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How Many Skateboard Tricks Are There? Get the Facts Here!

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

how many skateboard tricks are there

In every street, skatepark, and skate rails, you may encounter skaters, and each of them has its own style. Everyone starts with the basics until they reach their desired skating style.

You may meet skaters doing complex tricks that you aren’t familiar with and ask yourself, how many skateboard tricks are there?

In this article, you’ll learn the pattern and tricks, and you may practice them at your own pace. You will never run out of fun stuff to try, so let’s roll on!


How Are Many Skateboard Tricks There?


The tricks are unlimited. There are countless tricks that you may find out there thousand and thousand of all skateboard tricks. But, in this article, we’re highlighting all the popular ones such as Bertslide, Lien Air, Ollie Impossible, and many more.

It is skateboarding; it’s all about the tricks. Your skating style will define the ones you understand. You may opt to learn or focus on the type of tricks you want to do.

Also, it’s the recognition you’ll get for the big stunts or technically skilled tricks. There may be countless skateboard trick lists, but there are stunts that you may count on that will undoubtedly challenge your skills.

Popular Tricks

It’s incredible to see the complex tricks, but remember, there are no actual shortcuts to success in skateboarding.

There are, however, shortcuts to mastering a method and forming patterns that will lead to a more refined, adaptable style in terms of types of skateboard tricks.

Those aspects will influence your skills in skateboarding and how well you will carry out your talent. Anyway, listed below are the “Legendary Tricks” that you may perform if you’re an experienced skater. In further detail, I’ll be discussing the list of all skateboarding tricks that you might do as a beginner.

  • Layback Air

Kelly Lynn is the inventor of the layback air trick. He liked frontside laybacks in surfing, so he adapted it to skating. In 1978, in Gainesville’s Sensation Basin, he nailed the layback air. The challenge for him is to do the trick upside down and in larger terrain.

  • Frontside Air

Around 1977, Tony Alva, nicknamed “Maddog,” invented the frontside air. The front side air revolutionized skating by allowing the rider to lift off the ground and fly vertically into the air. Although other skateboarders (San Diego – skateboarders) did it simultaneously, Tony’s technique and ability to perform it higher in pools made it renowned.

  • Lien Air

Neil Blender is a legend in the skateboarding world. Neil was ahead when skateboarding evolved artistically. He created board graphics and tricks. He made the skateboard more than a piece of wood for doing tricks and usually done on hips, pools, or ramps.

  • Sad Plant

Lance Mountain is one of the admired skaters. He has seen contributing to the development and providing improvements in skateboarding and has positively impacted the sport. In the late ’80s, many street skaters adopted the technique on flat ground and then, on ho-hos, finger flip varied plants, one-footed plants, yo-yos, and such.

  • Ollie Impossible

Other top freestylers have learned and modified this technique to their performances. In the 1980s and early 1990s, street amateur skaters such as Jason Lee and Ed Templeton adapted the impossible ollie trick into their skating style. This famous trick has been adapted into three different skating styles: street, freestyle, and vertical. It is considered one of the legendary tricks.

  • 360 Kickflip

He invented the 360 kickflips, sometimes known as the tre flip, and Rodney Mullen developed it. He tried the 360 kickflips on his freestyle board about 1984, but most skaters couldn’t keep up with this sophisticated technique.

In many professional skaters’ video segments, the tre flip has become a must technique. The 360 flip is a famous street trick performed on various obstacles in so many different ways.

These tricks are complex and need advanced skills to perform, but step by step, you will eventually learn this by yourself and show off your skills through the years of practice. Those skateboard trick names aren’t just a name, and it is a skills you need to show off to pay tribute to the inventor of the tricks.

List of Tricks


On the other hand, here is the list of skateboard tricks that are common tricks you might perform as a beginner. It requires you to have patience in practicing these tricks. Remember that no one starts at a pro-level; everyone starts with the basics.

The Basic Tricks

  • Alpha Flip
  • Backside 180
  • Big Flip
  • Backside Caballerial
  • Fakie Ollie
  • Frontside 180 & 360
  • Frontside Caballerial
  • Kickturn
  • Nollie Backside 180 & 360
  • Nollie Frontside 180 & 360
  • No Comply
  • Orange Flip
  • Plasma Spin
  • Pressure Flip
  • Semiflip
  • Sex Change
  • Pop Shuvit
  • 360 Flip
  • Toeflip
  • Varial Heelflip

The Slide and Grind Tricks

  • Backside 5-0
  • Barley Grind
  • Backside Bluntslide
  • Backside Crooked
  • Backside Lipslide
  • Backside Nosegrind
  • Backside Overcrook
  • Bluntslide
  • Casper Slide
  • Casperslide
  • Crail Slide
  • Crail Slide
  • Crooked Grind
  • Darkslide
  • Frontside 5-0
  • Frontside Bluntslide
  • Frontside Crooked
  • Frontside Lipslide
  • Frontside Nosegrind
  • Frontside Overcrook
  • Frontside Smith
  • Frontside Tailslide
  • Hurricane
  • Layback Grind
  • Nail Slide
  • Nosegrind
  • Overcrook Grind
  • Primo Grind
  • Slash Grind
  • Suski Grind

The Air Skateboard Tricks

  • Airwalk
  • Backside Axle Stall
  • Backside Disaster
  • Backside Hurricane Stall
  • Backside Rock ‘n’ roll
  • Backside Tail Stall
  • Blunt Stall 180 Out
  • Blunt Stall to Fakie
  • Cannonball
  • Crail Grab
  • Crossbone
  • Double Grab
  • Fakie Noseblunt Stall
  • Fakie Tail Stall
  • Frontside Air
  • Frontside Crooked Stall
  • Frontside Feeble Stall
  • Frontside Nose Pick
  • Frontside Pivot Stall
  • Frontside Smith Stall
  • Frontside Sweeper
  • Grosman Grab
  • Indy
  • Invert
  • Judo Air
  • Madonna
  • Melancholy Grab
  • Method Air
  • Nose Grab
  • Nose Stall
  • Nuclear Grab
  • Roastbeef Grab
  • Rocket Air
  • Sal Flip
  • Seatbelt Grab
  • Stalefish Grab
  • Stiffy
  • Tail Grab
  • Varial

Skateboard Tricks Using a Ramp or Footplant

  • Axle Stall
  • Blunt
  • Crailtap
  • Disaster
  • Fastplant
  • Ho-Ho
  • Miller Flip
  • Nose Stall
  • Pivot
  • Pull Up
  • Rock to Fakie
  • Staple Gun
  • Tailblock
  • Tail Stall
  • Texas Two-Step

The majority of these techniques are similar to one another, from easier ones to harder ones. It will be simple and fast if you start with the easier tricks and work your way down. Whatever you choose, keep in mind that an amateur skater practices from time to time.

Skateboarding has several benefits, including enhancing cooperation, pain threshold, stress reduction, and reaction time. Skateboarding improves hand-eye-leg-and-foot coordination. If you want to skate quickly and precisely, you must adjust your motions when you are skating.


So, how many skateboard tricks are there? Clearly, there are plenty. If you’re a skater, you’re undoubtedly aware of this.

Don’t stress over whether you’ll be able or not to pull off those insane amateur skateboarding stunts. Because as you gain experience, it will contribute to your current skill and progress throughout the years. However, you must ensure that you receive instruction from an expert if you intend to use what you learn.

So, if you find this article interesting, share this with your friends or co-skaters!

Before you go, don’t forget to explore our detailed guide on steps to carve on a skateboard or ollie on a skateboard and if you are a beginner, learn more about the following tricks to let’s start this interesting sport!

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