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How Long Do Skateboard Trucks Last? – Skateboards Lifespan

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

how long do skateboard trucks last

How long do skateboard trucks last? They are good for 2 to 4 years, and the wide gap is due to various factors determining your skateboard truck’s life.

Skateboard trucks are equally important as any other part of the skateboard. You can find these trucks under your board that holds your skateboard wheels. These trucks serve as the axle of your skateboard with the power to control your turn, jump, and grind.

For your own safety and protection, you must regularly check skateboard trucks, as well as other parts of your skateboard. Often than not, skateboarders perform exhibitions and tricks that may compromise their safety if the skateboards are not properly maintained.


When Should You Replace Your Skateboard Trucks


Your skateboard truck’s life depends on its quality and its owner’s usage, but on average, it can last for 2 to 4 years. You can still maximize your truck’s service life if you can give them enough attention and care.

Your truck’s life can depend on how you can use and maintain them throughout the years. If you want to prolong the life of your skateboard trucks, you have to take good care of them.

Here’s how you can prolong the life of your skateboard trucks:

  • The way you use your skateboards plays an important role in determining if your skateboard trucks will last or not. Your truck holds your weight while riding on the board, so it will be helpful to be extra careful when riding on it.
  • Proper storage of your skateboards will prolong your skateboard trucks. These trucks were made of metals; more often than not, they were built to withstand rain and wetness. But if you leave them alone, soaked in water for a long period, rust will start to build up, and your trucks will wear out sooner or later.
  • The trail’s surface will also help extend your skateboard truck’s life—the smoother the road, the better for your truck’s sake. If you are using your trucks on rough and uneven roads most of the time, your truck’s life and efficacy will be affected.

When to Get New Skateboard Trucks


If you can maintain your skateboard trucks properly, your trucks will stay at your side for a longer time on smooth and safe rides. But we all know that they will not be there for a lifetime.

Your trucks will give you signs that tell you when to replace them. Be mindful of these signs and warnings that your skateboard gives you to prevent severe accidents in the future.

When you see it

Replace your trucks when you see cracks, rust, twisted, or bent axles. These were obvious indications that your trucks were not in good condition anymore.

When you feel it

Replace your trucks when you feel something is different from the way they should be functioning. Skateboard trucks should help you to grind and turn better, but if you have encountered a problem doing it, something is wrong with your truck, and you must check it at once.

When you hear it

Well-conditioned skateboard trucks run smoothly and quietly. Trucks with warped axles create noise while you are using them. When you hear an unusual noise from underneath your

skateboard deck, it might be calling your attention that it’s time to replace your trucks.

Important tips

Although it is advisable to buy skateboard trucks of high quality to ensure their good performance and durability, skateboarders inevitably have to buy cheaper ones. Just be responsible enough to check your trucks once in a while to ensure that they are still running smoothly to keep you safe while skateboarding and doing your tricks.

Do Skateboard Trucks Loosen Over Time

Yes, definitely they have the tendency to loosen over time so it is your job as the skateboard owner to check your truck’s condition every now and then.

Skateboarders tighten their trucks based on their own preferences. Generally, tighter trucks can make your turns hard, and loose trucks can give you unstable turns, so you have to adjust your trucks perfectly. But it wasn’t the case all the time.

Skaters who were starting their skateboarding journey tend to prefer tighter trucks. Tighter trucks make the board more stable and help them balance more.

On the other hand, street skaters find loose skateboard trucks more controllable. Loose trucks were highly recommended if you are riding on flat surfaces and not suitable for downward slopes, for they find it harder to speed up with loose trucks.

Your truck’s tightness depends on your preferences and needs. Your setup will depend on your skateboarding style. Your experience in skateboarding will tell you the level of tightness that best fits you and your style.

Important tip

For the safety of everyone, it is recommended that you try and test your newly done setup on your trucks before allowing yourself to try it outside. Make some adjustments if possible to prevent unwanted accidents.


So, how long do skateboard trucks last? It will depend on how you treat them throughout the entire years you use them. Keep in mind also that even if you buy the highest-priced skateboard trucks in town, and you cannot treat and maintain them properly, they will eventually wear out sooner than expected.

I hope this article gives you insights on taking good care of your trucks and gives you enough tips to determine the right time to get new skateboard trucks.

If you find this helpful, share this post, and feel free to comment on other ideas that might help other skaters out there.

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