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How Old Is Too Old to Skateboard – A Guide to Skateboarding for Adults

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how old is too old to skateboard

While skateboarding is regarded as a recreational activity for the youth, you’ll be surprised to know that there are skateboarders who carry the sport well into adulthood. No one is too old to skate.

How old is too old to skateboard? An individual is considered to be at his athletic prime as long as his physical, strategic, and technical abilities are still equally present.

If you’re an adult who thinks you still have what it takes, check out this guide:

How Old is Too Old? Is It Worth a Try?


Even if you’re well within your thirties, forties, or fifties, it’s never too late to give skateboarding a try. If you consider yourself healthy, physically fit, agile, and willing to learn, it’s worth a shot! The first few days of learning how to skate might be challenging and embarrassing for some but determination and practice go a long way.

Start by allotting time for training according to your personal goals. Practice as often as you need and want to. Train with a professional or a friend who can help you hone your skills and be consistent until you get the hang of it.

It Takes Time

While you have the determination and the drive to succeed, recognize that you are not as strong and flexible as you were 20 years ago, so learning how to ride a skateboard will take time. If you’ve tried skateboarding in the past, getting back into the groove or where you left off will still take a while.

Take things one day at a time and revel in your accomplishments no matter how small they may be.

Practice at your own pace and don’t succumb to the pressure of learning too much too soon. Set actionable goals and a reasonable timeline for you to master skills. Learning to skateboard at 30 requires commitment and your undivided attention.

Take Precautions

Although we have determined that no one is too old to start skateboarding, it increases your risk of getting injured. As we age, our muscles lose their tone and our bones tend to become rigid making them more susceptible to fractures. Kick start your training session with basic stretching exercises to improve your flexibility.

Most importantly, even before attempting to step on your board, invest in a reliable set of safety equipment. A helmet, elbow guards, knee guards, gloves, socks, and high-quality skateboarding shoes immediately offer you a high level of protection.

To minimize the risk of seriously injuring yourself, respect your body’s limitations, this is especially true if you are learning to skateboard at 40.

Other Factors to Consider


An exciting facet of learning to skate is picking out the skateboard you will train and shred with. With a wide range of skateboards on the shelf, you’ll be ready to roll in no time. It should come with features that will suit your body type, skill level, and desired riding style – a killer design you can derive motivation from would be awesome too!

Generally, older riders tend to fare better on wider decks and trucks or any other skateboard that’s stable enough to help them feel secure and comfortable when attempting to balance. As your skills and ability to skate evolve, upgrading your skateboard based on your new riding style is highly recommended.

Check out the electric skateboard kit, motor for electric skateboard reviews, skateboarding forums, and videos for guidance and advice.

Bear in mind that skateboarding is a physically demanding sport so if you think you’re out of shape, set yourself up for success by eating right, staying healthy, and working out. Focus on strengthening your core and training your legs for added stability and increased flexibility.

After all, age is only a state of mind – there’s nothing you can’t overcome with practice and determination!

Draw inspiration and motivation from this video:


If you often find yourself asking, am I too old to skateboard? Now you know you’re not! When answering the question, how old is too old to skateboard? Here are some points worth looking into:

  • Your physical, strategic, and technical abilities are equally present
  • You are willing to train and practice
  • You have time and patience

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