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How to 360 on Skateboard? Detailed Guide (w/ Tutorial Video)

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

how to 360 on skateboard

If there are no skateboard parks with ramps and pools near you, there are still skills you can perform. For example, you can do pivots, ollies, and other tricks without using quarter pipes and rails.

As a skateboarder, you surely want to learn as many stunts as possible because they will only require your patience and confidence to perform.

Today, let me teach you one unique way to ride on straight paths with style. Let’s learn how to 360 on skateboard. Here, we’ll know the basics of a 360, how it works, and how we will perform it.


What You Need


We don’t need a unique piece of equipment to do a 360. Just take note of these two:

1. A street skateboard

Doing a 360 will involve moderate to heavy impacts on your skateboard, no matter the style you want. So, your skateboard needs to meet these minimum requirements to help you perform well.

2. An open street

The best place to practice this trick is an open space. That way, you become less susceptible to bumping against any object upon losing balance.

As for the road’s finish, it doesn’t necessarily have to be smooth.

How to Do the 360


The good thing about a 360 is it has two levels: one with a pop and the other with the board on the ground. Let’s get into each one of them.

1. 360 spins without pop

This trick is otherwise known as the beginner 360. Here, we need not perform jumps or flips on the skateboard deck. This style is purely sliding the wheels left and right. Follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Foot positioning

Put your feet near the nose and tail of the deck and perpendicular to the skateboard’s length. Make sure your arches are right on top of the outer truck bolts.

You can’t put your feet too far on the tips of the deck because it will make you lose your balance. Try swinging left and right to become more comfortable with your footing.

  • Step 2: Doing the pivots

The basic skateboard 360 flip is like doing two pivots continuously. You can start with either the front-side 360 or backside 360 pivots, whichever makes you more comfortable. For better illustration, let’s say you’ll start with the former.

Suppose you’re moving forward with your left foot in front. Start winding up by twisting your upper body to your left. Twist your hips and shoulders in the same direction as you follow it with a backside pivot using your rear foot.

Immediately after completing the 180° turn, do the same steps described above. At this point, you will have completed a 360-degree turn.

2. 360 ollie

Some call this the FS 360, but the only difference between the two styles is you’ll do this one on air. Also, we need to make minor adjustments to the footing for better execution.

  • Step 1: Foot positioning

Let’s say you’re using your right foot as your front foot. Place it perpendicularly on the deck. Your heel should also align with the deck’s edge, leaving the shoe’s tip going beyond the deck’s width. It’s like the Tre flip regular stance skateboarders do.

Put your left foot on the deck’s tail, occupying at least half its width. That leaves an open space between the ground and your heel.

  • Step 2: Doing the Ollie 360

In this step, you’ll only twist on air in one direction. With your skateboard in motion, turn your upper body to the right as you wind up.

Start by popping the tail with your left foot. And while you’re up from the ground, drag your skateboard for a backside on-air pivot using your right foot.

Also, follow your foot’s momentum by twisting your then-winded-up body. You may not complete a 360° turn on your first try, but try aiming for it.

When you land, make sure both your feet are on the board. Like Tre flip tips say, aim for the truck bolts of the skateboard for better stability.

What Is a 360 Flip in Skate 3

A 360 in Skate 3 is a slightly more challenging version of an Ollie 360. It requires doing a Pop Shuvit followed by a kickflip on a skateboard. But the game’s controls actually let you perform an ollie on the joystick before the kickflip.


Doing skateboarding tricks isn’t only about watching what other professionals do. Sometimes, you need some courage and creativity to perform these skills with style.

Now that you know how to 360 on skateboard in two different ways, you can start recreating some tricks written in the books. Keep the tips I have shared to help you execute these safely and efficiently.

It’s never late to learn more stylish tricks. Should you have questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section.

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