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How Many Skateboards Are There in the World? (2023 Updated)

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

how many skateboards are there in the world

Besides the technical aspects, there are things we might also want to know about skateboards. These things include fun facts about skateboarding we never knew were real. And perhaps, this factor makes the sport more engaging.

While shopping for gear, have you once asked yourself, “how many skateboards are there in the world?” Currently, there are 85 million identified skaters globally. So, there are more skateboards than that.

Keep reading this article as we analyze relevant facts and data about the skateboarding world.

Number of Skateboards


It’s challenging to figure out the size of the existing skateboard inventory at the moment. That is because they vary in manufacturers and market distribution. But let’s try to identify the number of these boards.

Let’s begin with sales data. The US sells around 7.6 million skateboards a year. Being part of the largest market (North America), we can say that this nation shares a significant portion of the skateboarding demographics.

With skateboards varying in selling and retail prices, let’s consider aggregate amounts. Their market value in the last few years and prospectively is as follows.

2018 – $1.9 billion

2020 – $2 billion

2025 – $2.38

In a nutshell, street boards represent more than half of all skateboards’ value in the market. Next to them are cruisers and longboards.

But that’s only sales figures. We still haven’t mentioned the products not sold yet. Thus, let’s revert to the manufacturing side.

According to the International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC), the top skateboard companies in the world produce 100,000 skateboard decks every month and 25,000 wheels every day.

Number of Skateboarders


As mentioned, the US has a significant influence on the overall skateboard market. And the same applies to its buyers, professional skateboarders or not.

This country recorded 6.44 million skaters in the year 2017. And during around the same period, there were 85 million active skateboarders globally. Come the pandemic, the numbers significantly increased.

Number of Skateboards Sold Each Year

We mentioned how many products the top skateboard companies in the world produce. But which companies make the most boards?

Per recently available skateboard statistics, the most prominent skateboard suppliers rest in North America, accounting for 28% of the overall market and contributing to the 7.6 million skateboard sales in the US yearly. Next to it is China.

Now, who are these top skateboard companies? The names include Alien Workshop, Plan B, Skate One, Krown Skateboards, Boiling Point, and SK8 Factory.

Collaboratively, these companies led all others to an active market valued at $1.94 billion in 2018. In 2022, the figures spiked to $2.83 billion and are expected to reach $3.83 billion by 2023.

Doing the Math

We’ve already considered relevant skateboards information and statistics to obtain the estimated number of boards worldwide.

Based on manufacturing numbers skateboard companies have, there are 1.2 million skateboard decks produced annually. And that’s only from the top skateboard companies.

Based on the number of users, our population goes around 85 million. That’s enough to say there are at least 85 million skateboards today.

Other Skateboard Facts


Perhaps, you’ve had enough of the numbers. Let’s discover more engaging truths about our favorite sport.

  1. Lithe Slate 3 is the most unbreakable skateboard deck in the world. Sometimes, it’s not about how many skateboards you own but how one lasts longer than others.
  2. Skateboarding is not dangerous. Realistically, the reported skating injuries in the US in 2017 account for less than 1/4 of those caused by basketball only.
  3. The US alone has 3,100 skate parks and counting. Tony Hawk spearheaded the construction of 652 skating locations through his Skate Park Project foundation. Optimistically, these places are bound to grow more.
  4. Local skate shops are phasing out. This could be due to online shopping platforms. Perhaps, it’s a wake-up call for many skateboard sellers.
  5. A US Army program called “Urban Warrior ’99” used skateboards to roam around buildings in the ’90s.

Frequently Asked Questions


What percent of the population can skateboard?

As a skateboard user, do you wonder how many people share your interest? How many male or female skateboarders are there?

Based on 2002 data, there were 12.5 million skateboarders. And that’s roughly 0.2% of the recorded population that year.

Moving forward 15 years later, in 2017, skateboarders were 85 million worldwide. Compared against the 7.5 billion population that year, the sport’s representation went up to 1.1%.

Prospectively, we can say the percentage will go higher as the sport continues to become more popular.

How many skateparks are there in the world?

How many skateparks are there in the world? Per estimates and records, we have approximately 23,000 skate parks worldwide. Here are the countries with the most parks to date.

  1. USA – 3,478
  2. Germany – 1,409
  3. United Kingdom – 1,790
  4. France – 2,020
  5. Australia – 1,155

How big is the skateboard industry?

With the increased popularity of skateboarding and the improvement of the sport since its creation, it’s no argument that it can exceed its growth rate yearly.

In 2018, with a $1.9 billion market value, experts estimated the 2019 market to be at $1.96 billion and $2 billion in 2020. And in the recent year, 2022, the market value for skateboards was at $2.83 billion, predicted to reach $3.83 billion by 2029.


Knowledge always brings more good than bad. While there have been some declines in the skateboarding market, the sport continued to upgrade and become more interesting throughout the years.

Looking at the figures, we can say skateboarding is bound to keep breaking through. So, how many skateboards are there in the world? How many skateboards are sold each year? The increase in market presence, innovation, improved popularity, and inclusive culture will raise the numbers certainly.

In no time, skateboarding will be as ubiquitous as other sports everyone loves.


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