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How to Hold a Skateboard While Walking – 3 Most Common Ways

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

how to hold a skateboard while walking

Your skateboard can be a mode of transport around the village or campus. But that doesn’t extend to situations where it’s unreasonable to keep your wheels rolling. So, you pick it up and fasten it on your body through a bag or a wrap-around.

However, you may not always want to carry your skateboard on your backpack for a few reasons. Also, not everyone has the luxury of space and effort to pack up some skate straps. And if you’re one of these people, let me teach you how to hold a skateboard while walking.

How to Carry Your Skateboard?


Not only do bags and straps enable you to bring your skateboard. There are also several body parts viable for holding it. So, let me share several methods to hold a skateboard like a pro.

1. Proper way to hold a skateboard

Find your dominant hand. While it’s unnecessary to use it 100% of the time when holding the skateboard, it’s still best to carry it with your firmer hand. That way, you can secure the skateboard better.

Place your hand on your side with the palm facing the side of your thigh. Do this while keeping your arm straight.

  • Grab the skateboard with either of your hands. Next, position the deck horizontally as you hold it with your dominant hand.
  • Place your palm all over the deck’s width. Extend your fingers as they tuck the edge of the board. And to ensure weight balance, it’s best to hold your skateboard in the middle.
  • You don’t want to have the grip tape wearing your shirt or pants. So, make sure the bottom side of the deck faces your body.

2. Holding through the nose

  • Start by pulling your skateboard up through its nose. Clip the edge using your fingers.
  • You can do this step with your arms straight or slightly bent. The goal here is to keep the skateboard’s tail from scratching the ground and incurring damages.

However, I agree with many skateboarders stating on Reddit that it’s not the best way to properly hold a skateboard for a long period. If you just want to hold it for a short while, this is the way!

3. Carrying on the shoulders

This method requires more strength as your arms need to support the board on your shoulders. Start by raising your elbows shoulder-high. Raise your forearms until the hands face front.

  • Align the deck with your shoulders horizontally behind your neck.
  • Rest the skateboard on your shoulder’s bones as you perform the described arm position in the previous step.
  • Note that the stepping surface should face back and that the bottom side of the deck rests on your neck. That way, you’re far from having the gritty side of the board scratch your back.
  • Pull your forearm back to go over the grip tape of the skateboard. At this point, your forearms lock the deck from the side and your neck in the middle.
  • Finally, clip your fingers near the nose and tail edges of the board.



  • Never hold the skateboard by one of its trucks. Like carrying the deck through the nose, this mistake also exposes the other end of the skateboard to damage.
  • Another reason you need to avoid this practice is it’ll leave the grip tape scratching your body. Lastly, holding the skateboard through its trucks will loosen the bolts, thus causing it to deteriorate too soon.
  • While it may not be a known tip, you should always consider convenience. Your hands and arms may grow tired doing an uncomfortable method, especially on long walks with your skateboard. So, try changing positions every time you feel weary.


Caring for your skateboard also requires the best practice when bringing it. And whatever method you choose, make sure you’re most comfortable with it.

Knowing how to hold a skateboard while walking allows us to transport skateboards conveniently. So, always remember the tips I have shared to guide you with the proper execution.

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