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How Much Water Does It Take to Waterlog a Skateboard?

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

how much water does it take to waterlog a skateboard

Adverse as it sounds, waterlogging is no strange thing among skateboarders. It could be due to users forgetting to store the board inside the house, or they got stuck riding in the rain.

Suppose you left your skateboard outside, and it rained before you put it indoors. Now it’s wet. So, you ask with the hope of reviving it, “how much water does it take to waterlog a skateboard?”

Keep reading as we explain answers and solutions to this problem.

How Much Water Can Waterlog a Skateboard?


Waterlogged skateboards could be a skater’s nightmare. Water on skateboard renders the deck and other parts shadows of their former selves. And while several remedies are available, why opt for repair when we can prevent waterlogging?

It’s challenging to determine the water volume to waterlog a skateboard because of the varying deck sizes and materials.

But let’s think of it this way: If you ride your skateboard in the rain and it’s been exposed to four gallons of water, it is waterlogged.

However, this estimate may not always hold true because of the skateboard’s protective structure. In that case, we’ll assess the deck’s condition based on the most common waterlog indicator.

If you rode a longboard in the rain and it had no pop or feelt like cardboard, it likely absorbed too much moisture.

Can minimal water damage the deck? Per one skater, water exposure does not affect the skateboard if it doesn’t happen regularly.

Other Effects of Water Getting Into Skateboards



Unfortunately, it’s not only the decks that suffer after you put a skateboard on water or in the rain. Two of the common adverse results of water-penetrated skateboards are rough bearings and rusty skateboard trucks.

In many skateboard bearing guides, we understood how these parts should have sufficient lubrication to work smoothly. And we know how water washes lube away.

Additionally, the trucks should also be corrosion-free, even on used skateboards. Otherwise, skaters are likely to get cuts from them. Not only that, trucks would also lose their durability after water exposure.

Frequently Asked Questions


How to fix waterlogged skateboard?

Now we’ve understood what causes waterlogging and how to identify them, maybe it’s time to tackle the solutions. Take note of the following.

  • Detach the wheels and bearings.
  • Wipe moisture off the skateboard and its parts using a towel.
  • Dry the deck and other components using a blower or a fan.
  • Apply a wood filler for any crack observed.
  • Let the skateboard dry for around 24 hours.
  • Replace any waterlogged components you can’t save.

How do I know if my skateboard is waterlogged?

Skateboards do not have a uniform water volume they can tolerate. So, you might as well look for these indicators to know if your skate surfboard is waterlogged.

  • The skateboard feels denser and heavier.
  • Loosened grip tapes
  • Sluggish skateboard bearings
  • Brittle deck feeling
  • A dull and hollow waterlogged skateboard sound

Is a skateboard ruined if it gets wet?

There is still hope even if the skateboard gets wet from puddles or rain. The survival rate of a waterlogged surfboard depends on how much water penetrated the deck and its parts.

Nonetheless, if the skateboard happens to catch water while riding, never hesitate to dry it as soon as possible.


Keeping our skateboards safe against external elements is like protecting our vehicles and belongings from potential threats. Through careful use, we’ll be able to enjoy them more and avoid costly replacement or repairs.

And with waterlogged skateboards in particular, it’s necessary that we know the answers to “how much water does it take to waterlog a skateboard?”

From there, we can be aware of our skateboard’s limitations and capacities. Subsequently, we’ll understand how minutes or hours of skateboard exposure to water and moisture can damage it.

So, let’s keep our gear safe and not resort to drying out wet decks.

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