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How Long Does an Electric Skateboard Battery Last?

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

how long does an electric skateboard battery last

Like our phones, laptops, and other battery-equipped devices, e-skate batteries are also rechargeable. However, we may not always have the means to plug them in and boost their power once they suddenly drain out.

So, before going on a long ride, ask yourself first, “how long does an electric skateboard battery last?” We’ll go over several factors that affect the life of an e-skate battery, so you’ll know whether to charge them halfway through your ride.

Batteries and Their Capacities

Maybe, you have been wondering, how long does a Onewheel battery last? Or will a skateboard’s battery suffice your long rides?

There are several ways to answer these questions. For e-skate battery packs, we measure their longevity based on their performance length per full charge and charge cycles.

  • The performance length or run-time per full charge is often the range indicated on skateboard packages.
  • On the other hand, the charge cycle signifies the number of times you can charge the skateboard with battery before it becomes unusable.

Let’s learn more about these aspects through the following battery types.

1. LiFePo


LiFePo batteries are the least common energy bars in skateboarding. Perhaps, one of the reasons for this downside is that the technology is expensive.

In detail, these batteries have a lifespan ranging from 5 to 7 years (or 2,000 to over 4,000 cycles, depending on the depth of discharge). This is because of their battery content and added damage resistance.

2. LiPo


Voltage sag is one of the issues that kill skateboard batteries faster. The good thing about fast-charging LiPo batteries is they are resistant to that.

If you work in power banks manufacturing, you will find this battery moldable in any shape and form because of its fluid-saturated content. Another benefit we get from this type is it’s affordable.

Compared to the previous type, the LiPo battery lifespan only runs at 150 to 250 charge cycles, lasting for not more than a year. And if there’s one thing you need to be vigilant about with this battery, it’s the battery percentage.

Such a figure needs to reach a specific level before recharging. Otherwise, the battery would experience safety and durability issues.

3. Li-ion


Flip your e-skates, and you will most likely see a Li-ion battery. These battery packs are the cheapest on our list. Not only that, but they are also the most popular for other reasons.

First, they come with a lifespan of a minimum of three years. In terms of the charging cycle, such a number is equivalent to 1000 charge sessions. That means you won’t need to replace batteries frequently like LiPo users.

In addition, an electric skateboard lithium ion battery comes with safety features for charging and discharging.

However, Li-ion batteries are more susceptible to voltage sag. And we know how much impact such an issue brings to the battery if unaddressed.

Overall, it’s not a wrong move to use this battery type on skateboards. It’s user-friendly, easy to find, cheap, and efficient.

The Number of Times You Can Charge a Skateboard Battery.

As mentioned, the battery’s charging cycle represents the number of times you can plug and re-charge the skateboard.

Looking at our battery examples, the lowest charging cycle for a skateboard battery is 150. It can go as high as 4000 or more, but these numbers still depend on a few more factors.

Tips for Increasing Skateboard Battery Life

Like any device, a skateboard’s battery also deteriorates over time, specifically its ability to hold power. If such a thing happens, the battery life shortens, so you would have to recharge more frequently compared to before.

Here are a few measures to preserve or increase your skateboard’s battery longevity.

1. Stay within the skateboard’s specified weight limit.

It’s not to put heavy riders to shame, but e-skateboards have weight limits. So, if the product package tells you not to load the deck beyond a specific figure and you cannot do that, you might as well consider checking other boards with higher weight limits.

Complying with such a rule will prevent excessive pressure on the batteries. Otherwise, the power bar will drain faster.

2. Ride your skateboard regularly

Abusing the e-skateboard by breaching its limits is a mistake, and so is not using it for a long time.

While this concept can be challenging for some people living in rainy places, making the motors work inside the house will suffice.

If you store the e-skate for months, ensure its battery is half-full. Fully charged skateboard batteries deteriorate faster than half-full power bars.

3. Keep the skateboard away from high heat.

Self-discharge hastens if the e-skateboard sits in hot environments. Specifically, this situation occurs around 16°C to 22°C (60-70℉) for li-ion batteries.

For LiPo power banks, the storage temperature should be between 40 & 70℉. Meanwhile, LifePo units will suit 23 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

But such an idea doesn’t apply if we are riding the skateboard. What’s critical is keeping the e-skate immobile under extreme temperatures.

4. Play around with a specific battery percentage range.

It’s not healthy to drain the skateboard’s battery fully (20% should be the limit).

Also, most sources will tell us that 80% is the perfect level to cease charging.

However, charging your battery to only 80% yields a shorter run. So, it’s still best to charge the batteries 100% before using them.

5. Use new batteries

E-skateboards are generally costly. But that’s not an excuse to utilize cheap or substandard batteries.

Instead, always go for a new battery. Buying a secondhand pack may impose performance or safety issues.

And to ensure you’re spending appropriately, look for highly-rated choices.

Other Factors Affecting Battery Life and Performance

Perhaps, you want to know more elements that could hasten the draining of your batteries. Here are a few of them.

  • Continuous stopping and acceleration
  • Frequent usage
  • Skating at high speeds
  • Sloping terrains

Which E-skateboards Have the Best Batteries?

Let’s look at a few examples of exceptional skateboard batteries.

1. Evolve Skateboard Battery


Evolve batteries come in compact sizes but with a high current content. This lithium-ion battery requires low maintenance and has slow self-discharge.

What’s unique about this brand is it has a management system regulating the charge and discharge of the device. The result? The battery works more efficiently than many brands.

2. Boosted Skateboard Battery

Like Evolve, the Boosted board battery life can send you as far as 40 miles on a single charge. This model is fast and offers exceptional performance.

Also, Boosted uses advanced technology, so its battery takes on different terrains and lasts for years.


There is no better way to enjoy e-skates than having fully charged, long-running batteries. While battery types used on these boards vary, knowing them will help us manage our expectations before going on a ride.

How long does an electric skateboard battery last? It can be less than a year or at least three years, depending on the type. Other external factors also affect how long your batteries will perform.

So, be mindful of the figures and tips I shared to help you prolong your board power. That way, you’ll enjoy your e-skates better than before.

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