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How Much Does a Onewheel Cost in 2023? Updated Price

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

how much does a onewheel cost

A Onewheel is a unique take on electric skateboarding, only that it requires much more balancing abilities. This board may not be as common as the 4-wheeled skateboards in parks, but it has several benefits that can appeal to a skater.

So, if you want a Onewheel, let’s first determine how much does a Onewheel cost. When we know the price, we can finally decide if our budget is enough and whether a purchase is worth it.

Cost of a One Wheel


A One wheel skateboard price can go around $950 to $2,250, depending on several factors, which we will discuss later. For now, let’s go over some models and their prices.

1. Onewheel Pint

The One wheel Pint price is $1,050. It has the cheapest price on our list. Let’s see some of its best qualities.

  • Handy – The Pint comes with an integrated Maghandle seated at the wheel’s core. What I like about this feature is it makes the Onewheel more portable and easy to hold.
  • Lighted – If skateboard wheels have lit variants, the Onewheel Pint also adds illumination to its board. It has this intelligent lightbar, allowing the rider to identify the status of the battery and receive information about their ride.
  • Simplestop – Perhaps, some beginners will worry about stopping on a Onewheel through the traditional heel lift. But with this model, there’s no need to be concerned because it has this Simplestop feature that lets the rider lean back for a final stop without having to lift their feet.
  • Performance – With its 750W Hypercore hub motor, Onewheel Pint travels as far as 10-13 kilometers while maintaining a speed as fast as 26kph.

2. One wheel XR

The XR is the second cheapest Onewheel, costing $1,799. See where this board excels.

  • Faster – Compared to the previous product, this model has a maximum speed of 30kph. It can also send you as far as 19-29 kilometers.
  • Power – This model has a powerful Onewheel battery, primarily responsible for its top-grade performance. What I like most about it is it only needs 60 minutes to complete a charge from a total drain.
  • Application-backed – If e-skates use remote controllers for some of their functions, the Onewheel XR comes with a mobile application. The software is where we can find the battery status, speed, and distance. But what struck me the most is it allows me to connect with other Onewheel users.

3. Onewheel GT

It’s the most expensive on our list, but the GT has distinctively fantastic features not everyone would imagine. It comes in two variants: the treaded tire costing $2,250 and the slick one at $2,200. Here are a few features making this model top-notch.

  • Enhanced power – Versus the two previous models, the GT allows for a higher voltage utilization. This aspect lets the Onewheel work with more power and better overall performance (up to 32 miles for each charge).
  • Versatile – Whether you want a grippy or carvy ride, the GT has options for you in its treaded and slick wheel profiles.
  • Comfort – It has an improved set of foot pads that make riding more exceptional. These pads come in a concave shape that enhances comfort and possesses enough grip for stability.
  • Brighter – Not to discredit the XR variant, but the GT has the brightest lumination with 300% more lumens. When riding at dimmed spots, you won’t have to worry about not seeing obstacles.

Factors That Affect Its Costly Price Tag


The cost to make a Onewheel is significantly higher than a skateboard. But before we judge its pricey label, let’s first know what contributes to such a figure.

  • Research and development – In the history of street boarding, no brand besides Onewheel has designed a sensor-based board. Functions like rolling forward and stopping are now possible by stepping on the pads and lifting the foot.
  • Balancing technology – Despite having only a single wheel, many users now recognize how the vehicle helps them balance more efficiently.
  • Performance – Powerful battery, exceptional speed, and far travel distances are only a few factors that set the Onewheel apart from other e-boards.
  • Accessories – Based on the models we checked, we can say the luminosity and handle could contribute to the Onewheel’s cost. Nonetheless, these features improve visibility and mobility.
  • Convenience – Onewheel has an application that no other boards have. With this software, controlling the ride and accessing various board information is possible with a tap.

Besides a stand-alone Onewheel unit, another factor that could also heighten its price is the use of fenders and bumpers. If not accessories, it could be on maintenance like a One wheel alignment.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Onewheel?

Owned by Future Motion, Onewheel gives adventurous individuals a new look at boards as a vehicle. It comes as a thick skateboard-like deck equipped with a wheel at the center.

Unlike a one wheel scooter, the Onewheel doesn’t have a long stem or handlebars for steering.

When operating, a Onewheel relies on a brushless motor, battery, and a mobile application. What’s unique about this board is it uses foot pad sensors to start and stop the engine.

Why does the Onewheel cost so much?

The following reasons cause a Onewheel price to be higher than regular boards:

  1. Product development
  2. Inherent balancing ability
  3. Speed and distance
  4. Accessories
  5. Convenience

Besides these aspects, the overall uniqueness in functionality makes a Onewheel significantly pricier than other boards.

Is buying a Onewheel worth it?

A Onewheel is not a cheap one wheel hoverboard because buying it is like buying your much-awaited phone model. While both devices work differently, a Onewheel is a significant board transportation upgrade.

Spending on this device is worth it because it’s fun and exciting to ride. It’s versatile, and it has several advantages such as faster speeds than a regular skateboard. Its price tag might be overwhelming, but its performance will speak for itself.

How fast do Onewheels go?

Looking at the GT, XR, and Pint, Onewheel models can be as fast as 26kph at the least to 32kph at a maximum. However, these figures might vary based on other factors like terrain conditions.

What is the cost of charging a Onewheel?

This would depend on your electricity price. For example, the average electricity rate in the US is 13.72 cents/kWh.

If you use the Onewheel Pint with a 148Wh battery, you’ll need around 211Wh or 0.211 kWh to charge it (assuming a 70% efficiency rate).

In this case, you’ll pay $0.1372 x 0.211 kWh = $0.0289 for one charge.

You can make a similar calculation if you use another model and have a different electricity price.


Sometimes, expensive items are costly for good reasons. We might tend to react negatively at the price tag and not appreciate the device’s features and how it can make our lives easier.

With a gadget like a Onewheel, we wouldn’t know if it’s worth every penny unless we understand its functionality and performance. So, how much does a Onewheel cost? It may not always be about the numbers but the difference the board makes.

Are you now planning to own a Onewheel, too? It’s time to save for a whole new experience.

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