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How Long Does It Take to Skateboard 3 Miles? – Skateboard Speed

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

how long does it take to skateboard 3 miles

For many riders, skateboarding long distances is rare due to the belief that skateboards are only for the parks and not the roads. However, this concept doesn’t apply to everyone.

You can be someone who enjoys traveling on skateboards, and that’s pretty cool. All you need is sufficient understanding to accomplish these rides.

So, as a realistic prelude, let’s start by asking, “how long does it take to skateboard 3 miles?” At most, you can reach a 3-mile long destination in 25 minutes. See how we can achieve this.

How Many Minutes Will a Skateboard Need to Reach 3 Miles


Practically, 25 minutes is a realistic period to travel three miles with your skateboard. Based on reliable data, skateboard speeds yield an average of 9 mph. The number can go lower to 5-7mph for casual cruising or faster with professional or experienced skaters.

Given acceptable road conditions and your skateboard being suitable for the occasion, you’re likely to go somewhere around these figures. So, let’s get into these factors:

1. Skateboard set-up

  • Bearings – These parts may not be an aesthetic component of the skateboard, but the bearings are crucial to your 3-mile goal. They give decent rolling speed when maintained and are sluggish when not lubed. Hence, clean and lubricated bearings can guarantee you’ll hit the target time.
  • But if you want to be more confident, you can buy a new set of wheel cores from brands like Zealous, Bronson, and the famous Bones.
  • Wheels – The wheels are the second most vital part affecting the skateboard’s average speed. And as a rule, rollers of a bigger diameter will be the key to long skate rides. Specifically, a diameter of around 65mm should be the minimum size of your skateboard wheels.

In terms of hardness, it’s best to get a wheelset within the 78a to 85a durometer scale. Rollers in this range are ideally soft enough to neutralize ground obstacles without compromising your speed.

2. Road conditions

No matter your skateboard build, you’re still susceptible to not meeting your target distance in 25 minutes under these circumstances:

  • Too many stoplights, traffic and road blockages
  • Uphill riding
  • Ground full of cracks and obstacles that reduce the wheels’ momentum

If you’re lucky not to have any of these in your way, then there’s no reason you’re not hitting the 3-mile mark on time.

3. Skill level

I purposely added this aspect to make things realistic regardless of the skater’s level.

For example, while still learning to push your skateboard, you won’t get that much distance from where you left off. But as soon as you feel stronger and more confident, you get to move better and farther.

Another factor is how you deal with road obstacles. Most professional skateboarders will resort to ollies or jumps over road cracks. But for beginners trying to learn, they’ll more often roll over these obstructions and allow the skateboard to slow down.

Nevertheless, you need not worry because continuous practice will do nothing but improve your skill.


As they say, there are many ways to enjoy skateboarding. You can do stunts and tricks, enjoy chill afternoon strolls, or travel somewhere far from the busy urban streets.

If you think of doing the latter, always start with a realistic distance. And now that you know the answer to “how long does it take to skateboard 3 miles,” it’s time to try skating and find out.

Decided to travel with your skateboard? Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments.

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