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How Much Weight Can a Skateboard Hold? Let’s Find Out Right Now!

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How Much Weight Can a Skateboard Hold

Are you wondering if your skateboard can hold or carry your weight? You can purchase any board that you like. On the other hand, take into consideration the weight that it can hold.

It is best if your skateboard can carry you. This is to have a good skateboarding experience. Skateboards have maximum weights that they can bear. To guide you in purchasing your skateboard, you may read this article about how much weight can a skateboard hold.

Let’s start first with some information about your weight and the skateboard’s weight.


Why Your Weight Matters When Skateboarding?

Have you noticed that most skateboarders are skinny? Although, some are heavy too. Yes, the weight of skateboarders matters when you are skateboarding. The weight plays a role in riding or rolling a skateboard.

In truth, your weight will affect how you will perform various tricks of skateboarding. Also, it will influence the speed of your falling or riding on a sloping surface.

If you are fat, you may roll downhill at an increased speed because of gravity. This may cause falling. You might be injured too.

Besides, when overweight people do tricks, they land harder and bounce on the board. This is because of the heavyweight that the board carries.

The good news is that skateboarding can make you lose weight. This is because skateboarding is an intense exercise and you will certainly lose weight if you ride regularly.

Meanwhile, those who are skinny have a difficult time reaching an increased speed. On the plus side, they can balance their board easily because of their lighter weight.

Hence, because of these factors, you have to consider the weight of the skateboard and how much weight it can hold. Take into account the material it is constructed with. How soft and tough are the wheels?

What Is the Average Weight Of a Skateboard?


The complete average skateboard weighs about 4.5 to 5 kilograms or 11 pounds. The trucks of the board are the heaviest. This is because they are made from aluminum, steel, magnesium, or titanium. They weigh around 350 grams or 0.77 pounds.

The trucks are the parts of the board that carry loads of the deck. So, these parts must also be tough and durable and can withstand heavy weight.

The skateboard deck is constructed from about 7 to 9 plies of maple wood. It is about 7.25 inches to 8.5 inches in width and about 29 inches to 33 inches in length. The average deck is about 1 to 2.2 kilograms in weight.

The wheels of the board are mostly made from urethane, which is a type of hard plastic. They are of various sizes. Typically, the weight of the wheels of the board is around 200 to 250 grams or 0.44 to 0.55 pounds.

There are about 8 bearings in the four wheels of the board. Each bearing weighs around 12 to 14 grams or .02 pounds to 0.03 pounds. The total weight for the 8 bearings is about 96 grams to 112 grams. Also, the bearings are responsible for the movements of the board wheels.

The grip tape is composed of silicon carbide. It is about 9 inches in width and 33 inches in length. The grip tape weighs around 0.29 pounds. This part of the board makes the feet of the skateboarder a good grip on the deck. Also, it has many designs and colors that you can choose from.

How Much Weight Can a Complete Skateboard Hold?

So, how much weight can a complete skateboard bear? A complete or regular skateboard can hold around 272.3 pounds. That said, there are even skateboarders who are 280 pounds and their boards can carry them.

For the longboard, the maximum weight is about 300 pounds. Meanwhile, for the penny board, the maximum weight is around 192 pounds.

Also, a strong and durable skateboard can carry a weight of 250 pounds. So, if you are heavier you must opt for a highly durable longboard.

The Bottom Line

There are many skateboards in the market that you can purchase now. If you find a board that is of quality and decent, you can be sure that it is reliable and safer. Most of all, it can hold your weight.

Have a final thought on how much weight can a skateboard hold when you purchase one. A durable skateboard that can bear your weight will result in a good riding and tricks performance. With this, simply ask how much weight that the skateboard you are eyeing holds.

Feel free to give any suggestions or opinions about the weight that a board can hold. Indeed, this would be of great help to our skateboarders.

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