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How Much Do Skateboard Bearings Cost? Updated Price

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

how much do skateboard bearings cost

Skateboard bearings are small circular metal pieces that you can find inside your skateboard wheels. Skateboard bearings allow your wheels to spin, and they determine the speed and the smoothness of the roll.

They consist of seven even smaller but essential parts – the steel balls, the bearing shield, the ball retainer, the C-ring, the rubber seal, the inner race, and the outer race. They are sold in sets of eight for each skateboard wheel that requires a set of bearings.

So, how much do skateboard bearings cost? Read on to know about this essential part of skateboards.


Average Cost of Skateboard Bearings


Skateboard bearing’s price varies depending on the quality and materials used. Their average cost ranges from $8 to $150, and a decent set is around $40. Higher quality bearings, of course, are more expensive compared to cheap bearings.

You will notice that all bearings almost have the same sizes, so your skateboard bearings will fit on them all, whether you have smaller or larger wheels. They may have the same sizes but indeed come at different prices.

Factors Affecting Skateboard Bearing Price


Multiple factors are involved in the price of skateboard bearings. In detail, the cost depends on the materials used by the manufacturing company and the ABEC Ratings.

Skateboard bearings were priced according to the materials used in manufacturing the balls inside the bearings. According to the materials they are composed of, the three types of bearings are steel bearings, ceramic bearings, and titanium bearings.

1. Steel Bearings

Commonly used skateboard bearings have steel balls. They are called steel bearings. Standard steel bearings will only cost you around $8 to $15, while high-level steel bearings will cost you up to $70.

They are economical and can last longer depending on the type of steel that was used. Steel bearings tend to rust quickly if exposed to wetness most of the time. This is the reason why it is recommended to buy higher quality steel bearings.

2. Ceramic Bearings

Ceramic bearings contain ceramic balls. Ceramic balls are much stronger and lighter in weight compared to steel balls. They are more expensive as their prices range from $70 to $100, but other top-of-the-line ceramic bearings will cost you up to $150.

Ceramic bearings are exceptionally smooth and produce lesser friction. That is why they tend to roll faster. Ceramic materials also do not expand even when exposed to heat or hot temperatures.

3. Titanium Bearings

Titanium is a lightweight metal that is very strong and rust-resistant. They have a similar appearance and function as steel bearings but have a longer life span due to better shields against rust and corrosions. Their price ranges from $10 to $60.

On the negative side, titanium balls were not easy for manufacturers as it is hard to put in the desired shape because of the strength of this material. Thus, most of the time, titanium is just used to cover steel metal.

Tips to Buy Skateboard Bearings

If you are a beginner at skateboarding, It is recommended that you buy standard steel bearings. These bearings will ideally provide your needed speed as you practice and develop your skating skills. Also, they are more affordable.

Ceramic bearings are more recommended for pro skateboarders who are always thrilled about riding fast and doing hard stunts. High-end ceramic bearings are a bit pricey, but the durability and the performance that they can give you will be incomparable to their prices.

ABEC Ratings assess the bearings according to their quality, with ABEC 1 being often crude and inaccurate. ABEC 3 is so affordable, yet its smoothness and speed are not ideal. From ABEC 5 to 7, the bearings make skateboarding faster and more smooth, as they are standard pieces. And ABEC 9 has the highest quality, as they are very fast, ideal for downhill skating.


How much do skateboard bearings cost? Their quality, their brand, and their materials will determine their prices. You only have three options to choose from – the steel bearings, the ceramic bearings, or the titanium bearings.

After reading this article, I hope you can choose your skateboard bearings according to your budget, preference, and needs. When you consider the price of the bearings that you will purchase, always choose quality over quantity. Also, if you already have a good set of bearings, don’t forget to take care and maintain them; some recommended tips for you are clean skateboard bearings with household items, Fix and get bearings out of skateboard wheels.

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