will pick you up when you fall, and they can be your reason to get up and to keep going.

You can also become a better skateboarder by watching YouTube videos on how to become a better skateboarder. Get inspiration from known and award-winning skateboarders around the globe. There are also videos and articles from other websites where you can get some helpful tips and tricks that specialize in skateboarding alone.

Strengthen Your Core

Exercising is one way to strengthen your body. Skateboarding requires a strong core; your core is the middle part of your body. Strengthening this part will help you have better muscle control and better balance while riding on a skateboard deck.

Improve skateboarding skills by improving your core muscles’ strengths, and abilities also help you have fewer injuries by having controlled falls off the board.

Tip: If you do not have any idea how you will be able to conduct core exercises, YouTube offers many videos about it. Maximize your use of this channel and other social media platforms. Here’s one for you to check out:

Learn Fakie and Switch Skating

Learning to ride and be able to balance yourself on the board is not enough. You have to learn fakie and switch skating, and most of all avoid the mongo pushing.

Mongo pushing is riding with one foot and pushing with your other foot to move forward. Click here for more details how to push on a skateboard.

Riding fakie is riding with the board’s tail in front, while switch skating is riding with your board’s nose in front.

Mongo pushing is the common mistake that skateboarder wannabe always commits. This style will do you no good, so this should be avoided from the very beginning.

Many skateboarders hate learning to ride switch, as they think that they have to go back to basics to tackle this skill. However, with the proper instructions and simple exercises, it’s not so hard to master it someday.

Improve Your Style

Leaving your comfort zone to improve yourself to skate better is the best decision you will ever make as an aspiring skateboarder. Find ways to improve your tricks and practice to execute these tricks with style and with full confidence.

Plain tricks are boring and may look lazy, but everybody starts from those simple tricks that eventually become complex throughout the years. Remember that great things start from small and humble beginnings.

Do not be afraid to learn new things and to try something new. Do not be afraid to explore because this way, you will be able to discover your hidden abilities, and you will be able to know how far you can go.

Practice Makes Perfect


Practicing every day is one way of improving your skateboarding skills and tricks. Practicing at your garage or a spacious place nearby is good, but it is better to do your tricks in a skate park with people doing the same thing you love.

It will take a lot of time before you will be able to master those tricks but keep on trying and try to practice those tricks every day. Time will come that your hard work will pay off, and you will get better at skating.

Slowly, but surely

Do not rush things. Take your time to learn everything that you need to know, one at a time. People in a hurry often commit mistakes. Learning skateboarding is no joke, and rushing things out will never help you.

You have to be patient in learning the skills every single day. A small improvement is still an improvement; always remember that. Yes, it may be slow, but surely, you will get what you need to achieve somehow.

More than your acquired skills and knowledge in skateboarding, your attitude while practicing plays a vital role in your whole skateboarding journey. Be mindful of your habits because good habits will lead you to better things in life.

Learn the power of discipline and focus on achieving your goals. Always ask yourself what you are doing and why you are doing all these things after all. If the time comes that you lack the power to go on, remember how you started and how far you have been.


These were your guides on how to get better at skateboarding. Hopefully, you get the basic tips and tricks that you need and start improving your skills.

Follow these guides, do not stop learning, and eventually, you will become a better skateboarder than you were before. Always have fun, and enjoy what you are doing but do not forget to take precautionary measures; safety first.

Have that positive attitude and believe in yourself because if not, then no one else will.

If you find this article helpful, please feel free to share it with other skateboarders out there. Ride safe, everyone.

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